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Phantoms By Dean Koontz Phantoms CLOSER They found the town silent apparently abandoned Then they found the first body strangely swollen and still warm One hundred fifty were dead missing But the terror had only begun in the ti

  • Title: Phantoms
  • Author: Dean Koontz
  • ISBN: 9780425181102
  • Page: 348
  • Format: Paperback
  • Phantoms By Dean Koontz CLOSER They found the town silent, apparently abandoned Then they found the first body strangely swollen and still warm One hundred fifty were dead, 350 missing But the terror had only begun in the tiny mountain town of Snowfield, CaliforniaD CLOSER At first they thought it was the work of a maniac Or terrorists Or toxic contamination Or a bizarre new diseaseDCLOSER They found the town silent, apparently abandoned Then they found the first body strangely swollen and still warm One hundred fifty were dead, 350 missing But the terror had only begun in the tiny mountain town of Snowfield, CaliforniaD CLOSER At first they thought it was the work of a maniac Or terrorists Or toxic contamination Or a bizarre new diseaseD CLOSER But then they found the truth And they saw it in the flesh And it was worse than anything any of them had ever imagined
    Phantoms By Dean Koontz

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      348 Dean Koontz

    One thought on “Phantoms

    1. Alejandro on said:

      It s amusing how I ended reading this novel And maybe this will be the most humorous review of a truly scary horror novel If you read it, you ll understant what I mean.First, I didn t know that it was a novel, a long horror story book, when I bought it Honestly Back then 1992 , I was in a local bookstore I read the title Phantoms well in reality it was Fantasmas since I bought in Spanish first the book and I thought that it was an anthology of ghost stories and that Dean Koontz I didn t know the [...]

    2. Jonathan Janz on said:

      I m fiercely competitive Like, ridiculously competitive To the point where I choose a favorite, and from that point on I m squarely behind that favorite until the bitter end The Chicago Cubs Star Wars Stephen King You get the picture Problem is, this causes me to miss out on things that threaten the supremacy of my favorites For several months I avoided The Lord of the Rings movies because I was afraid they d be better than the original Star Wars trilogy Then, when they were better, I decided to [...]

    3. Dede on said:

      This is one of my all time favourite books I remember being twelve and my mother telling me under no circumstances was I to read any of her Dean Koontz books, because they were not suitable for a girl my age So of course, the minute I had the chance, I grabbed a bunch of his books and got to reading Phantoms is the only one that really resonated with me Over the years, whenever I m bored and at a loss as to what to read, I find myself drawn back to this book My copy is positively ancient looking [...]

    4. Maciek on said:

      In 1979, Dean Koontz wrote a novel called Whispers which catapulted him to the bestseller list Koontz s status in the publishing world shifted drastically from a rather unknown suspense producer he became the hot stuff, and in 1981 Whispers rose to the top five of the New York Times paperback bestseller list But this article is not about Whispers While I m not a fan of the mentioned novel, and consider it to be largely tedious and overwrought with banal drama and sentimentality, it shows potenti [...]

    5. Rabbit Paint me like one of your 19th century gothic heroines! on said:

      This reminded me so much of old school King that it s automatically in the keeper pile.10 10 would read again D

    6. Emma on said:

      This is another long time later reread for me It has some great scares and made me think twice about turning off my reading light, but it doesn t have the kick of Midnight or the cleverness of Watchers Still worth a read for the few pants crapping moments and well written gory detail.

    7. Scarlet Cameo on said:

      En este pueblo esta pasando algo condenadamente extra o, algo con lo que nadie se ha encontrado antes Conoc este libro gracias a que ped que alguien me recomendara un libro que fuera aterrador, y vaya que para esa recomendaci n este libro funcion , pero vamos Qu tan f cil es lograr que un libro me de miedo Muy sencillo, dame suficientes argumentos para que crea que puede pasar No importa s me estas diciendo que cerdos zombies voladores est n atacando Suiza, hazme creer que puede pasar con una am [...]

    8. Dean on said:

      I love Dean Koontz and his booksAnd I know that lots of reviews at doesn t seem to accompany adequately my sentiments Nevertheless boldly as I m here comes my humble review First of all let me say that with Phantoms you have here vintage Koontz, I mean a classic piece for what Dean Koontz books stands and are loved for.Snowfield, a little town in California will be haunted by unspeakable evil, and a small group of survivors fights against it That s allLet me say, if you love Carpenters movie The [...]

