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The Play of Death

The Play of Death By Oliver Pötzsch Lee Chadeayne The Play of Death It is and Simon Fronwieser is in the town of Oberammergau to bring his seven year old son to boarding school As he bids his boy a tearful farewell news comes of a shocking murder the man who was

  • Title: The Play of Death
  • Author: Oliver Pötzsch Lee Chadeayne
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 112
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Play of Death By Oliver Pötzsch Lee Chadeayne It is 1670 and Simon Fronwieser is in the town of Oberammergau to bring his seven year old son to boarding school As he bids his boy a tearful farewell, news comes of a shocking murder the man who was to play the part of Christ in the town s Passion play has been found dead, nailed to the set s cross As there is no doctor in town, Simon is brought in to examine the bodyIt is 1670 and Simon Fronwieser is in the town of Oberammergau to bring his seven year old son to boarding school As he bids his boy a tearful farewell, news comes of a shocking murder the man who was to play the part of Christ in the town s Passion play has been found dead, nailed to the set s cross As there is no doctor in town, Simon is brought in to examine the body The opportunities to spend time with his son and to investigate the murder quickly convince him to stay.Soon he is joined by his father in law, Jakob Kuisl, the Schongau hangman, and the two begin piecing together the puzzle of the actor s death Was he murdered by a jealous rival Are the recently arrived and unpopular immigrant workers somehow involved Or is it a punishment from God for the villagers arrogance in trying to schedule the play four years earlier than prescribed by ancient custom Once again it looks like it is up to the Kuisls to unravel the mystery and bring a town s dark secrets to light.
    The Play of Death By Oliver Pötzsch Lee Chadeayne

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    • [PDF] The Play of Death | by ✓ Oliver Pötzsch Lee Chadeayne
      112 Oliver Pötzsch Lee Chadeayne

    One thought on “The Play of Death

    1. Mary(Biblophile) on said:

      Although a little overly long, I enjoyed this well written historical mystery Jacob s drinking lands him in trouble and gives the council a reason to possibly oust him as hangman, Barbara is bringing shame on her dishonorable family, and Magdalena has a secret I liked that the characters continue to develop and that we learn a lot about the social and political climate of the times One of my favorite series.

    2. Aleshanee on said:

      Es geht weiter mit den Geschichten um den Henker Jakob Kuisl Hab schon von ihm geh rt Ein wilder Hund soll das sein, j hzornig und gradaus, dabei schlau wie ein Fuchs S 204Ich wollte ja eigentlich von so weit fortgesetzten Reihen keine Rezensionen mehr schreiben, da sie kaum gelesen werden, aber bei diesem tollen Buch muss ich euch einfach meine Meinung weitergeben, weil diese Reihe sich auf jeden lohnt Nat rlich spoilerfrei 1670 a.d Schongau Oberammergau Bayern Auch im sechsten Band geht es spa [...]

    3. Kathy on said:

      why have I read these books up til now beats me as I actually bought a number of them and usually did not enjoy the reading experience Note to Self Stop

    4. Scott on said:

      Potzsch always writes a great book, but his insistence on drawing parallels between Oberammergauers hating outsiders and the Islam problem in Europe today is unforgivable.In his notes, he mentions the right wing hate groups he modeled that part of the story after Sorry Potzsch, but one doesn t have to be right wing, or hate people to realize that Europe is chock full of rapes, violence, and terrorist attacks thanks to unfettered islamic immigration Islam is to be feared And its not racism Its n [...]

    5. Karen on said:

      I received this from netgalley in exchange for a review This is the 6th book in the Hangman series This one felt even drawn out and could have been at least 100 pgs shorter.3

    6. Debbi on said:

      Thank you Netgalley for an early reader copy in exchange for an unbiased review I loved The Play of Death , Oliver Potzsch s latest in book in The Hangman s Daughter series With the usual cast of characters Magdalena, the hangman s daughter Jakob Kuisl, the hangman of Schongau Simon, Magdalena s wife and assorted neighbors, politicians and so on , the story moves from Schongau to nearby Oberammergau, home of the famous Passion Play Simon is taking his son Peter to Oberammergau to attend school t [...]

    7. Diane Klajbor on said:

      Another splendid book in the Hangman s Daughter series The writing is consistently good throughout the books I enjoy seeing how the characters develop over the span of years, from the first book through the sixth I m looking forward to the 7th book that will be out in May.

    8. Nance on said:

      A timely story of xenophobia and mob rule Another excellent volume in this series This story highlights the current battle over refugees and immigrants and tries to impart the lessons of history to help us see we are all the same Oh and there is of course a great mystery or two.

