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Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence

Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence By Carl Sagan Dragons of Eden Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence Dr Carl Sagan takes us on a great reading adventure offering his vivid and startling insights into the brains of humans beasts the origin of human intelligence the function of our most haunting leg

  • Title: Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence
  • Author: Carl Sagan
  • ISBN: 9780345346292
  • Page: 225
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence By Carl Sagan Dr Carl Sagan takes us on a great reading adventure, offering his vivid and startling insights into the brains of humans beasts, the origin of human intelligence, the function of our most haunting legends and their amazing links to recent discoveries.
    Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence By Carl Sagan

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      225 Carl Sagan

    One thought on “Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence

    1. Arun Divakar on said:

      The most hauting question that this book poses is this Chimpanzees can abstract Like other mammals, they are capable of strong emotions.Why, exactly, all over the civilized world, in virtually every major city, are apes in prison For a species that has proclaimed itself to be the rulers of Earth, this is not a very difficult question to answer for us It is a single word suppression We humans never much liked competition from other creatures and history tells us that this was how we overcame all [...]

    2. Ashley on said:

      One of the most beautiful things I ve ever read came from this book If the human brain had only one synapse corresponding to a monumental stupidity we would be capable of only two mental states If we had two synapses, then 2 2 4 states three synapses, then 2 3 8 states, and, in general, for N synapses, 2 N states But the human brain is characterized by some 10 13 synapses Thus the number of different states of a human brain is 2 raised to this power i.e multiplied by itself ten trillion times Th [...]

    3. Stacey Mulvey on said:

      I d read this book a few years ago, and loved it It s a great introduction to brain anatomy, consciousness subconsciousness, and evolution An easy read, if any book that deals with these types of topics can be considered as such Sagan is good at presenting complex material in an interesting and palatable way It made me want to start paying attention to my dreams He also relates one of his personal experiences of smoking marijuana, and his theories of the effects it might have on the brain and c [...]

    4. Ash on said:

      Chimpanzees can abstract Like other mammals, they are capable of strong emotions.Why, exactly, all over the civilized world, in virtually every major city, are apes in prison Humans have systematically exterminated those other primates who displayed signs of intelligence Carl Sagan is the best science teacher one can ever get Even though I am not a biology major, I was able to enjoy this book A great book where he talks about EVERYTHING that you ever wanted to know about your brain Probably one [...]

    5. Traveller on said:

      Interesting read, as long as one takes into account that it s quite old and outdated by now, so it s not exactly cutting edge I read it pretty long ago myself.Still, Sagan has a such a pleasant, conversational style, that even reading it for the speculations alone, makes reading the book a not unpleasant way of whiling away your time.I like the angles he chooses to speculate from, especially the bits about instinct and how myths most probably formed in the human collective subconscious.

    6. Mike on said:

      Interesting questions on the origin and development of human intelligence Still worth a read despite lots of progress since he wrote this Gives a good description of left right brain competencies Has piqued my interest in evolutionary development The guy was taken from us too early but sure made a name for himself in what time he had.

    7. Javier Santaolalla on said:

      He le do mi primer libro de Sagan No saben cu nto tiempo llevaba esperando esto Tantas recomendaciones, tanto cari o de tanta gente por este gran hombre siento que lo quiero por la semilla que ha dejado en tantas personas, tuvo que ser un gran hombre para marcar tanto a toda una generaci n Es incre ble que yo lo admirara tanto sin conocer su trabajo, solo por ver c mo la gente hablaba de l Y por fin me atrev , mi primer libro de Sagan Vamos con l.No, no es un libro sobre astronom a, ni astrof si [...]

    8. M. on said:

      Bug n len saatlerinde b y k bir heyecanla elime ald m kitab an itibariyle z lerek bitirmi bulunuyorum Cosmos kitab yla tan t m Sagan n biraz daha farkl konulara de indi i bu kitab n da Cosmos ile ayn keyif ve heyecanla okudum Sagan n ne kadar b y k bir deha oldu unu bir defa daha g rd m Zira, alan d nda bir konuda yaz yor ve bunda da son derece ba ar l oldu unu d n yorum Her ne kadar, bilimin do al ak gere i kitaptaki baz b l mlerde sonradan yeni kan tlar, geli meler ortaya kt ysa da Akl ma gele [...]

    9. Wilson on said:

      This was an interesting book to read after all of the recent research and groundbreaking discoveries of the human brain Clearly, Sagan smokes weed However, there are times when he must be coming off his high that his insights are both subtle and poignant Oxymoronic, to be sure, but so was most of Sagan s keen skepticism amidst his psuedoscientific platitudes.I use big words That being said, some of the best parts of this book are the drawings related to studies conducted on patients with a sever [...]

    10. Erik Graff on said:

      Carl Sagan, like Stephen Jay Gould, is one of those scientists gifted as a teacher to non specialists This book is about intelligence, a topic both men dealt with, Gould most notably in his Mismeasure of Man Sagan, however, deals with all intelligence, ending his book with a discussion of nonhuman intelligences, most particularly certain Cetaceans and primates Noting that chimpanzees and gorillas appear to be intellectually comparable to human five year olds, he ends with a plea to extend some o [...]

