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Two Girls of Gettysburg

Two Girls of Gettysburg By Lisa M. Klein Two Girls of Gettysburg Lizzie and Rosanna are cousins But when the Civil War breaks out fifteen year old Lizzie finds herself committed to the cause of the Union while Rosanna is swept up in the passions of the old south

  • Title: Two Girls of Gettysburg
  • Author: Lisa M. Klein
  • ISBN: 9781599901053
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Two Girls of Gettysburg By Lisa M. Klein Lizzie and Rosanna are cousins But when the Civil War breaks out, fifteen year old Lizzie finds herself committed to the cause of the Union, while Rosanna is swept up in the passions of the old south and in her love for a young Confederate officer Torn in their alliances, yet as devoted as sisters, each girl finds herself grappling with the senseless brutality of war, aLizzie and Rosanna are cousins But when the Civil War breaks out, fifteen year old Lizzie finds herself committed to the cause of the Union, while Rosanna is swept up in the passions of the old south and in her love for a young Confederate officer Torn in their alliances, yet as devoted as sisters, each girl finds herself grappling with the senseless brutality of war, and the sacrifices that must be made in order to survive It will take one of the war s bloodiest battles fought on the farmlands of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania to bring them together again Unflinching in its portrayal of war, and inspiring in its depiction of two resilient young women, this is a historical novel of exceptional depth and reach.
    Two Girls of Gettysburg By Lisa M. Klein

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    One thought on “Two Girls of Gettysburg

    1. Books and Literature for Teens on said:

      This review is from B.L.T Reviews located here booksandliteratureforteensTwo Girls of Gettysburg was fairly slow and didn t start getting interesting until half way through the book The book was way too long for it just to end after the Battle of Gettysburg I would have enjoyed the book even if it just was about the Battle of Gettysburg period The book really took off just before Battle of Gettysburg and proved itself a recommendation.I really enjoyed Lizzie s side of the story because Roanna s [...]

    2. Z on said:

      Interesting, for the historical context if nothing else I found some of the character development hard to believe, but I did enjoy seeing how women s lives could have been during the American Civil War.

    3. Jessica on said:

      Well, 3.5 stars.So, I was writing up a content text set on the Civil War, and decided to add this book While I was bored after I finished my work and waiting for class, I decided to just read it I was pleasently surprised that I enjoyed most of it I had read Cate and the Lost Colony and loved it, but I wasn t as sure of this one.Lizzie really makes this book Over two thirds of it is from her perspective, which makes the title misleading, but thank goodness it is I hate Rosanna She s a dimwit and [...]

    4. Bekah on said:

      This book was well written and researched with lots of further reading suggestions in the back and I would recommend it I just would recommend Annie Between the States by L.M Elliot If you enjoy young adult historical fiction this is definitely a good read it just didn t grab me as much as some others Also, apparently I m very picky concerning the level of hopefulness I want One of my recent reviews talked about how the book had too little hope Well, this one has a bit much With this said, I pl [...]

    5. Kaitlyn on said:

      As is my tendency, I found that I liked one of the main characters much than the other Lizzie I found to be much my type of person and I preferred her story as well This made every entry by Rosanna feel like an interuption and often made me skim read I imagine that there are those who would prefer her story instead, but I just didn t like her as well.To be honest, I didn t particularly like this book overall It wasn t bad, but I m not that fascinated by the Civil War and I had other things tha [...]

    6. Sydney on said:

      awhile ago I was really into the civil war Something about that era just seemed to fascinate me But for some reason my interest stopped It took this book to awaken me once the the devastating, and critical time in America s history.I m so excited that I still love learning about this era, and can t wait to read books on the civil war.I d say this book is one of my favorite books that I ve read on the civil war so far There were a few minor things I didn t like, but overall I loved this book.I [...]

    7. Julie on said:

      After a slightly slow start and some flat dialogue, I was transported back to Civil War PA, MD, and VA, the three states in which I ve lived and to the battles fought there When people talked to me as I read this book, I had to apologize for my distant expression I m in Gettysburg, I d explain I liked the contrast in personalities of Lizzie, the Gettysburg native, and her cousin Rosanna who traveled north from Richmond before marrying a Confederate soldier and nursing rebel soldiers.The research [...]

    8. Nicole on said:

      This book has a lot of side stories going on, but they are all relevant to the overall theme of two girls, cousins and best friends, experiencing the Civil War from opposite sides The story remained interesting, both in its fictional account of the girls, and the telling of the real events of this tumultuous point in America s history If you know me at all, you know I occasionally okay, regularly read ahead in books, spoiling them for myself I usually stop reading the book at that point, but eve [...]

