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The Dog of the Marriage: Stories

The Dog of the Marriage: Stories By Amy Hempel The Dog of the Marriage Stories Amy Hempel s compassion intensity and illuminating observations have made her one of the most distinctive and admired modern writers In three stunning books of stories she has established a voice a

  • Title: The Dog of the Marriage: Stories
  • Author: Amy Hempel
  • ISBN: 9780743264518
  • Page: 325
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Dog of the Marriage: Stories By Amy Hempel Amy Hempel s compassion, intensity, and illuminating observations have made her one of the most distinctive and admired modern writers In three stunning books of stories, she has established a voice as unique and recognizable as the photographs of Cindy Sherman or the brushstrokes of Robert Motherwell The Dog of the Marriage, Hempel s fourth collection, is about sexual oAmy Hempel s compassion, intensity, and illuminating observations have made her one of the most distinctive and admired modern writers In three stunning books of stories, she has established a voice as unique and recognizable as the photographs of Cindy Sherman or the brushstrokes of Robert Motherwell The Dog of the Marriage, Hempel s fourth collection, is about sexual obsession, relationships gone awry, and the unsatisfied longings of everyday life In Offertory, a modern day Scheherazade entertains and manipulates her lover with stories of her sexual encounters with a married couple as a very young woman In Reference 388475848 5, a letter contesting a parking ticket becomes a beautiful and unnerving statement of faith In Jesus Is Waiting, a woman driving to New York sends a series of cryptically honest postcards to an old lover And the title story is a heartbreaking tale about the objects and animals and unmired desires that are left behind after death or divorce These nine stories teem with wisdom, emotion, and surprising wit Hempel explores the intricate psychology of people falling in and out of love, trying to locate something or someone elusive or lost Her sentences are as lean, original, and startling as any in contemporary fiction.
    The Dog of the Marriage: Stories By Amy Hempel

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      325 Amy Hempel

    One thought on “The Dog of the Marriage: Stories

    1. Paquita Maria Sanchez on said:

      Some people can t really get down with the short story format I can appreciate the sentiment, since they can sort of feel like casual acquaintances when compared to the lifelong loves to be found in certain novels Short stories generally poke rather than punch, which is just an inevitable downside of being under endowed I could probably list on my hands the number of short stories that have really, really stuck with me over the years for whatever reason The Masque of the Red Death, a few of the [...]

    2. Teresa on said:

      I checked this out from the library because I was thinking of taking a master class with Hempel next month Her focus will be on language and what she calls the acoustics of a sentence, and I am very interested in that As usual, I continue to struggle with and sometimes be frustrated by some aspects of spare short short fiction, though there s been some I ve absolutely loved, e.g Black Tickets by Jayne Anne Phillips, the ones included in Where the Dog Star Never Glows by Tara L Masih and just abo [...]

    3. Sofia on said:

      By a truly colossal margin the single greatest short story collection I ve ever read.

    4. Cynthia on said:

      I guess if I had to use one word to describe Amy Hempel s stories, it would be spare She does not over describe emotions, setting, or characters It is all laid out cleanly and precisely She uses the bare minimum of words to get her story across probably less.The story that spoke to me the most was The Uninvited A woman who volunteers at a rape crisis hotline is attacked and worries that she might be pregnant She is better at dealing with crisis in other victims than she is at dealing with her ow [...]

    5. Alan on said:

      2006 notebook really like the cryptic, short, packed stories Sometimes I think they should be cryptic, compact and less wiseguy ey But excellent, all, nonetheless Beach Town , the opening story, about an eavesdropper, a woman viewing her licentious neighbour s behaviour, is very well put together.

    6. Donna on said:

      The Dog of the Marriage, Amy Hempel New York Scribner, 2005 Hardcover, 20.00 ISBN 0 7432 6451 7I finished Amy Hempel s latest short story collection, The Dog of the Marriage, on a visit to the Georgia O Keefe museum in Santa Fe During this particular visit the museum hosted an exhibit, Moments in Modernism Georgia O Keefe and Andy Warhol, Flowers of Distinction and on the wall for this exhibit were quotes by both authors One by O Keefe made me think immediately of Hempel s work and certainly of [...]

