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The Fall of Lucifer

The Fall of Lucifer By Wendy Alec The Fall of Lucifer Three ArchangelsThree BrothersOne turned renegadeA sweeping epic of origins and mysteries the fall of Lucifer tells a tale older than the universe itself Set in opulent palaces and frightening hell w

  • Title: The Fall of Lucifer
  • Author: Wendy Alec
  • ISBN: 9781591858140
  • Page: 285
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Fall of Lucifer By Wendy Alec Three ArchangelsThree BrothersOne turned renegadeA sweeping epic of origins and mysteries, the fall of Lucifer tells a tale older than the universe itself Set in opulent palaces and frightening hell worlds, this is a timeless saga of doubt, of demons and angelic warriors, of obsessive love and treason, and of an ancient evil that knows no bounds.Soon the universe itThree ArchangelsThree BrothersOne turned renegadeA sweeping epic of origins and mysteries, the fall of Lucifer tells a tale older than the universe itself Set in opulent palaces and frightening hell worlds, this is a timeless saga of doubt, of demons and angelic warriors, of obsessive love and treason, and of an ancient evil that knows no bounds.Soon the universe itself will be rocked by warA war between three angelic brothersA war fought for the greatest prize in the universeThat war for the race of men.
    The Fall of Lucifer By Wendy Alec

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    • [PDF] The Fall of Lucifer | by È Wendy Alec
      285 Wendy Alec

    One thought on “The Fall of Lucifer

    1. Ketty on said:

      This book was chosen for my book club, so I will try my best to finish, but so far it has been a true disappointment I don t like the author s style of writing too many translucents and sapphires She also spent a great deal of time describing what was happening instead of telling the story Painful.

    2. MichelleMarie on said:

      This book really opened my eyes to God s true love for lucifer I heard that when I was young but I didn t really think about it Even though this is fictitious I think it has the probability of a lot of truth to it It shows what before, during and after the creation of man looked like from heaven hells point of view Lucifer is brothers with Michael and Gabrielle and the book shows them in all their might and glory but when God creates manhood, something that doesn t have supernatural powers and s [...]

    3. Rebyj on said:

      The description of heaven sounds like a shallow Paris Hilton acid trip Diamonds and rubies and unicorns, OH MY The angels have servants, now who wants there to be servants in heaven And why do the angels have physcial needs in a spiritual world I mean, footman to care for the horses the angels ride come ON Lucifer is supposed to be this ancient being but comes off as a whiny teenager having a hissy fit For the light bearing angel he sure comes off as a dimwit Redundant prose, redundant descripti [...]

    4. Valetta on said:

      From this book I learned that Heaven is encrusted with diamonds And sapphires And gold And whatever other precious material comes to your mind There are so many diamonds and sapphires and precious stones that the author needs a third of the book to enlist them Over and over again Heaven is strangely human in its structure There are kings, princes, ambassadors, advisers, servants yes, also in Heaven there are servants and most of all generals and soldiers, all organized in dozens and dozens of ar [...]

    5. Michael on said:

      Oh dear With such an interesting premise I believed that the book would be a gripping read with an intense story line, after all the fall of Lucifer and his subsequent crowning as Satan is an interesting story However this is not the case with this book The story was repetitive to an almost childlike degree The constant repetition of phrases such as a million million and ten thousand, ten thousands made the book almost impossible to read Further to this the parts which I believed would create te [...]

    6. Sam on said:

      Oh my god did this book divide my opinion I wasn t entirely convinced by it given that it is a religious fantasy and they can be a bit preachy, thankfully that doesn t seem to be a problem so far But, instead it was the descriptions of heaven, the angels, eden etc that rather tried my patience as they were so sickly sweet that they were annoying They kind of gave the sense that they were trying to say look how lovely and shiney everything is, why would anyone ever want to leave , so when Lucifer [...]

    7. Debs on said:

      This is the worst book I have ever read This is worse than most fic I have read It is unbelievably awful And she plans on writing six Lucifer has a laser mouth And there s science in heaven Seriously, read it for the LOLs and the homoeroticism between Gabriel The REVELATOR and Lucifer Hilarity.