    9. Maryam Mubeen on said:

      It is a beautiful and touching story of adventures of two cousins at the time of war against slavery One girl beautiful, rich and impulsive and the other, poor, late bloomer and practical Romantic, exciting and entertaining, it is a story of two girls who grew into women after facing their share of hardships in life.It made me realize what a blessing it is to born in a world of freedom and equality.A kind of book that should be included in course readings instead of those stupid Sidharta or Like [...]

    10. Claire on said:

      Two Girls of Gettysburg is a book about two girls who are cousins and when the civil war starts they find theirselves siding on different sides I really liked this book because the way the author did the book it is just not one girl talking After each chapter it switches off between the two girls perspectives My favorite character is Lizze because she cares about her family and is not so caught up with herself Rosanna is very caught up in herself and who she will marry I recommend this book to a [...]

    11. FenristheWolf on said:

      Going into this book, I honestly didn t think it d turn out to be that good I had a couple friends who d started reading this and just couldn t get into it However, I was surprised to find that I loved it This book was amazing I loved the characters, and there were many shocking events that occurred that I didn t see coming I can t wait to read another book of Lisa Klein s.

    12. Heather on said:

      Quick easy read that was fun and a simple review of some of the events leading up to the battle at Gettysburg I m a sucker for historical fiction

    13. Jessica Philips on said:

      I love this book so much It s a YA Historical Fiction that follows the lives of cousins Lizzie and Rosanna from 1860 to 1863 It s written from Lizzie s perspective for the first thirteen chapters, then alternates between the two girls Rosanna is kind of annoying for awhile before her coming of age journey Lizzie has her own coming of age story too And of course there are love stories While Rosanna s is hurried, Lizzie s love story doesn t start until halfway through the book I wasn t really inve [...]

    14. Sofia Uribe on said:

      The story is told in two points of view, Lizzie and Rosanna who are cousins Rosanna from the south goes to live near Lizzie to go to a preparatory school there Both become best friends, but soon fall apart Lizzie later moves to back to the south and marries becomes a army nurse Lizzie stays in her home taking care of her fathers shop, since he is in the army Both friends later meet up again at Gettysburg The book is slow and doesn t get ins testing until around half way into the book It also see [...]

    15. Brooklynn Scott on said:

      I like how the author valued the accuracy in the history for her story I also appreciated that although she could ve gone downhill inappropriate and detailed very quickly in some scenes, she didn t, Like one character gave birth in a scene, etc She also did a good job upping up the stakes for her characters My favorite character was Lizzie, although I wasn t sure I d like her in the beginning The middle lagged, but I still enjoyed it.

    16. Bookworm1858 on said:

      I won this book years ago but never gave it a read When I realized that it was the 150th anniversary of the battle of Gettysburg though, I knew exactly what book I wanted to pick up to commemorate that occasion As someone who grew up in Pennsylvania, I actually had a class trip to Gettysburg one year sadly my big memory is that my bus broke down and we didn t spend much time there I d love to go back and visit now as an adult with a greater appreciation for the history.This book actually begins [...]

    17. Sierra Abrams on said:

      When Lizzie s cousin Rosanna moves to Gettysburg, they become the best of friends While Lizzie is plain with no gorgeous looks to boast of, Rosanna is beautiful, with lovely brown hair and a pretty face their personalities could not be different But this does not stop them They are best friends for the world to see, a Northern girl with her Southern cousin as a best friend But when circumstances cause Rosanna to return to the South and there become a wife and nurse to those in need during the n [...]

    18. Heidi Turnquist on said:

      Two Girls of Gettysburg is about two cousins, Rosanna and Lizzie At the beginning of the book they both live in Gettysburg Rosanna is originally from Virginia but is living with her sister Margaret Margaret does not agree with her parents ideas about slavery and such and that is why she moved away, while Rosanna still clings to her traditional Virginian ideas Lizzie is unionist but becomes fast friends with Rosanna anyway When they start enlisting for the civil war in Gettysburg Lizzie s father [...]

    19. May on said:

      Lizzie and her cousin Rosanna are best friends They both live in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, though Rosanna is originally from Richmond, Virginia One day, they find their worlds up turned by the start of the Civil War Lizzie, a firm believer in ending slavery, is committed to the Union Rosanna, a romantic with a Confederate sweetheart, runs back to Richmond Both are loyal to their countries, and believe in their respective causes But how can the two cousins remain friends when war and politics may [...]

