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A Stir of Echoes

A Stir of Echoes By Richard Matheson A Stir of Echoes Tom Wallace lived an ordinary life until a chance event awakened psychic abilities he never knew he possessed Now he s hearing the private thoughts of the people around him and learning shocking secr

  • Title: A Stir of Echoes
  • Author: Richard Matheson
  • ISBN: 9780765308719
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Stir of Echoes By Richard Matheson Tom Wallace lived an ordinary life, until a chance event awakened psychic abilities he never knew he possessed Now he s hearing the private thoughts of the people around him and learning shocking secrets he never wanted to know But as Tom s existence becomes a waking nightmare, even greater jolts are in store as he becomes the unwilling recipient of a compelling messageTom Wallace lived an ordinary life, until a chance event awakened psychic abilities he never knew he possessed Now he s hearing the private thoughts of the people around him and learning shocking secrets he never wanted to know But as Tom s existence becomes a waking nightmare, even greater jolts are in store as he becomes the unwilling recipient of a compelling message from beyond the grave This eerie ghost story, by award winning author of Hell House and I Am Legend, inspired the acclaimed 1999 film starring Kevin Bacon.
    A Stir of Echoes By Richard Matheson

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      287 Richard Matheson

    One thought on “A Stir of Echoes

    1. Dan Schwent on said:

      When Tom Wallace s brother in law hypnotizes him at a party, he inadvertently wakens something in Tom Now, Tom sees the ghost of a woman in a black dress and can sense peoples thoughts But who is the woman in the black dress Sometime in that half forgotten time before , I went on a Richard Matheson binge and this is one of the books I read I thought I d unloaded it at the local used bookstore years ago but I stumbled upon it in my basement while looking for something else Since I d forgotten mos [...]

    2. Delee on said:

      I want you to pretend you re in a theater, an enormous theater You re sitting near the front.It is completely black inside the walls are dark velvet, the floors are covered with dark velvet rugs It s black inside, absolutely blackExcept for one thing In the whooooole pitch black theater there s only one thing you can see The letters on the screen S L E E P You re very comfortable Veeeery comfortable You are just sitting there and looking at the screen, looking, loooooking at that single word Sle [...]

    3. BillKerwin on said:

      An enjoyable novel about a man hypnotized at a party who then begins to exhibit psychic powers including the recurrent appearances of a woman who may or may not be a ghost Matheson author of I am Legend, numerous classic creepy short stories and many of the best Twilight Zone episodes has written better things, but this still kept my interest I am a fan of the movie with Kevin Bacon, and was surprised by how much different the atmosphere and setting is in this, the original The movie is set in a [...]

    4. Lyn on said:

      Richard Matheson has quickly become one of my favorites, he is a master of his genre This is about psychic powers and telepathy and all rolled up into a classic ghost story Published in 1958, it is refreshing to read a minimalistic work in an age of sensationalism and graphic detail It is obvious how influential he has been to generations of writers after him, I think Stephen King must have put this book down and kept it close before writing The Dead Zone.

    5. Trudi on said:

      Richard Matheson 1926 2013 Thanks for the stories.Before I say anything about this classic bit of horror, I want to put a plug in for the film adaptation Stir of Echoes starring Kevin Bacon is a truly terrifying ghost story I always felt it didn t get the attention it deserved because The Sixth Sense was released earlier the same year and stole all the thunder for the record, I think Stir of Echoes is the better movie If you haven t seen it I highly recommend that you do You won t even spoil Mat [...]

    6. Mark on said:

      Dammit, Matheson, what the hell was that That has to be one of the all time worst cop out endings You re better than that, man See, Matheson and I have history This is the first novel of his I ve read, but still, we have history Matheson was my very first favorite author And he was without my even knowing it I grew up on Twilight Zone, the repeats and the 80s movie and redo, and my Mom, goodness love her, was cool enough to say, You would love this, when I was no than six We watched the Twiligh [...]

    7. Maciek on said:

      First publishes in 1958, A Stir of Echoes is Richard Matheson s third major work, the first two being the classic I Am Legend which guaranteed his literary immmortality, and The Incredible Shrinking Man, the classic horror novel with a man racing against literally increasing odds.The basic plot crux is very simple and the storyline doesn t deviate much from it Tom Wallace agrees to undergo a hypnosis, as he believes he won t be affected by it As it usually turns out in novels of the uncanny thin [...]

