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Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment

Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment By Deepak Chopra Buddha A Story of Enlightenment Bestselling author Deepak Chopra brings the Buddha back to life in this gripping novel of the young prince who abandoned his inheritance to discover his true calling This iconic journey changed the wo

  • Title: Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment
  • Author: Deepak Chopra
  • ISBN: 9780060878801
  • Page: 310
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment By Deepak Chopra Bestselling author Deepak Chopra brings the Buddha back to life in this gripping novel of the young prince who abandoned his inheritance to discover his true calling This iconic journey changed the world forever, and the truths revealed continue to influence every corner of the globe today.A young man in line for the throne is trapped in his father s kingdom and yearns foBestselling author Deepak Chopra brings the Buddha back to life in this gripping novel of the young prince who abandoned his inheritance to discover his true calling This iconic journey changed the world forever, and the truths revealed continue to influence every corner of the globe today.A young man in line for the throne is trapped in his father s kingdom and yearns for the outside world Betrayed by those closest to him, Siddhartha abandons his palace and princely title Alone and face to face with his demons, he becomes a wandering monk and embarks on a spiritual fast that carries him to the brink of death Ultimately recognizing his inability to conquer his body and mind by sheer will, Siddhartha transcends his physical pain and achieves enlightenment.Although we recognize Buddha today as an icon of peace and serenity, his life story was a tumultuous and spellbinding affair filled with love and sex, murder and loss, struggle and surrender From the rocky terrain of the material world to the summit of the spiritual one, Buddha captivates and inspires ultimately leading us closer to understanding the true nature of life and our selves.
    Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment By Deepak Chopra

    • ☆ Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment ☆ Deepak Chopra
      310 Deepak Chopra
    Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment

    One thought on “Buddha: A Story of Enlightenment

    1. Harun Harahap on said:

      Namaste Aku menyapa apa yang suci dalam dirimu Berikut ajaran Buddha yang terdapat dalam bab Epilog Kebenaran Mulia Pertama Kehidupan mengandung penderitaanKebenaran Mulia Kedua Penderitaan memiliki sebab, dan sebabnya dapat diketahui.Kebenaran Mulia Ketiga Penderitaan dapat diakhiri.Kebenaran Mulia Keempat Jalan untuk mengakhiri penderitaan ada delapan ruas.Lalu apakah delapan ruas tersebut Pandangan Benar, Pikiran Benar, Perkataan Benar, Perbuatan benar, Mata Pencaharian Benar, Daya Upaya Bena [...]

    2. Shawn Sorensen on said:

      A fascinating, readable fictionalized account of Buddha s life, conveniently broken into three sections prince, monk, Buddha We learn that Buddha s mission was to conquer fear and desire and live in total freedom and that this was his calling from an early age We learn that he gave up the life of prince and husband and father to live alone in the mountains and survived an encounter with an enraged serial killer in the woods by simply walking away We learn that Buddha avoided thinking in opposite [...]

    3. Patrick on said:

      I picked up this book because I love Buddha He was a sweet dude and I dig what he did for humanity So did Herman Hesse and that s why he wrote Siddhartha an amazing work of insight and revelation about the core of Buddhist thought and the life of a man who brought his message of silence and contemplation to the world Chopra does a great disservice to Siddhartha and all people with his book Not only does he muddle the concepts of Buddhism, but he completely misrepresents the man and what he was H [...]

    4. Paul Wilder on said:

      This was a very entertaining and inspiring fictional account of the life of the Buddha Most of the characters and events of the novel are from the passed down story of Buddha, but it is the depiction of his inner experience that is imagined The scope of the novel is wonderful in that it starts with his life as Prince Siddartha, moves next into his years as Gautama the monk, then to his enlightenment and subsequent transformation into the Buddha He was truly an Everyman, and his story demonstrate [...]

    5. Theresia on said:

      First thing first, I honestly have no idea of what to call this book with.I broke the spin of my copy, fyi, for I read and reread it I was moved, I admit, as much as I was shaken by the message.In the first part, Chopraji managed to sow the story of feral, raw, ancient India so well, so unbelievably human, Siddhartha included It wasn t difficult to, say, picture the characters Unfortunately, it degrades in the second part, Gautama the Monk Chopraji said in his foreword that Buddha is as human as [...]

    6. Aditya on said:

      One major reason I liked this book is because it takes a what if approach to the story of Gautam Buddha and presents an alternative explanation of events I also liked the last part where the author discusses the teachings of Buddha in a QA section I think this should have been put in the narrative itself coming directly from Buddha That said, there were some of the teachings in his conversations with his new disciples The writing language was pretty ordinary, compared to books like Siddhartha He [...]

    7. Ann on said:

      The life of the Buddha is far too long complicated to put down easily in such a small volume but overall good starts for those who want to read learn how Buddhism come about It is light and easy to read Since this partly fictionalized version, the historical backgrounds have to be taken as just that while the fictional part lacks interesting quality in my opinion Buddha s life can be concluded in three phases the Prince, the Monk, and the Enlightened Buddha I like the way Deepak throw in great s [...]

