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Sanctorum Communio

Sanctorum Communio By Dietrich Bonhoeffer Clifford J. Green Sanctorum Communio Here is offered the complete text in translation annotated by the German and American editors The historical context is explained and textual commentary is provided in a Foreword and Afterword

  • Title: Sanctorum Communio
  • Author: Dietrich Bonhoeffer Clifford J. Green
  • ISBN: 9780800683016
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Sanctorum Communio By Dietrich Bonhoeffer Clifford J. Green Here is offered the complete text in translation, annotated by the German and American editors The historical context is explained and textual commentary is provided in a Foreword and Afterword.
    Sanctorum Communio By Dietrich Bonhoeffer Clifford J. Green

    Sanctorum Communio Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works, Volume by Sanctorum Communio was Bonhoeffer s dissertation, completed in and first published in In it he attempts to work out a theology of the person in society, and then, particularly, in the church. Sanctorum Providing Insight into the history of the Communio Sanctorum This podcast is an attempt to give believers a popular and non academic review of Church History. Sanctorum Communio A Theological Study of the Sanctorum Communio A Theological Study of the Sociology of the Church Dietrich Bonhoeffer Works, Vol annotated edition by Dietrich Bonhoeffer Author

    • Sanctorum Communio Best Read || [Dietrich Bonhoeffer Clifford J. Green]
      186 Dietrich Bonhoeffer Clifford J. Green

    One thought on “Sanctorum Communio

    1. Ben De Bono on said:

      I wrote in my review of Bonhoeffer s Ethics that it would probably take another reading to be able to fully grasp what he was trying to say in the book The same is true for Sanctorum Communio but instead of needing one reread, I think it might take two or three It s a challenging book to be sure, especially in its early chapters, but it s also than worth it Bonhoeffer writes with a high ecclesiology, something that many Christians today lack For a book that s 80 years old, it s shocking how rel [...]

    2. Stefan Salo on said:

      This is not an easy book to review Concidering Bonhoeffer was only 23 when writing SC his genius is quite striking This is a quite massive read, especially since Bonhoeffer uses Hegelian philosophical language quite extensively and goes into debate with the philosophical currents of his day mainly idealist It does require a careful read to grasp, and that isn t even always enough.Still he offers a well thought out and balanced ecclesiology which focuses on the essentially social character of hum [...]

    3. Michael Boling on said:

      Dietrich Bonhoeffer was an important figure within the Confessing Church in Germany during the time of the Nazi regime of the 1930s Many of his works are well known to include The Cost of Discipleship and Ethics Fortress Press has released a collection of the works of Dietrich Bonhoeffer beginning with his dissertation on the role of the believer in society as well as within the church This particular work is titled Sanctorum Communio A Theological Study of the Sociology of the Church.Originally [...]

    4. Dwight Davis on said:

      An absolutely brilliant treatment on the church Bonhoeffer s conceptions of the I You relationship, vicarious representative action, Christ existing as church community, and ethical personhood presented and outlined here are essential to understand his later work This is the architecture on which Bonhoeffer builds for the rest of his life.

    5. Eric Chappell on said:

      If you loved Life Together, you ll appreciate Bonhoeffer s foundational work, Sanctorum Communio.Lots of incredible insights into the social nature of the Church that I need to work through with a fine tooth comb.

    6. Michael Nichols on said:

      It reads exactly like you d expect a dissertation from 1920 s Germany to read i.e scrupulous, dense , but an important work in the Bonhoeffer corpus nonetheless In some respects, this work is the seedbed for Discipleship and Life Together.

    7. Jonathan Widell on said:

      An astounding piece of scholarship, Bonhoeffer s dissertation, which he wrote at the age of 21, explains how you get from theories focusing on the individual to theories focusing on communities I use theories to refer to the different sociological, theological and even psychological approaches that Bonhoeffer adopts to come to a sociological understanding of the church in the sense of the protestant church Bonhoeffer begins with the I thou opposition which is the field in which one s will operat [...]

    8. Rui Coelho on said:

      I read this because I was told Bonhoeffer was a great theologian, but at this point he was just a kid with a dregree, trying to find philosophical excuses for lutheran ortodoxy.I read this because I was told it was about community, but it turned out to be about churches You will get the difference when Bonhoeffer praises big congregations where nobody knows each other as the greatest expression of Agape.It is a good thesis, but unremarkable.

    9. Ellien on said:

      If you want to understand the sociology of church and your role in such, this is excellent I love how eloquently Bonhoeffer explains Christ is the Church This is Bonhoeffer s first writings, difficult to digest, but worth every minute The man was brilliant

    10. Tonya Turner on said:

      This book is excellent, and was a turning point for me when I was going through a crisis of my own It s not an easy read, and no one should be expecting it to entertain One of my favorites of all time.

    11. Amy Carlisle on said:

      This book is excellent, though a very tough read It is amazing how well written it is, especially since Bonhoeffer was in his early 20s when writing it If you find yourself asking, Why does church matter , I invite you to read this publication.

    12. Victoria Gaile on said:

      Bonhoeffer begins his theological study of the sociology of the church by constructing an anthropology and then articulating what a church is sociologically How did I miss this when reading for my thesis

    13. Daryl Grigsby on said:

      a study of the human person, the church, evil, ethics and the Holy Spirit s work through humans in the real world

    14. Simon Fowler on said:

      I ll have to read it at least twice before I understand it Then perhaps I ll be able to say what I learned from it

    15. Casey Toney on said:

      wonderful A must reada different perspective for us brits and Americans

    16. Jay Werner on said:

      A great but difficult read Bonohoeffer, tries to give a concept of the Church using some social philosophy and social theory Unlike some theologians these disciplines don t dictate the project it is truly theological at its roots This is an amazing book and if you like Bonhoeffer s popular stuff this is a must read This and his Act and Being, and his Christology are the foundation of his thought A much neglect thought if you ask me.

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