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Patriot Games

Patriot Games By Tom Clancy Patriot Games Tom Clancy s Patriot Games is filled with the exceptional realism and authenticity that distinguished the author s two previous bestsellers Hunt for Red October and Red Storm Rising Patriot Games put

  • Title: Patriot Games
  • Author: Tom Clancy
  • ISBN: 9780425134351
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Paperback
  • Patriot Games By Tom Clancy Tom Clancy s Patriot Games is filled with the exceptional realism and authenticity that distinguished the author s two previous bestsellers, Hunt for Red October and Red Storm Rising Patriot Games puts us on the cutting edge of another type of war the international battle of terrorism It is fall Years before the defection of a Soviet submarine will send him hurtlingTom Clancy s Patriot Games is filled with the exceptional realism and authenticity that distinguished the author s two previous bestsellers, Hunt for Red October and Red Storm Rising Patriot Games puts us on the cutting edge of another type of war the international battle of terrorism.It is fall Years before the defection of a Soviet submarine will send him hurtling into confrontation with the Soviets, historian, ex Marine and CIA analyst Jack Ryan is vacationing in London with his wife and young daughter, when a terrorist attack takes place before his eyes Instinctively, he dives forward to break it up, and is shot It is not until he wakes up in the hospital that he leans whose lives he has saved the Prince and Princess of Wales and their new young son and which enemies he has made the Ulster Liberation Army, an ultra left wing splinter of the IRA.By his impulsive act, he has gained both the gratitude of a nation and then enmity of hits most dangerous men men who do not sit on their hate And in the weeks and months to come, it is Jack Ryan, and his family, who will become the targets of that hate.
    Patriot Games By Tom Clancy

    Patriot Games Jun , Despite the involvement of the IRA, Patriot Games makes no attempt to analyse the complexities of the Northern Ireland situation The film also lacks any detailed characterisation The moral divisions are straightforward Ryan, his wife Cathy and his Patriot Games film Patriot Games Rotten Tomatoes Aug , Patriot Games is a superb action film of The plot to Patriot Games is about a man named Jack Ryan portrayed by Harrison Ford who stops a Watch Patriot Games Prime Video Patriot Games , . h min X Ray R Jack Ryan is caught in the middle of a terrorist attack Ryan helps to thwart Holmes assailants and becomes a local hero. Patriot Games Patriot Games Odessa, TX Video Card Game Store Patriot Games in Odessa, TX sells everything you need If you love video games, card games, anime and hanging out with other gamers, Patriot Games is dedicated to you Our store in Odessa, TX has a variety of new and used merchandise that will help any gamer find a new level of fun We sell all kinds of gaming products, including Patriot Games Full Cast Crew Patriot Games cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and .

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      379 Tom Clancy

    One thought on “Patriot Games

    1. Ian on said:

      I ll do the same review for all Clancy s novels because they re all pretty much the same Very long, very detailed, and after a while, very repetitive If you stop after just a few of his books you d probably give them 4 or 5 stars, but beyond that they start to grate Especially where Jack Ryan is involved I mean, Clancy spends hundreds of pages getting his details just right, the settings perfect etc then he has Ryan dodging bullets than James Bond I finally threw my hands up and surrendered whe [...]

    2. Louis Scuderi on said:

      Somehow, people like this book Other people complain about the slow plot, or the level of detail, or the lack of action I was perfectly fine with all of this, and in fact, I quite liked the idea that injuries were taken seriously and meant that people were out of action for a long time The thing that makes this book truly bad is the lack of development of any of the characters, particularly Jack Ryan He is possibly the worst Mary Sue character I ve read in such a widely published book He is perf [...]

    3. Rob on said:

      Executive Summary After enjoying The Hunt for Red October, I had high hopes for this book, and found myself a bit disappointed.Audio book I ve listened to one or two books read by Scott Brick He s a decent reader, but nothing special He does a passable English and Irish accent here, but not in anyway to make the characters of similar accents distinguishable from one another He does a better job of that with his American voices, but still not great I d happily listen to another book read by him, [...]

    4. Thomas Strömquist on said:

      A prequel to The Hunt for Red October that came a few years before, this takes us back and makes the common mistake of presenting a younger version of a protagonist that really does not seem consistent with the one we met in a later story As if that wasn t enough, the real life prince of Wales figures and that whole storyline sinks the entire story To top it off, Clancy seems to have struggled with his obviously pre defined volume this time around very long parts of this book could easily have b [...]