    8. Sara Montgomery on said:

      Well, it s fiction, so that s disappointing I must say, I have a much darker view of Buddha after reading this and that leaves a bad taste in my mouth for Chopra I know Chopra is supposed to be a great spiritual teacher but I think he did a poor job of carrying the story and his journey to enlightenment in an understandable and valuable way He made the error of assuming the reader had his knowledge of the subject and didn t take the lead to unfolding Buddha s enlightenment More of a bystanders a [...]

    9. Roniq on said:

      This book was wonderful A tale of Buddha as imagined by Deepak Chopra We learn of Siddartha s birth, His relationship to all those around him and about his life protected from the world behind walls of the kingdom while trying to find his own true path A tale full of war, love, Jealousy, death, passion and following ones true Soul calling This book is a great descriptive read full of fantasy, adventure and spirituality Included are Buddha s life after enlightenment and a breakdown of the eight f [...]

    10. Natali on said:

      This book is a great personification of a historical figure I really enjoyed reading it and can see myself referring to it again in my lifetime Following the story, Chopra offers a synthesis of the Buddhist doctrines that he hopes you will learn from the novel This explanation leaves a little to be desired but I think his intention is that the reader use the story as a springboard to deeper exploration of Buddhism.

    11. David on said:

      The story of the Buddha has been told time and time again, and various accounts of his life story have been recorded in books, films, and other media This version, Buddha A Story of Enlightenment, was written by Deepak Chopra, an alternative medicine advocate in the New Age movement I hadn t read any of Chopra s other books prior to this one, so I approached this book with very few expectations.The book is broken up into three main sections Siddhartha The Prince , Gautama The Monk , and Buddha E [...]

    12. Rachel Bird on said:

      When I saw this at a bookstore I felt joy wash over me I had to get it even if I had already read Siddhartha and felt the territory had been covered I d never read a book by Chopra and really wanted to give it a shot.I just finished it this morning and am reeling from it I was disappointed a lot of the way through because I felt that Guatama s Buddha name as a prince coming of age story was largely irrelevant What I really wanted to know were the details of how he became enlightened There was so [...]

    13. Brendan on said:

      As the author points out in the preface, the story of the Buddha is a story that is naturally shrouded in mystery Over the past 2000 years, people have added to the story, embellished, and recounted the life of the Buddha in various ways Mr Chopra is no different In this book, he takes these same liberties in creating his own version of the story of the Buddha In his words, he takes the opportunity to fictionalize but tries to keep the book psychologically true In doing so, he takes the reader o [...]

    14. Uma on said:

      I ploughed through the book, because I thought something would come up I liked the first part about Siddhartha the Prince However, when it came to Gautama the Monk, I thought the austerities and the practices that were explained and dramatised were of heresay and taken from other books rather than what might have actually happened but that is also ok since it is a work of fiction The reduce the final Enlightenment to flying up to the clouds Becoming the moon being able to look into people s min [...]

    15. Sher on said:

      Book 53 2012 Reading Challenge This retelling of the Buddha s life was okay Like, Siddhartha written by Hesse , this text also has Hindu elements I began by listening to this book on tape, but I wasn t able to enjoy Depak Chopra s narration I found the heavy accent and emotional emphasis added to certain words and phrases distracting Normally I can tolerate any narrator, but not this time So, I switched and read the book in print I found the story has a quite a bite to it and a variety of elemen [...]

    16. Swetha (ಶ್ವೇತಾ) on said:

      I ve always wanted to learn about Buddhism The I read about it, the intrigued I got While the plot at the beginning of the novel was as interesting and informative as the story in the end, somewhere in the middle, I lost interest.Buddha the Compassionate One was the best part in my opinion Finally Some questions answered In the end, the book left me with many questions of my own about the religion, and it helped me answer a few I had before.The epilogue was really interesting as well.If you a [...]

    17. Brenda on said:

      I read this book for a book club Therefore, I felt compelled to finish it even though I didn t enjoy it much For me, it was a tough slog I put it down for weeks at a time due to lack of interest Perhaps because of that, I had to jog my memory of the characters each time I picked it up again It is a fictional account of Buddha s life including talking demons ridiculous I was hoping to learn about Buddhism by reading this book Unfortunately, aside from the final short chapter called The Art of Non [...]

    18. Laurie Buchanan on said:

      I enjoyed reading in story format the details of Buddha s early life, subsequent departure from royalty, and his painstaking journey after that My favorite part of BUDDHA A STORY OF ENLIGHTENMENT came at the end when author Deepak Chopra articulates a user friendly definition of what Buddhism is, and equally important what it is not.

    19. Bern on said:

      This book was absolutely fantastic It was written quite well, captivating, and educational Definitely recommend it for anyone who is interested in Buddhism or different religious spiritual beliefs.

