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Black Mad Wheel

Black Mad Wheel By Josh Malerman Black Mad Wheel From the author of the hit literary horror debut Bird Box Hitchcockian USA Today comes a chilling novel about a group of musicians conscripted by the US government to track down the source of a strang

  • Title: Black Mad Wheel
  • Author: Josh Malerman
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 135
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Black Mad Wheel By Josh Malerman From the author of the hit literary horror debut Bird Box Hitchcockian USA Today comes a chilling novel about a group of musicians conscripted by the US government to track down the source of a strange and debilitating sound The Danes the band known as the Darlings of Detroit are washed up and desperate for inspiration, eager to once again have a number o From the author of the hit literary horror debut Bird Box Hitchcockian USA Today comes a chilling novel about a group of musicians conscripted by the US government to track down the source of a strange and debilitating soundThe Danes the band known as the Darlings of Detroit are washed up and desperate for inspiration, eager to once again have a number one hit That is, until an agent from the US Army approaches them Will they travel to an African desert and track down the source of a mysterious and malevolent sound Under the guidance of their front man, Philip Tonka, the Danes embark on a harrowing journey through the scorching desert a trip that takes Tonka into the heart of an ominous and twisted conspiracy Meanwhile, in a nondescript Midwestern hospital, a nurse named Ellen tends to a patient recovering from a near fatal accident The circumstances that led to his injuries are mysterious and his body heals at a remarkable rate Ellen will do the impossible for this enigmatic patient, who reveals about his accident with each passing day Part Heart of Darkness, part Lost, Josh Malerman s breathtaking new novel plunges us into the depths of psychological horror, where you can t always believe everything you hear.
    Black Mad Wheel By Josh Malerman

    • Unlimited Black Mad Wheel - by Josh Malerman
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    One thought on “Black Mad Wheel

    1. karen on said:

      NOW AVAILABLE josh malerman has become the go to dude for sensory horror.if they ever let monkeys become book reviewers why so UNFAIR, world , this is how it would go Bird Box Black Mad Wheel his awesome debut novel, Bird Box, featured an ambiguous something that swept the globe a presence that drove anyone who looked at it mad homicidal, suicidal, utterly destroyed it was wonderfully intense, as characters were threatened by a force they could neither name nor even visualize, spending their liv [...]

    2. Ellen Gail on said:

      Ugh Review to come when I can deal with my crushing disappointment Finally reading this I swore I wouldn t buy any books But I really wanted this one, so it doesn t count Right New Josh Malerman book Sign me the fuck up.

    3. Char on said:

      4.5 5 stars Black Mad Wheelis a story which defies categorization and instead focuses on delivering characters that you like and can believe in The Danes are a band consisting of ex army men, even if they were only in the army band , who are asked by the military to investigate a noise in the African desert I know it sounds crazy, and maybe it is, but I found it be compelling dark fiction From Philip s point of view, Philip being the band s keyboard player , the narrative switches between the tr [...]

    4. Kelly (and the Book Boar) on said:

      Find all of my reviews at 52bookminimum 3.5 Stars This is a matter of national security Not a love story If you follow me and my pretty much daily ramblings, you might have noticed a couple of things First, I ve been gone for a bit I thought I was taking a couple of days off to acquire a lethal dose of skin cancer via way of the local baseball fields, but ended up with nearly a week free of work thanks to a floating holiday that was given to us pee ons in addition to the 4th of July MURICA Secon [...]

    5. Robin on said:

      So very, very disappointed Bottom lip stuck wayyyy out Of course, my expectations were pretty high, considering how much I loved Malerman s first book, Bird Box He proved himself in his creeptastic debut that he s a master of suspense, and creator of original ideas I ve basically been waiting for instalment 2 ever since finishing 1 having been totally disturbed in a good way by Gary and the dangerous creatures stalking the earth in his post apocalyptic masterpiece.I had a totally different readi [...]

    6. Bradley on said:

      I really enjoyed Malerman s first novel Bird Box and picked up on the See no Evil, Hear no Evil vibe going on between both of these novels, looking even toward the next which will have to be a Speak no Evil one or I m going to give up on reviewing anything forever.That being said, oh so melodramatically, I wanted to like this particular Hearing Evil novel much than I did All the setups in 1957 with a rock band getting propositioned by the US Government on a super secret project was delightful [...]

