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Mama Day

Mama Day By Gloria Naylor Mama Day A fascinating novel that reworks elements of Shakespeare s The Tempest On the island of Willow Springs off the Georgia coast the powers of healer Mama Day are tested by her great niece Cocoa a stu

  • Title: Mama Day
  • Author: Gloria Naylor
  • ISBN: 9780679721819
  • Page: 133
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mama Day By Gloria Naylor A fascinating novel that reworks elements of Shakespeare s The Tempest On the island of Willow Springs, off the Georgia coast, the powers of healer Mama Day are tested by her great niece, Cocoa, a stubbornly emancipated woman endangered by the island s darker forces.
    Mama Day By Gloria Naylor

    Mama Day by Gloria Naylor Feb , A fascinating novel that reworks elements of Shakespeare s The Tempest On the island of Willow Springs, off the Georgia coast, the powers of healer Mama Day are tested by her great niece, Cocoa, a stubbornly emancipated woman endangered by the island s darker forces. Mama Day Naylor, Gloria Books Here also is Mama Day, Sapphira s great granddaughter and Cocoa s great aunt, who has powers that the sophisticated Cocoa only senses and the practical George recognizes much too late. Mama Day Summary and Study Guide SuperSummary Mama Day is a direct descendant of Sapphira and has a similar reputation for possessing supernatural powers as a result, she carries quite a bit of clout in the Willow Springs community After the Prologue, Naylor splits the book into two large parts, instead of chapters.

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    One thought on “Mama Day

    1. Alicia Beale on said:

      For me, Naylor does the type of magical realism that I can understand She brings in elements of country lore and mysticalism mixes it with real world stoytelling When people believe in magic strong and hard through generations, then there is something very real that develops at out it Also, of course, I like the love story.People sleep on Glora Naylor.Naylor keeps the story in contemporary time and doen t go through dozens of generations to tell the story or delves into so much symbolism that yo [...]

    2. Rebecca on said:

      Every August I read this book from cover to cover Island magic, the bonds of family, and the power of the past haunt this book.This is the first year that I truly understood why George needed to bring back his hands to Mama Day in the end It s that refusal to let go, to fight for what you love, and to overcome your fears and disbelief.

    3. Janet on said:

      When someone asks me what my favorite book is, or wants to know what to read next I always talk about this book first Not science fiction or fantasy so accessible to my mainstream reading friends, and yetCan I tell you that I cried and cried and cried at the end of this book Not because the ending is sad although it is sad, but hopeful too but because it was over The reason I cried so hard was because I would never again get the chance to read it for the first time It was that amazing to me Ma [...]

    4. Laura on said:

      Wow I could not put this book down started out a bit piecy and confusing, but as the plot progressed I found myself reading with one eye open as I fell asleep at night just to soak in of the story It s told in the first person point of view of three different characters and I found it especially interesting to read two points of view to the same situation Reading this book was like finding myself at home, listening to people I have known all my life but only just met I cannot recommend this boo [...]

    5. Robert on said:

      A work of genius Naylor s tremendous intellect and ability to create art are on full display here These characters are so diligently and delicately rendered that you love them, fear them, miss them, and mourn for them I almost didn t want the book to end I was both heartbroken by the tragedies and by the fact that I finished the book Excellent, excellent, excellent.

    6. Amanda on said:

      Re read for book club 7 4 16Read 7 23 27 14 I m sitting here, at a loss for what to say about this book Because anything I can express in words would just not be enough to convey what this book means and how it has affected me Wow.

    7. Melanti on said:

      I loved Mama Day, Abigail and the island in general But, I didn t like George and found Cocoa absolutely loathsome I already hated her and then she did the thing with the vase Not acceptable At all If I were George, I would have been on the phone with the nearest divorce lawyer.I don t necessarily need to like the main character to like a book, but when I find them utterly appalling and I m supposed to like them, that s a big, big problem for me.I know my antipathy was bad when I started cheerin [...]

    8. Margaret on said:

      This was a really mixed read for me On the one hand, Naylor writes a wonderful, hilarious character in Mama Day, a 90 year old respected healer on the small Georgia island she lives on She and her sister Abigail carry a sorrowful history between them, but manage a productivity that rivals people half their age and with a lot of humor.And then there s Cocoa Ophelia, Abigail s granddaughter, and her beau George Cocoa and George live in New York City, and could not be stereotyped and boring I hate [...]