    5. Stephen on said:

      3.5 to 4.0 stars Third Jack Ryan book published but first in terms of internal chronology as the events take place before those in The Hunt for Red October While I enjoyed some of the later Ryan novels especially those in which John Clark and his crew played a major part , this is still a quality thriller and certainly worth a read A pretty good Clancy novel is still much better than a lot of the junk that is out there.

    6. Tammy Isaacs on said:

      Although an old novel, but this is a classic novel about Jack Ryan, a former US marines who was on a work vacation to the UK A day after his arrival, he finds himself in a gun battle with 3 terrorists attacking the prince of Wales, his wife and few months old baby They survived the attack, thanks to Jack who sustains an injury but got the Knighthood for his bravery.After that comes trouble from Hey go read it yourself to find out what happened in the end.I really like the plot It s a classic lik [...]

    7. Jayna on said:

      Dude books I call them palette cleansers because sometimes I just get tired of reading about FEELINGS and EMOTIONS and THOUGHTS This book didn t have any of those other things It had intrigue, machismo, swearing, guns, and violence Pretty much pg 13 level, nothing too too much.But it also had bravery, mystery, and for reals the main guy likes his wife and kid And he doesn t cheat on her Two thumbs up.So, in all, a bit insight than the movie version, but pretty much the gist of it And now my pal [...]

    8. Bre on said:

      I still can t understand how, after 787 pages, Tom Clancy was unable to develop even the slightest hint of personality in any of the 30 characters in this novel Jack Ryan is one of the most boring, one dimensional characters I ve ever encountered I m sure Clancy did plenty of research on the military, procedures, guns, planes, ships, ranks, etc This would explain the pages and pages and pages of pointless blathering about types of automatic weapons, ammunition, tomcat planes, boats, Concorde fli [...]

    9. Todd Hickman on said:

      I have a theory that this is actually the first novel that Tom Clancy wrote, simply because it seems to me to be a wish fulfillment fantasy Wouldn t it be great if I saved the royal family of England and was knighted by the queen Great daydream and he turned it into a novel.Anyway, I liked it anyway Good page turner It is probably a 4.5 stars read, but I rounded up.

    10. Asghar Abbas on said:

      Irish bashing aside, a solid thriller Can t deny I had a good time with the sun, not in the sun Too much fun Not that you need to know any of that Details are all mine.

    11. Tal on said:

      CIA, 2015 , , , , , , , , , , , , IRA , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

    12. Emily on said:

      When I read an old bestseller like this, I always ask myself if I would have recognized its potential In this case no way, rejectorama I couldn t bring myself to read than a third of it which, by the way, amounted to 250 pages.What happened in those pages There s a great opener where Jack Ryan is almost hit by a bus and barely exhales before he is swept into a kidnapping attempt on the British royal family That contrast between the near disaster, his relief and reorientation, and then the real [...]

    13. David Lucero on said:

      The movie follows the book closely, but with far detail, which is expected in books I read this after watching The Hunt for Red October and reading that book, too.Jack Ryan is a CIA analyst who happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, and unexpectedly thwarts a kidnapping attempt of the British Royal family while on seminar in England He becomes a hero to the British people and an enemy of the IRA Irish Republican Army , who put out a death warrant on him.Ryan returns to America, but [...]

    14. JC on said:

      This book started and ended with a bang but lost me in the middle After the quick start with lots of action, the next 150 to 200 pages felt like filler pages A lot of them could have been taken out or condensed down and the book would have been better The last part of the book really picked up though and made for a good ending.If you are looking for a deep intellectualy book then Patriot Games probably isn t for you The book focuses on terrorism and is a complete work of fiction Ryan Jack isn t [...]

    15. L.M. Mountford on said:

      I heard that Tom Clancy hated the movie this book inspired Having read it, i can understand why Nobody likes it when someone takes your idea and makes it enjoyable This is another one of Tom Clancy s political statements disguised as a novel, with the IRA representing communism The Pacing is dull, the story unbelievable and at times hilarious I suppose though my biggest problem is with Clancy s notion that Ryan is somehow able or even capable of doing half of what he undergos, just because he s [...]

    16. William on said:

      I may be rating this a bit low because compared to the movie and screen play it was a bit dull.Recommend only to those who are going to read the jack Ryan Universe it explains how he got into the CIA.

    17. Armin Hennig on said:

      Ein M rchenhafter Agentenroman, Thriller w re zu viel des Guten Denn beim Bildungsroman seines sp teren Serienhelden und Mittelpunkt eines Spionageuniversums, schreibt Tom Clancy die Spannung zun chst ziemlich klein Auf eine m ige Ballerei von allenfalls drei Seiten, folgen 60 Seiten Krankenbesuche, an deren Ende der Rekonvaleszent immerhin den total zerknitterten Prince Charles wieder aufm belt Bei Clancys Kapiteln mit Jack Ryan als Liebling der k niglichen Familie f hlt man sich hundert Jahre [...]

