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Jane Austen: A Life

Jane Austen: A Life By Carol Shields Jane Austen A Life With the same sensitivity and artfulness that are the trademarks of her award winning novels Carol Shields explores the life of a writer whose own novels have engaged and delighted readers for the pa

  • Title: Jane Austen: A Life
  • Author: Carol Shields
  • ISBN: 9780143035169
  • Page: 129
  • Format: Paperback
  • Jane Austen: A Life By Carol Shields With the same sensitivity and artfulness that are the trademarks of her award winning novels, Carol Shields explores the life of a writer whose own novels have engaged and delighted readers for the past two hundred years In Jane Austen, Shields follows this superb and beloved novelist from her early family life in Steventown to her later years in Bath, her broken engagemeWith the same sensitivity and artfulness that are the trademarks of her award winning novels, Carol Shields explores the life of a writer whose own novels have engaged and delighted readers for the past two hundred years In Jane Austen, Shields follows this superb and beloved novelist from her early family life in Steventown to her later years in Bath, her broken engagement, and her intense relationship with her sister Cassandra She reveals both the very private woman and the acclaimed author behind the enduring classics Sense and Sensibility, Pride and Prejudice, and Emma With its fascinating insights into the writing process from an award winning novelist, Carol Shields s magnificent biography of Jane Austen is also a compelling meditation on how great fiction is created.
    Jane Austen: A Life By Carol Shields

    Jane Austen Biography, Novels, Facts Britannica Sep , Author of Jane Austen s Literary Manuscripts Tennyson and others Jane Austen, born December , , Steventon, Hampshire, England died July , , Winchester, Hampshire , English writer who first gave the novel its distinctly modern character through her treatment of ordinary people in everyday life. Jane Austen Jane Austen A Biography Jenkins, Elizabeth, Gallagher Product details ISBN ISBN Product Dimensions . x . x . inches Publisher Naxos Audio Books September , Item Weight Jane Austen A Life by Claire Tomalin Jane Austen is a bit of a tough subject Unlike her contemporaries, Frances Burney and Mme de Stal, she did nothing in her life that would have attracted a historian s notice, so the source material is all personal her letters heavily redacted by her sister and the memories of her family scrubbed of anything discomfiti Jane Austen Biography, Life Timeline, Books, Movies Jane Austen, the world renowned English author, completed just six works during her time and yet manages to command a legion of fans around the world Her timeless stories have been turned into a plethora of movies, television shows, and modern adaptations in addition to being translated into multiple languages to cross cultural boundaries. Jane Austen Biography Apr , Jane Austen came into the world on December th, Born to Reverend George Austen of the Steventon rectory and Cassandra Austen of the Leigh family She was to be their seventh child and only the second daughter to the couple. A Jane Austen Education How Six Novels Taught WILLIAM DERESIEWICZ is a widely published book critic and the author of Jane Austen and the Romantic Poets He was nominated for National Magazine Awards in , , and and the National Book Critics Circle s Nona Balakian Citation for Excellence in Reviewing in and . Jane Austen s Regency Women A Day in the Life, Part day agoFor Jane Austen and the heroines in her novels, evenings varied greatly depending on where they were and who they were with Evenings at home were usually quiet and modest the Austen family enjoyed reading and talking together in the evening when they were home Evenings out in company were lively and filled with dinners, games, and dances.

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    One thought on “Jane Austen: A Life

    1. Duane on said:

      Carol Shields writes novels mostly, and very good ones at that She won a Pulitzer Prize for The Stone Diaries This one is a biography, a biography of one of the most beloved authors in English literature, Jane Austen Austen, even with her success, lived a plain and simple life Some biographers have embellished the details of her life, romanticized it to the point that Austen herself would probably laugh But Shields interpretation is simplistic, and one gets the feeling realistic This well writt [...]

    2. Karen on said:

      I enjoyed this slim biography of Jane Austen Shields does not manufacture a mysterious past for her, but instead focuses on Austen as a writer It s a less romantic, but realistic and respectful approach than movies like Becoming Jane She theorizes that Austen s novels are about a search for a home, written in a time when women s only available path was through marriage From that came the difficult moral choices of staying true to one s self or accepting financial security through an inferior ma [...]

    3. Obsidian on said:

      I read this book as part of the Dead Writers Society s Genre Fiction Challenge for June 2016 and the Literary Birthday Challenge for 2016 At this point I am wishing I chose the other book for the genre challenge I don t know what to say here besides this entire book read as someone who seemed to think that Jane Austen was not that attractive, was bitter and angry that she was a spinster, and who apparently was jealous that her sister Catherine was away from her Shields really doesn t give you an [...]

    4. Garythe Bookworm on said:

      I was drawn to Carol Shields Jane Austin A Life because I admire Shields work as a novelist and because I am in the clutches of a severe attack of Austenitis It hits me annually, sometimes accompanied by a far less pleasurable bout of gout Thankfully the gout went away, but the Austen fever lingers Shields title is a marvel of simplicity, as is her impressionistic biographical sketch She confesses that there is scant evidence to draw from so she wisely chooses to focus on an analyses of a few of [...]

    5. Sandy (CA) on said:

      The best outcome of my frustrating experience of reading this speculation about the life of Jane Austen is that I learned the difference between biography and literary biography In a modern biography, I expect to find at least i.e not only two elements a some sense of the chronological events and experiences which shaped the personality of the subject and b evidence that the biographer has researched primary source materials This book provides neither The chronology of Jane Austen s life is blur [...]

