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Loose Woman

Loose Woman By Sandra Cisneros Loose Woman A candid sexy and wonderfully mood strewn collection of poetry that celebrates the female aspects of love from the reflective to the overtly erotic Poignant sexy lyrical passionate cool and delica

  • Title: Loose Woman
  • Author: Sandra Cisneros
  • ISBN: 9780679755272
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
  • Loose Woman By Sandra Cisneros A candid, sexy and wonderfully mood strewn collection of poetry that celebrates the female aspects of love, from the reflective to the overtly erotic Poignant, sexy lyrical, passionate cool and delicate hot as a chili pepper Boston Globe.
    Loose Woman By Sandra Cisneros

    • Loose Woman Best Read || [Sandra Cisneros]
      451 Sandra Cisneros

    One thought on “Loose Woman

    1. Misti Rainwater-Lites on said:

      Fuck yeahkes me wish I spoke fluent Spanish Cisneros alternates between English and Spanish in her poems She writes from the ovaries If I ever meet Sandra I will buy her a beer and light her cigar.

    2. beauregard on said:

      You Bring Out The Mexican In Meby Sandra CisnerosYou bring out the Mexican in me.The hunkered thick dark spiral.The core of a heart howl.The bitter bile.The tequila l grimas on Saturday allthrough next weekend Sunday.You are the one I d let go the other loves for,surrender my one woman house.Allow you red wine in bed,even with my vintage lace linens.Maybe Maybe.For you.You bring out the Dolores del R o in me.The Mexican spitfire in me.The raw navajas, glint and passion in me.The raise Cain and d [...]

    3. Roxanne (The Novel Sanctuary) on said:

      Strong, sensual, erotic, funny, poignant, beautiful.

    4. Leslie on said:

      You re in love with my mind But sometimes, sweetheart, a woman needs a man who loves her ass.

    5. Rachel León on said:

      This poetry collection is incredible Sandra Cisneros is a phenomenal writer and plays with language here in really interesting ways I will be returning to this book again and again.

    6. Lisa on said:

      Like a tango, salsa, musky summer night, Mexican food, women with dark shiny hair, and men with dark eyes This poetry has it s own scent and taste When everything you ve been reading seems bland, this revives the senses.

    7. Paloma on said:

      This was simply magical.I m loving the Chicana poetryI want and need

    8. Anita on said:

      Hey man idk poems really but Sandra came up w some Sick pet names that u can call your lover or best friend Paper parasol of pleasuresFleshy undertongue of sorrowsSweet potato plant of my addictionsI ll answer to sweet potato plant or undertongue for short though ty for asking

    9. Paul on said:

      As much as I would like to give an enthusiastic review, I cannot It is very much a fledgling attempt, linguistically, stylistically, subject matter wise Growing up in San Antonio from the age of three, I thoroughly appreciate the references depictions of a place I am beyond fond of Perhaps I am a victim of time Perhaps she is Perhaps at the point of publication, this style was a very unique in its presentation Perhaps it was not clich Perhaps it did not seem as a caricature of the Hispanic exper [...]

    10. Molly on said:

      Finding this book was a unique, memorable experience to say the least When a woman you respect and admire reads a poem aloud as evocative and feminine as Down There and you can feel the kinship it is to be among the race of women, you have to buy the book from whence the poem came Such began my experience with Sandra Cisneros Having missed the traditional House on Mango Street assignment, this dark, erotic, distinctly female collection of poems was my introduction to this author Thus far, her wo [...]

    11. Chrissy on said:

      There are hearts in my eyes right now I love how casually self deprecating Sandra Cisneros is A Few Items To Consider There is much to learn.Grace of the neck to memorize.Heliotrope of sleep.Hieroglyph of bones to decipherLove, if at all, comes later.For now, the hands take to their dialogue.Gullible as foreigners.A greedy chattering, endlessly on nothingNothing at all You Like to Give and Watch Me My Pleasure You could descend like raindestroy like fireif you chose to.If you chose to.I could ri [...]

    12. Donna on said:

      The poems in Loose Woman are bawdy, audacious, and graphic After a while, there s a sameness to them as one lost weekend, one hangover, one angry phone call in the middle of the night must be very like another Cisneros is a skillful poet and a courageous writer Poetry, however, is an art, and so much of art depends on the beholder.While the themes of these poems seem to me to be obsessively focused on self, the word choice is often terrific, as in this stanza from Night Madness Poem In dreams th [...]

    13. Jean on said:

      I love Cisneros short stores and I immensely enjoyed The House on Mango Street but her poetry did not grab me The same rawness and honesty of womanhood that I loved in the above mentioned, I disliked in her poetry.