    18. Louis Dohanich on said:

      Tom Clancy s Patriot Games4.5 stars Tom Clancy is known around the world for his fast paced action books Several of his books have been made into movies, and one has even been made into a video game series This is one of his earlier books, and I anticipated a book just like those who have made him famous with his writing style, such as Hunt for Red October, Red Storm Rising, and others I wasn t disappointed This book, Patriot Games, is a great book, as most of his others were The Theme of this b [...]

    19. Richard on said:

      5.5 10This was quite a dull read in all honesty I m pretty sure I m going to leave Tom Clancy alone for now or at least until I ve read all of Vince Flynn s books I know Mitch Rapp came afterwards but I prefer him by a country mile The plot overview seemed interesting enough but I knew after 50 pages when the first terrorist attempt had taken place that there was still 550 pages to go and not much was going to happen in the run up to the climax I think Tom Clancy likes to waffle perhaps he s pai [...]

    20. Dave on said:

      Clancy s second Jack Ryan book is a prequel, which is perhaps why some suggest new readers should read them in the order the events took place rather than in the order they were written Some of the suspense is muted because you know how the big picture will work out This story is about Ryan s actions in England when, as an innocent bystander, tries to stop a terrorist IRA like group action and what happens as a result in England and then back home in Annapolis It also tells of how he gets roped [...]

    21. Hari widijanto on said:

      Sooo gud baik film bukunya, bro sis Alurnya enak sekali diikuti, khas dengan detailnya yg paten ala Tom Clancy Pokoknya oche gtu lhooo Oh ya, di squel ini, jack ryan mulai diperankan oleh Harrison Ford and this is the 2nd Tom Clancy s book that i had read

    22. Lel on said:

      Another great Clancy book Jack is in the wrong place at the worng time and saves the Prince of Wales and his family from being kidnapped The book is about people seeking revenge on Jack for interfering in the kidnapping attempt The book transpires over land and sea and multiple countries as Clancy books are wont to do.The good bits lots of tension and suspense There are some very nail biting moments in this book to which I sat, at the detriment of all else, and plowed through them All the while [...]

    23. Derek Murray on said:

      One of Clancy s best I really enjoyed this book It s exciting without being ridiculous and one of my favorite books I ve read recently.

    24. James on said:

      The action scenes are exciting, but there are really only 2 of them and you have to wade through such banal conversations and characters that I ended up reading this book just so that I could finish and move on I know, I should ve just quit I bought a bunch of Tom Clancy books at a Half Price Books closing, and I ll probably be selling them back.

    25. SA on said:

      So I was looking for a book that was going to be easy to read a real page turner I ve never been one to read what I guess could be characterized as popular fiction, save for a Michael Crichton book or two when I was in high school But, I was lamenting to a friend how I felt that a fair amount of my reading had been relatively heavy recently and he recommended Tom Clancy.Admittedly, I felt like I was regretting the decision about 50 or 75 pages into the book the Jack Ryan character persona was ju [...]

    26. Alan Ferguson on said:

      A great big plodding bore of a book, a thriller that never thrills.I read this out of curiosity Clancy sells lots of books, so I thought he might have some value as an author Wrong This novel is truly dreadful For a thriller, it is bogged down and sometimes gets stopped dead on its tracks by huge chunks of tedious and irrelevant information Clancy spends an entire chapter describing a trip in Concorde that is completely superfluous to the plot It features great leaden chunks of tin eared dialogu [...]

    27. Sir Laguna on said:

      Lo que me encanta de los libros de Tom Clancy es la parafernalia tecnol gica, el drama pol tico, las conspiraciones, el fetichismo militar y nada de eso se encuentra en este, el primer libro de la saga de Jack Ryan A n as , no fue una mala lectura, pese a sus problemas Confieso que comenc od andolo El planteamiento que lleva a Jack Ryan, un ciudadano com n en este momento, a convertirse en heroe de acci n, amiguito de la realeza brit nica y objetivo de un grupo terrorista irlandes es practicamen [...]

    28. rabbitprincess on said:

      I read this one in elementary school, yes I needed long books that I wouldn t accidentally finish in the middle of the Drop Everything And Read DEAR period, because we weren t allowed to leave our desks Here s my review from that period and yes the star rating is reflective of this review, not the benefit of hindsight The author is trying to create a lot of suspense and action adventure He does this by centring his story on a group of terrorists who try and kill the Prince and Princess with thei [...]

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