    20. htanzil on said:

      Siddharta Gautama adalah salah seorang tokoh sejarah yang juga dikenal sebagai pendiri salah satu agama tertua yang masih dianut di dunia hingga kini Melalui dirinya yang telah mengalami pencerahan sejati, ia mengajar dan melahirkan sebuah keyakinan yang kini disebut agama Buddha.Bagi para penganutnya riwayat hidup pangeran Siddharta yang kemudian menjadi Sang Buddha tentu sudah hafal diluar kepala Namun bagi sebagian lainnya mungkin hanya mereka ketahui secara singkat lewat pelajaran agama di s [...]

    21. Melanie on said:

      I really enjoyed this story and thought it was very well written However, I didn t like the violence in the story and was especially sad for the female characters who always ended up with the worst story and the worst fate They either died, or were raped and died, or had to live in suffering.I m not sure I fully understood Buddha s path to enlightenment, it was difficult to get the meaning of his journey in it s entirety, but I did like the descriptions and the sensations of his soul travelling [...]

    22. Roos on said:

      Dah lama selesai nih bukuMengutip kata kata Deepak Choprahwa kehidupan Buddha itu adalahD.R.A.M.A yaitu Distraction, Regression, Adjusment, Maturity and Action , setuju gak yah Dalam buku ini memang Deepak lebih dalam mengungkapkan apa yang terjadi terhadap Sidhartarang batinnya menghadapi Devadatta, Ayahnya, orang orang yang mempunyai expectasi lebih terhadapnya, Setan Mara bahkan perang melawan dirinya sendiriAwal hidup sebagai pangeran, lalu hidup sebagai petapa, pengembara dengan ujian dan p [...]

    23. Sophie Carter on said:

      I blew through this book in about 24 hours, and by the end, I was not only convinced that I want to convert to Buddhism, but I was also 10x knowledgeable about Buddha and the Buddhist religion It has earned a spot on my favorites list.This book is broken into three parts Siddhartha the Prince, Gautama the Monk, and Buddha the Compassionate Each of these parts is like a separate book in the sense that Buddha is a completely different person figuratively in each The first part is action packed an [...]

    24. Lindsay on said:

      Incredible book couldn t put it down.From the last paragraph The fire of passion burns out eventually Then you dig through the ashes and discover a gem You pick it up you look at it with disbelief The gem was inside you all the time It is yours to keep forever It is buddha BuddhaChopra goes on to say in the Epilogue a very defining yet not defining statement about Buddhism which intrigued me Buddhism survives today and thrives all around the world because it is so open ended You don t have to ob [...]

    25. Nicholas Piva on said:

      Recently I have become infatuated with Eastern culture, and with that is Buddhism Buddhism is a world renowned philosophy, not religion per say, although they are akin This book is historical fiction and deals with the three stages of Siddhartha s life him as a prince, a ascetic monk , and enlightened Although I did enjoy the fabricated anecdotes throughout the book, it seemed that it was too short to have a concrete impact The author must of been bared to write than the allotted pages For inst [...]

    26. Christy on said:

      While this book is technically fiction, it is a great account of how Prince Siddhartha became the Buddha that we all knowor wish to have known I chose this particular book because of Chopra s vast experience in spirituality and philosophy I trusted that his book would be based on the real foundations of Buddhism, not just an exaggerated tale created for the sole purpose in keeping me entertained.It is broken up into the three main parts of his life 1 Prince, 2 Monk and 3 Buddha At the end, Chopr [...]

    27. Richard on said:

      This is the first time I have read a book by Deepak Chopra so I thought it was appropriate to get right to the source and read something he wrote about one of the foremost leaders of Buddhism I was surprised about the very cinematic nature of the story It had a great balance of drama and action with spiritual elements weaved quite nicely throughout Of course, I was very excited to get the part of the enlightenment and it didn t disappoint The only reason I gave this story four stars was because [...]

    28. Aamir Ogna on said:

      The book is an excellent story of the early life of Prince Siddhartha who ultimately went on to become Buddha, the founder of Buddhism Fact and fiction are brilliantly sewed together and in a brief yet captivating way, Deepak Chopra has been able to bring out the true essence of Buddha and his philosophy leaving you wanting to know about the person and his teachings The only thing that bothers me is the section AFTER the story ends He tries to explain about Buddhism which honestly felt like an [...]

    29. Cassandra Kay Silva on said:

      This book has a very different feel than Siddhartha by Hesse, but I liked it in its own way no less It is actually a little historical as far as can be accomplished with a man who legend is so intermixed with than many other modern stories of Buddha I thought the book was beautiful, especially the first half It has a terribly epic presence painting Siddhartha in various shades and colors that are relatable and beautiful and grand all at the same time.

    30. Irma Toner on said:

      This book has answered many questions for me Siddhartha the Prince, Gautama the monk and finally, the enlightened Buddha all came alive for me in the form of a novel This is probably a great introduction to Buddhism for the newcomer.

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