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Bitterroot Landing

Bitterroot Landing By Sheri Reynolds Bitterroot Landing Jael hears voices Some are real like the voices of the others in her incest survivor group or the homeless woman she meets at the laundry Some are mysterious like the Virgin Mary s Jael was born in

  • Title: Bitterroot Landing
  • Author: Sheri Reynolds
  • ISBN: 9780425162460
  • Page: 244
  • Format: Paperback
  • Bitterroot Landing By Sheri Reynolds Jael hears voices Some are real, like the voices of the others in her incest survivor group, or the homeless woman she meets at the laundry Some are mysterious, like the Virgin Mary s Jael was born into a hard life, but she s a survivor, growing stronger all the time Waiting for the day when the only voice she needs is her own.
    Bitterroot Landing By Sheri Reynolds

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      244 Sheri Reynolds

    One thought on “Bitterroot Landing

    1. Emily on said:

      Warning This review contains what I consider to be minor spoilers If you are at all sensitive about that sort of thing, you may want to skip the middle paragraph, or refrain from reading this review You know how sometimes the subject matter of a book is so horrific that the author is forced to use poetic language and imply things instead of stating them straight out because if he or she didn t, the reader would become suicidal before finishing the first chapter This is one of those books Unfortu [...]

    2. Kelly on said:

      There are some books that deserve 5 stars simply because they re so fun, they make you laugh, they present an ideal version of what you d like in your life or what you want out of the world and in the people you come in contact with Then there are othersoks that leave you exposed, vulnerable to anyone who happens to catch your eye and recognize what you re reading, what you re feeling To accept that and allow someone else a window into your soul is probably one of the hardest things to do in lif [...]

    3. Cerealflakes on said:

      This book was between a two and a three for me I went with three just because I liked the Rapture of Canaan by this author This book had a depressing subject matter incest and the book really changed about half way through The first half was about the main character surviving on her own and even included her living alone in the wild for a bit After that it changed quite a bit and turned into a self help type book This book felt like two stories to me instead of one complete story Why did the aut [...]

    4. Sandra Pinney on said:

      I m having trouble critiquing this book It was so incredibly disturbing on a lot of levels But somehow, I couldn t stop reading it, kind of like a train wreck It s about a girl who is a victim of rape and incest since she was small and it s her journey to recovery, I guess you could say I can t imagine how damaged a person would be, having gone through such horrible things, but this character was so bizarre, probably mentally ill, and some of the religious aspects were weird for me I thought it [...]

    5. Brittany on said:

      This book was fantastic It was dark and heartbreaking, but fantastic I read it in my English Class and we spent over 3 classes discussing it and didn t even come close to covering all the possible topics It makes you think, which is the true sign of a great book I know I won t ever come close to explaining how great this book is, so I m just going to shut up now even though there is so much I want to say.

    6. Megan on said:

      A great, yet somewhat disturbing novel Sheri Reynolds has a knack for creating hurt, scared, battered bruised female characters and helps them find their voice in their new lives Jael is a lovable woman whose childhood was worse than evil Though she may seem crazy, the voices she hears in her life whether real or imagined help her find her own independence and face the evils that once haunted her.

    7. Lisa on said:

      I wasn t sure what to think in the beginning I didn t feel connected to Jael, the protagonist, or any of the characters, but I was entranced by the beautiful prose in places A third of the way through, I felt connected and entranced It s not an easy story, it s not a pretty story but it was beautifully told.

    8. Michelle Brooks on said:

      At first, this book seemed intriguing and interesting, but just ended up weird I can t say that I hated this book, but I cannot say I liked it either True, I did read it quickly, which says a lot, but somewhere in the middle with all the rambling, and hallucinations, and the church, it just lost me Read for yourself, and tell me what you think.

    9. Kayli on said:

      I loved this book I was heartbroken through the whole first half, and completely shocked by the third page, but I was also heartened Bitterroot Landing follows a woman who was unbelievably abused as a child as she finds it within herself to claim what she wants out of life The book is very powerful, and leaves the reader in awe of human strength against adversity.

    10. Valerie Wells on said:

      Warning this book is from beginning to end triggers for sexual abuse.

    11. Andrea on said:

      Two stars is a generous rating and there are two reasons why I didn t give it only one star the poetic language and the fact that this book was short Yes, this book is centered around a disturbing subject, but that is not the reason for the low rating I ve read much worse and wasn t turned off I get that the weirdness factor was part of the book, but seriously, there is a limit and the limit was bypassed much too quickly I m not speaking about the voices that s no spoiler, the voices are describ [...]

    12. Mendy on said:

      Finished this book not even two hours into my trip This book was very intense and the characters were so well written I think this book would be a great book for a reading club Ok I started this book the day before yesterday and am than half way through I can t put it down Of course I have to wait till all my kids go to bed so I am reading till the early morning,Ok midnight but since one of my children get up with the roosters that is really late for me I am loving it I will finish it tomorrow [...]

