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Democrats and Dissenters

Democrats and Dissenters By Ramachandra Guha Democrats and Dissenters A major new collection of essays by Ramachandra Guha Democrats and Dissenters is a work of rigorous scholarship on topics of compelling contemporary interest written with elegance and wit The book c

  • Title: Democrats and Dissenters
  • Author: Ramachandra Guha
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 168
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Democrats and Dissenters By Ramachandra Guha A major new collection of essays by Ramachandra Guha, Democrats and Dissenters is a work of rigorous scholarship on topics of compelling contemporary interest, written with elegance and wit.The book covers a wide range of themes from the varying national projects of India s neighbors to political debates within India itself, from the responsibilities of writers to the comA major new collection of essays by Ramachandra Guha, Democrats and Dissenters is a work of rigorous scholarship on topics of compelling contemporary interest, written with elegance and wit.The book covers a wide range of themes from the varying national projects of India s neighbors to political debates within India itself, from the responsibilities of writers to the complex relationship between democracy and violence It has essays critically assessing the work of Amartya Sen and Eric Hobsbawm, essays on the tragic predicament of tribals in India who are, as Guha demonstrates, far worse off than Dalits or Muslims, yet get a fraction of the attention and on the peculiar absence of a tradition of conservative intellectuals in India.Each essay takes up an important topic or an influential intellectual, as a window to explore major political and cultural debates in India and the world Democrats and Dissenters is a book that is certain to be widely read and even widely discussed.
    Democrats and Dissenters By Ramachandra Guha

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      168 Ramachandra Guha

    One thought on “Democrats and Dissenters

    1. Arun Divakar on said:

      There was this former colleague of mine who used to insanely revere Ramachandra Guha s book India after Gandhi I have lost track of the number of times he has extolled the virtues of that book to me and asked me to try it out but even as I type this review out, this is yet to happen Even after reading Guha s occasional columns in the print media his books and I never got together until this one came along Guha writes with precision and a strong opinion on varied topics which matter a great deal [...]

    2. Umesh Kesavan on said:

      Though the first part of the book treads familiar ground for those who follow Guha religiously His views on Congress, Nehru, tribals, democracy and free speech , the second part which profiles some great intellectuals is an absolute delight The long essays on Andre Beteille and Benedict Anderson are especially recommended I hope that Guha s next book is the magnum opus to be on Gandhi and not another collection of essays.

    3. Sandeep Bhasin on said:

      first half is the greatest part of the book however, I lost interest in the second half I guess the publishers wanted the author to have content.if you don t have anything else to read, go ahead and read it first half is just amazing.

    4. Rohita on said:

      Would have given four stars, but lost one for the last section Maybe its just me but essays about various historians and thinkers did not seem to fit well with the theme of the rest of the book.

    5. Naveen Durgaraju on said:

      For someone like me who hasn t read Ramachandra Guha before or anything specifically on Indian politics, this book is a revelation.No matter what your political beliefs are and how you view our country and its current state, this book will make you take a hard look at what you believe and how your perceive India and its neighbors I found Guha s writing to be or less balanced, irrespective of his own political leanings of an independent liberal Though the book can sometimes ignore the view point [...]

    6. Malcolm Carvalho on said:

      This is the first work of Ramachandra Guha I have read His lucid narrative style made this a smooth read, even though the issues he talks about are anything but trivial.The book is divided into two parts The first explores Indian democracy, freedom of expression and the the threats to it in the present day Guha also talks about his experiences in Pakistan and China in a couple of chapters The winner for me though was the chapter on the plight of tribals in independent India Guha points out how t [...]

    7. Samanvay Sinha on said:

      Very typical of Ramchandra Guha the book is a collection of informative essays enriched by years of his scholarly research While some of them were absolutely thought provoking like Debating Democracy where discusses the exchanges between Nehru and JP but the ones on the different thinkers and their work for me were pure information Also the writer s bias also comes through strongly in some parts.

    8. Sudhir Bharadhwaj on said:

      A collection of essays and each essay is well written Rather than viewing his ideological inclination , book must be read in the spirit of open mindedness to both convergent and divergent view points Highly recommended for reading.

    9. Unnikrishnan Rajan on said:

      This is the first time I m reading a book of this author I had read some articles written by him, mainly about cricket, in the newspapers The book is divided into two parts The first one consists of a series of essays on the journey of India after the independence The second part was mainly the introduction of a set of historical scholars I skipped the second part, except the best essay in the whole book, which is titled Where are the conservative intellectuals of India This essay is somehow wro [...]

    10. Divya on said:

      Honestly, I don t even feel qualified to review this book considering the depth of research that must have gone into it s making and my level of ignorance about a lot of things Even then, I must make an attempt to review what I think was an absolutely stellar piece of socio political economic commentary on India Briefly put, Mr Guha has managed to bring to the table a lot of issues that require discussion without sounding preachy or having us put on any tinted glasses and with a lot of backgroun [...]

    11. Karuneshari on said:

      The book as introduced by the very author is about democracy, nationhood, and intellectuals admired by him The book is a collection of essays written on various themes Although centered around India, the book includes chapters somewhat travelogues on Pakistan and China The write up is conformed to typical Guha syntax Orwell, Gandhi the Mahatma and alliterations wherever possible While it is felt that the first half is written by Guha, the armchair historian the second half is noticeably penned b [...]

