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InuYasha: Family Matters

InuYasha: Family Matters By Rumiko Takahashi InuYasha Family Matters After falling through an ancient well schoolgirl Kagome has become the defender of both modern and th century Japan against the forces of myth and darkness But if she thought the horrors she and pa

  • Title: InuYasha: Family Matters
  • Author: Rumiko Takahashi
  • ISBN: 9781569319482
  • Page: 414
  • Format: None
  • InuYasha: Family Matters By Rumiko Takahashi After falling through an ancient well, schoolgirl Kagome has become the defender of both modern and 16th century Japan against the forces of myth and darkness But if she thought the horrors she and partner Inu Yasha have faced so far were bgad, she hasn t met Inu Yasha s family yet This installment includes the final fight with the soulless, seductive Yura of the Hair.
    InuYasha: Family Matters By Rumiko Takahashi

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      414 Rumiko Takahashi

    One thought on “InuYasha: Family Matters

    1. Rose on said:

      Meh Still not impressed with this Again, too much is happening, without taking the time to focus on one thing at a time and maybe give it some depth that way No matter in which situation the characters were, I was like, well, whatever, there s probably going to happen another thing in a few pages and this will be forgotten so why bother caring about what is happening right now Also, in this volume Kagome is stating the obvious like a champion hi, new shelf , which was funny but still not anythin [...]

    2. Sesana on said:

      The story is really getting underway in volume two First, there s the conclusion to Yura s story Pretty creepy, in the best possible way The second half dealt with InuYasha s family, and introduces Sesshomaru It s a good set up to future conflict I m still really happy with how this re read is going.

    3. ☺☆Mango♥ on said:

      Well, I watched the movie A while ago and couldn t find the book It is ah mazing I can t really say too much It left me breathless In this movie, InuYasha and the gang finally defeat Naraku and go their own ways Kagome Who stays with InuYasha and Shippo meets Hojo Hojo s ancestor and then gets kidnapped by the woman trapped in the mirror Who broke free when Naraku went to heck InuYasha goes to save her and Hojo comes along with Shippo and then Miroku and Sango miraculusly find their ways over th [...]

    4. Richard Tokebroker on said:

      InuYashan, does this series bring back some warm memories I would sneak out of my bedroom and stay up just so I could watch the anime, and I never regretted it even when I got caught This series is probably my favorite action romance shojo manga thus far The characters are all well written and well established, even from the beginning, and the art style is warm and welcoming Rumiko Takahashi has done a wonderful job of roping me back in, and I m looking forward to reading the rest I give it five [...]

    5. Cat on said:

      I didn t think I would like this at all I expected an eye rolling, disney ish damsel in distress kind of setting, but it s actually SUPER fun and for a human with no powers, Kagome s quite the Gryffindor So yeah, keep em coming.Also kudos Inuyasha, for being a loud asshole instead of just a brooding hero, because it allows people to repeatedly and hilariously call you out on your shit.

    6. Sevairi on said:

      EDIT I ve found some awesome scans of this manga on my tablet s manga reader, translated straight from Japanese, and have edited my review accordingly My original review was based on an altered English reprinted copy.Actual Rating 4.5 stars.I will explain why I docked half a star, but not yet.There were quite a few differences from the anime in this volume For one, in the anime, the skull hiding the comb containing Sakasa gami no Yura s soul was red, like the comb itself In the manga, the skull [...]

    7. Emily on said:

      I couldn t NOT pick this up on the ending volume 1 gave me only to just fly through the rest of the book within twenty minutes The joy of manga, takes you completely into the world and before you know it, ANOTHER CLIFFHANGER.

    8. Vanessa Kay on said:

      This review is for the series as a whole with 4.5 out of 5 stars This series is absolutely the longest series I ve ever read so far, with a total of 56 volumes containing 559 chapters Yeah right I grew up watching anime and when I stumbled to this one, I instantly got hook I m so in love with this anime that I have the complete anime series in my possession Yep It occupy mostly the memory of my external drive haha sucker I know And it s just now that I finally had the courage to read its manga I [...]

    9. Abi Lí on said:

      Vale, no lo disfrut tanto como el anterior O sea, hasta miedo me dio Gad, el anime era m s suave.

    10. Marguerite on said:

      4 Stars.Continuing with my 3 in 1 volume of Inuyasha, and Sesshomaru has arrived on the scene always love that moment when Kagome is the only one to have the sword in the stone moment, hahahaha, especially in the anime the facial expressions of Inuyasha and Sesshomaru is priceless I ve already started volume 3, so that review should be coming soon, then back to the library to reserve the next few volumes

    11. Ash on said:

      This review is for the series as a whole with a 3 star rating and will be included on every volume for my own organizing purposes This will probably be the longest review I ve ever written, and for that, I apologize I have a lot to say and despite the character limit, it will be said.InuYasha is honestly a classic in the sense that the anime is well loved, the manga is typically well loved, it was original ish when it was first published, but it went on way too long It s a 56 volume series, sitt [...]

    12. Candyce on said:

      I enjoyed this book It was a quick, easy read, and filled with interesting demons and monsters If Kagome and Inuyasha s relationship develops at all, it s by minute increments The real powers of this book are the demons the duo fights as they continue their journey looking for shards of the Shikon jewel, a sacred jewel that grants the holder power Inuyasha hopes to become a full fledged demon when they gather the shards It s a little unclear why Kagome has such a vested interest in finding the s [...]