    9. Joyce Reppenhaagen on said:

      PoorI was disappointed in this book, politics had no place in it, I wonder how you feel now with all the Terrorist attacks going on Right wing extremism I am done with your books, not what I want to read.

    10. J.R. on said:

      Modern views of the German village of Oberammergau and its famous Passion Play may be shaken by the darker portrait of the place and the drama in this sixth entry in the Hangman s Daughter series.Simon Fronwieser, Magdalena s husband, escorts their precocious seven year old son to Oberammergau where he is to receive schooling under Simon s old mentor and friend They arrive in the village just in time for the barbarous murder of the star of the Passion Play, which has been moved up from its norma [...]

    11. Lara Giesbers on said:

      Every time a new Hangman s Daughter book comes out, I am never disappointed I always wonder what else in Bavaria could Jakob Kiesl get himself into This particular story takes Simon and Jakob on a mystery adventure while Simon is taking his son to another village to be educated by an old schoolmaster and friend The story takes all kinds of twists and turns, and shows us why Bavaria is a place of legend.This series has been an absolute favorite of mine since I discovered it It is a great blend of [...]

    12. Skjam! on said:

      Disclaimer I received a Kindle download of this book through a giveaway to facilitate this review No other compensation was offered or requested.The year is 1670, and the people of Oberammergau are preparing their every ten years Passion Play though some of them think it might be sacrilegious to be doing so four years early When the actor playing Jesus Christ is found actually crucified on the prop cross, the villagers suspect the Devil is afoot The deaths of other actors in the manner of the Bi [...]

    13. Ben on said:

      The hill is alivebut not with the sounds of music.The Play of Death is the latest of the Hangman s Daughter series of medieval mysteries This one is set in the Bavarian town of Oberammagau, famous for its Passion play.In the late 17rh, the time setting of the novel the century, the play was a new attraction, and an important event in a village struggling economically.The book begins with a man s body being discovered hanging on a cross in cemetery behind the play s stage.The corpse is that of th [...]

    14. Jill Meyer on said:

      The good historical novel can teach as well as entertain the reader Certainly, German author Oliver Potzsch does both in The Play of Death , his sixth book in his The Hangman s Daughter series.The play referred to is the every ten year production of the Passion Play in the small city of Oberammergau, in the Bavarian region south of Munich The novel is set in 1670, not long after the first Passion Play in Oberammergau Evidently, there are Passion Plays in many cities, but the one in Oberammergau [...]

    15. Scott on said:

      I ve been falling out of love with Oliver Potzsch s Hangman s Daughter series a bit as our heroes grow established The mysteries haven t been quite as intriguing, and Potzsch has far too many annoying writer s tics for me to ignore his characters do far too much winking when making a point, verbs are underlined with superfluous adverbs I ve lost count of how many sly grins are used , and our fearless heroes are far too good at sneaking up on dastardly villains just in time to hear an incriminat [...]

    16. Taren on said:

      Our friends Jakob, Simon, Magdalena are hot on the heels of another murder mystery In the neighboring town of Oberammergau, the actor that was slated to play the part of Jesus in the town s Passion Play has literally been crucified on the cross Was the understudy so jealous of the part that he needed to get rid of the actor Simon was already in town to bring his oldest son to school for the year Naturally he decides he needs to stay in town do his part to help solve the mystery Meanwhile in Scho [...]

    17. Tana on said:

      Disclaimer I received a Kindle download of this book through a giveaway.This is the sixth book in the series and I have read them all in order so was already familiar with the characters The Kiusl family is once again up to their eyeballs in some kind of trouble or another Jacob is suffering from depression after the death of his beloved wife and has taken to drowning his sorrows in alcohol Jacob s youngest daughter, Barbara is starting to run wild and along with Jacob s drinking, bring shame on [...]

    18. Karen Barth on said:

      Disclaimer I received a Kindle download of this book through a giveaway to facilitate this review No other compensation was offered or requested This is the 6th book in the Hangman s Daughter series and I have read and enjoyed them all I would classify this book and series as a historical mystery thriller The story opens with the horror of the first victim as he slowing dies on a cross in the Oberammergau cemetery The man was cast to play Jesus in the famous Oberammergau Passion Play It is to th [...]