    8. Shorty on said:

      Brilliantly done Quite a bit different from the amazing movie, with Kevin Bacon Still, completely enjoyable, as it is a solid murder mystery with supernatural overtones that fair very well, even though it was written originally in 1958 The audiobook was narrated very, very well by Scott Brick.

    9. Carmine on said:

      Il sorriso dell apparenza Soleggiata e ridente questa Tulley Street, classico quartiere di una medio borghesia accogliente con i propri dirimpettai, prodiga nel mantenere verde il giardino e ingenuamente innocua quando scappano le due birrette il venerd sera.L ignoranza diventa salvifica per la nostra incolumit le menzogne raccontante a noi e gli altri un indispensabile compromesso questo quello che ci ripetiamo ogni giorno per sopravvivere.Perch dovremmo vivere con degli specchi in casa, quando [...]

    10. Becky on said:

      I love reading Richard Matheson s stories Even if the story itself isn t quite to my taste, and not everything he writes is, the writing is so enjoyable to read I don t know what it is about it that makes it so, but it s just so accessible and straightforward and unassuming, and it just hooks me right from the start I love it I ve seen the movie based on this book, before I knew it was a book, and before I d ever read anything of Matheson s, and I enjoyed the movie That s really the best way to [...]

    11. Sandy on said:

      Richard Matheson is an author who never seems to let me down The first two novels that I read by the man, I Am Legend 1954 and The Shrinking Man 1956 , are superb and highly original sci fi creations, and both have been memorably filmed I seem to be in the distinct minority in preferring the 1964 U.S Italian coproduction The Last Man on Earth, starring Vincent Price, over 1971 s The Omega Man, featuring Charlton Heston, although neither quite does justice to the I Am Legend original The Incredib [...]

    12. Bill on said:

      This was pretty good A very quick read about a guy who, after becoming hypnotized at a party, begins to experince some paranormal abilities Matheson can tell a story, that s for sure, and since this one is told mostly via dialogue and first person narrative, you re finished before you know it I don t really have a whole lot to say about it because a I m really busy, and b yeah, it s Matheson, so if you like him you ll like this.So, a short review for a 200 pager I liked it Recommended.

    13. Helen on said:

      3.5 stars.Superb writing Tom was most likeable and the descriptions of his experiences were vivid and real, a masterful blending of the everyday mundane and the incredible.However, the ending was neither one thing or the other neither resolved or left open Still, an excellent story and I liked that the film diverged from the plot of the novel and yet retained the essence of the tale Both are worth checking out

    14. Emma on said:

      Tom Wallace and his wife Anne are your standard perfect 1950s couple They have one son, and another child on the way Tom has an average job, and the couple attend normal boring dinner parties at their neighbour s house However, one evening everything is thrown into jeopardy when Tom is hypnotised into developing psychic powers I very much enjoyed this book, as I didn t know anything at all about it going into it I only found out about 3 4 of the way through that it s supposed to be a horror stor [...]

    15. Megan on said:

      Richard Matheson filled A Stir of Echoes with so much potential, but ultimately the book never delivered There is a lot of creepy and introspective paranormal stuff And an interesting cast of characters Where Matheson failed is by focusing on the abnormal happenings surrounding main character Tom, and not going into quite as much detail with the other characters When everything is said and done, this story really isn t about Tom, but throughout much of the book, we are led to believe it is Nonet [...]

    16. Marko Radosavljevic on said:

      2.6Iskreno se nadam da je ova bljutava mlaka ka a posledica lo eg prevoda.Metisonu dajem jo jednu ansu.

    17. Lou on said:

      A evening with friends and loved ones having fun playing games could take a turn for the worse, one person ends up in un treaded waters and a countdown commence as the fabric around you peels away bit by bit.Knowing than the average man can be a deadly weapon a torment if you have precognition s of something bad and it turns out exactly as you envisioned Well that the predicament for one man in this story.As they say ignorance is bliss.Matheson is a master when it comes to gripping you and imme [...]