    9. Aaron Nash on said:

      I don t yet understand the hate for Koontz Currently I have read three of his novels midnight, watchers and now this one, and I have thoroughly enjoyed each of them Maybe I peaked too soon with his best works Hopefully not For me, this was a cracking read The first 100 pages or so were filled with dread, and so tension filled I felt like I was there with the two sisters, as they explored the town and discovered the horrors within It was damn creepy and really atmospheric As characters were intr [...]

    10. Reese Copeland on said:

      Loved this book Imaginative, original, artfully written An incredible vision of possibility The movie does not compare, but Liv Schriber was excellent in it.

    11. Brad on said:

      Should I give Dean Koontz another chance Maybe I am being too hard on the piece of derivative trash that is Koontz s Phantoms, but it was so bad and so memorably bad that I ve never read another Koontz book But I am probably being unfair After all, I often find myself reading the garbage put out by Harlan Coben, and is there really any difference I don t think so Koontz is just older In fact, I like to imagine Koontz as the seed spraying father of Harlan Coben, standing over the world of pulp fi [...]

    12. Javi on said:

      This is the book that put Dean Koontz on the map as a horror writer, for better or for worse, the horror story against which most of his later books would be compared to And no, he didn t disapppoint it s a downright scary book and unequivocally horrific at times This was my first Koontz book and I read it when I was very young, and boy, it scared the living shit out of me Maybe because of this I ve come to grow really fond of the book and I recently re read it for old times saked it was still e [...]

    13. Daniel on said:

      Where has this book been all of my life And why did I write off Koontz as a hack that pushes brainless filler onto the shelves once per year Thanks to my snobbery, I went years without picking up a book that would have satisfied my craving for a good monster story Serves me right for thinking I knew better Phantoms is a marvelous, fun, and satisfying read It has monsters awesome, frightening, man eating, intelligent, scary, what in the world is going on monsters It is also an exciting read From [...]

    14. Matt Garcia on said:

      This was a reread for me and it was, once again, fantastic One of Koontz s best Fans of Lovecraft and early King will love it.

    15. Brian on said:

      The quotation from Stephen King on the back cover of my paperback edition Gruesome Unrelenting No indication of quality, just a couple of observations about the presentation Like saying, Action packed, to describe Sucker Punch Dialogue isn t one of Koontz strong points Neither is characterization Here we have a 14 year old girl who never behaves like a child, so she might as well be 28 Here we have a cop who, with his heavy lidded eyes and his ingratiating manner, fools people into thinking he i [...]

    16. Erin ☕ *Proud Book Hoarder* on said:

      If there is a person out there that would not find this book eerie, I d be surprised.Koontz writes fiercely here, keeping the sentences devoid of overabundant words and pretty phrases Instead he just delivers the goods, action from page one His writing style is not overdrawn, but instead is kept minimal to complement the story alone.The villain is frightening, complex, and powerful There s enough imagination and depth to it that it stays with you after the last page has been closed Supporting ch [...]

    17. Mike (the Paladin) on said:

      Currently rereading for the Dean Koontz group wonder if I ll change the review Didn t care for it muchd the movie didn t help much though Peter O Toole had some good lines This is a straight scare fest a horror story with a good dose of splatter factor Not my favorite of his books Above is my first review and my 2 star ratingwill I change it No.Let me say I like Koontz, he has written some books that would rate among my favoritesis isn t one For me this is one of those, isn t this book over yet [...]

    18. Rick on said:

      I m only four chapters in, but I m already hooked I have had mixed experiences with this author, so I was wary, but if he can keep up the breathless mystery and suspense, this looks like it will come down on the side of one of Koontz s good books We shall seeAnd donea solid effort from Koontz and I will add it to the books that I like from him The Odd Thomas series and the book about the mutant dog.