    7. Colin McKay Miller on said:

      Two stars Barely Collected Stories review Amy Hempel s Collected Stories starts with my favorite short story collection ever, Reasons to Live, and then proceeds to highlight the author s decline to mediocrity.Don t get me wrong ask me who the best short story writer is and I ll still say Amy Hempel, but sometimes you have to be honest, even about the people you admire most Like many who got into Hempel prior to the rabid Chuck Palahniuk endorsement, I was hooked by the widely anthologized In the [...]

    8. Jason on said:

      When Hempel is good, she s really good The sentences of her stories are laced with humor and meaning and pathos with the minimum of words Her writing is spare in that way that will be labeled minimalism, but her ideas and situations explode from their bare framework As with other great minimalists Carver, Denis Johnson, etc what s left off the page is just as important and can be inferred from what is there I liked this collection a lot In fact, some of the most poignant stories are the shortest [...]

    9. Jim on said:

      Despite the high rating and laudatory blurbs, I really didn t like this collection that much The writing was okay, but it was like looking at an abstract painting or listening to free verse, both of which I am not too keen on Yes, occasionally you will get something beautiful anyway, and enjoy it, but overall I want my stories to be story I don t want to feel that the writer or artist was slumming, conning the readers that they had produced something great I liked the title story and The Afterl [...]

    10. Simon Sylvester on said:

      This is an astonishing book a class apart The Dog Of The Marriage gathers Amy Hempel s four short story collections into a single volume, and they are consistently superb There isn t a single wrong note across dozens of stories Hempel s work is voiced through emotionally damaged or stunted narrators, trapped or somehow left behind in their lives, caught between stasis and decay The stories are not without hope, though, and Hempel writes with unceasing, unfailing humanity Her sentences and struct [...]

    11. TK421 on said:

      This collection of stories was a solid 5 stars before the last story, Offertory I just did not feel as if Hempel was the person to write this particular story Perhaps I am wrong Regardless, this collection of nine stories epitomizes the power a short story can attain and reflect back upon the reader HIGHLY RECOMMENDED

    12. Jennifer on said:

      Amy Hempel s stories are extraordinary for what they leave out Her incredible economy makes me want to reread and reread.

    13. Eggp on said:

      Mostly annoyingone whining voice, walking dogsI d divorce them all.

    14. Ioanna on said:

      I love Amy Hempel s prose My favorite story from this book is Jesus is Waiting there s a video of a reading of it by Julianna Margulies at flypmedia content spre

    15. Linda on said:

      Lesbian fights are the worst, Carolee said nobody ever walks out and slams the door because they re both women and want to talk about their feelings.

    16. Daniel on said:

      I found this collection on Powell s 2014 Short List I enjoyed Reference 388475848 5 , The Dog of the Marriage , The Afterlife and The Uninvited I found several of the remaining stories to be be flat and Offertory didn t appeal to me at all.

    17. Özten Paul on said:

      You want the truth and you want the truth and when you get it you can t take it and have to turn away So is telling a person the truth a good or malignant act

    18. Dan Lalande on said:

      Through stories short and long, Hempel plays little girl lost, adrfit in a world of woozy urbanity, where threat mostly sexual is processed through arcane, personal observation This is about the inevitability of being a male plaything, the surreality into which that plunges you, and the smidgeon of salvation you chase like a butterfly The dream quality of Hempel s obliquely hip feminism functions best in the short pieces it s tested by the long and fails.

    19. David on said:

      It s always a pleasure to get to read Hempel I only wish there was in the collection Wonderfully chosen stories though, each so strong Loved reading each.

    20. Arnoldo Rosas on said:

      Excelentes relatos ntimos con un tono de profunda tristeza Nos queda un emocionante regusto de boca.