    18. Eℓℓis ♥ on said:

      In occasione del gruppo tour halloweeniano su Facebook PiumaCalamaio Suggerisci un libroIo sono Helen Driscoll si presenta come una ghost story, all apparenza, ricca di suspense Esatto, soltanto all apparenza perch di veri momenti da brivido non ce ne sono La narrazione in prima persona e la scorrevolezza del testo e dei dialoghi sono gli unici punti a suo favore, Matheson avrebbe potuto sfruttare meglio il potenziale della trama perch pi che sull aspetto paranormale sembra concentrarsi soltanto [...]

    19. Flavia on said:

      Il paranormale che piomba addosso all uomo comune La mente che si apre a percepire ogni cosa e l individuo che lotta per non impazzire, non essere sopraffatto, imparare a gestire lo straordinario che irrompe nell ordinario.Qualche ingenuit qua e l , una rapida carrellata di fenomeni psi che a tratti risulta un po forzata, ma il tutto comunque gestito in modo lineare, semplice ma comunque curato La storia magari non trasmette molti brividi, anche a causa di decenni di variazioni sul tema, siano e [...]

    20. Lady of the Lake on said:

      I m thinking that in 1958 when this book was originally published this was very creepy amd very scary However in 2010 when we have the amount of HORROR thrown at us in the media, film and the written word today, it was much less so However, it does give a nice Thrill and somethingTo think about I certainly would never let anyone hypnotize me at a casual party to liven things up The human mind is not to be messed with by amatures This was a super fast read at 224 pages but those pages did pack a [...]

    21. Troy Blackford on said:

      A masterful work of telekinetic and supernatural horror from one of the top masters in the field, the late Richard Matheson This 1958, tight as a drum novel is, like most of Matheson s work, taut and right to the point, able to be read in a single feverish sitting Equal parts mystery, suspense novel, and outright horror, its occasionally slightly jarring 1958 s setting doesn t obliterate the feeling that this story is a timeless one, only adds a few touches of sociology to a great tale Absolutel [...]

    22. Kathy Worrellツ on said:

      Audiobook read by Scott Brick Scott Brick gets 5 stars for narration He reads this novel so well, it seems like he becomes the characters I might be scared if I was his wife I enjoy a good, spooky, novel and A Stir of Echoes was just thatspoo ooo ky I did have a scooby doo moment near the end of the story I think I heard I would have gotten away with it, too, if it wasn t for you meddling kids Something like that, anyway.

    23. Jeremy on said:

      See the movie that is loosely based on the book starring Kevin Bacon It is much edgier and effective than the book Even if you like Matheson which I doI think , this book comes across as being quaint written in the 50s and predictable.

    24. Irene on said:

      Me di cuenta de lo que estaba leyendo a las pocas p ginas, y casi me arrepiento de no revisar de qu va un libro antes de empezarlo En fin, apenas recuerdo nada de la pel cula, exceptuando la cara de Kevin Bacon, lo cual es bueno para m y quiz malo para la pel cula.Me gusta mucho el estilo narrativo de Matheson Soy leyenda es uno de mis libros favoritos ever , por lo que he disfrutado mucho con la lectura de esta novela si no fuera porque desde hace unos a os no me gusta demasiado el terror Solo [...]

    25. P on said:

      My God but this was dull It made me start a new shelf for movies that are better than the books they re based on, because after years it s difficult to keep them sorted in my head.

    26. Mark on said:

      Tom Wallace is an office worker everyman, newly moved into a rented house on Tulley Street in Hawthorne with his heavily pregnant wife Anne and their young son Richard The Sentas live on one side they own Tom s house and aren t particularly nice, whilst Elsie and Ron on the other side are perhaps a little too over familiar Across the road live Frank and Elizabeth Wanamaker he s an arse of a man, especially to his heavily pregnant wife At the start of the book, Anne s brother Phil comes over, the [...]

    27. Fiona MacDonald on said:

      Interesting story Even interesting to know that Matheson inspired Stephen King It s quite well written, and has a Dean Koontz Richard Laymon feel to it Creepy story about what happens when a man starts having visions of the future, and of a terrifying female presence in his house Soon his life, work and marriage is on the line.

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