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Gregor and the Marks of Secret

Gregor and the Marks of Secret By Suzanne Collins Gregor and the Marks of Secret Follow Gregor in the fourth enthralling adventure in Suzanne Collins New York Times bestselling Underland Chronicles with gorgeous new cover art coming July st In Book of the bestselling Underland

  • Title: Gregor and the Marks of Secret
  • Author: Suzanne Collins
  • ISBN: 9780439791465
  • Page: 110
  • Format: Paperback
  • Gregor and the Marks of Secret By Suzanne Collins Follow Gregor in the fourth enthralling adventure in Suzanne Collins New York Times bestselling Underland Chronicles with gorgeous new cover art coming July 1st In Book 4 of the bestselling Underland Chronicles, Gregor is drawn ever deeper into a brewing crisis For generations, rats have run the mice out of whatever lands they ve claimed, keeping them constantly on tFollow Gregor in the fourth enthralling adventure in Suzanne Collins New York Times bestselling Underland Chronicles with gorgeous new cover art coming July 1st In Book 4 of the bestselling Underland Chronicles, Gregor is drawn ever deeper into a brewing crisis For generations, rats have run the mice out of whatever lands they ve claimed, keeping them constantly on the move But now the mice are disappearing and the young queen Luxa is determined to find out why.Gregor and Boots join Luxa on a simple fact finding mission But when the true fate of the mice is revealed, it is something far sinister than they had imagined and it points the way to the final prophecy Gregor has yet to fulfill His abilities are put to the test in this suspenseful, action packed penultimate installment of Suzanne Collins s thrilling Underland Chronicles.
    Gregor and the Marks of Secret By Suzanne Collins

    • [PDF] Gregor and the Marks of Secret | by Ü Suzanne Collins
      110 Suzanne Collins
    Gregor and the Marks of Secret

    One thought on “Gregor and the Marks of Secret

    1. Ahmad Sharabiani on said:

      Gregor and the Marks of Secret Underland Chronicles, 4 , Suzanne CollinsGregor and the Marks of Secret is a high fantasy epic fantasy novel, the fourth book in the critically acclaimed The Underland Chronicles by Suzanne Collins It picks up soon after the end of Gregor and the Curse of the Warmbloods The novel opens with Gregor s little sister Lizzie preparing to go to camp, while Gregor and Boots head down to the Underland Ripred introduces Gregor to the now teenaged Pearlpelt so Gregor can obs [...]

    2. Darren Hagan on said:

      Such a flipping great series Only one issue much as I love Boots and she is adorable and a bit heartbreaking , I question why you keep bringing her on dangerous adventures She s 2 years old man, give her a break The first three it is kind of justified because she is the prophecies, but not this one Oh well.The story is still great and it s also so harsh The poor mice SPOILERS AHEAD.The bit where a load of mice die gives an image of what gas chambers must ve been like during the Holocaust What ar [...]

    3. Steven R. McEvoy on said:

      There are so many fans out there of the Hunger Games books, and every time I encounter one of them I tell them I really liked that trilogy but I absolutely love the Underland Chronicles With each of the books in the quintet I appreciate the writing and stories The growth and development of the characters and the plot is amazing Watching Lexa and Gregor grow is a wonderful experience Not since reading Madeleine L Engle books years ago have I wanted to know what was happening with the characters [...]

    4. Milena on said:

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    5. Luann on said:

      This wasn t my favorite of the Underland Chronicles so far Mostly, I think, it just felt like a prelude to the final book I did like that Gregor continues to think about his role as a warrior and what that really means I also like that no clear cut answer is reached Peace isn t always the right answer, but then neither is war I m glad the complexities of the issues weren t oversimplified for the target audience I imagine there will be in the fifth book as well.I found it interesting that Gregor [...]

    6. Kendra on said:

      For any Hunger Games fan, the earlier Suzanne Collins series is a worthwhile read While it doesn t have the depth of THG, and is written for a younger age group 11 12 year olds , it carries many of the same themes as THG the conflict between different groups, poverty vs wealth, violence and war In fact, I would consider this series to be violent and have death, but the majority of it happens between animal species such as bats, rats, and spiders, and then humans Various warfare is discussed th [...]

    7. Kübra Yağmur on said:

      Bence Bot hi b y mesin, biz onu hep Ge go derken hat rlayal m.

    8. itchy on said:

      well, that takes the cake mrs cormaci w it s a little real than i was counting on mrs cormacip8 it was inhabited by giant talking animals roaches, bats, rats, spiders, and a whole slew of others and a race of pal skinned, violet eyed people who had built a beautiful stone city called regalia.

    9. Beth A. on said:

      Another good story, lots of conflict and adventure, and fun to read There was friction between the characters, and I felt a little less connected to them It did bother me that they again take the pups kids into a very dangerous situation, this time through a few poor decisions rather than necessity.Unlike the previous three, this book is unresolved at the end The next book will be a continuation of this story rather than the beginning of a new episode I am hoping that the last book will continu [...]

