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The Homecoming

The Homecoming By Harold Pinter The Homecoming In an old and slightly seedy house in North London there lives a family of men Max the aging but still aggressive patriarch his younger ineffectual brother Sam and two of Max s three sons neither o

  • Title: The Homecoming
  • Author: Harold Pinter
  • ISBN: 9780802151056
  • Page: 433
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Homecoming By Harold Pinter In an old and slightly seedy house in North London there lives a family of men Max, the aging but still aggressive patriarch his younger, ineffectual brother Sam and two of Max s three sons, neither of whom is married Lenny, a small time pimp, and Joey, who dreams of success as a boxer Into this sinister abode comes the eldest son, Teddy, who, having spent the pastIn an old and slightly seedy house in North London there lives a family of men Max, the aging but still aggressive patriarch his younger, ineffectual brother Sam and two of Max s three sons, neither of whom is married Lenny, a small time pimp, and Joey, who dreams of success as a boxer Into this sinister abode comes the eldest son, Teddy, who, having spent the past six years teaching philosophy in America, is now bringing his wife, Ruth, home to visit the family she has never met As the play progresses, the younger brothers make increasingly outrageous passes at their sister in law until they are practically making love to her in front of her stunned but strangely aloof husband.
    The Homecoming By Harold Pinter

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      433 Harold Pinter

    One thought on “The Homecoming

    1. Petra X on said:

      Max is the self glorifying, violent old patriarch of the house in which lives his mild mannered, ineffectual brother, a psychopathic pimp of a son, and the youngest son, whose violence is legal, he s a boxer They trade taunts and insults and menace and there is nothing positive in their relationships The old man is widowed, the others all single, there is nothing in even one of them to attract a woman.One night, sneaking into the house he left six years before comes the oldest son and his wife H [...]

    2. Ahmad Sharabiani on said:

      The Homecoming , Harold PinterThe Homecoming is a two act play written in 1964 by Nobel laureate Harold Pinter and it was first published in 1965 Characters Max, Sam, Lenny, Joey, Ruth, Teddy 2002 1381 112 9649311734 1390.

    3. Teresa on said:

      I reread this after reading The Birthday Party The Room Two Plays just the other day and it s a natural progression for both Pinter and the reader The decrepit boardinghouses of the two earlier plays have become an old family home the characters are developed the dialogue is richer and both and less nuanced The woman is still a focal point, but she no longer jabbers to herself because the men in her life tune her out she is reflective, quietly assertive, and silent on her own behalf when their [...]

    4. Jon Catherwood-Ginn on said:

      Incredibly disturbingWithout painting broad strokes of flagrant violence, obscene language, or the like, Pinter still manages to create an environment of unparalleled menace His tools are simply language or, rather, what isn t said and layers of paradox that rise from a triumviri of inconsistent character behaviors, statuses, and conceptions of the past.While reading, I found myself continually doubting the validity of what nearly every character did and said Did I mention this play is also incr [...]

    5. Sarah on said:

      who the gave you the noble prize, you pervert of the , we are not at all interested in you sexual fantasies .

    6. Koen Kop on said:

      Quite a few books you read movies and plays you watched in your youth tend to disappoint when you are of a ripe mature age but this play, which I saw on stage in London at age eighteen, had not lost any of its riveting qualities when I read it tonight, thirty six years later within the space of less than two hours In less than a hundred pages Pinter manages to turn the grotesque into the plausible by making an eerily antisocial milieu come to life Chapeau

    7. Helenn on said:

      Ok sure Ruth likes to get around Yes this might never happen and yes the play is very twisted It includes profanity and just plain wrong scenes, conversations, actions etc but I don t see the need to label it as horrible or the worst ever It has its beauty complex plot and amazing characters that kept true to themselves from beginning to end.I spend a lot of time trying to figure out what they would say next and I was always wrong Well it did make me kind of sick and embarrassed but that was bec [...]

    8. Trever Polak on said:

      This wasn t as good asThe Birthday Party, and it s much cryptic, but Pinter really can rip the mask off of human interaction This one s much realistic than The Birthday Party it depicts a dysfunctional London family, whose oldest son, who s been in America for six years with his wife who he eloped with immediately before leaving London No spoilers, but the strange ending depicts the same kind of isolation as that of The Birthday Party Pinter is definitely becoming a favorite.

    9. Napoleón on said:

      Sick Just Sick I don t care if there s a deeper meaning to this book To make up a story so immensely wrong is unbelievable.Great job, Harold You just proved yourself one of the most twisted in the head people on Earth Oh, sorry my mistake In the afterlife Hopefully this strange imagination of yours didnt go with you rest in peace.

    10. TK421 on said:

      Absurdity at its finest I do not know whether to be appalled or sad or mad or grief stricken by this play Truly Pinteresque

    11. Brian on said:

      The Homecoming was labeled by one early critic as a comedy of menace , and I feel that sums it up better than anything else I have heard This is a dark, deeply ambiguous, and funny play I first read this play in college, and then again recently, soon after seeing an excellent production of it at the Stratford Shakespeare Festival in Ontario Canada staring Brian Dennehy Being older and experienced, I feel much better about the play then I did when I first encountered it years ago.I am hesitant t [...]

    12. Adam on said:

      The Homecoming is an entertaining play and I enjoyed reading it While the story is slow at times the interaction and struggle between the characters makes up for it I like how Pinter criticized how men just assume women will play certain roles in the world and how women puzzlingly go along with them The final seen was quite powerful with Ruth in a position of power over all of the male characters Albeit vulgar at times, Pinter s use of crude references and profanity make the play seem much real [...]

