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Firebolt By Adrienne Woods Firebolt Dragons Right Teenage girls don t believe in fairy tales and sixteen year old Elena Watkins was no different Until the night a fairy tale killed her father Now Elena s in a new world and a new schoo

  • Title: Firebolt
  • Author: Adrienne Woods
  • ISBN: 9780998471426
  • Page: 286
  • Format: Paperback
  • Firebolt By Adrienne Woods Dragons Right Teenage girls don t believe in fairy tales, and sixteen year old Elena Watkins was no different.Until the night a fairy tale killed her father.Now Elena s in a new world, and a new school The cutest guy around may be an evil dragon, a Prince wants Elena s heart, and a long dead sorcerer may be waking up to kill her Oh And the only way Elena s going to grDragons Right Teenage girls don t believe in fairy tales, and sixteen year old Elena Watkins was no different.Until the night a fairy tale killed her father.Now Elena s in a new world, and a new school The cutest guy around may be an evil dragon, a Prince wants Elena s heart, and a long dead sorcerer may be waking up to kill her Oh And the only way Elena s going to graduate is on the back of a dragon of her own.Teenage girls don t believe in fairy tales Now it s time for Elena to believe in herself.
    Firebolt By Adrienne Woods

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    • Unlimited Firebolt - by Adrienne Woods
      286 Adrienne Woods

    One thought on “Firebolt

    1. Jamie on said:

      Where is the next book I want Can you tell I enjoyed this This was an interesting blend of medieval fantasy mixed with some modern urban fantasy Lots of Harry Potter like qualities to this book And a book any fan of the aforementioned series should check out I had so much fun reading this book It wastes no time getting right into the story Elena is constantly moving around with her dad Always running from bold text something One particular night on the run they are suddenly attacked by dragons [...]

    2. Melissa (Ever So Mela) on said:

      1.5This was really just a bad case of Good Premise, Poor Execution.Firebolt started out pretty decent It got me hooked from the get go For the first couple of chapters it was going to be, at least, a 4 star book for me but then the second Elena got to Dragonia Academy it crashed and burned.The settingI feel we don t get an idea about what Paegeia part of the world were dragons roam free really is or why it even exists.Then there was the writingI don t usually nitpick about the grammatical errors [...]

    3. ✿ on said:

      I received this book from author on behalf of Reading Addiction Blog Tours for an honest review Firebolt was a fantastic read that kept enraptured me from start to finish Elena grows up thinking that dragons and magic only exist in fairy tales And boy, is she so in for a wake up call After being attacked by dragons, Elena learns four things 1 Dragons are real and murdered her father2 Her father, himself, was a dragon shifter a Copper variety to be exact 3 She is now an orphan her mother left her [...]

    4. Suzan on said:

      4.5 lovely starsThis book really got my attention made me focus on it though I don t have much time these days due to exams all.A very detailed story, makes you feel as if you re living every incident in the heroine s day, getting to know her well the people she intetacts with The writing is not that great at first ,you get used to it though as the story flows.Things started out with Elena as a bit childish girl , she would tear up at anything doubts herself constantly, but as you go deeper into [...]

    5. Anne on said:

      Adrienne Woods has a wonderful imagination and a great story.Unfortunately, the storytelling is very weak.She is very big on using adverbs, and rather weak on showing us the story.Here are some examples, I said, irritation filling my voice Becky said excitedly Sammy said, concerned I knocked timidly he said in a sarcastic tone I laughed excitedly I asked, disgusted I was stunned by his words and huffedThe author should show us what she sees when she writes the words.If you are excited, it shows [...]

    6. Victoria Rose on said:

      Arc provided by NetGalley for an honest review Even as I read this, disliked it, giggled at it etc, I was always very aware that regardless of how utterly silly I found it, Adrienne Woods has still written books and I absolutely have not So no matter what I say, she is the real winner here The story follows 16 year old Elena Her dad moves them from place to place every 3 months due to a danger unknown During one of these escapes, their car is attacked by a dragon, and Elena watches with horror a [...]

    7. Penny on said:

      I liked it.The story is entertaining It has some elements that reminisce of Harry Potter although in no way this book is close to that level and the 1986 movie Labyrinth which incidentally, I loved as a child The story did get my attention, so I intent to keep reading this series There is a lack of character development, as well as relationship developments The way the friendships go here is not satisfactory or complete enough Things just seem to be with no built up I believe time should have b [...]

