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The Subterraneans

The Subterraneans By Jack Kerouac The Subterraneans Jack Kerouac one of the great voices of the Beat generation and author of the classic On the Road here continues his peregrinations in postwar underground San Francisco The subterraneans come alive

  • Title: The Subterraneans
  • Author: Jack Kerouac
  • ISBN: 9780802131867
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Subterraneans By Jack Kerouac Jack Kerouac, one of the great voices of the Beat generation and author of the classic On the Road, here continues his peregrinations in postwar, underground San Francisco The subterraneans come alive at night, travel along dark alleyways, and live in a world filled with paint, poetry, music, smoke, and sex Simmering in the center of it all is the brief affair betweenJack Kerouac, one of the great voices of the Beat generation and author of the classic On the Road, here continues his peregrinations in postwar, underground San Francisco The subterraneans come alive at night, travel along dark alleyways, and live in a world filled with paint, poetry, music, smoke, and sex Simmering in the center of it all is the brief affair between Leo Percepied, a writer, and Mardou Fox, a black woman ten years younger Just at the moment when she is coolly leaving him, Leo realizes his passion for passion, his inability to function without it, and the puzzling futility of seeking redemption and fulfillment through writing.
    The Subterraneans By Jack Kerouac

    • å The Subterraneans â Jack Kerouac
      213 Jack Kerouac

    One thought on “The Subterraneans

    1. Sam Jasper on said:

      I am an admitted Kerouac fan and I think most people who read Kerouac begin and end with On the Road, which was of course groundbreaking in its day I loved On the Road and have read it repeatedly on and off over decades Subterraneans, however, sat on my shelf in the I ll get to it pile This book a novella than an novel chronicles his affair with Mardou Fox Alene Lee was her real name , a young black woman While some have called it racist, and others misogynistic the Beats weren t the most enlig [...]

    2. Elizabeth on said:

      A profoundly sad novel I fall in and out of love with Kerouac s prose, but his story rips your heart out It was recommended to me by a colleague who told me that this book is about people who make decisions by not making any choices.

    3. Andy on said:

      Kerouac s kind of a dick in this one, whining and chasing after this black girl Mardou all through the book Once she caves in to his non existent charms he dumps her like he s Tommy Lee or something When he s not crying for her to take him back he s busy fetishizing her blackness like she s a pickaninny doll and then drunkenly makes in crowd jokes to his pals about Buddha and Boddhisatva What a shithead.

    4. Jorge García on said:

      Los subterr neos es una m sica para ser o da de noche, con sus largos fraseos que suben y bajan, bocanadas de aire et lico y versos que estallan contra la ciudad San Francisco, ciudad de maricas, poetas y vagabundos.Tened cuidado de no perderos en esta ciudad subterr nea, de andar por la calle equivocada, en la que todo envejece mal el canto por el amor perdido, la energ a sexual que fluye por las p ginas, o ese amor pagano Tal vez no sea m s que el culto a s mismo del dios Kerouac.Entonces el r [...]

    5. Ryan Milbrath on said:

      Written in 1958, The Subterraneans is Kerouac s attempt at a memoir about the time honored literary theme of relationships At a superficial level, it is merely a novella about how a relationship can crumble in the face societal pressures However, like relationships, one should never take a person, or written work, at merely face value The Subterraneans is much than a romance in the vein of He s just not that into you The relationship itself is something of taboo in the 1950s, Kerouac s style of [...]

    6. Nicole on said:

      Oh, Jack As always, the enthusiasm and momentum in his writing is infectious I haven t read anything by Kerouac for a few years before picking this one up, and I d forgotten about the weirdness of trying to settle into it like it s a linear story intended to be clearly followed in detail when really it s a tilt a whirl kind of ride not about to stop and explain itself so all I can do is hang on, watch the colors spinning past, catch enough bits and pieces of the conversations and memories to be [...]

    7. ilknur a.k.a. iko ◬ on said:

      Y rek par alayacak denli ar , berrak, akl ba nda, mutlu bir le sonras na uyan yorum Ku lar h l ark s yl yor ocuklarda ark s yl yor imdi Sanki ben tozlu bir p kovas nda uyanan bir r mcekmi im, sanki d nya bana g re de ilmi ama tam di er yarat klar g reymi gibi daha havai, kendi i lerinde daha kararl ve tutars zl n lekesine daha az meyilli yarat klar n Tanr m Jack, Jack, JACK sim olarak yeterince d k nl m yokmu gibi.Her neyse.Beat ku a , asla kitaplar n okumad m, tam metinlerini tatmad m ama hakk [...]

    8. Craig Werner on said:

      Urban legend has it that On the Road is the primary example of Kerouac s spontaneous prose, but the description works much better for The Subterraneans, for better and for worse He actually reworked On the Road heavily before it was published, but wrote TS over a three day period It took me slightly longer to read it.Let s start with the for worse part Man, Kerouac could be a sexist pig The cavalier treatment of women in TS will drive many readers bat shit It s an honest and accurate picture of [...]