    19. Jan on said:

      I was excited when I found out that I had won a HANGMAN S DAUGHTER book from I couldn t wait to dive into the medieval world of hangman Jakob Kuisl and his family THE PLAY OF DEATH certainly didn t disappoint It was of the same caliber as the rest of the series I don t want to give anything away, but I will say that I had become very concerned with the character Jakob He seemed to be spiraling out of control showing the same behavior as his late father However, by the book s end, I felt Jakob ha [...]

    20. Anita on said:

      No spoilers here Really excellent, I ve been holding my breath waiting to follow up with the Kuisl family in the next Hangman s installment after their last whirlwind experience and I wasn t disappointed this time I found the dialogue particularly from Simon, a little juvenile and clippish than what I m accustomed to but who s to say that wasn t as written In this book, we see the toll that all these adventures have taken on Jakob the protagonist but also we see focus on the distinctive colors [...]

    21. Lucile on said:

      Readers of The Hangman s Daughter series will certainly want to read The Play of Death , the sixth book in the series The main players are still there, and there is mystery, intrigue, and murder afoot Simon leaves town to take his son to a school in a distant village accompanied by his father in law, the Hangman For the Hangman the trip is part of his job, not for pleasure The death he will investigate is not simple, and are to follow.For those who have not read any Oliver Potzsch books, I sug [...]

    22. Christina on said:

      Do you ever find yourself reading a book because you liked the author s original works I think Potzsch s first few books in this series were very entertaining and I loved how he came up with the idea for the books But both number 5 in the series and now this book just do not have the same feel for me His first books did a wonderful job of setting the mood in time and place and working through the characters Now, I feel as if he is just plugging away at stories to sell books The depth of the back [...]

    23. Sharon on said:

      After 250 pages, I think I can say I gave this book a fair shake I realized that I was forcing myself to continue reading I simply was not enjoying it.Schongau medicus Simon is in Oberammergau to deliver his son to a schoolmaster when the man playing Christ in the city s passion play is murdered in a spectacular fashion by crucifixion Simon s father in law, Jakob, is Schongau s hangman he s brought to Oberammergau to torture suspects in the crime and get a confession.Honestly, this book moves at [...]

    24. Shannon Mayes on said:

      I liked this book Good story and great characters After six books involving many of the same characters, it might be easy to get into a formula story line Not so with the Hangman s Daughter series One of the things I love about this series is the amount of research Potzsch has done shows In the epilogue, Potzsch admits this particular story was written during a time of high influx of immigrants into Europe I think this may have come through in bias towards immigrants into the Ammer Valley in the [...]

    25. Molly Taylor on said:

      I should preface this by saying that I LOVE The Hangman s Daughter series I adore the 17th century, Germany, and all of the characters They re exciting, passionate reads, and I find myself thinking about the characters and plots quit often, even when I m away from the book The conclusion in this one was just as shocking and devastating as the conclusion of Book 3 Such amazing writing HoweverI adore this book series and it s undeniable that P tzsch is a great writer However, there was a needless [...]

    26. Cyndy on said:

      Perhaps all books have something magical about them, she thought Just letters on a page that turn into images, scenes, and conversations in our minds P tzsch, Oliver The Play of Death US Edition A Hangman s Daughter Tale Book 6 Kindle Locations 7426 7427 Crossing Kindle Edition I am taken by the Hangman s Daughter series These take place in the late 1600s and there is always at least one unexplained death They are definitely not your run of the mill mystery, highly recommended.

    27. Mb Sheppard on said:

      Simply An Outstanding Historical Novel Seldom does a novel grab the mind and heart in such a stranglehold that it becomes an impossibility to put down The Play of Death is one such novel Does history repeat itself Perhaps 1670 Germany holds lessons for our world today You be the judge I have been a fan of this series since it became available in English Book Six does not dissappoint and is perhaps the best and most intense of this outstanding collection thus far Very highly recommended

    28. Beth Perry on said:

      As enjoyable as always Yet again, the author has written a story that is nearly impossible to put down I find myself even dreaming about some of the places and characters so very well described in this series My family looks curiously at me when they hear me laugh out loud at times while reading this book The main family in the series is so beloved as much for their pluck, courage, and dedication, as they are for their faults and failures Thank you once again for a delightful read

    29. Joseph Carrabis on said:

      I picked up The Play of Death because I so enjoyed Potzsch s The Werewolf of Bamberg Unfortunately, The Play of Death didn t live up to the latter There were some recognizable flaws, some due to translations, some due to anachronisms, the story was about 50 pages too long and there were times it seemed that Potzsch wasn t sure what he wanted to do with the main character While better than most books I ve read setting, tone, atmosphere, mood, et cetera, were all outstanding it pales beside his pr [...]

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