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Dauntless By Anne Malcom Dauntless This isn t a fairy tale I ll save you the trouble by telling you that now This is the tale of a girl who spent her life bouncing around foster homes who had her innocence stolen in the darkness befor

  • Title: Dauntless
  • Author: Anne Malcom
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 421
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Dauntless By Anne Malcom This isn t a fairy tale I ll save you the trouble by telling you that now This is the tale of a girl who spent her life bouncing around foster homes, who had her innocence stolen in the darkness before she knew it was something that could be lost Her demons followed her everywhere, after that night They chased her to the medical school she dropped out of, to the stripThis isn t a fairy tale I ll save you the trouble by telling you that now This is the tale of a girl who spent her life bouncing around foster homes, who had her innocence stolen in the darkness before she knew it was something that could be lost Her demons followed her everywhere, after that night They chased her to the medical school she dropped out of, to the strip club she sold herself in, and finally caught her in a river of sin where they tried to drown her My name is Bex and this is my story I m paddling, barely keeping my head above water And even though I m submerged, I ll never be clean The layer of dirt that has clung to me since birth is a tattoo I ll wear for life He can t see it, though Even when I m torn and tattered, and left in pieces, he wades into the filth to try to put those pieces back together He doesn t seem to understand there s nothing left to repair To love Just sullied fragments of a damned soul He s willing to damn himself in order to exact revenge on those who sent me to the pit Problem is, my name is at the top of that list, since I not only damned my own soul, but his too Contains dark subject matter and potential triggers Can be read as a standalone
    Dauntless By Anne Malcom

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    One thought on “Dauntless

    1. Anne Malcom on said:

      It s finally time for Lucky s story I m warning you now, things get a little dark and twisted before he gets his HEA.This is one joker who hides some serious demons behind his easy smile.October 27th and you ll meet them up close.Annexxxx

    2. B.E.Love on said:

      This book isn t your typical romance, it filled with heartbreak and such sadness it breaks your heart but with the heartbreak and the sadness it s filled with a beautiful tale, strength and a love that will make you believe in that one great love.Bex didn t have a great life she didn t grow up in a loving family and go to dances in high school Bex grew up on foster care and was treated horribly Then she met Lilly and her mom and she finally found a family that loved her So when Lilly s mom died [...]

    3. SamJ ★Needs a HEA★ on said:

      Check out this and my other reviews at My Blog, Facebook, Google , Twitter and Pinterest Copy received from author in exchange for an honest review Book Basics Genre Cont Romance Series 5th in the seriesLove triangle view spoiler No hide spoiler Cheating view spoiler No hide spoiler HEA view spoiler Yes hide spoiler Would I read by this author or in this series YesRating 5 stars Review I have to be honest, whilst I was so looking forward to Lucky s story, when I got this, I sort of put it off, [...]

    4. Tongan Book Lover (Ofa Tafa) on said:

      Dauntless is my favourite SOT novel right behind Bull s story And that s because we get to see a side of Lucky we ve never ever seen before Throughout the whole series, Lucky has had this jovial nature about him, always making a crack out of a serious situation and always diffusing the tension At times, its unwanted and completely the wrong time for his jokes, but who knew Lucky had a darker side to him then all the Sons combined Throughout the series, it hints at a darkness deep within Lucky, b [...]

    5. Michelle [Helen Geek] on said:

      10 30 2016 1.5 StarsI ve tried several by this author and I just don t like her style I m sure it s me I like well developed characters and absolutely hate the insta relationship thing This one really sounded good I think, if you don t have an issue with whole insta thing, then you d probably like it It really didn t work for me in a big way.Happy Reading

    6. Sivutha on said:

      5 Beautiful Sad Stars Warning drug use, addiction and rape.Becky s life is full of sadness She didn t grow up in a loving family, she grew up in a foster care and I really hate that horrible things happened to her But then she met Lilly and she finally found a family she wanted But there can t be happiness and sunshine all the time Lilly s mom passed away and that is when Becky turns to drugs Lilly found happiness with Asher, and Asher has a best friend Lucky who claimed Becky as his Becky is sp [...]

    7. Megan Fall on said:

      I don t know what to say about this book It was sooo good, but so dark Lucky has always been the joker in this series, but with everything that happens in the book he looses that I absolutely love his undying dedication to Bex The things he says to her.swoon A great read, but a hard one.

    8. Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews on said:

      DiDi s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book ReviewsWarning this book could contain triggers for some, it contains rape, memories of child sexual abuse, emotional abuse, addiction and human trafficking.This is probably one of the hardest reviews I ve ever written, because I truly enjoyed Dauntless, but there were moments I almost felt like skimming because they were so painful and heartbreaking I ve been waiting for Lucky s story since he spoke his first words in book one of the Sons of Templar [...]