    11. Nandakishore Varma on said:

      I read this one quite long back and really loved it at that time I only remember two things from the book, however.The first one is where Sagan speculates that God s curse on Eve, you shall bring forth your children in pain , refers to the increased cranial size of intelligent homo sapiens It is common knowledge that childbirth in humans is much painful than in animals because of the larger size of the head due to an enlarged brain thus, could the story of Eden contain a veiled reference to evo [...]

    12. Robin on said:

      I feel strongly that this book should be included in mythology courses because better than any textbook I ve ever encountered it addresses the connections that exist between mythology and science Not to say that mythology is scientific, but rather the ways of viewing the world, both contemporary and historical, that human beings seem to return to again and again often are the way they are for very sound biological reasons.

    13. Marijan on said:

      Knjiga je jednostavno nevjerojatna uz minimalno, ali stvarno minimalno poznavanje anatomije i fiziologije mozga na razini osnovno kolske biologije itatelj mo e pratiti razvoj gra e i funkcije ljudskog mozga, uz savr eno smisleno i logi no obja njenje na ih strahova, pona anja, snova, uspjeha i neuspjeha preporu eno svima.

    14. Mukesh Kumar on said:

      Pure bliss In the inimitable manner of Carl Sagan, engrossing, enlightening and amusing in equal measure.

    15. Христо Блажев on said:

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    16. David Kaczynski on said:

      This is simply the best book I was lucky enough to receive as a gift Written thirty years ago, Sagan s principles in science, philosophy, and humanity seem to grow valid as the years go on I used to be an existentialist nutcase in high school, but this book straightened me right out I can t wait to re read this beauty

    17. Ahmad Sharabiani on said:

      The Dragons of Eden speculations on the evolution of human intelligence 1368 243 235 243

    18. Chris on said:

      To write a book in a subject so far from one s primary training is at best incautious Bute temptation was irresistible That quote, found in the acknowledgements, sums up both the problems with this work, and also it s ironic charm You must read this early work of Sagan not as definitive science, but as a prime example of his inimitable ability to connect science to other intellectual concerns such as myth, religion and history, thus stimulating thought in the process.At least Sagan is completely [...]

    19. Ethan on said:

      There is a popular game, sometimes called Pong, which simulates on a television screen a perfectly elastic ball bouncing between two surfaces Each player is given a dial that permits him to intercept the ball with a movable racket Points are scored if the motion of the ball is not intercepted by the racket The game is very interesting There is a clear learning experience involved which depends exclusively on Newton s second law for linear motion As a result of Pong, the player can gain a deep in [...]

    20. Naazish on said:

      Carl takes you on a journey from the mountains to the oceans, from dinosaurs to extra terrestrial beings to explain evolutionary changes and the workings of our mind While explaining these concepts in a simple, easily understandable language, he lays out the arguments and lets you figure out for yourself intriguing ideas such as how much sleep is enough why some people can do with less sleep why we think the way we do why do we have our appendages evolved in the way they are are we continuing to [...]

    21. Jimmy on said:

      Any book on the brain written in the 70s is going to be outdated For example, Sagan wasn t sure if different parts of the brain affected different things But an enjoyable read He does make one important point clear early on the mind is just a function of the brain Dualists who think they are two different things are flat out wrong I have had people look me straight in the eye without even blinking and say that if a person s brain were destroyed, their mind would still function normally That s al [...]

    22. Fred on said:

      A look into the evolution of the human mind Sagan closes the first chapter giving the reader a perspective on their position in history If the history of the universe was represented by our 12 month year, the history of mankind would exist in the last second of the last minute of December 31 Exploring the pains of childbirth, warring subhuman species, and simplified understandings of how the human brain works, The Dragons of Eden is written in a way that anyone can enjoy it was a NY Times bestse [...]

    23. Vishal on said:

      Carl Sagan was a planetary scientist with primary interest in exobiology and extraterrestrial intelligence He was perfectly aware that speculation, study and understanding of extra terrestrial intelligence would require a thoroughly comprehensible understanding of terrestrial human and non human intelligence such as primates and aquatic mammals If emergence of intelligence is convergent end point of many different evolutionary histories, as evident in our expectations of intelligent aliens, then [...]

    24. Juan on said:

      Un ensayo muy interesante sobre la evoluci n fisiol gica del cerebro desde sus primeros desarrollos hasta el Homo Sapiens, con el que he aprendido cosas que seguramente ya sab a pero que quedaron enterradas en un absurdo marasmo de educaci n multidisciplinar que me ha llevado a saber de todo y nada a la vez, lo que me hace una persona muy interesante a la hora de conversar siempre que te guste mucho la forma y poco el fondo Lo m s interesante me ha parecido la existencia del Complejo R, la cual [...]

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