    9. Jim on said:

      There they are the Subterraneans drunk as skunks while they burble on about literature and their love lives Jack Kerouac Leo Percepied in the book wants nothing than spend all his hours with these pseudo intellectual lowlifes, but at the same time attempt to maintain a relationship with Mardou Fox, a young black woman The Subterraneans is the story of this relationship and how it winds to a close with Jack deciding in the end he wanted life on his own boozy terms The pity of it is that Jack rea [...]

    10. Stefania T. on said:

      quando gli uccelli diventan squallore, quello il segno Ma penso anche peggio di cos , immagini del mio lavoro trascurato, il mio ben essere ancora il solito cosiddetto ben essere sfasciato, il cervello mutilato per sempre ormai le idee di lavorare alla ferrovia Oh Signore questa follia e la stupida illusione e tutta quanta la tiritera e la pazzia che noi erigiamo al posto dell unico a, nella nostra tristezza ma ora che Mardou al mio fianco, stanca, solenne, triste, capace giocando con la bruttez [...]

    11. Andrés Cabrera on said:

      Valoro de Jack Kerouac su sinceridad e inocencia Puede que, al menos dentro de lo que le do, Kerouac sea el escritor m s inocente de todos genuinamente interesado por la diferencia, por el ritmo fren tico de su vida y la de los dem s, por las nuevas formas y maneras de ser y vivir y, por qu no, por las nuevas potencias narrativas que su pluma estaba siendo capaz de generar En cierto modo, siento a Kerouac como ese ni o que juega sobre la arena y se asombra con el potencial que dicho material, en [...]

    12. Greg on said:

      While at a used bookstore, I overheard two clerks in another aisle trying to decide where to shelve this book They didn t mention the author or the name of the book, but location questions such as philosophy and biography and just plain fiction encouraged me to find their aisle and say, simply, I ll take it Paperbacks were on sale that day for a quarter At that time, I had just finished Burrough s Junky and had just started on Ginsberg s poetry Obviously, the universe conspired This too Now Kero [...]

    13. David Highton on said:

      I had not read any Kerouac for 30 years and saw this one in the library written in his spontaneous prose style which requires a lot of concentration to read and absorb Set in San Francisco, with friends like Ginsberg and Burroughs disguised with pseudonyms, it tells of a love affair with a half negro, half Cherokee woman The narrative is dominated by his drinking and his frustration at not being published is also obvious, and his alter ego, Leo, is not a sympathetic character Reputedly written i [...]

    14. Jamnjazzz on said:

      Well finally finished this book I takes some effort to get into the rhythm and cadence of the prose in this one This is one of Jack s spontaneous prose efforts, and once I did get into it, I moved quickly OK so now for the review, I ll not consider the style in doing so.This was an interesting story about a person searching for his path and purpose A story about a man who would love you but push you away at the same time, a man who while able to adore everything good about you, could find negati [...]

    15. Simon Kirk on said:

      As one of the founders of the Beat Generation, author Jack Kerouac is now ironically reaping the rewards for his works back in the 1950s and early 60s, despite his unexpected death in 1969 at the ripe age of 47.His innovative use of spontaneous prose has been passed on as inspiration for many who dabble in the art of literature, while many modern musicians also stake claim in being influenced from the Lowell, Massachusetts born writer.The Subterraneans like many of Kerouac s novels took little t [...]

    16. Chris on said:

      In my spin through Kerouac s books, my friend said after reading On The Road and The Dharma Bums that my next task should be The Subterraneans.Apparently, he wrote this 110 page book in only three days While the bulk of On The Road was written in this way, making it an American classic, I have to say that for this book, it didn t work as well.Here, Kerouac shows a poetic than prosaic style The sentences seem like lyrics than in the other two books Yet here that seemed to take away from the eff [...]

    17. Csencsitz on said:

      I really loved this book Jack Kerouac, for all his iconic writing and cliche beatnick status, still manages to capture the life and thoughts of the younger generation who were simply looking for any sort of adventure That is, they have their own dreams and attempt to reach them Kerouac shows their growth and takes his readers through the realization that things aren t like they expected them to be Somehow, though, even though this sort of melancholic epiphany seems to be common for his endings a [...]

    18. georgia on said:

      this review is omitting the questionable short story Pic found at the end of this edition I haven t read Kerouac in, what feels like, the longest time, and The Subterraneans was the perfect novella to re fall in love with him Sweet and the kind of sad that makes your heart wither, Kerouac s paradisical prose can demand my attention like no other writer can The spontaneity that made him so famous is strikingly aware throughout the novella A real sense is created that the reader is taking a peak i [...]

    19. Matthew on said:

      The protagonists of Jack Kerouac s The Subterraneans and Richard Brautigan s Sombrero Fallout both versions of their respective authors have lost or will lose a love interest This loss will serve as the catalyst for the text s composition Kerouac s The Subterraneans ends, like Gertrude Stein s The Autobiography of Alice B Toklas, with the assertion that they, the author, will record or have recorded these events, thereby creating a text that seems to write itself Brautigan s Sombrero Fallout beg [...]