    10. Деница Райкова on said:

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    11. CekMoNSter on said:

      Holding that one star because I was sulkingh crowd a corner There s one thing that I hate the most in this world, aside from liars That is not knowing of thingsAnd the name for this one, Marks of secret was enough to fuel me into detest and much angrinessI want to know things, learnt them by reading, and not just be speared with reason that tells me that I ve enough to just know, but not to learn from itUnderstand No Ok, imagine HP, clueless with the infos on deathly hallows and how frustrated h [...]

    12. Sam on said:

      So far this is the most mature and well formed book in the series The focus on ethnic cleansing resonated with my Jewish heritage Characters and story elements have finally begun to mature and pay off.The old contrivances are still there, including childish prophecies, the rager conceit, and dragging a toddler into the most dangerous situations imaginable They continue to hold back what could be a pretty cool story.The biggest complaint I have is that the Underlanders, despite having interest in [...]

    13. Mira on said:

      Shortly what I have to say about Gregor and the Marks of Secret Like I ve enjoyed the other parts of this series, I really enjoyed this one, too This books are fast paced and easy to read Suzanne Collins writing style is gorgerously vivid and I love it Having different kinds of characters, all the different animals, is fun and refreshing I still think that Ripread is like another version of Haymitch, both are these crumpy mentors That s propably why I love Ripread so much D I think Gregor is a g [...]

    14. June on said:

      I am reading the series with my 12 year old We are really enjoying the series However, I was vaguely dissatisfied with the ending This time the adventure didn t end Maybe Collins bit off than would fit in one book and just divided this story into two books The horror of the mice being poisoned also got to me 5 1 10Finished reading this with my youngest and started the 5th right away I told him I would read to him this morning, if he got up before I went to work, since he didn t want me to stop [...]

    15. Kim on said:

      Give me I love Suzanne Collins and her writing style is awesome This book was a fast read, and I can t wait to get my hands on the last book of the series She just loves leaving you hanging I really enjoy that the characters are so likable, and seem so realistic I can t wait until my kids are old enough to enjoy this series.

    16. Emily Freeman on said:

      This is by far the best in the series so far The writing style is the same, but the story is so much deeper Not as dependent on the inevitable prophecy as the others, although of course it s there But the characters are maturing, and the historical allusions are powerful Gotta go get the last installment

    17. DavidO on said:

      I liked this better than book 3 as the plot progressed , but it s still not entirely living up to it s potential It s main problem, IMHO, is that the protagonist keeps pulling his 2 year old sister along on ridiculously dangerous missions It worked for the first 2 books, but then it started to get a bit hard to believe that events force him to bring her along over and over again.

    18. Selah Pike on said:

      This installment is a little different as Gregor and Luxa defy the adults and strike out on their own Needless to say, it doesn t go well Exceptionally powerful and difficult themes for a MG book.

    19. Karson on said:

      This book definitely wasn t as good as the others So every week Gregor goes down to the Underland the have his echolocation lessons with Ripred So one lesson he goes down but ends us staying for another day because of Hazard s birthday party But at Hazard s birthday party Luxa recieves the crown she gave the nibblers, and she told them to send it back to her is they were ever in trouble So first Luxa and Gregor sneak out of Regalia to go to the jungle and see what is going on with the nibblers T [...]

    20. Claudia SparrowHawk on said:

      Gregor and the Marks of Secret is a book I am finding difficult to review It would be easy to simply say the book was pleasantly engaging and full of the fantastical chaos I crave from the middle grade genre, but then I would be lying Granted, the book does feature the aforementioned at the same time, however, owing to how shrewdly this book evolved into an increasingly dark storyline I was left agape That said, I greatly appreciated the thought provoking themes and allegorical representation of [...]

    21. Juanjo Estrella on said:

      La cuarta entrega de las cr nicas de las tierras bajas , un libro repleto de acci n, guerras entre reinos, alianzas por tal de sobrevivir, traiciones por la espalda, intriga que te obligar a leer sin parar, el desarrollo de los pesonajes es extraordinario, muchos di logos y exhaustivas descripciones s dicas, las consecuencias de una guerra contada desde la primera persona, sufrimiento y angustia por todos lados, de verdad soy el nico que piensa que sta saga no est hecha para un p blico infantil [...]

    22. Jen on said:

      Up way too late to finish this one, but this volume took me from thinking this was a good series to thinking it s a great one I m do glad I decided to finally finish the series, and am much eager to get to the next installment than I have been at the end of the others.

    23. Alessandro Duran on said:

      In the book, Gregor and the Mark of Secrets, Gregor goes back to the Underland to sees the odd and fantastic world again He first sees Ripred, the rat, with the behemoth size Bane Gregor is surprised that the tiny baby Bane grew eighteen feet since his last visit Ripred tells Gregor that the Bane s friend are saying that Bane should be the next king of the gnawers rats , but he is just a wimp Later in the book, Gregor, his sister Boots, Luxa, Hazard Luxa s cousin, Howard cousin of Luxa, Ares Gre [...]

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