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A House Among the Trees

A House Among the Trees By Julia Glass A House Among the Trees From the beloved author of the National Book Award winning Three Junes The unusual bond between a world famous children s author and his assistant sets the stage for a richly plotted novel of friendsh

  • Title: A House Among the Trees
  • Author: Julia Glass
  • ISBN: 9781101870365
  • Page: 125
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A House Among the Trees By Julia Glass From the beloved author of the National Book Award winning Three Junes The unusual bond between a world famous children s author and his assistant sets the stage for a richly plotted novel of friendship and love, artistic ambition, and the power of an unexpected legacy.When the revered children s author Mort Lear dies accidentally at the Connecticut home he shares with ToFrom the beloved author of the National Book Award winning Three Junes The unusual bond between a world famous children s author and his assistant sets the stage for a richly plotted novel of friendship and love, artistic ambition, and the power of an unexpected legacy.When the revered children s author Mort Lear dies accidentally at the Connecticut home he shares with Tomasina Daulair, his trusted assistant, she is stunned to be left the house and all its contents, as well as being named his literary executor Though not quite his daughter or his wife, Tommy was nearly everything to the increasingly reclusive Lear, whom she knew for over forty years since meeting him as a child in a city playground where Lear was making sketches for Colorquake, a book that would become an instant classic Overwhelmed by the responsibility for Lear s bequest, she must face the demands of all those affected by the sudden loss, including the lonely, outraged museum curator to whom Lear once promised his artistic estate the beguiling British actor recently cast to play Lear in a movie and her own estranged brother She must also face the demons of Morty s painful past the subject of that movie and a future that will no longer include him A visit from the actor leads to revelations and confrontations that challenge much of what Tommy believed she knew about her boss s life and work and, ultimately, about her own.
    A House Among the Trees By Julia Glass

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      125 Julia Glass

    One thought on “A House Among the Trees

    1. Larry H on said:

      For me, reading a Julia Glass novel is like returning home after a long trip, or visiting close friends or family You immediately feel so comfortable, so happy, and so interested in what is going on around you I ve been a fan of hers since her very first book, Three Junes, and while her books aren t always perfect, I love the way she unfurls her stories, and creates immensely memorable characters.Tomasina Tommy Daulair was 12 years old when she first met beloved children s book author Morty Lear [...]

    2. Jill on said:

      I may be one of the few people reading A House Among the Trees who didn t know beforehand that the book was inspired by the famed children s author and illustrator Maurice Sendak and his legendary book, Where The Wild Things Are.No matter This intelligently written, character driven novel stands on its own merits, using Mr Sendak as a departure point and then building a wholly original character in Mort Lear, who is cared for by his trusted assistant Tomasina Tommy Daulair whose brother Dani jus [...]

    3. Jennifer Blankfein on said:

      For book reviews and recommendations please go to my blog booknationbyjen.wordpress Book Nation by Jen In author Julia Glass s latest, character driven novel, A House Among the Trees, Mort Lear, a famous children s author, vaguely reminiscent of Maurice Sendak, unexpectedly falls to his death off the roof of his Connecticut home in a fluke accident His longtime, live in assistant Tomasina Tommy is left to pick up the pieces, address his fortune, complete unfinished business and come to terms wi [...]

    4. switterbug (Betsey) on said:

      If you ve ever read Maurice Sendak s children s books, you may recognize the central but now dead mort character in Glass s new novel, Mort Lear But don t expect him to be modeled entirely after Sendak this is not a bio or even a faction of the great artist s life Instead, this is Glass s original creation, about adults attempting to actualize their lives in a continuum of age and experience.After an accident that kills Lear, his live in assistant, Thomasina Tommy Dulair, is named Executrix, and [...]

    5. Donna on said:

      This was my first novel by this author so I wasn t sure what I was in for But for some reason, I didn t care for this one It felt long and that is never a good sign for me The author had some great descriptive strokes, and there was some humorl things appreciated by me But bottom line, I just wasn t pulled in by the story or the characters It was a lot of telling I will read another book by her just to compare.