    21. Nate on said:

      After reading Dog of the Marriage by Amy Hempel, you will need to redefine for yourself the meanings of the words home and family From the first sentence of the first scene in the first story, Hempel will having you questioning what is home You will wonder if having neighbors swear at missed croquet shots really counts as being home By the end of that first page, you won t be entirely sure what family means either Beach Town , that opening story, will ensure that Hempel s readers finish this boo [...]

    22. Marie Chow on said:

      Cut to the Chase Hempel is a powerful, emotional, often sparse writer the stories here, which all seem to deal with love in one way or another, range from two sentences to 27 pages long The stories are easy to read and will often linger in your memory, but as a true modern artist, she is a master of not writing past the ending, so much so that you will find some of the stories ending often a bit abruptly just as they re getting interesting Still, these characters are powerful, witty, and intense [...]

    23. Vicki on said:

      There s a one sentence story in this collection called Memoir Just once in my life oh, when have I ever wanted anything just once in my life and it is exquisite.But mostly for me, The Dog of the Marriage was like walking through a crowd of people and thinking you recognize someone, but realizing that you re mistaken, it s not the person you thought it was And by that I mean, there were moments when I felt incredibly close to the narrative voices, when I could relate to the emotional condition in [...]

    24. Richard on said:

      There are many people who try to imitate Hempel s style, but in the end no one can touch the true depth of the original The density of her work, where almost every sentence nay, maybe even every syllable contains every level of storytelling thin and superficial readers like Gracie obviously missed, is phenomenal Hempel may not be a quick read, but she is certainly worth the extra effort Also impressive about Hempel is how she is able to subtly shift her tones in her stories There is a constant l [...]

    25. Stephanie on said:

      I picked it up on a recommendation of the clerk at the used book store who saw me with Invisible Monsters by Chuck Palahniuk in the growing stack of books I planned to purchase She added this to my cache, pointing out the blurb on the back In airports and on trains, the toughest part of reading The Dog of the Marriage is how much your jaw muscles ache from the effort it takes not to laugh and cry in front of strangers Amy Hempel is my god among writers Chuck PalahniukI think I appreciated Amy He [...]

    26. Ben Thurley on said:

      I ve obviously been on a bit of a short story jag this year, and despite starting this collection with high expectations based on reviews of her other work I found it fairly unsatisfying Hempel s spare, ambiguous prose style is intriguing and the reader is constantly forced to navigate through her unresolved deixis unspecified personal pronouns, particularly, abound and oblique narratives However, I was left wondering what I had put in the effort for What were the white things is a forceful firs [...]

    27. Renee Alberts on said:

      Amy Hempel s first person narrators have the tone of a recent acquaintance candidly revealing the details of her tangled personal life they re a little startling, but somehow very familiar Hempel s prose is poetic and concise Her sentences expertly shift between wry self deprecation and poetic observations The Uninvited is the highlight of the collection, expertly weaving several narratives, including the narrator s work as hotline operator, watching the movie The Uninvited, and seeking paranorm [...]

    28. B. Mason on said:

      Once again Amy Hempel complies a collection that is wrenching and provides this tumbling out of action, conflict and emotion Particularly in the short, confessional Reference 388475848 5 a letter to the New York parking authority that starts out normal enough for the form of a letter but proceeds to get and involved in the narrator s life By the end you re left stunned and a bit shaky I ve realized one aspect of Hempel s work I truly enjoy is the backward gaze of the narrator in most of these [...]

    29. Eugene on said:

      eroticism as flower arranging id with great great respect to flower arranging or, i guess, metaphorically flower arrangement as eroticism some confluence of care and courage and winging it, bold lechery and a gourmet s rarefied lust from it Renoir told Matisse he would pick flowers in the fields and arrange them in a vase, and then he would paint the side he had not arranged an awesomely patient artist, waiting for the detail, sifting through life for the sentence a convincing poet and spectacul [...]

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