    19. Kathy on said:

      I loved this book Things start immediately, and don t let up First you are dealing with the horror of what has occured.what happened in the town of Snowfield, California Hundreds of people are missing A handful of bodies are found, but what happened to them Even Dr Jenny Paige can t identify a cause of death Is it the work of a psycopath Terrorism A Disease Just wait till you find out what it is

    20. Thomas Strömquist on said:

      My first Dean R Koontz, I was 17 and the world would never be the same again Unfortunately, it was also the outstandingly best effort from the author, who did manage some really great books before something utterly inexplicable happened to his works.Admittedly, this loses some pace at the end when we learn what it s all about but the beginning and ramp up of the story Wow

    21. Bill on said:

      Another of those rare novels that truly gave me the creeps Don t read the back of the novel Books like these are better read when you have no idea what to expect If you like Koontz but haven t read this one, by all means read it And it s NOT about another government experiment conspiracy.

    22. Daavid (דוד) on said:

      3.5 StarsMy not for children fiction reading took off in the summer of 1993 with Stephen King sChristine Yes the HoRrOR Genre And by 2001, I had completed reading about eight SK books plus a couple of others, one or two here and there, and a few short stories byEdgar Allan Poe andM R James With all those synapses for horror benchmark created, I then read Dean Koontz, and dislikedThe Voice of the Night, followed byWinter Moon, also slightly disappointing Having realized, Koontz s stories lacked d [...]

    23. Mike King on said:

      I read Watchers for a class The next week, I had to read Phantoms for a different class I didn t think it was possible, but Phantoms was an even worse piece of tripe than Watchers was Dean Koontz is the worst author I ve had the displeasure of reading His characters are flat and unbelievable, his pacing drags, his dialogue doesn t sound realistic, he does no research or fact checking whatsoever, and his story ideas are tired retreads of played out cliches His prose is heavy handed, overdone, pur [...]

    24. Brett Talley on said:

      As with most reviews, there be spoilers ahead Dean Koontz is probably one of the five most famous authors in America, and his legion of fans speaks to his ability to tap into some thread of humanity and for that, he should be praised People who hate Dean Koontz like to act as though he can t string words together into a sentence, but you don t sell millions of books on hype and marketing alone Whatever it is about Koontz that makes him successful, Phantoms is one of the books that launched him i [...]

    25. Wendi on said:

      This is one of my favorite books that I read years and years ago Every summer in junior high and high school I would hit the yard sales and the one used book store we had in town to buy horror novels I d spend the entire summer reading Koontz and King and any other ghost, goul, vampire book I could find.Phantoms, the first time I read it, scared me so badly I couldn t sleep I would start reading around midnight and not be able to fall asleep until 3 a.m I passed the book around to a few friends [...]

    26. JennyB Wolfer on said:

      I started this book on Christmas eve, at night, looking for some light reading while waiting for Santa, and Holy Moly I finally had to put it down and relegate it to a Read Only During the Day folder on my Kindle This was freaky scary I never really considered Koonzt a horror writer, and then in the Afterword, Koonzt himself says that in some ways he regrets writing this book because it forever tainted him as a horror writer So, I wasn t too off thinking this was not his normal fare.Anyhow, I am [...]

    27. William on said:

      This book shows both what I love and hate about Koontz Great premises, but crappy endings.For the first 70 pages or so he had me hooked A town suddenly empty of people Marie Celeste like food still hot on the stoves A woman and her young sister, alone, with something creeping around So far, so creepy, and I was loving it.I was still with him when the cops turned up but when the creature turned out to be a huge, almost omnipotent amoeba, he lost me I stuck with it through to the end, but I had ce [...]

    28. Lisa on said:

      This has to be Dean Koontz at his best horror yet i loved it was hooked from start to finish What is happening is Snowville that is what Jenny Lisa Paige want to find out Everything is deserted an eeriness is presentDO NOT READ WITH THE LIGHTS OUT well written Characters are strong plot was good read at your own peril loved loved loved

    29. The Pirate Ghost (Formerly known as the Curmudgeon) on said:

      Phantoms by Dean R Koontz Second Verse, Better than the First Okay, I reread this via audiobook It s just as good or better than I remembered it Good characters, strong plot, with lots of detail Koontz really does his home work and there were many parts of this that were as real actual history and twisted into the plot as what I normally expect from James Rollins The characters were well designed and played well in the general weave of the book Make no mistake, this is a horror novel, not action [...]

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