    6. Crystal on said:

      Not my favorite Julia Glass novel It felt like a slog most of the way, although there were chunks that I really enjoyed and kept me reading.

    7. retronerdSteinkuehler on said:

      I wanted to like this and I didn t Well written but a oh so boring story.

    8. Kelly on said:

      Reading a Julia Glass novel is like entering another lifetime for a few hours I tend to favor character heavy books, and this one does not disappoint Meredith, Nick, and Tomasina are people whose lives were pulled into the orbit of Mort Lear, a beloved artist and author of best selling children s books Tommy has been especially close to the man, having served as his assistant and live in companion for nearly all her adult life After Mort s sudden death, she, who thinks she knows Mort the best, r [...]

    9. Bonnie Brody on said:

      I have loved every book I ve read by Julia Glass and this one is no exception Her writing is exceptional, her story line fascinating, and the literary quality of her novel is superb.Morty Lear, the protagonist of this book, is a world famous author of children s books and appears to be modeled after Maurice Sendak His most famous creation, Colorquake , features a young character named Ivo who is much like Max in Where the Wild Things Are As the novel opens, Morty has just died and his loved and [...]

    10. Jan on said:

      A House Among the Trees, while it was certainly well written in a conventional sense, offered no surprises, no moments of thrilling I wish I d written that revelation Is it possible to be too proficient a writer At a certain level of competency, polished metaphors and technically adroit sentences just seem predictable and boring even though the writer might be talented and accomplished Julia Glass s words are so carefully chosen that I went from nodding at her success to rolling my eyes at her f [...]

    11. Jackie Rogers on said:

      Gave this book 162 pages and 5 days and still don,t know what was going on Could not spend another minute in it and its strange characters See it has good reviews, but just could not see it Thanks to.

    12. Rosemary on said:

      I have Loved 3 of Julia Glass books Three Junes, The Whole World Over, and And the Dark Sacred Night, mainly because I love her character Fenno McCleod I enjoyed reading all her other books, too I was looking forward to this one, but for me, it never really clicked Reading it required work than I anticipated I just didn t love it I feel bad about that This one just wasn t my cup of tea I never really read anything in it that made me care about any of the characters Maybe there were too many cha [...]

    13. Kathleen on said:

      Much has been written about Maurice Sendak being the inspiration for Glass s central character, Mort Lear, and I suppose that was one initial attraction for me But importantly, I was hoping for another emotionally resonant story like Three Junes, which sadly, A House Among the Trees is not There is plenty of beautiful writing rich descriptions of the Connecticut estate and cottage, tumultuous inner monologues, and Lear s fantastical illustrated books which I wish existed The most engaging chara [...]

    14. Anne on said:

      Another set of unlikable, unsympathetic characters here I could feel the author trying so hard on every page to make the characters come alive, but it just didn t happen for me It is not this author s fault, but I have really had a string of bad luck with my reading material lately.

    15. Ti on said:

      The Short of It Strong story potential that fell flat for me.The Rest of It From Indiebound When the revered children s book author Mort Lear dies accidentally at his Connecticut home, he leaves his property and all its contents to his trusted assistant, Tomasina Daulair, who is moved by his generosity but dismayed by the complicated and defiant directives in his will.This book is said to be a tribute to Maurice Sendak, the beloved illustrator and author of children s books and the inspiration b [...]

    16. Lisa on said:

      Altering between three different time periods, a famous children s author dies and leaves his assistant of many years to take care of his estate The book looks at his childhood, bits and pieces of his life throughout his career and then after his untimely death Many characters with good character development and and interesting story line.

    17. Alissa on said:

      Character heavy and slow moving but beautifully written if occasionally a bit overwritten That said, the characters are staying with me, and the many layers of this beautiful book are fascinating and thought provoking.

    18. Patty Shlonsky on said:

      A House Among the Trees is a story of the fictional Morty Lear Morty Lear is a famous author of children s stories, best known perhaps for his novel Colorquake Colorquake is a story about Ivo, whose mother kept a perfect house, a house among the trees Ivo is utterly beguiling , an artist, a painter of fantastic creatures, all of which come alive off the page Everyone loves Ivo and Morty Lear is renowned By the way, Morty Lear is not his real name try Mordecai Levy.The thing is, when we meet him, [...]

