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What Matters in Mayhew (The Beanie Bradsher Series)

What Matters in Mayhew (The Beanie Bradsher Series) By Cassie Dandridge Selleck What Matters in Mayhew The Beanie Bradsher Series None

  • Title: What Matters in Mayhew (The Beanie Bradsher Series)
  • Author: Cassie Dandridge Selleck
  • ISBN: 9780998198309
  • Page: 274
  • Format: Paperback
  • What Matters in Mayhew (The Beanie Bradsher Series) By Cassie Dandridge Selleck None
    What Matters in Mayhew (The Beanie Bradsher Series) By Cassie Dandridge Selleck

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      274 Cassie Dandridge Selleck

    One thought on “What Matters in Mayhew (The Beanie Bradsher Series)

    1. Cassie Selleck on said:

      Okay it totally ridiculous to rate your own book and review it On the dates, do I note the date I started writing it and the date I finished Is it EVER really finished These questions hurt my head This was a labor of love and great fun to write I have fallen in love with the characters Beanie Bradsher with her crinoline underskirts and cowboy hats, Vesuvius Jones the hometown hero who just wants to live in peace, and the regulars at the Mayhew Cafe round table a Greek chorus of characters who sp [...]

    2. Lesley Kagen on said:

      Read it, LOVED it, and can t wait to find out what happens in Mayhew next Endearing, charming, funny, and romantic, this story has it all.

    3. Heather on said:

      The problem with y all is, you spend too much time at this table From where you sit, all you can see is each other and the whole damn world looks ugly This is a book you ll want to read again and again It is whimsical, but also thought provoking The characters are quirky and have firm values This will take you on a wonderful and unexpected journey, and really challenge your core beliefs You d do yourself a favor by reading this.

    4. Kim Hampton on said:

      I fell in love with this book from page one Mrs Selleck writes character driven fiction, and it shows in the descriptions of the people and their situations You feel like they are real and you could just drop by their house for coffee and a chat You find yourself laughing and crying along with them, and rooting for them in their various pursuits I am anxiously awaiting the next book in the Beanie Bradsher series

    5. Wil A. Emerson on said:

      What Matters Selleck hits the nail on the head when it comes to what matters You can t help but love even her flawed characters In a perfect world, there would be no discrimination or conflict But what matters is the people who love each other on spite of all that A lovely account of real people.

    6. Susy Skidmore on said:

      A very cute book I m especially interested in this series because they are set in north Florida and I am a native North Floridian.

    7. Marilyn Pettigrove on said:

      I did like this book but was disturbed by the redneckness of the characters It does have a Fanny Flagg kind of feel The characters live in a backwoods town and don t have any desire for it to be any different yet they have a loving quality about each other They don t seem to know when they are offending each other Some have not evolved past liking things and people different than themselves and their treatment of them just the way they are.This is the beginning of a series It will be interesting [...]

    8. Staci on said:

      Ultimately, my expectation for her writing was high and this simply fell much too short I enjoyed the authors 1st book The Pecan Man This story I felt was forced and completely unrealistic Characters were introduced without adding to the story I will not be reading the sequel.

    9. Jo Ann on said:

      3.5 hereI really did enjoy this book by the author of The Pecan Mand perhaps because I simply loved The Pecan Man, this one didn t quite measure up Still, the characters are fun and the premise interesting.

    10. Maggie Bryan on said:

      Lovely book in the tradition of Fannie Flagg The characters were all fully realized and the reader really cared about them.

    11. Bobbie Barker Ulmer on said:

      This was a great book A cast full of characters, some sweet, some funny and some not so nice A sad, happy and very funny story Can t wait for the follow up book.

    12. Andrea Jill Greenleigh on said:

      I love all of the characters and I can t wait to read the next book

    13. Stan Foltz on said:

      Great funReally enjoyed this book Easy to read loved the characters Can t wait for book two Come on September Anxious

    14. LindaFitzgerald on said:

      CharmingAbsolutely a must read if you have already become a fan and have read The Pecan Man Beautiful dialogue and characters you get to know Highly recommended for a satisfying read

    15. Roberta on said:

      Nothing matters in Mayhew I finished the book a week ago I wasn t going to leave a review but then I thought of others that could be reading a good book if they hadn t selected this one If you enjoy reading about a small town filled with small minded hillbillies, unambiguous folks, uneducated, foolish, gossipy, and barely scraping buy financially then this book is for you However I have better things to to with my time I have no idea how this book got good review s don t trust other reviews this [...]

    16. Lisa DeWaard on said:

      I liked this book a lot I thought it was a great story about a small town in the south I enjoyed Mayhew I thought the characters were funny and quirky and yes, some of their ideas are a little backwards, but it adds to their charm I adored Beanie Bradsher s character and loved that she won the lottery and all the gossip that goes on in a small town I d definitely like to see what else is in store for the town It was a fun book and an easy read Went very quickly I look forward to reading about t [...]

    17. clm on said:

      A sweet and charming bookIn the genre of Fannie Flagg, this sweet book will have you in love with the characters and waiting for the sequel Better yet, let it inspire you to read the author s quite different, but deeper, wonderful book, The Pecan Man.

    18. Janie Watts on said:

      Believable small town charactersSelleck introduces us to a small southern town where everyone is trying to get along despite gossip, racial stereotypes, and everyday misunderstandings Looking forward to hearing from the many characters, especially Kenya.

    19. Chris Penna on said:

      Entertaining read Loved the characters Easy book to finish in a week end

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