    9. Yvonne Williamson on said:

      Sometimes the most courageous act a human can do is let someone love them Where to start with this review this book brought all kinds of emotions out of me including turning me into a blubbering mess My heart broke into a thousand pieces for Becky and her journey in this book I really wanted her to get her happy ending and she sorta did in the end I ain t into spoilers in reviews so I won t go into detail about the book but believe me this book will bring you to your fucking knees you won t put [...]

    10. Brandy Roberts on said:

      I thought Out of the ashes was my favorite Anne Malcom book but this one tops the list of her amazing stories From the start of the series I could not wait to read Luckys book and the lucky lady that would capture his heart , he s so funny the things he would say had me laughing and also wanting to watch tv with him he would be a fun tv buddy , and when we learn about his past my heart broke for him , I also loved how patient he was with bex and how much he cared about her Now onto Bex she was s [...]

    11. MistiLong on said:

      NO WORDSThis particular book gutted me stem to sternum I had to take breaks and go to a happy place and then come back But I will say Lucky and Bex are the bomb This book explodes from page to page Fantastic job

    12. Shez on said:

      I did like their story, I ve liked Lucky throughout the other booksd I m glad Lucky and Bex finally figure it all out and get their HEA.BUTis book just seemed to drag on for me was too repetitive.her constantly pushing him away thinking nothing of herself and her self depriving inner voice was 27 chapters of it over and overhim trying to tell her he wanted here was his.n t matter how tainted you think you are, what I see of you is the thing I want for the rest of my life kind of deal.but it didn [...]

    13. Whitney (Shooting Stars Reviews) on said:

      Reviewed by Whitney Shooting Stars ReviewsThis story begins where the previous book ended, but then it switches to the past pretty quickly It starts out how Lucky, and Bex met, and then how they got together, yet weren t together It was really drawn out, and I honestly, hated Bex during this time I thought she was a complete biotch, and it annoyed the crap out of me Other than that the story got a lot better around halfway through it, and I felt sorry for Bex And I hated how she was basically th [...]

    14. Paula D on said:

      This is Anne Malcom 5 of her MC series we finally get Lucky s story Wow yes this is Anne s darkest, twisted, filthy messed up beautiful story yet Becky has lived in hell her whole life but she s a fighter and so strong you swear she is a machine until Lucky Lucky can see the real Becky hiding and no one ever has seen the real her Lucky isn t all smiling in this book we finally get to see the darkness in him too This book really opens your eyes Do you truly know someone or they hiding themselves [...]

    15. Alicia Woods on said:

      Holy hell what a ride OMG I just KNEW that Becky and Luckys story would be EPIC Lucky, the jokester out law, and Becky, the broken exotic dancer completed each other This was not a fairytale This was real, raw and gritty This was life Two people who have lived and still live a horrific life come together and fight to LIVE The things they go through is horrendous and heart breaking Only the strong could survive and not just survive but actually pull through the nightmares and choose to live for t [...]

    16. Michelle Claypot on said:

      Just finished Dauntless and WOW Just WOW Anne Malcom you have outdone yourself with this one Such a heartbreaking book So real, funny, sad, smoking hot, sweet, raw, horrifying and most of all beautiful Such a truly beautifully real, flawed love story Lucky and Bex were never going to have a fairytale romance thank god Their love story is so much than that It is everything This book has jumped into my top 10 this year and will be a definite reread Cannot recommend this book enough

    17. Smashlybookalicousreviewingchicks on said:

      Lucky holy crap I knew you had demons behind that smile and we have waited for your story, but you make our heartbeat in multiple ways and just the things that you say have us melting with your passion towards Becky and your past demon you hide so well have our heart pumping for revenge Oh, we know this story was going to be dark, twisted, but holy firecrackers these stories keep getting darker and page turning each story That is one thing about this author, she hooks you from page one, keeps y [...]

    18. Sarah Greenwood on said:

      Goes down as another off my Bookworm Bingo Challenge A book with a one word title How far down the rabbit hole do you have to fall before you can t get back out Bex is about to test that out and it s going to be a gut wrenching thing to go through so hold on for a different kind of fairytale It might say standalone but to get the feel for all the characters mentioned you should really start from the beginning Plus it s a great series so why not.So with Beyond the Horizon we know what Bex has bee [...]