    19. Jamie on said:

      3.5 I need time to see if my rating will increase, but having finished it and really liked it overall, I m most comfortable with a 3.5 The only reason I am not giving it a full 4 stars is because it had just a bit too much going on we have the life of the author illustrator in addition to those of his longtime assistant, the movie star portraying him in biopic, and a museum director with complicated feelings for him I think if the story had focused on Tommy and Nick or Tommy and Meredith and le [...]

    20. Mary Lins on said:

      Ever since Three Junes , I open any new novel by Julia Glass with a long sigh of pleasant anticipation I did so with her latest novel, A House Among the Trees , and was richly rewarded with another wonderful experience with Glass beautiful prose and stellar story telling It will be on my Top Ten of 2017 List for sure.Moms, especially Boy Moms , will immediately recognize that the main character, Mort Lear, is loosely based on children s lit writer and illustrator, Maurice Sendak, and that Lear s [...]

    21. Don on said:

      Julia Glass has a unique ability to paint compelling pictures of characters whom the reader might consider a little too weird or odd if he met them in real life Since I don t have that same ability, it s hard to explain why this book is so worthy of your consideration When she is 15, Tomassina Daulair meets children s book author Mort Lear on a playground He uses her brother, Danni, as a model for one of his characters Years later, Tomassina goes to work for Lear and becomes much than his emplo [...]

    22. Loraine Despres on said:

      What a marvelous book I have read all Julia Glass novels and her exploration of character never disappoints A House Among the Trees starts simply Today the actor arrives And we enter into the mind of Tommy Tomasina Daulair one of Glass wonderful, stanch, competent women This one knows how she ought to feel, but doesn t, and that annoys her Awake too early, too nervous for breakfast coffee alone makes her nervous still , fretful over what to wear then irritated at caring so much And right away y [...]

    23. Lise on said:

      Best book of the year, so far Really amazing, unusual characters Julia Glass is a great writer.

    24. Marne Wilson on said:

      I rank this book right up there withThe Cookbook Collector LikeAllegra Goodman, Julia Glass has a knack for telling complicated stories about multi faceted people and making it all seem simple and obvious Not a lot happens in this book plotwise, but we learn a tremendous amount about the four point of view characters, as well as the figure who unites them, esteemed children s book author and illustrator Mort Lear, whose unexpected death a few weeks before the book opens drives whatever plot ther [...]

    25. Sue Myers on said:

      Was initially drawn to read this book since it dealt with the legacy of a children s book author and illustrator Tomasina, the personal assistant, to book author, Mort Levy, gives up everything to live with him and coordinate all of his business and personal affairs When he falls off a roof and dies, Tomasina has the job of distributing his papers and setting up a foundation to carry on his name She meets the actor who will be playing Mort in a blockbuster movie My biggest issue was that the boo [...]

    26. Nancy on said:

      If you are a proponent of the philosophy that a good book should do than just entertain, this is most definitely a good book.It is thought provoking The characters are imperfect, thus alarmingly real The story is complicated, if not complex making it also rather life like And, I am not 100% sure I know what I thought about this book which is fine.I am still sorting through it, so Julia Glass most definitely accomplished something that most contemporary authors do NOT do I am still thinking abou [...]

    27. Eileen Maloney on said:

      I usually enjoy Julia Glass novels but this one never pulled together for me Too many self centered characters who were either whiny of self sacrificing martyrs that they were not very compelling.

    28. Kathleen on said:

      My review for the Chicago Tribune chicagotribune lifestyIn 2002, Julia Glass won the National Book Award with her debut novel, Three Junes She s been busy since then, publishing four novels between 2006 and 2014 Now, with the elegant and character driven A House Among the Trees, she brings her total to half a dozen.Like the previous five, Glass has written this most recent book as literary realism, with an emphasis on verisimilitude and the depiction of middle class life as it really unfolds Ye [...]

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