    8. Sarah Jamison on said:

      I m giving this two stars, but only because I feel loyal to it and want it to be better than it is That and my mom really wanted me to like it and I wanted to like it because she did, so it s really one star for the book and one star for my mom Awarded one Mom Star.Alec s The Fall of Lucifer attempts to dramatize just that the fall of Lucifer She begins with an introduction of the three highest archangels Lucifer, Michael, and Gabriel She tries to show them as brothers who are affectionate and c [...]

    9. Lesa on said:

      It s been about 3 yrs now since I read this book I read all 288pgs of it in 3 daysllowed by book 2 of the series over the next 4 days ABSOLUTELY AMAZING BREATHTAKING I found it nearly impossible to put downI would get mad when I was just so sleepy That I simply could no longer hold my eyes open The extreme detail with which the author describes various placeske Eden, u feel like u r actually standing there in that Perfect Garden of Paradise created by the Creator of all, God Jehovah Words fail m [...]

    10. R.M. Lutz on said:

      The Fall of Lucifer is an intriguing fictional account of Lucifer s fall from heaven and the early history of mankind, filled with vibrant descriptions of heaven and the angels Recommended to fans of Christian fiction who don t mind a bit of a sci fi flavor Like Christian speculative fiction Check out the bookhoundchristianspecfic for full length reviews, author interviews, and .

    11. Kat Robinson on said:

      Absolute rubbish I mean it If you are not ridiculously blinded by your religion s views and have no brain you might be able to enjoy this book Maybe, if you re utterly, and completely, idiotically dimwitted and deficit.And that s an insult to dimwitted people.I picked up this book because I am an obsessive supernatural fan and hey look Stories about archangels Season nine is a long way away, may find myself some other way to get my daily dose of angel.My first impression of the novel is that the [...]

    12. LeAnne on said:

      Wendy Alec took on a formidable task in writing this book It reads like epic fantasy Lucifer, Michael and Gabriel could easily be Welsh princes or Elvish lords But they are archangels Alec takes seriously the biblical narrative so she isnt free to write what really happened as Mary Stewart, Rosemary Sutcliff and others have done with the Arthurian saga and tales of early Britain Alecs vivid characters certainly give the reader a lot to think about Lucifers motivation is jealousy over the creatio [...]

    13. Stefanie on said:

      No book on the Fall could have such poor pacing, lack of plot, and underdeveloped characters unless it was a religious text and so I have to ruefully accept that I was suckered into reading propaganda Unfortunately, this book suffered from the same flaw as Paradise Lost instead of making Lucifer out to be a monster, it made him the most if not the only interesting character, and sympathetic to boot.God basically breaks up with Lucifer for a new love, mankind And when Lucifer is like Wasn t I goo [...]

    14. The Book Man on said:

      Yeah, it s me rating this bookI know that it is not the genre I usually read but I thought maybe it would be fun to expand my reading into genres than romance or guide books I am that kind of person that if I try something and like it I would never change it with anything else this limits me to try new things So, I decided to explore different new genres lastly Of course, it is hard but I am reading 1 book new genre from 5 of my favorites genres This month I decided to read a fiction fantasy no [...]

    15. Sarah Parker mcilhenny on said:

      I grew up in a radical Christian environment, filled with the Holy Spirit, but still there was a separation in my mind between everyday living and spiritual experiences This book opened up my perspective of the dynamics of the heavenly realm and brought it to my heart I ve heard it called Faction fictitious accounts based around fact I know the Word and have heard of many, many miraculous accounts that line up with much of the descriptiveness in this novel It brought the spiritual realm out of s [...]

    16. Deirdre on said:

      This book was recommended by a dear friend, but I was disappointed by it I m no expert but it seemed to me that the quality of the writing wasn t great I don t have much patience for descriptive passages, and I felt there were far too many of those in this book.But it has perplexed me a little, and I think bits of it will remain in my memory After all, the subject matter is of vital importance One of my main issues with the book was that I found myself saying it he couldn t be that terrible but [...]