    20. Ananya Ghosh on said:

      I want to give it 2.5 stars, and am waiting for to let me do that someday I ll also admit that this was my first ever Kerouac, first ever Beat generation text, and first ever stream of consciousness text, and I m sorry but I didn t get most of it, especially, the charm behind it all.When I went into it, I knew a few things Kerouac is very popular, but is going to be difficult for me this book isn t one of his most hyped ones it s a break up story And with these few facts, I dived in To me, the p [...]

    21. Alexey Antikrun on said:

      , Subterraneans , , On The Road Dharma Bums , Big Sur, Doctor Sax Subterraneans , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , Subterraneans , 50 , , , , , , , XX .

    22. Frank F. Ayala on said:

      La vida de Jack Kerouac, y por extensi n la del resto de los beatniks, fue tan interesante y divertida que no necesitan crear personajes para escribir libros ellos mismos se bastan y se sobran para crear historias Este es uno de esos libros perfectos para leer fumando en el suelo del ba o a las 2 de la madrugada lo cual he hecho en m s de una ocasi n, a decir verdad No es mi primera vez con Kerouac ya hab a le do su obra m s famosa la obra m s famosa de la generaci n beat, de hecho , En El Camin [...]

    23. Brett on said:

      This is the third book by Kerouac I have read, and without fail, they all have an unusual raw emotional gravity about them This book is short burst of linguistic invention supposedly written in only three days, and it reads as such It weighs in at a little over 100 pages, but is full of love, disgust, drunkenness, excitment, and the peculiar next day regret hangover It does not match either On the Road or The Town and the City in terms of overall narrative power, but is a strangely compelling bo [...]

    24. TC Jones on said:

      I really wanted to like this book I tried my hardest to understand its unique style, its flowing movements lacking punctuation, and the free form stream of conciousness The problem was, I just couldn t The narrative itself wasn t all that exciting a lot of getting drunk and scoring with women, but not anything substantial that makes a worthwhile story I had trouble identifying with the characters or even liking them They were drunk all the time, driven for nothing in life except sex and sex alon [...]

    25. Zachary Johnson on said:

      Ahh, The beat generation What an Isle of Misfit Toys I think from most of the books I have read, the ones from the beat generation are the most interesting I haven t secured a copy of On the Road But when I do I will fully judge Jack Kerouac Moving on to this book I was rather interested in the main character at the beginning of the book He is a Vagabond Sailor Hippie in the San Francisco area He has a group of friends that pretty much do nothing then sit around and drink and smoke Tea aka Pot [...]

    26. John Molina on said:

      I really disliked this book at first I thought Kerouac had gotten lazy and was just writing whatever the hell popped into his mind and he his And that is what makes the novel has compelling as it is Kerouac is doing stuff I haven t seen anyone do in American Lit, and Kerouac is just such a romantic and optimist that it is hard to hate the man The Subterraneans is a book about a 3 month fling between Kerouac and a young black woman Kerouac s writing is tender and moving one gets the feeling he re [...]

    27. Aditi on said:

      I am occasionally dizzied or nauseated by the oddest things Knitting with black yarn, for instance, or the novel Nausea, of which I could not pass two pages My reason for getting queasy with this novel, however, requires no exotic explanation Poor grammar Perhaps it could be mistaken for poetry in prose A whirlwind of ideas, a maelstrom of images rushing towards the reader to allow him or her to experience the narrator s emotions and reactions This approach may have worked, had these emotions an [...]

    28. Joe on said:

      Not my favorite Kerouac I like this, though with the balloon Mardou had drunk danced around the floor, puffing and poooshing and flupping it up with dance interpretive gestures and said something that not only made me fear her madness, her hospital type insanity, but cut my heart deeply, and so deeply that she could not therefore have been insane, in communicating something so exactly, with precise whatever You can go now I have this balloon What do you mean I, drunk, on floor blearing I have th [...]

    29. Mario on said:

      Entre pausas de otros dos libros por p rrafo logr completar esta obra No me gust , sin embargo reconozco su valor como una buena cr nica de la generaci n beat en su apogeo, una especie de autobiograf a de Kerouac sus roces con otros escritores que s llegaron a la fama r pidamente , y una historia de amor Bizarra Inusual O como cualquier otra que termina poniendo al protagonista en la friendzone, O Discordia.Tanta borrachera me hizo odiar mi gusto por una buena cerveza de vez en cuando, pues temo [...]

    30. Jovana Vesper on said:

      Mnogo sli nosti sa Naked Lunch om ali i jedna bitna razlika izme u spontane proze The Subterraneans i Barouzovih narkoti kih naklapanja postojanje nekakve centralne teme, su tine Ovo je prakti no priru nik kako upropastiti osobu i vezu ukoliko ste izgubljeni, poluparanoi ni, nekonzistentni i beznade no romanti ni Jer Keruak to jeste romanti an, nesiguran, izgubljen, sanjalica, Kejvov Loverman i pored svih ispada i s lomova ne mo e a da ne voli njegovu brutalnu iskrenost, dnevni ko ispovedanje i [...]

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