    8. Christine Smith on said:

      What would you do if your father pack up everything and moved.every three months Why You don t know Then on one night your questions get answered.Dragons are the reason and wait for it your father is one too.I would be like this That is how Firebolt starts, a new series written by Adrienne Woods I was hooked from page one.Its got dragons, magic, an academy stuck in the air and humans with abilities called Dragonians, who are also able to bond with dragons.Elena is a dragonian, or in plain Englis [...]

    9. Rissa on said:

      2.5 Thank you so much to Fire Quill publishing via netgalley for sending me a copy of Fire Bolt by Adrienne Woods.From the very first page i was pulled into the world Whats going on Whats happening Why are they leaving You could feel the tension and urgency and the dragons Im a huge fan of dragon books if done right I thought maybe i was a bit too old for this book If i were a preteen or young teenager i think i would have loved it but since i have read so many fantasies its hard not to compare [...]

    10. Aneta Bak on said:

      This book deserves so much hype I really wish that I knew about it sooner because I am in love with this series already Just imagine Harry Potter, but with Dragons Elena is sick and tired of moving evert 3 months Her dad s paranoia can be sometimes too much to handle, especially when they have to run away from imaginary problems But this time, Elena finally learns what her father was running away from, Dragons And to her surprise, her father is one too After the death of her father, Elena finds [...]

    11. JenacideByBibliophile on said:

      Disclaimer This book was sent to me by a fellow book reviewer, Laura at LaLaBookReviews, with permission from the publisher, Fire Quill Publishing, for an honest review.Opinion I am honestly wondering if I was reading the same book as everyone else was who has reviewed this on and I have seen a TON of really great reviews for this book with multiple readers praising everything about the story, from the plot to the characters I can agree that the idea for this story is fantastic, but not much of [...]

    12. Fafa's Book Corner on said:

      Fafa s Book Corner Wordpress Fafa s Book Corner Blogger DNFWhen I first heard of this book I was excited to read this I immediately tried looking in my library for it but was disappointed to see that it wasn t there I then proceeded to read the sample from iBooks to see if I would like it Unfortunately I did not.I don t remember that much about it hence why I am not using a spoiler tag The book begins with Elena s father is trying to rush her into packing as they are leaving Readers are told tha [...]

    13. Luucy on said:

      Great book DI really enjoy all the things about the dragons and the history was amazing 3Elena was really tough and smart but she was tooo focus on what people were thinking about her I want to read about Blake and I could see a lot of things that can happen in the next book, I really want to read the next one PMy favorite character was Brian, he didn t appear that much but everytime he said or did something I always smiled DThank you so much to lalasbookreviews.wordpress for giving me the e bo [...]

    14. Angelina on said:

      I enjoyed this book but no as much as I expected It is a real struggle for me when a book starts off slowly cause I want to just stop reading But I am happy with not doing this because the book does pick up.The main character was interesting and after her dad dies she discovers that she is so much that she thought And it had dragons, for me that is always a plusI had some problems with this book but overall I didn t regret reading it at all My thanks to Netgalley for proving me this arc

    15. Anna (Enchanted by YA) on said:

      4.5 STARS I received the eBook free as a review copy from the author in exchange for an honest review I knew straight away from the synopsis that this would be a fun book, and I was not wrong It combined a Harry Potter like boarding school with dragons and epicness.Chucked into the action straight away you meet Elena who has to quickly change her beliefs when she s faced with a new world and it was great going on that journey with her She took her time I ll admit as anyone would if they just got [...]

    16. Pankhuri Paliwal on said:

      I actually wanted to give this book 1 star but 2 are just because it really had the potential for a good story There are many things frustrating with this book.First of all Elena grows on to be irritating as the book gets pace.She is so weak,she says she will work hard but I don t think she has potential for it implying that she has nothing special about her except that big dark mark.For every boy who talks to her other girls are staring and are so jealous Because of course every hot boy out the [...]

    17. ✶Rachelle✶ on said:

      1.5 stars I received a free eBook in exchange for an honest review I was very excited to read this book Dragons Yes please School setting Awesome YA I m sold Basically, I couldn t wait to get started Unfortunately, this book suffered from the great premise bad execution syndrome and greatly disappointed me.The basic plot summary Sixteen year old Elena finds out that her dad is not actually humanhe is a dragon Sadly, the same day she finds out this intriguing bit of information is the same day he [...]

    18. Pauline on said:

      What to say It s my first time reading a YA novel about dragons and I didn t expect to love it so much It s freaking epic Seriously The theme,the characters, the settings and the plot, It has all what I m asking for And our heroine must be a little weakling in this book but I know she ll redeem herself and become one of the most kick ass heroine ever cough Blake s cough Dragonian cough I can feel it under my goose pimples XD view spoiler And I have a feeling she s Queen Catherine s daughter hide [...]