    12. Jayasankar Thayyil on said:

      First half of the book bring in issues which concerns our society currently such as need of a strong opposition in a democracy, losing relevance of Indian national congress, threats to freedom of expression and tribal issues The accounts written about china and Pakistan is from the author s perspective and does little to enhance the readers view about those countries The second part brings into limelight the views and opinions of some relatively unknown intellectuals who spend major part of thei [...]

    13. Aaheli on said:

      For someone who hadn t read Guha s writing before, this book was an eye opener The intelligence leaps off the page and smacks you with knowledge It s a must read to gain a depth of analysis on Indian politics and it s relation with the world The initial chapters were my favourite, especially the chapter comparing Jawaharlal Nehru and Jayaprakash Narayan Tribal tragedies is another chapter filled with meticulous analysis The second part can get a bit dry at times, but the first part is impeccable [...]

    14. Sridhar on said:

      Classical Ramachandra Guha If you are a fan of his writings on history, and lean towards social, political, and economic commentary then Democrats and Dissenters does justice.There are 16 essays on varied themes and people Well researched and simply written with enough stories weaved in I particularly loved reading the section on D.D Kosambi and his relationship wit him mentor Mohandas Gandhi A cheeky tu tu mein mein with noted noble economist Dr Amartya Sen also provides a good side view I coul [...]

    15. Mohak Mangal on said:

      I loved the first part of the book The essays were very interesting and offered great comparisons and analysis to someone who is interested in Indian politics but does not know enough of its history.The second part talks about individuals that have contributed to different fields in India such as sociology, etc that I was not as interested in Even if you are not interested in the second part, I would recommend the book purely for the interesting essays in its first part.

    16. Parth on said:

      This book is divided in two parts Both part contains essays on different issues I started this book with great hopes as it was Guha Thoroughly enjoyed reading essays from first part on topics of Congress, China, Pakistan, Freedom of Expression etc but second part which contains essays on some of the prominent mostly leftists personalities of contemporary India, somewhat bored me.

    17. Sulabh Singh on said:

      First of the book was a breezy read whereas the second half really dragged on However, the book has brilliant essays, reflective of usual Guha I especially liked the essays on Congress, Tribals and Amartya Sen.

    18. Rahul Khanna on said:

      It is always a delight to read Guha This is good collection of essays juxtaposing the history events with current events A bit dry but worth reading to explore about Indian intellectuals.

    19. Kumar Raghavendra on said:

      I always like Ramachandra Guha s books, and this was quite fabulous as he paints a good picture about the Indian democracy.

    20. Vinay on said:

      Classic Guha parts were good contrasts between India, China, Pakistan and Sri Lanka for ex Skimmed the profiles of Andre Beteille and Hobsbawm et al Worth a read.

    21. Shreya Prakash on said:

      One of the best books I have ever read I bought this one after hearing Ramachandra Guha speak at a Literature Festival, the first time for me And the reasons his speech compelled me to want to know of his thinking, were of course his incisive and deep understanding of our country, its history, political landscape and its leaders not just as political personas but also as human beings , but also his impartiality in assessing them through the lens of the historian The book turned out to be that a [...]

    22. Kshitij Rawat on said:

      Ramachandra Guha is like always compelling and insightful Sharp prose does help.

    23. Amrendra Pandey on said:

      Very relevant book in this present time debate on the future of secularism in this country Second half is little out of place

    24. Neelotpal on said:

      Consistently goodThe writer in Guha has always helped the intellectual Guha bring out his thoughts on their best possible form This is practically 2 books published as one The latter half introduces you to many intellectuals whose voices have mostly been suppressed by ideologues in Indian public discourse Good read.

    25. Raghu on said:

      For an average person like me, Ramachandra Guha is a revelation, thanks to this book Have seen him on some television channels, and read some interviews with him, over the years, but, due to insufficient awareness, had assumed him to be one of those so called leftist situationally secular thinkers.Now I realize he indeed is one of the rarest of social thinkers and observers in India, which packs much of a punch than what it conveys, given the heavily polarized environment prevailing these days [...]

    26. Senthilprabhu on said:

      I couldn t find the connect between the title and content of the book It s of a collection of essays written by him rather than anything about democrats and dissenters The first part of the book is informative and throws some good light about issues like Pakistan, China, srilanka Here also some are random collection of thoughts rather than well researched one Second part is like repayment of debt to the Favour bank by writing about them Though some essays give insight about thinkers or their wo [...]

    27. Viju on said:

      This book is actually two different books The first half is filled with classic Guha essays in which Guha in his own inimitable style analyzes a few situations The second half a new territory to me looks at a few intellectuals and Guha pens a nice tribute to them while also analyzing their ideologies.

    28. Navdeep Pundhir on said:

      If you are a big fan of Mr Guha then you would jump on to anything which comes out of him So did I, and yes I am disappointed this time.If you have read patriots and partisans then you wouldn d find anything new as the themes remains the same and you are left craving for some better articles a 2 Star from my side

    29. Sambasivan on said:

      Ram Guha has been one of my favourite non fiction authors on India His erudition and breadth of subjects covered in this book is awesome I particularly liked the article on Eric Hobsbawm and on freedom of speech Amazing writer and this book is a must read.

    30. Asha Gopalakrishnan on said:

      Such a unique combination of intellect and excellent writing a pleasure to read this book and I wished it would never end.

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