    13. tomwrote on said:

      I didn t like this play It s seedy and mean, full of horrible characters treating each other badly That doesn t mean that it s not a good play, maybe even a great one, because that was exactly what Pinter was going for, in his so called comedy menace period There are power plays and power shifts There are threats and responses, as well as sparse pointed dialogue, increasingly absurd behaviour and a nasty spin in the tail.

    14. Victor Morosoff on said:

      J y suis all trop vite Il y a beaucoup refl chir dans cette pi ce 3,8 5

    15. Ana on said:

      This was a most baffling play Called a masterpiece in Absurdist theater by some, i simply found it unbelievable.Wait a second, you kind reader might be saying But isn t Absurdism partially exactly about that Well, i guess it turns out i don t get Absurdism or at least not this particular example.OK, so here s the basic set up A house in North London, with a missing wall which some critics have taken to symbolize blah, blah, blah Yeah, I m not buying that particular line of thought So onwards We [...]

    16. John Rikhtegar on said:

      I thought the play The Homecoming by Harold Pinter is a very interesting piece of work It truly is a play that you can not compare to others and can promise excitement and confusion throughout the play Before reading this piece, I really did not know what to expect and from reading each page, my imagination just kept growing This play contains numerous theme, but the main themes would be considered sex, power and gender equality Set in 1975, women were known to have very little power, and were t [...]

    17. Lan-linh on said:

      The homecoming is a two act play published in 1965 by Harold Pinter It has often been the subject of critique and debate since it was first published, exposing issues relating to sex, power and gender roles The play has 6 characters Max the aging patriarch, his younger brother Sam, Max s sons Lenny, who is a pimp, Joey, who dreams of being a boxer and Teddy, a philosophy teacher in America Teddy brings home his wife Ruth to visit his family for the first time The plot of the story is simple an e [...]

    18. Matt Pelletier on said:

      An uncomfortable arrival home A family of lechers and cheap men A manipulative and scheming wife These are the fundamental ingredients to a recipe for obscurity and disconnect which forms a story like no other Harold Pinter s The Homecoming is a short play consisting of two acts It is set in a working class London home The house s tenants are two young men named Joey and Lenny, and their aging father Max The house is frequently visited by Max s little brother Sam who works as a chauffeur in the [...]

    19. Laura on said:

      I have never read anything quite like The Homecoming before and it was not the type of literature I typically read The play was not my most favorite thing I have read but I found myself discussing it with many members of my family and friends I had trouble following the story line and relating to the characters and why they acted the way they did I especially had a hard time relating to the character of Ruth for the main reason of her abrupt decision to not return home to her children However, t [...]

    20. Brown Bear on said:

      One of my favourite plays, a great work, even for Pinter The plot may seem arbitary to most, bordering on the pointless But the imagery created and the constant power struggles between the main characters make for an amazing read Once again, i can t stress enough how much better it is to see a play performed, there is, however, a great film adaptation of this which does a good job of getting the story line across The best thing about this play is its use of the unspoken word, the constant use of [...]

    21. Chris on said:

      There are a few authors often playwrites than novelists from a certain school that seem to be able to get away with seemingly doing the same thing again and again, and Pinter is one of those to me His form seems to be amass a group of insane characters together with one straight man, and then let them play out their various madnesses In this play, he does that, but as the play went on, it turned into a disturbing criticism of the roles men expect women to play in the world and women s strange a [...]

    22. Resa on said:

      Brilliant Very few people in the world understand this play, and Harold Pinter refuses to let anyone in on his secret Dr Magidson told my class When I directed this play, a couple people threw up The setting of this play is simple a grown up, educated, man and wife visits his dad and brothers in the house they grew up in But right off the bat, the reader realizes that even the simple plot is mixed with this absurd Waiting For Godot conversation.A highlight of the absurdity The dad treats the son [...]

    23. Paulina on said:

      I found that this novel was a little strange I think that there was a lot of hidden meaning in the story such as feminism indications I found that the way that the characters speak to each other was a little strange, which made the reading of the book a little bit challenging I thought that the ending was very strange, and for me, the ending ruined the novel for me I didn t understand it which made me really confused and upset about it I did not necessarily enjoy reading this novel very much I [...]

    24. Michelle Rugamba on said:

      The Homecoming by Harold Pinter is an interesting and unique book of its own If you are in the mood for a thought provoking novel on power struggles, dysfunctional family dynamics, and gender struggles as well, then this is the right book for you This book will keep you on your toes as it never has dull moments throughout the novel I personally found myself connected to a few characters in the book as it is a very relatable book, especially to this generation This book will make you question you [...]

    25. Malemnganbi on said:

      Beware The name of the title might fool you Homecoming is about this guy coming home with his new wife who his other family members knows nothing about, even the marriage, but the essence lies in its dialogues that confuse you in the first reading The dialogue is both hilarious and ridiculous at the same time One is bound to ask the question, is this even possible Then again, the whole plot itself is a parody and one accepts the story as a spoof of the superficial life we live in the age of mode [...]

    26. Murrizi on said:

      The novel The Homecoming by the well known author Harold Pinter was by far the most thought provoking and powerful of the few I studied this year The plot consisted of a male dominated household who is slowly dethroned from power by the wit and cleverness of one woman Through the contrast and differences between the two studied figures, male and female, Harold Pinter was able to highlight that power can be achieved through use of language All in all, it was a novel I read nearly three times out [...]

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