    13. Brynaleh on said:

      By turns non believable, bizarre, funny, endearing, and heart wrenching this is a tale of an incest and child sexual abuse survivor who grew up in isolation and is trying to heal while finding her sense of place in the world It is about how we find or don t find a sense of safety in our bodies As with Sheri Reynolds other books at least the ones I ve read the character hears the voices of non living beings objects, started to grate on my nerves eventually in this case, unlike in A Gracious Plent [...]

    14. Jenee Rager on said:

      I loved Sheri Reynolds, in fact over the past few years she has become one of my favorite authors I also think that the topic of this book makes for great reading Yet somewhere along the way, things got lost and it just didn t do it for me The flashbacks Jael experiences are written as if you were experiencing them, a neat trick, but also VERY confusing There is a particular scene where Jael meets a man at the laundry mat that after rereading several times I still couldn t figure out what had ha [...]

    15. Shelly♥ on said:

      This book was absolutely bizarre I thought the writing was good detailed, engaging, but I just couldn t get by how weird the main character was I kept thinking it would get better and it just didn t for me I normally love tormented characters, who seem to grow on you, but Jael never made the endearing jump into my heart She just seemed very sad and tortured even as she seemed to find her redemption.

    16. Ken on said:

      I love Sheri Reynolds She definitely breathed life back into southern fiction, but this is the only book of hers that i didn t like The main character is just a hair s breath from being like Jody Foster in the film, Nell She murders her grandmother,she cuts and disfigures herself when she s living in the wild by the river, the candles and statues talk to her the church where she works as a cleaning lady and she attempts a relationship with a carpenter A very odd book.

    17. John Carenen on said:

      This novel, one of Sheri Reynolds first, provides the story of a young woman who, from childhood, has been the victim of molestation, rape, and a virtual kidnapping Jael s story is filled with scars physical, sexual, psychological, emotional yet through a vivid imagination and coping skills that are understandable, she endures and prevails The pain is intense, but Reynolds guides the reader in a way that makes it all at least a bit bearable, and Jael s healing is a thing of beauty.

    18. Lorena on said:

      This book was difficult to read, not because of the writing, that was actually pretty good, but because of the subject matter I couldn t stop reading this book, but at times I had to put it down and just process some of the stuff I had just read Sometimes I wish the author had gone into detail with some things, other times I was glad she did not Anyway, interesting, but difficult story.

    19. Diana on said:

      I love when my very soon to be sister in law lends me books.The protagonist in this story is an abused young girl who lives on the swampy riverside alone for an extended period of time When she reenters society, she can hardly function And the tale moves forward with her readjusting to normalcy Strange and provocative I liked it.

    20. Mel Raschke on said:

      Story of a girl growing up defending herself by hiding from abusive grandmother mother figure The girl resorts to despirit measures and accidentally kills someone defending herself She is also a victim of incest by a man of God who is taking care of her She gets a job doing cleaning and slowly begins to find herself.

    21. Moem on said:

      I loved this Jael is a believable character and she s so strong and does not even know it The story makes you eager to find out what happens next There is spirituality but in an amount and form that I can handle I was very happy to watch her finding a place in the world, and a truly good partner.

    22. Annie on said:

      Sheri Reynolds has a real talent for capturing the southern flavor of small town living This definitely qualifies and crosses over into some other world with it s magical influences and safe places for this little girl It s easy to see this is one of early books though, it s a lot less mainstream then her recent books Worth a read.

    23. Sharon on said:

      This is my second Sherri Reynolds book and I enjoyed the story, but it was not as good as The Rapture of Canaan Same style of writing, set in the south, extreme religious communities that challenge the characters ideals and mental strength Young woman in a coming to age type story that takes the reader to a place on the edge of insanity.

    24. Lala on said:

      an emotional book with a peculiar heroin A girl s journey in finding her true self favorite part she uses her own blood to paint something for me as the reader to understand her reasons for doing so, and cannot imagine it being done otherwise is a testament to the beautiful writing that resonates throughout the whole book.

    25. J. M. on said:

      A disturbing and powerful story of a young woman surviving the many shades abuse yet it is full of beautiful and hopeful imagery Looking forward to reading from this author sherireynolds indexml

    26. Olga on said:

      This was a bizarre book, very strange The writing is simplistic, the story is weird my main question is what changed for the main character that made her decide to get help The healing was so sudden that it didn t seem realistic to me.

    27. Steve Kreidler on said:

      I loved her book A Gracious Plenty so much that I bought this, her debut effort Wow, some kind of clumsy writing, messages are in your face and not subtle in the least However dear reader of reviews, go find A Gracious Plenty and you ll be rewarded with one of the great reads of a lifetime.

    28. Geri Luciano on said:

      If I had to choose one word, it would be weird At first I enjoyed the setting and was intrigued by the main character and her oppressive circumstances, but soon her rambling dialogues with imaginary characters and inanimate objects became a bit too bizarre for my taste.

    29. Morgan on said:

      I love Sheri Reynolds books in general but this was one of my least favorites Still a good read but not nearly as good as her others.

    30. Beth on said:

      I caught glimpses of the message but I was getting a headache trying to interpret everything and the entire book was all about symbolism and interpretation A bit too exhausting for my tastes.

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