    17. Kathyy on said:

      It took me two attempts to read this book On the first attempt I don t think I read past the first 30 pages On the second attempt it took a lot longer to read through than it should have taken but I finally finished it The story is an interesting one but to me it reads like a cheap romance novel which made it difficult to get though Despite that I may attempt to read the other books in the series because the topic and approach capture my interest Unfortunately the writing style makes it difficul [...]

    18. Príncipe Pirata on said:

      Lo que m s me gusta de este libro es la ambientaci n celestial, sus referencias al anciano de los d as, a todo lo angelical, lo malo que el veo es lo lento y a veces tedioso y repetitivo que se muestra la narraci n, el final no me llama para continuar con la saga, pienso que este es el mejor libro de la saga ya que la continuaci n llama a que no estar centrado en el reino de los cielos y el infierno.

    19. Joel Richardson on said:

      Amazing book Absolutely fantastic The author takes a great many liberties with the angelic world through the advent of Christ but necessary liberties There are so many things we don t know and Ms Alec s vision of Lucifer s fall is compelling I loved this book and am diving into Book II right now

    20. Salvador Gomez on said:

      Este libro es el inicio de mi saga favorita Cr nicas de hermanos La verdad es el menos bueno, lo cual est bien porque significa que la saga va en aumento Es la historia Cristiana que ya conocemos, pero desde otro ngulo y un tanto m s entretenida.

    21. Lisa Miller on said:

      I love this series My Mom told me about this set of books These books are well written They give you a lot to think about.

    22. Terry Darnell on said:

      Hard to put down once started,I v read them all and the only criticism I have is that the next installment is taking so long Why

    23. Nicki on said:

      This is another one of those books that was hyped up and was very disappointing I found it really boring and badly written I ve since given it away.

    24. Elise on said:

      This was so poorly written, I couldn t finish it I understand the second book is meant to be much better, so I should probably finish this one off and try the second one sometime.

    25. Dhawal Joshi on said:

      I rated it 3 stars just because I felt the story was weak here, the plot wasn t either engaging much I was too busy trying to get along with the over the way language Though It could be my personal part but I felt it was a bit over do on the writing rather than going with the story.Book could ve been fun to read if it had been engaging in this feels like a curriculum designed textbook which has loads of words you need to google before reading ahead A bit over do on my part I d Like to read fo [...]

    26. Dayna on said:

      Not read yet I got given this book after I did 5 months volunteering for a Christian radio station The premise intrigues me so we shall seeStarted book 1st July CHAPTER BY CHAPTER THOUGHTS REVIEW Prologue The prologue is kind of confusing, there was little to no introduction to the characters which made reading the prologue a little tough not invested in the book yet, but the prologue is only a few pages long Aftermath 2028 Getting interesting, Lucifer is a complex seeming character and I m uns [...]

    27. Marlhan on said:

      This is my first time of reading a novel book, first i thought that reading a book is so boring, But when you buy a book that you are interested it will not become boring at all , so i buy The fall of Lucifer this book contains a lot of information about Lucifer of how he became on that look, and also this book is very intense i dont know why but when i read this i found out all the secrets and truth about lucifer and heaven.on this novel it says that in heaven there are a lot of diamond and sap [...]

    28. Chanelle Courtney on said:

      This book left me with a split opinion I enjoyed the insight into Gods love for Satan and how Satan loved God soo much he didn t want Him to create mankind as he believed we didn t deserve Him However, the authors description of heaven seems like something a child would say when asked what they think heaven looks like I m certain heaven is much than diamonds and glitter I guess I wanted the book to be better than it is based on the fact I am a Christian however, I got bored and slightly confuse [...]

    29. Jelmer on said:

      2.5 starsI m a bit conflicted about this book The story itself is not bad, but the way some things are described makes me feel a bit meh Like it undermines the power of God I know the book is fiction but since it is intertwined with the Bible it makes it a special kind of fictionThe quality of the writing fluctuates a lot From really bad at the beginning to ok and some good parts.

    30. Heidi Matheson on said:

      It s a good book Bearing in mind that it is fiction and not entirely Biblical truth, it is a good read I did find some of the descriptive writing a bit too flowery, but that is a very personal preference It was thought provoking and interesting Definitely worth the time to read.

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