    19. Vickie on said:

      This is the book I ve been waiting for since Making The Cut There s something about Lucky that called to me He comes across as the happy, smiley joker of the MC but you know there s so much to him than that and that s why I ve been desperate for his story And then there s Bex Knowing already that she s a wonderfully complex character made me all the excited to see just how explosive her and Lucky are going to be together I ve actually put off starting this book for a few days because I ve buil [...]

    20. JudyB on said:

      If you re a fan of The Sons of Templar series you need to know this book is not your fluffy, warm and cozy romance with a cute heroine who happily falls for the possessive, alpha biker male It s very dark, full of angst and gut wrenching It s also a long, detailed book that delves deep into the heroine s dark mind We met Bex Becky back in Beyond the Horizon, Lily and Archer s story She was and continues to be devoted to Lily and is the best and the worst BFF a woman could have We saw in that boo [...]

    21. Shannon Godwin on said:

      Ok I ve read all of this series I was really looking forward to Lucky s story I was kind of disappointed, The first few chapters I felt were just repeats of the exact pages from the last book I almost put it down but I gave it a chance bc I love this author s writing.I love how fearless Becky is how she never gives up In my opinion she had too many flaws Adding the heroine to her story was really too much The chick already was messed up the way the drugs played a part, it just didn t fit the par [...]

    22. Andrea Jacobsen on said:

      Lucky has been with us since the beginning of the Sons of Templar series He is the happy, goof ball Always a joke and a smile, nothing the Becky Bex thinks she deserves in her life She is darkness and dirty and doesn t believe that will ever be different.Lucky s smiles and jokes, hide a deep hurt that he doesn t share with people but he is willing to share with Becky because he has decided that she is his and he takes care of what belongs to him Now don t open this book thinking you are going to [...]

    23. Simply Chaotic on said:

      3.5 At times I liked Bex but at others I didn t She was abused as a child by a Foster parent and it shaped her life in chaos She then became a herione addict which with her attitude I would think she would have been stornger than that Lucky wanted to claim her but she fought it Her decisons put her in danger which lead to her being kidnapped and almost killed because of the decision to mess with someone who had ties in drugs and prostitution She had to have known who he was It s one thing puttin [...]

    24. Christie Marsh on said:

      Lucky s story was deep, sad, and tore me up I haven t ugly cried at a story for a long time Lucky was sexy as hell, but used his humor to mask his demons Finally finding the one woman that would bring him to his knees broke my emotions Bex was broken beyond anyone s knowledge She was good at masking her feelings Until she met Lucky she never knew what would hit her and he was a force to be reckoned with I wanted to just hug him so hard and just show him all the love He could be your best friend [...]

    25. Jo on said:

      If you ve been reading this series, you will no doubt have been waiting for Lucky s story.And what a story it is.Completely different in tone from any of the others, this is, as the blurb indicates, a much darker read And given our interactions with Lucky in previous books, it was a stark juxtapositon.But I confess, despite the extra edge to this addition to the series, I enjoyed it immensely I can t tell you that it is an easy read with your regulation happy every after ending with everything m [...]

    26. Lynne Garlick on said:

      I think this book broke me I think this book destroyed me I knew going in that it wouldn t be an easy read, the synopsis said it wasn t going to be a fairy tale and it certainly wasn t This is book 5 in the Sons of Templars MC series and probably the darkest to date You all remember Lucky and Bex Lily s best is their story and it is definitely not all hearts and flowers This book will break your heart in to tiny shards This couple are kindred spirits in a way, both living their own ver [...]

    27. Dayreader Reviews on said:

      Ok, I honestly have no clue how to start this review This is a first for me I have read all the books in this series, and this one was seriously dark Like stomach clenching dark But, it was also by far the best in this series.Becky and Lucky s story started in the previous book You didnt get much information on tbem, just some seriously steamy looks and some major tension So, I was a little uneasy starting this book after reading the previous book It started off with a bang and ended with a bang [...]

    28. Manda on said:

      Damn This is a powerful book It s not all sunshine a roses in the life of Bex Bex has been through some serious stuff her life and it continues to get worse The only light in her darkness is a tough badass biker named Lucky Bex doesn t know how to deal with the light she is comfortable being swallowed and consumed by her demons This book is not for the faint of heart but it is worth the read It encompasses strength and determination and the need to be your own hero Sometimes not even love can co [...]

    29. Jane Wood on said:

      Extremely well written Dark and heartbreaking Reading what Bex has gone through in this book Made me stop a few times to think ,as it s not just fantasy it actually does happen in the real world what Bex goes through and they all don t get the kind of ending like Bex and Lucky get Lots of strength from both Lucky trying to keep his distance so Bex can try sort out how she feels and who she is after everything that s happened to her they do find there own kind of love and happiness in the darknes [...]

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