    13. Natalie on said:

      In this awesome volume of InuYasha, we get to meet Inuyasha s older half brother Sesshoumaru This guys is pretty terrifying He comes across a bunch of humans and just kills the leader by ripping off his head But it s also fun to note that when me and my sister first saw him in this volume we both said that he looked like a woman or maybe a child Especially if you compare the art of the last volume So in this volume, Inuyasha and Kagome were able to defeat Yura of the hair by Kagome logically loo [...]

    14. Kaotic on said:

      Like I said in my review for volume one, I had gotten a little over half way through the series when I had to switch laptops and lost my place And since that was a while ago, I went ahead and started over on the series I own the first seven or eight issues from the series, so I read most of this online In this volume we get to meet one of my favorite bad boys ever Sesshomaru His personality is just awful, he s a horrible person, but I can t help but love him As with most fangirls out there He s [...]

    15. Rebecca on said:

      In this installment of InuYasha I was excited to get to meet some of InuYasha s family, well sort of Volume 2 starts out with a battle with Yura an extremely creepy demon , were Kagome shows just how awesome she is by figuring out how to defeat Yura and save InuYasha I can t get over how much I love Kagome So often the teenage girl is so whiney and she is just not She sees what has to be done and fights hard to do it.After the battle with Yura, InuYasha s brother shows up While InuYasha is a hal [...]

    16. Joti on said:

      SO Inuyasha Kagome defeat the inverted hair chick by destroying the comb she d transferred her soul into then we see SESSHOMARU WHOSE LOOKING FOR SOME TOMB INUYASHA KNEW WHERE IT WAS HE THINKS INUYASHA S DEAD BUT HIS SERVANT CREATURE THING TELLS HIM INUYASHA S FREE OMG SESSHOMARU 3 Inuyasha s half demon so full demon father maybe human mother OMG Sesshomaru shows up THEY RE BROTHERS Sesshomaru wants to know where their father s tomb is Inuyasha doesn t know but Sesshomaru claims his mother s sou [...]

    17. Bbabri on said:

      me a m sodik k tet,ami m r b velkedik egy kis izgalomban.Megjelenik Sesshomaru, Inuyasha b tyja.V gre v gre Persze a testv rek r hellik egym st, s ez a t rt net v g ig gy is marad,b r Kider l Inuyasha sz rmaz sa, s rdekes m don az ember desanyja is felbukkan.Persze ez nem volt,csak egy szellemszer valami,amit Sesshomaru alkotott,hogy megtudja apja s rj nak a hely t.Megtudjuk,mi Sesshomaru c lja desapja kardj ra f j a foga.Tetsusaiga ra.Eljutunk a testv rek apj nak s rj hoz,ahol a kard is van.Saj [...]

    18. BooksAmL on said:

      If you are looking to read this book it means that you have already read the first one , so you have an idea about what is going on.We all know that Kagome has been brought to this world to because she holds a certain jewel that will either destroy everything if it fall in the wrong hands or save everyone if is used correctly and will disappear for ever Also now we know who is actually InuYasha and what his roll will be now that he is not able to get rid of the spell that lady Kaiede put on him [...]

    19. Samantha wickedshizuku Tolleson on said:

      Every InuYasha volume starts off with Act 1, so for further reviews I will simply give you the chapter names So we start off with Yura no Su, translated into Yura s Nest.Kagome and InuYasha are up against a demon woman named Yura, who controls hair She reveals to the half demon that she stole Kagome s shard of the Shikon no Tama We get to see InuYasha pull out the new move Hijin Katsusou roughly translated into Airborn Blade Blood Claw.Though it doesn t seem to work It seems that it s up to Kago [...]

    20. Rachel on said:

      The story continues After finally defeating Yura of the Hair, Kagome decides she has to stay in the past with InuYasha and find the rest of the Jewel of Four Souls Also InuYasha s half brother Sesshomaro shows up and leads InuYasha to their father s sword made from one of his fangs Kagome figures out that the sword only works when defending a human and starts to tell InuYasha, but in typical fashion, InuYasha s arrogance gets the better of him and Kagome doesn t tell him anything.These books hav [...]

    21. Emily Selleck on said:

      I received a stack of these mangas as the result of a book swap on Ravelry Inuyasha is a guilty pleasure from my failed community college days, when I would stay up until all hours of the night to watch repeats of the anime on Cartoon Network I recently discovered that the entire series is on Hulu, which has renewed my love of the series As I usually do with this kind of thing, I m enjoying comparing the manga to the anime So far, it is very similar, but there are some things in the translations [...]

    22. Lauren on said:

      What first drew me to this series was the romantic historical aspect I loved how a modern day girl gets pulled back into the past I don t know what it is about those stories that attract me so much, maybe it is the difficulty for the girl of fitting in and having to rely on the guy so much to be able to get along in the world.I also really liked the group aspect to this series and the corresponding relationships that affect each of the characters.I would really recommend this series to fans of R [...]

    23. Caroline on said:

      Revisiting this series, since I d stopped in order to allow for the series to be closer to completion before getting back into it it s finished its run in Japan, finally It s one of those series that was frustrating to try to read as it was published, since I d always want Re reading this volume after years was a treat, and I was reminded with just how much I love Takahashi s style and wit There s excellent action, and the story pacing is pretty fast, but filled with a decent amount of depth I [...]

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