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Moonbreeze By Adrienne Woods Moonbreeze PLEASE NOTE SENSITIVE CONTENT END OF PART TWO Book s release date will be TH OF OCTOBER The life or a star studded royal has not been kind to eighteen year old Elena Watkins With a Council brea

  • Title: Moonbreeze
  • Author: Adrienne Woods
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 221
  • Format: None
  • Moonbreeze By Adrienne Woods PLEASE NOTE SENSITIVE CONTENT END OF PART TWO Book s release date will be 20TH OF OCTOBER 2015.The life or a star studded royal has not been kind to eighteen year old Elena Watkins With a Council breathing down her neck and a dragon that refuses to accept her as his rider, she must convince everyone that she is ready to rule Paegeia like her parents before her But shePLEASE NOTE SENSITIVE CONTENT END OF PART TWO Book s release date will be 20TH OF OCTOBER 2015.The life or a star studded royal has not been kind to eighteen year old Elena Watkins With a Council breathing down her neck and a dragon that refuses to accept her as his rider, she must convince everyone that she is ready to rule Paegeia like her parents before her But she has made a promise to her father, King Albert, that she will not go looking for him and free the people of Etan Elena has promised to never truly fulfill her destiny.However, situations out of her control will soon force her to confront herself and the evil that seeks to destroy her Elena must look inside of herself to discover if she can defeat the approaching darkness, be accepted by the people of Paegeia, bring her dragon back to light and fulfill the destiny written in their stars.
    Moonbreeze By Adrienne Woods

    • ☆ Moonbreeze ↠ Adrienne Woods
      221 Adrienne Woods

    One thought on “Moonbreeze

    1. MaryKate on said:

      What the heck NOT suitable for under 18 I really liked the first three books in the series, but this one ree stars is REALLY generous First of all, this book seems completely unnecessary, the whole plot of this book seemed to be mostly filler.d everything ended up basically where it started There was no progress to the overall story the bad guy, the relationship between Elena and Blake, etc Secondly, Elena didn t grow as a person AT ALL.if anything she seemed weak, fragile and selfish And finall [...]

    2. Kari on said:

      Moonbreeze is simplyOur journey begins with Elena still learning to cope with her new role as Princess of Paegeia This isn t an easy role for her as she s still immature and still knows so very little about ruling a country But hey, who does at eighteen years of age She seems to be making enemies than friends And to add salt to the wound, her stupid dragon, Blake, is still resisting her new role as his rider I really love how she finds her strength to stand up to him I love Elena Her character [...]

    3. Whitney on said:

      I saw on facebook that Adrienne Woods has made the decision to split this book up into two books because it had been getting so long and she hadn t wanted to cut out anything As it is now this will be book 4 and the fifth and final book will be called Starlight I m excited to get Blake, but the possible wait has me in tears

    4. Laura on said:

      UpdateI ve won the exclusive review challenge, therefore I already read Moonbreeze Since it will come out in 2 weeks, I will review it either a week before it, or on the release date Review to come I like the cover It s really nice So, based on it, Blake and Elena will make peace He s still an ass At least for now PI really want to know what happens with Gorian Paul, and with Elena s father I hope King Albert will survive Bummer about the release date At least we get to read some chapters, via n [...]

    5. Danii on said:

      This series is taking over my entire freaking life Literally, its all I can think about every second of every day Its tearing apart my heart, my soul, my life, my love I can t even begin to describe how much love I have for this series, and I don t know how I will go on after its finished Elena annoyed me to absolutely no end in this book, not going to lie Especially the last half of it While I really loved all the things that happened in this book, and the huge plot twist that happened, all she [...]

    6. Umaiya ⚡A Far Off Memory⚡ on said:

      It really kills me that not many people have read this series.I want to tell you all about it but for the life of me, I just can t stop crying I love this book like I would my own child and I didn t even write it, that is how personal it feels to me.I don t have words I literally don t have words I lose my breath every time I try to put all that I m feeling into coherent sentences for you to understand.In all the past books I ve said I ll write my review at the end of the series but here now, I [...]