    19. Gergana on said:

      Read from January 06 to 12, 2016Not bad, I quite enjoyed this one, but I read the reviews for the sequels and it looks like the series is going downhill so I m happy with just reading the first book.

    20. Umaiya ⚡A Far Off Memory⚡ on said:

      Full review at the end of the series D3.5 I wants stars NEXT BOOK

    21. Deborah on said:

      3.5 StarsThis was along the lines of a stereotypical cheesy YA Fantasy The characters all have good and bad moments but are overwhelmingly pretty predictable The plot was done well and has promise but suffers from only telling part of a story, not uncommon for books in a series I don t think the world was very well established but it kept me interested.This wasn t necessarily an amazing book but it was everything I wanted it to be and put me back in a good reading mood So for me it s a win And [...]

    22. KittyKat on said:

      This book was provided via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review This was an amazing book with intriguing characters and a great plot I liked the story although the only criticism I have is that at times the plot was a little slow moving as the author gave detailed descriptions of scenes While this works for some people, for me I just felt like a few of these scenes could be cut back a bit to get action in This, however, was only a minor issue and didn t impede on my enjoyment of this grea [...]

    23. Andrea on said:

      4.5 5I really enjoyed this The world of dragons in this was so rich and fascinating My only problem was that I was super confused in the beginning, but slowly things seemed to make sense I wish there was a guide for this series about all the different types of dragons I thought the writing was amazing and the narrator only enhanced the experience for me The mystery in this story is on so many different levels and I can wait to see how they will all play out.

    24. Yvonne (It's All About Books) on said:

      Finished reading October 10th 2015 If your mind and heart are in the same place, you can do whatever you want A copy of this book was kindly provided to me in exchange for an honest review Thank you view spoiler Laura at LaLa s Blog contacted me last month with the question if I wanted to receive an e copy of Firebolt in exchange for an honest review with the permission of the author Adrienne Woods As soon as I saw the blurb and read it was about dragons, I was sold Fantasy stories with dragons [...]

    25. Katarina on said:

      Now that I ve read all five books and two Dragonian novellas, I feel like I can finally write a review for the series as a whole I ve read some of the reviews on and noticed that people keep complaining about the writing style English is not my first language, so I feel like I am not really competent to talk about that That is why I will stick to the parts that I can give my opinion of general plot, world building and character development.To some of you that have read my previous reviews may co [...]

    26. Christa on said:

      This book should really be middle grade instead of ya It was the writing style that got to me The only thing that made me laugh was out of the types of dragon, there was one breed that really went wild over virgins Brian was one of them Brian talked about himself in third person Direct quote Brian likes to go for long walks on the beach, watch movies, talk till the sun comes up, oh, and has Brian mentioned he s loaded, so he can make Elena s heart s desire come true Yep, that would only work on [...]

    27. Cassie C on said:

      Actual rating 4.5 starsThis was a fantastic start to a brand new series about dragons This book originally caught my eye for two reasons One, I love the cover, but two because it s about dragons There aren t many dragon themed books out there, so it allows the author to craft their own world And Ms Woods did an excellent job at this I absolutely loved the unique and creatively built world that is Paegeia There were breathtaking moments, and tons of heart pounding action, perfect for any reader w [...]

    28. Emily on said:

      Check out the Book TrailerI was sucked into this book within the first few sentences It started out with action and adventure, and did not disappoint I am really excited about this series, because it is the first series about dragons to totally enchant me I loved this book and had a really hard time putting it down.I really loved the world that this book takes place in I like how we learn the history as if we too are new students in Paegeia along with Elena The characters are pretty well develop [...]

    29. Marc Secchia on said:

      Let there be dragons Oh yeah, any book that starts with the MC fleeing from dragons, dragons trashing cars, dragons tearing into each other well, it was hard not to imagine there was dragon fire licking around the edges of my screen as I got tucked into Firebolt, a new book by Adrienne Woods, and the first in the Dragonian Series I should add I read a pre publication version ARC given to me by the author No doubt there have been changes in the final version.What worked well for me were the first [...]

    30. Kirsty (Amethyst Bookwyrm) on said:

      Elena has been on the run all of her life with her father, even though she has no idea why, that is until a dragon kills her father She wakes up in a mystical land called Paegeia, and is soon enrolled in a new school where she meets lots of new people, including those who are able to change into dragons Elena is struggling to learn everything she needs to be able to understand this new world she finds herself in, and with a long thought dead sorcerer back and Elena has to find a way to save her [...]

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