    14. Charlie on said:

      Refreshingly original, very provocative to the mind, heart, and sexual as well Absolutely loved the seamlessly mixed in Spanish it felt so natural I hardly noticed when she switched back and forth The poems are stunning and sometimes shocking in how open they are The diction is brilliant and I was really into the sonics and how some words sound so well together and how the poems carry themselves through sound at time, through imagery other times, or emotions Just love it.

    15. Sarah Shaw on said:

      Sandra Cisneros is badass Written in English but sprinkled with Spanish, her poetry is passionate and raw She doesn t hold back describing period stains on lacy panties, replacing lovers with books, smoking cigars and telling an old lover that if he came back she d, leap and backflip like a Taiwanese diva In the poem, Loose Woman, she writes They say I m a macha, hell on wheels,viva la vulva, fire and brimstone,man hating, devastating,boogey woman lesbian,Not necessarily,but I like the complimen [...]

    16. Vanessa on said:

      Passionate, achingly worded, glorious poetry by Cisneros I read this book over a decade ago and still, this book of poems, speaks to me No need to know Spanish, to appreciate the depth of emotions poured into every page.An excerpt from one of her poems You bring out the Mexican in me.The hunkered thick dark spiral.The core of a heart howl.The bitter bile.The tequila lagr mas on Saturday allthrough next weekend Sunday.You are the one I d let go the other loves for,surrender my one woman house.All [...]

    17. Laura on said:

      They say I m a beast.And feast on it When all alongI thought that s what a woman was.They say I m a bitch.Or witch I ve claimedthe same and never winced.They say I m a macha, hell on wheels,viva la vulva, fire and brimstone,man hating, devastating,boogey woman lesbian.Not necessarily,but I like the compliment.

    18. Katie on said:

      Shame on me, for being so generous with five star ratings lately, but I really fucking loved this.I don t know if it was the perfect combination of reading this and listening to Tegan and Sara or if I am just in a mood complimented by poetry, but this book was awesome.

    19. Christine on said:

      This book found me in my 20s, inspired my songwriting and still after many years and many moves and countries later sits on my bookshelf I didn t keep many books moving abroad shipping books requires a lot of money , but this is one of very few I hauled everywhere.

    20. Mari on said:

      Cisneros is frank, wicked, tender, soulful and at times perfectly hilarious Highly recommended reading.

    21. Elizabeth on said:

      One of those I will read many times in my life Joy Harjo said best, these poems are firecrackers and tequila.

    22. Laura on said:

      This book of poems would have done me plenty good in my early twenties, but I still can appreciate it now Gracias, Sandra.

    23. Mireya Gonzalez on said:

      Loose Woman has easily become my favorite book of all time Sandra Cisneros utilizes every single word in her collage style writing to viscerally and erotically express the realities of womanhood, sexual empowerment, and multiculturalism Cisneros literary voice is both heartbreaking and empowering This book plays with ideas of love, lust, and heartbreak, while submerging readers in a tactile and multi faceted narrative that addresses an array of socially relevant themes, from the tragedy of menta [...]

    24. Monica Alvarez on said:

      I m new to Sandra Cisneros Not new NEW because I know the famous quotes and that she wrote The House on Mango Street I can t believe I ve never read it and still don t know if I want to read it this is the first time I fully read Sandra Cisneros I like it I like her style her genre her play with language culture and traditions I admit that I don t always understand the poem or the poetry but this goes for all poets I like that I can read something written with so much talent and beauty and that [...]

    25. Vanessa on said:

      Brilliant I hate comparing but, I must say, Sandra Cisneros is la chingona de poesia Chicana this poetry is on another level My utmost respect to her and this beautiful collection of poetry.

    26. Saily on said:

      I guess I was looking for of those beautiful vignettes from The House on Mango Street, and although I didn t exactly get that, I still enjoyed Cisnero s collection of poems in Loose Woman.Something I did enjoy about this poetry collection is how unapologetic Sandra Cisneros is about being a woman who doesn t fit in the mold her Mexican culture heritage has built for her She is not the stay at home mother and wife and doesn t even try to be Instead she s a woman who likes to write, have a drink, [...]

    27. Ofa Fotu on said:

      I m so torn with this I let one of my 10th graders read it before me and so while I was reading it, I kept on cringing on what she must have thought with all the sex If it hadn t been for that, perhaps I would have had a better first experience.Some of the poems were absolutely genius Pure injection of the the experience of that half space It was so human and beautiful Often playful, this book of poetry explored sex and various relationships and.g culturally fluid and yet really defined as well [...]

    28. Jennifer Stoy on said:

      Totally a personal taste thing, and two or three of these poems really worked even through my meh.

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