    7. Dua on said:

      Can we please get Blake please I LOVE LOVE BLAKE even though he s an asshat, a big one I might add but there s just something about him sighs dreamily I loved how far this series have come, I totally disliked Elena in the beginning, she was always whining and stuff and yeah yeah I know she s been through a lot but she reminded me of Elena Gilbert a bit but I kinda love Elena now, I love how much her character has developed and how strong and determined she s became AND CAN BLAKE PLEASE COME BAC [...]

    8. Sarah jab on said:

      Less than 1 star actually, this is how awful this was The writing sucked.The protagonist is the very definition of dimwit, like really I m amazed you can summarize the book with the following sentences I giggled used almost in every single freaking sentence He grunted Twilight zone with tears in his her their eyes e rest is whinningThis book is awful why did i read it is beyond me, guess sometimes you gonna get an example of what you should never do, or in this case how you should never write.I [...]

    9. Sayara on said:

      I may not agree with most of the reviewers but i really didnt like the book that much.I have liked all the previous editions and was waiting impatiently to read this one But was disappointed o The story is elongated ruthlessly in places, lots of drama, seems the author have taken some inspiration from bollywood movies The only thing that remained unscathed of my previous reading of the book is Blake, he is still the amazing character I didnt like Ellena at all, only thing she did was mourn, lash [...]

    10. Brooke E on said:

      This book really could have benefited from a real editor There were so many unnecessary scenes Not to mention the rape scene and the subsequent reactions from characters was completely inappropriate and not necessary The author is creative and I have enjoyed reading her books, but this one just rambled Cutting out many of these scenes would have made the book a lot better She should have spent time building up the plot for the next book which I assume has to do with the orbs they re collecting [...]

    11. Patricia Huynh on said:

      Man, what a book It was all things engrossing and OMG I honestly can t talk about this very much without spoiling anything so you ve been warned view spoiler What can I say I ve loved this series with all of my heart since I discovered book one Everyone stole my heart and ran away with it consecutively with each release It s as if the characters are a mix of innocent and burdened by their roles which is a difficult characteristic to pull off well Adrienne Woods certainly knew how to write and ke [...]

    12. Daily on said:

      I don t know what to feel So many things happened in this book So many twists Good things andvery badthings.BLAKE, what the hell happened to you He is a completely different person in this book I don t mind because he s a much better person but I do miss the bad boy a little After Denting,poofbad Blake gone and good Blake, hello For all the things he did to find Elena, I wanted to slap her every time she threw a tantrum but because of what happened to her horrible and because of how Blake used t [...]

    13. Charity on said:

      I must say that Elena drove me absolutely insane in this book Even before the incident happened Yes, I do understand where she is coming from But does she have to be so selfish, blaming everything on everyone else Like I know what she has been through, but it really isn t others fault that she decided to run away and get herself in trouble Ahhhhhhhh, so frustrating And how could she ever make as promise like that to Tashiba Sometimes she really just drive me crazy, especially in this book Not to [...]

    14. thao vi on said:

      3 stars please note I have nothing against the author and this view is based on my opinions after reading the book If there is one piece of advice I can give the author it is this stop with the giggling I remember that this has been a constant issue throughout this series, although this book was an improvement from the previous book.Your book has a good storyline but the constant giggling of characters makes the book lose its maturity, makes the characters mostly Elena giggling over something or [...]

    15. Vanessa on said:

      I enjoyed all the dragonian books The writer has a great imagination and the plot is fast moving and exciting However, there are many things about how the book is written that annoys me The book s characters giggle a lot very annoying and in mostly inappropriate scenes I think all the books in the series could have benefited with a semi decent editor The writing and prose does not flow well and the conversations sound so stilted But all in all, it was an enjoyable book I give it a 2 for bad writ [...]

    16. Shapnam on said:


    17. Paula on said:

      Ok, just finished with Chapter 10 Damn I need this book.I need it so badly.

    18. Andrea on said:

      I had a couple problems with this book I still absolutely love this series and really enjoyed this installment However, it felt like it had missed it s final editing round I found so many mistakes in this book with just proper sentence flow and it was really frustrating Also, Elena my poor, wonderful stubborn Elena Her attitude to Blake throughout the later parts of this book were so frustrating, but I did understand it They just really need to work on their communication skills.