    20. Bethany on said:

      Oh, this book is simply amazing When I first glanced at Two Girls of Gettysburg, I thought that I wouldn t like it, especially after people telling me that it was too boring to get through Still, I decided to give it a try And whoa, I m glad I did This is one of those situations where someone would say, don t judge a book by it s cover I was hooked after the first chapter, and after finishing it, I am proud to say that I love historical fiction I think that everyone should read historical fictio [...]

    21. Ashley W on said:

      I didn t really have high expectations of this book when I started it, but I ended up really enjoying it This historical YA novel tells the story of cousins Lizzie Allbauer and Rosanna McGreevy as they survive the first two years of the Civil War on either side Lizzie is for the Union, Rosanna is for the Confederacy and culminates with the Battle of Gettysburg and its aftermath It was very well written and it pulled me into the world of 1860s Pennsylvania.Lizzie was definitely my favorite of the [...]

    22. Katie on said:

      I read this book on a whim, I was looking at Borders for something interesting to read and the title of this book immediately caught my eye I was obsessed with Gettysburg at the moment because of a report I had done on the battle itself I would have probably still picked it up because I cannot not read a civil war historical fiction But even if I hadn t liked Gettysburg or the civil war, I still think I would have loved this book Lizzie was by far my favorite character, she was strong and hard h [...]

    23. Alyssa on said:

      So as I was trying to find Phantom of the Opera for my 9 year old at the local I seriously walked past this book and all I saw was the spine I don t know how it caught my eye but it did I have not read a historical fiction from the Civil War And I am so glad I found it This is a YA book, but it was so well researched and well written that I lost myself in the book Even a bunch of the characters were based on real people in this book, just the names were changed I know the Civil War as a whole an [...]

    24. Rebecca on said:

      Fifteen year old Lizzie Allbauer lives in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in 1861, shortly before the outbreak of the Civil War When her sixteen year old cousin Rosanna McGreevey comes to visit from Virginia, Lizzie thinks the girls couldn t be different Lizzie is shy and doesn t feel she is pretty, while Rosanna is beautiful, outgoing, and flirtatious However, the two girls develop a friendship When war breaks out, Lizzie s father and brother enlist in the Union Army, and Rosanna returns to her home [...]

    25. Kim on said:

      Gr 6 9 In 1861, the Confederacy has just declared its independence from the Union, but life goes on much as usual in the quiet town of Gettysburg Fifteen year old Lizzie Allbauer and her cousin Rosanna, recently arrived from Virginia, have big plans to attend the Ladies Seminary together in the fall Then Lizzie s father and brother enlist in the Union army and she must stay home to help her mother run the family butcher shop Rosanna flees back to Richmond after a Gettysburg beau is killed in one [...]

    26. Soumya on said:

      The genre of this book is Historical Fiction It talks about the life of two girls living in the time of the Civil war.Lizzie Albaur and Roassana McGreevy are two girls facing problems in the time of the Civil war Lizzie and Rossana are cousins and bestfriends Lizzie lives in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, while Rossana came to stay with her sister Margaret She came from Richmond, Virginia Lizzie s father joins the union army and her twin follows him As the war starts, Lizzie learns something about Ro [...]

    27. Telka on said:

      Two Girls of Gettysburg is about these two girls who are cousins One girls name is Rosanna and the other, Lizzie they love each other very much The Civil War is going on in this time period Rosanna decides to serve for the Confederate army, because her parents live in Richmond, Virginia As for Lizzie, her brother and father are fighting for the Union army, so she and Rosanna go different ways This book shows how hard it would be to be living in these times With a little bit of romance, history, [...]

    28. Traci on said:

      The only reason I only gave 3 stars is because this isn t my usual style of book that I read I tend to read fantasy Plus, it is also a slower read for me but I still very much enjoyed it I enjoy books of all genres and especially enjoyed diving into the depths of the civil war through the eyes of two young cousins Rosanna and Lizzie become best of friends when they find themselves both living in Gettysburg as the civil war unfolds Lizzie being from the north and Rosanna from the south discover t [...]

    29. Maia B. on said:

      This is a story of two girls on opposite sides of the Civil War one a Northerner staunchly against slavery, one a Southerner who believes in the Confederacy and its values It s a fascinating set up the two girls are cousins, and they re on different sides of the same argument Nevertheless, their friendship pulls through.But the writing is extremely heavy, not to mention occasionally no better than an elementary student s clumsy words Seriously, have you ever heard someone say something like Ever [...]

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