    9. Steph on said:

      Mama Day is like a song It begins slowly enough we follow the daily life of elderly Mama Day and her sister, Abigail we meet Abigail s granddaughter, Cocoa, a New Yorker in her 20s who returns to the island of Willow Springs every August we hear murmurings about the slave woman from whom the Days descended we learn about the sister of Mama Day and Abigail, who died in her youth and left their mother mentally unwell There is a sense of spiritual stirrings on the island, but Mama Day takes its tim [...]

    10. Kristin on said:

      I wanted to like this, I really did But honestly, if I hadn t been reading it for book club, I probably wouldn t have finished it It s very hard to follow, especially in the beginning, because it frequently alternates narrators and the narrators alternate their style of narration For instance, Mama Day might go from calling Cocoa Cocoa to calling her you The threads of the family s history that are woven into the story seemed important, but they are so vague that I feel like I missed the point o [...]

    11. David on said:

      This is vivid and deep, a lot going on The language is denser than it appears at first glance, and so is the action There s just a lot here, a lot that s good I enjoyed it quite a bit.

    12. Kate on said:

      I m still processing this book I may be processing forever I think it s one of those stories that will continue to haunt me for years to come, thoughts of a slow fall or lavender water popping into my mind when I m doing the laundry, or protecting Ophelia from the rain I don t know what to think about this book because I don t know that it even made me think But it surely made me feel I feel sadness I feel gratitude I feel love I feel sentimental and heartbroken over things I shouldn t even thin [...]

    13. Julie on said:

      I made the mistake of not writing my review immediately after finishing this book, nor right after book club so a full month later, let s see how much I can remember Mama Day is a lovely little jaunt of magical realism, set between New York City and a small, sleepy island town off the coast of Georgia South Carolina The narrative trades off between two alternating narrators, a black woman and black man dissecting their history and their relationship The eponymous Mama Day is the narrator s inimi [...]

    14. Philitsa on said:

      This is a great novel It s a complex story that has themes in equal weighting between a love story, supernatural happenings, generational conflicts, and the dynamic definition of the word family The author has a wonderful writing style that paints a very detailed picture of the surroundings and situations without being too wordy That s probably why the story can be so complex without being overwhelming There is so much covered in this book, that I d recommend it to anyone I really liked how the [...]

    15. Debbie on said:

      I read this book as a tribute to timeless author and spinner of tales Gloria Naylor She wrote the books that I love Her words inspire me to want to write The Women of Brewster Place The Men of Brewster Place Linden Hills Baileys Cafe Mama Day Rest In Peace Gloria We will miss the gift of your words We will miss the strong women you brought from pages to life.I honestly did set out to read this book out of dedication So many of my friends had discovered the incomparable Gloria Naylor back in the [...]

    16. Ananya Ghosh on said:

      So, this was overdue a long time I began reading it before exams and despite myself, had to put it down a little before the ending I do not have a specific genre I prefer to read, but this is just my kind of a book I cannot give it any less than 4.5 5 Even though people might criticise it for being slow, the story did have a lot of weight to carry itself It spans a total of eight generations and is based in the island of Willow Springs where the belief in magic is deep rooted It is told from 3 d [...]

    17. Leah on said:

      My side He don t listen to my side She don t listen to my side Just like that chicken coop, everything got four sides his side, her side, an outside, and an inside All of it is the truth Ophelia Day, who goes by Cocoa, is a difficult woman and she knows it She s small town at heart, born and raised on the island of Willow Springs, which is located off the coasts of, but not belonging to, South Carolina and Georgia An island with a proud Black heritage and mysterious origins.Cocoa leaves the isla [...]

    18. Marcos on said:

      This is a quietly magical and devastating novel about family, magic, and failed relationships Cocoa and her husband George the ethereal Mama Day, the tragic Miranda and the evil Ruby who casts her wicked spell on Cocoa all invigorate and speak in gorgeous cadences that serve the reader through interior and dramatic monologues A beautiful tribute to Shakespeare s The Tempest, and other Biblical allusion it s a magical and ultimately bittersweet novel that is bitter, and satisfying at the last pag [...]