    7. Aslı Dağlı on said:

      Black Mad Wheel bitti eviri bitti D nyan n en g zel hislerinden biri bu Bir bu uk ay boyunca didindikten sonra, te bu diyebilmek Ben yapt m diyebilmek Bitti diyebilmek.Black Mad Wheel Kafes ten de G l n Dibindeki Ev den de ayr , apayr bir yere koyuyorum nk ziyadesiyle meraml , sapasa lam bir kitap Black Mad Wheel stelik kurguyu da entelekt el a dan ok ama ok daha doyurucu buldum Yaz m ekli a s ndan ilk ikisine k yasla biraz daha a r durup durup okunacak, sindirebilmek i in tekrar tekrar okunacak [...]

    8. Jennifer on said:

      Black Mad Wheel s storyline involves sensory horror, military war related themes, the suspense of a top secret mission, paranormal activity, rock n roll, historical fiction, and the slow burn mystery of how the member of a rock band had every single bone in his body crunched like a soda can All this and is incorporated into a story that reads less like intentional fiction and like someone recounting their dream from the night before It s that weird But it s good It s about how history repeats [...]

    9. Danger on said:

      A rocket fast story told with staccato like prose, this bad boy whizzes by you equal parts thrilling, philosophical, mysterious, and frightening There wasn t a dull moment or a wasted word on these pages While the end gallops up rapidly and lands on the allegorical side, I was wholly invested in the protagonist s journey The voice here is unique, as is the plot itself This book is a winner, to be sure.

    10. Irmak on said:

      Josh Malerman ile G l n Dibindeki Ev sayesinde tan m t m ve ger ekten hayal k r kl ya am t m O y zden Kafes e elim gitmedi Sonra K rm z Piyano kt , konusu ger ekten ilgimi ekti ve yazara bir ans daha vermek istedim Pi man oldum mu Kesinlikle hay r.Philip Tonka ve arkada lar Danes ad nda ordudan emekli olmu bir m zik grubu Bir g n Amerikan ordusunda g revli bir general k p geldi ve onlara bir sesin varl ndan bahsetti Afrika da l n ortas nda n kleer silah ba l klar n bile etkisiz hale getirebilece [...]

    11. Hazal Çamur on said:

      Josh Malerman okurlar n n duyular yla oynamay seven bir yazar lk kitab Kafes ile bize Sak n G zlerini A ma derken, hem d nyada hem de lkemizde bu sene 2017 yay mlanan son roman K rm z Piyano da ise Sese Kulak Verme diyor.Malerman, okurunu ya am m z n bir par as olan be duyumuz zerinden vurmay seviyor, e itli ko ulland rmalara sokmay da yle Do ruya do ru, ben b yle komut c mleleriyle ko ulland rma emberine giren bir okur de ilim Bunlar oksatar takti i olan al malar Fakat bu durum K rm z Piyano da [...]

    12. Knigoqdec on said:

      , , What am I supposed to feel , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , .

    13. Ezgi Tülü on said:

      Athena n n G ncesiOkul ba lad ndan beri uzun say labilecek kitaplardan uzak duruyordum nk kitaplar haftalara yay ld zaman sak z gibi uzuyor, bayat bir tat b rak yordu a z mda En sonunda bu d ng y k rmaya karar vererek, Josh Malerman n en yeni kitab , K rm z Piyano ya ba lam t m, daha cumartesi g n yi ki de bu kitapla ba lam m diyorum Bir s re nce Malerman dan G l n Dibindeki Ev i okumu , k sac k kitab bitirene kadar ruhumu teslim etmi tim K rm z Piyano ya ba larken benzer bir duruma d ece imden [...]

    14. Greg at 2 Book Lovers Reviews on said:

      Anyone who has read Bird Box knows that Josh Malerman is capable of reaching inside, grabbing your soul and freaking the hell out of it Once I saw that he had a new book releasing, I knew that I needed to read it.Black Mad Wheel played back and forth between two timelines in the protagonist s life This is a formula that has worked for Malerman before, I like it this flow really allows the author to build the mystery, leaving the reader to wonder WTF is going on Additionally, this format allows f [...]

    15. J.D. Barker on said:

      I spent about a month between the pages of this book, not because I m a particularly slow reader or because I had trouble getting through it, but because there s something about Josh s writing that calls for a bit of savoring His sentence structure can be quirky a one word paragraph followed by a hundred word sentence followed by a thought and maybe a little dialog He recklessly bounces from head to head, chapter to chapter, past to present and back again If you were to ask your eleventh grade E [...]