    19. Emily on said:

      Moonbreeze I liked the start of this book much better than the last book, Frostbite I couldn t wait for Elena and Blake to finally come together Had all of these glorious imaginings of how things would go But come the middle of Moonbreeze, I was sad The warning on the book s synopsis about sensistive content was not a joke AT ALL I wanted to cry No one died Well, no one undeserving of it But there are worse things than death From that point on, the book was harder to read It made sense and HAD t [...]

    20. Yi Le on said:

      Moonbreeze is the fourth book in The Dragonian Series, but not the last one I ve waited to read this for so long I absolutely loved the previous novels in this series and was really excited to read the continuation of Elena s story I can now say that I absolutely love her and Blake together That Rubicon really frustrated me to no end through the whole series, continuously refusing to be Elena s dragon, but it only made me anticipate what would happen, and I have to say that I was not disappoint [...]

    21. inhaler of words on said:

      I am book drunk, this books was supposed to come out on the 20th but whoa I just happened to get to read it yesterday 700 pages and I am done in less than 24 hours my thoughts Adrienne Woods I would have happily read another 2000 pages, I know that you felt the book was to long but it was so good I would have continued and been Happy with the resulting book coma When does the Movie come out it is hard for me even review because my mind is just touching on so many things this whole series has me [...]

    22. Jules on said:

      I cannot express how happy I am that I found another amazing fanatsy series As hard as it is to wait for the next book, authors like Adrienne Woods always make it worthwhile It was very painful to wait for Moonbreeze and I appreciate how hard Ms Woods worked to bring it out as quickly as possible I love the complexity of the characters Both Elena and Blake have such deep feelings They are extremely stubborn, and both have annoyed me, but I absoloutely love them I believe that the second part was [...]

    23. Sam on said:

      Just read chapter 2 from the Adrienne Woods newsletter, and I can t get enough Waiting for a week to read chapter 3 is harder than I thought.

    24. anjuli on said:

      Spoiler free Where to begin This was a much anticipated book for the fans As promised, it was a LONG book When I finished, a lot of emotions were going through my head And, my only gripe I want Starlight now The wait till next year will be rough Overall, the book was pretty good The plot thickens a bit I m glad in a way that the author decided to split the last book The struggle for Elena and Blake seemed realistic albeit, a bit drawn out at times So, in that respect, it was good I believe that [...]

    25. Jen on said:

      I really enjoyed the first 3 books in the series, but this book was definitely not up to the standards of the last 3.The book came with a warning about Part 2, view spoiler A Rape Scene It was not particularly descriptive and I ve read worse scenes in other YA Why I see some people freaking out over the scene is beyond me I mean she literally left her body and watched it happen astrally, but you only get the bare bones of these 7 guys doing all the stuff to her hide spoiler which felt unneeded I [...]

    26. DarqueDreamer on said:

      First of all, does anyone else think this guy looks like Derek Hale Tyler Hoechlin from Teen Wolf Wowsa For those who don t know, Moonbreeze is part of a series called The Dragonian Series, starting with book one titled Firebolt, by Adrienne Woods This is book four of the series and may just be my favorite so far It s difficult to decide how to go about this review and how much to write, because I honestly hate spoilers and my aim with reviews is to show others how much I loved a book so they wi [...]

    27. Betsy Campbell on said:

      I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.I really struggled with how to rate this book I will start with the very positive things that I loved about moonbreeze The complexity of this story is still evolving We know that something has happened to Blake but he will not let Elena know the details of why he is the way he is We get to hear from Blake s point of view, which really brings him to life I loved that the best in the book because finally we can see how he thinks I wa [...]

    28. Lotte on said:

      I am kind of lost for words.I didn t expect this.This rocked my world.This has shaken me to the core.I know there was a warning with this book I know that And I suppose I should have seen it coming.But I didn t I didn t see it It was right in front of me and I didn t see it coming And Adrienne Woods has become a terrific author with a talent for such visual writing Or maybe I am just a very visual person And I had come to love Elena so much, I saw than I was meant to It doesn t matter I will ne [...]

    29. Sami Rosen on said:

      I was given an ARC of this book in exchange for an honest review.Moonbreeze is the fourth book in The Dragonian Series, but not the last one Let me just start out by saying that this is by far my favorite series, but that this was not my favorite book in the series I tend to enjoy carefree and snarky books which this originally was The author took this book down a very dark path with some material that may be sensitive to some readers But I just want to clarify that this is just MY opinion and [...]

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