    19. C-shaw on said:

      I struggled though this book, not really liking the first half of it My main complaint was the very short, choppy sections narrated by different characters who were difficult to identify At times I read though a section, not realizing until the end who the character was, then having to go back and read it again About halfway through the book, I got very interested in the story, even if it was hard for me to appreciate the Gullah way of life I did not like the voodoo aspects of the book, which pl [...]

    20. Teri Drake-Floyd on said:

      This is a beautifully written book that I finally was able to read after several people recommended it to me I really enjoyed it the descriptions of Willow Springs, the food they cooked, the houses they lived in, the sights and sounds of the island all came to life vividly I m a Georgia girl who loves the coast, so it made sense that I d love this book I loved the matriarchal threads that ran throughout My only tiny gripe was that the ending just seemed so horribly unfair It made me a little mad [...]

    21. Allison Anderson Armstrong on said:

      Talk is cheap, Miranda I know, that s why I listened real careful to the way he talked Remember what he said when you told him to take good care of her He said, she has all I have I think this quote from early on in the book foreshadows the coming commitment that George has for Cocoa and sheds a light on how Mama Day knew his death would be connected with her life in some way The many unanswered questions after my first read are compelling me to read it again, but I think it s the ingenuity of t [...]

    22. Danielle on said:

      4.5 stars I wanted to give this five stars, but it just wasn t at that level Don t get me wrong, I absolutely loved it An amazing piece of work A slow burn beautifully written and wonderfully realized This is how I like my magical realism light and subtle Loved it Will definitely re read in the future

    23. Haras on said:

      Reminiscent of Thier eyes were watching god, as the love story goes, but set in New Yory city and south carolina if youve ever spent some time off the coast of s carolina or havent, you will appreciate the wild ass voodoo sad and heartening story of three women s friendship along with death and time and learning to get on.

    24. Jamal on said:

      third time reading this Novel and i think ive finally discovered what draws me back to it every year , The way it speaks to my belief system Excellent story , unforgettable characters Great Magic

    25. Amanda Smith on said:

      Various narrators led for some interesting narrative but also for some confusion I m waiting for Mom to read the book so I can figure out what happened in the end The ending chapter has some of the most heartbreaking language I ve ever read.

    26. Mimi on said:

      I had to read this back in college, and now I ve reread it for book club I like it I like the Shakespearean ties I like the insight into African American culture, the insight into island culture, the insight into New York City culture There s one tiny section where George is remembering his childhood that has an event just barely mentioned and never repeated that seems meant to be forgotten other than helping to create an idea of the man he grew to be, but the event was so awful that I can t for [...]

    27. Venessia on said:

      A journey not a booklled with so many layers you have to savor it in bits I thoroughly enjoyed this book as I always do with Ms Naylor s work This was a tale of love, redemption, voohoo hoodoo, and so much Ophelia leaves Willow Springs to go off to New York There she finds George.a man unlike any others she has ever metwho shows her the real New York.d reveals her to herself in the process But when she has to bring him to Willow Springsa mythical town with even mythical people in it meet Mama [...]

    28. Alyssa Nelson on said:

      My husband recommended this book to me and so far it s my absolute favorite out of all of his recommendations Willow Springs is an island that is part of the US, but doesn t really belong to any state it s just sort of its own place There, Mama Day is renowned for her powers as a healer and is often called upon to work some small bits of magic on people to help them keep their health Her great niece Cocoa has moved away from the island to live in New York, and when she comes to the island with h [...]

    29. Gabrielle Beebe on said:

      I love stories set in the South, but not just that I love stories that describe the South like you describe licking honey off your fingers, slow and sweet and sticky Moreover, this book captures the elements of mystery and mysticism that comes with the deep south In a town, that no one quite remembers the story behind, Willow Springs, lives a woman called Mama who practices medicinal home remedies with a side of common sense and little strand of the mystical woven in, if necessary There is a lov [...]

    30. Karla on said:

      I enjoyed this book, however the ending was a bit puzzling to me I ve not read the Tempest, and as this is a modern retelling perhaps I should brush up on that to clear up the ending of Mama Day I did love the setting and the characters quite a bit It was told well, but really that ending leaves a bit to be desired, at least for me.

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