    16. Jessica Woodbury on said:

      Black Mad Wheel is a very particular type of book, a pastiche of strange and inexplicable things I am often just fine with a book that leaves things unresolved or ambiguous, but if it does so I need a strong structure plot character to go on and this book is not that It is of a pastiche, of a mood and an atmosphere, and so not the kind that I could really sink my teeth into As anyone who read Bird Box knows, Malerman is great at suspense and writing an extremely tense book Black Mad Wheel is a [...]

    17. Lori on said:

      I think I need to create a new bookshelf for this one and call it Aw man really Because, though I liked the book well enough, I found myself saying Aw man Really too many times out loud while listening to it during my commute I crushed on Malerman s BIRD BOX so hard core, and had such high hopes for this one Did I set the book up to fail me Perhaps But aw man reaaaallly

    18. Chandni on said:

      Josh Malerman s first novel, Bird Box, is my all time favourite horror novel It s the only book that has truly frightened me and I thought it was remarkably atmospheric and suspenseful I quickly decided that I would be reading all of Josh Malerman s future books I was extremely excited when I heard his sopho novel was coming out and I was intrigued by the premise, though I did notice a vague similarity to Bird Box In his first novel, the sight of some unknown entity renders a person insane, and [...]

    19. Melissa Chung on said:

      Well it was something I definitely had high hopes for this one because I loved Birdbox soooooo much If you read the lower rated reviews here on you ll get a repeat of the same things Birdbox was so much better Why did this one fall so flat Lastly, I see where the author is going with this one Birdbox is a See no Evil and Black Mad Wheel is a Hear no Evil so we have to assume his book that comes out in 2018 will be a continuation with Speak no Evil If this is the case I ll be excited to read that [...]

    20. Denny on said:

      Mr Malerman s follow up novel is a riveting page turner as suspenseful and satisfying as Bird Box.

    21. Richard S. Gerlach on said:

      Have you ever heard a sound so strange, so sharp, so absurd, or nonsensical that you have gotten a severe headache What about one that will literally shut down your body and make you vomit That is the sound we re dealing with when it comes to Mad Black Wheel One not of this earth, one that makes all weapons useless, one that can be used as a weapon.In Mad Black Wheel, we are introduced to Philip Tonka, the pianist for The Danes The Danes are a rock band made up of WWII veterans They have one hit [...]

    22. Michelle Morrell on said:

      Much like Bird Box, his first book, the author takes something one of our senses and weaponizes it In Bird Box, it was seeing something that drives you mad Here, in Black Mad Wheel, it s a sound A sound that incapacitates and destroys, but does it destroy, or does it create A group of musicians are sent into the African desert to track down this sound, which they of course find Shenanigans ensue I enjoyed the atmosphere, the feelings of dread and horror, and the shifting perceptions The ending w [...]

    23. Shane Douglas Keene on said:

      What to tell you about this one I guess the same thing I said on Facebook the other day is appropriate enough 300 pages of divine madness packed with the kind of twisted mind fuckery that has become Josh Malerman s stock in trade He stormed onto the horror scene with the insanely popular breakout novel, Bird Box, and now he s showing us with Black Mad Wheel that it was no fluke He really is just that fucking good Josh has climbed to the apex of my favorite authors list and it s going to take a m [...]

    24. Justine on said:

      I close the cover gently and lay it on the seat next to me I turn to my husband and say, I hated it No joke, those were the first words out of my mouth Bloody hell I gave it 2 stars, one because the idea was intriguing and the 2nd because uh.It just wasn t my cup of tea and I m so annoyed at myself for not liking it Ugh.

    25. Arzu Altınanıt on said:

      Kafes e bay lm t m o unlu u aksine G l n Dibindeki Evi ok sevmi , anlat m n ok tatl bulmu tum Ama bu kez olmam Josh Malerman Ya beklentim ok y ksekti ya da fazla zorlam s n.

    26. Mandy on said:

      I loved Bird Box it was one of my favourite books of 2015 I was so looking forward to this and it is a very different book but it does have the same creepy what s going to happen feel of something unseen and unknown Philosophy doesn t travel at the same speed technology does It takes a man forty years to realise what it took his farther forty years to realise And what s worse, he resists the truths his father s come to know, until he learns them himself Meanwhile, technology doesn t wait All a m [...]

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