    6. Deborah Markus on said:

      Amazing that so short a book could be so unsatisfactory for so many reasons Just a few examples Shields insists all throughout the book that Austen longed all her life to be married, and that any happiness she managed to find was because she learned to live with disappointment Shields also mentions how annoying it is when readers conflate a fiction writer s life with her writing, right after explaining how much Austen has in common with the heroine of Persuasion Hold this book carefully if you d [...]

    7. Cata on said:

      Vou pausar Jane Austen a Life e HP e a Ordem da F nix porque vou participar em duas leituras conjuntas nos pr ximos dias

    8. Antof9 on said:

      It doesn t happen to me very often, but I had to look up a word in this book In the beginning of Chapter 8, the author uses palimpsest Please tell me I m not the only one going for the Webster s right now Palimpsest lit rubbed again a parchment that has been written upon previously and that bears traces of the imperfectly erased texts.Here s how it was used Pride and Prejudice can be seen as a palimpsest, with Jane Austen s real life engraved, roughly, enigmatically, beneath its surface I have b [...]

    9. Carol Clouds ꧁꧂ on said:

      I so wish GR had half stars This wasn t quite a 4 star read for me, but was too good to put down as a mere 3 Shields has a very easy to read writing style Due to the paucity of information about Jane Austen s life, a lot of the writing is speculative, but Shields gave good reasons for her theories such as why Austen appeared to have stopped writing whilst living in Bath I found myself agreeing with a lot of Shields ideas.

    10. Meg on said:

      It feels like Jane Austen has always been a part of my life, so much so, that I never thought about reading a biography about herI didn t need to, she was already a part of my family older sister that gave me advice on love and being a strong womanr mind that we are two centuries apartd an ocean I run to her books when I need to feel safed curling up in pjs and watching the BBC versions of her booksa cheap vacation This year while abroad, it struck me that I could actually read about her lifeoug [...]

    11. Mona Lisa (ForestGreenReader) on said:

      I m reading this bio for a Jane Austen class I m taking in university, I haven t read any of Jane Austen s novels YET But after reading this short bio, I m looking forward to getting into Pride and Prejudice and Emma.So onto the biography, very quickly I realized that this biography is mostly based on speculation and inference I m not sure if most biographies are this way because I rarely read any , but it was kind of irritating to constantly see words like possibly , supposedly , and based on A [...]

    12. Margaret on said:

      A sympathetic biography by one author on another The facts of Jane Austen s life can be picked up in any number of other biographies, but the strength of this short book is in Carol Shields appraisal of Austen s influences and writing processes Her research is tempered with empathy for her subject, making for an absorbing read.

    13. Tze-Wen on said:

      This review was originally posted on my blog In this concise biography, Pulitzer Prize winner Carol Shields describes the circumstances that influenced Jane Austen s writing Shields does not waste time exploring Austen s day to day life nor her detailed habits, but succinctly depicts an image of a developing writer and the environment that nurtured her authoring skills She often refers to James Edward Austen Leigh s Memoir of Jane Austen and Jane s letters For those who are interested, she lists [...]

    14. Mary Simonsen on said:

      If you are interested in whether Jane Austen preferred strawberry to raspberry jam, then you will want to look for a biography other than Carol Shields Jane Austen, A Life However, if you want a broad sweep of the life of the early 19th century author, then this slim volume is the perfect cup of tea Carol Shields, who won the Pulitzer Prize for The Stone Diaries, was asked by Penguin Books to write this biography Because it was not meant to be comprehensive, I found it an easy read with a nice m [...]

    15. Rebecca on said:

      I ve read all of Jane Austen s books including the obscure ones , I ve read her letters Shields may say over and over and over again that there are some that are destroyed but let that not give you the impression there aren t many left, because there are , I ve read several biographies And I read this book and wondered if this book is about the same woman.Be that as it may how we perceive a person, long gone, is always a matter of personal opinions I do, however, have some issues with the book [...]

    16. Milliebot on said:

      This is a solid little biography about Jane s life, going into detail about how the events of her life shaped and affected her writing, than the actual life events I know the basic outline of Jane s life and her publishing struggles, so it was interesting to get this author s insight into how Jane s life shaped her personality I would recommend this for casual Austen fans as it helps give the authoress some life but isn t too heavy on details, keeping it from potentially being dull.

    17. Becca-Rawr on said:

      After reading Pride and Prejudice I will openly admit I fell in love with Jane Austen as a writer I was interested in reading of her work and reading on her as a woman The day after having finished her most cherished novel, I went to the library and happened to see this book on the shelf I thought it was a sign, or at least a clever coincidence, and snatched it up to take out.This book probably wasn t something I should have started with when Jane Austen s life is concerned While the author is [...]

    18. P. on said:

      I did not like this book, which at first just appalled me I seriously regretted the decision to read an Austen bio Then I realized what appalled me was Shields as she reverse engineered Austen into a 20th century being that I began to feel was just like herself As she channels not only Austen but everyone in her life, the book is full of must have felts and worse Occasionally she tells you what an entire room of people were feeling.I read it because at 185pgs it was short, although it felt reall [...]

    19. rr on said:

      One gets what one chooses, at least sometimes I wanted to read a biography of Jane Austen, but I didn t think I could commit to a longer, scholarly biography this summer, so I read Carol Shield s volume instead It was conversational and breezy, and it kept me company this week at meal times, like a lively friend The shape, size, and feel of the book combined to provide a friendly tactile pleasure, as well But there s a probably or must have on almost every page, and I often couldn t tell on what [...]

    20. Kimberly on said:

      What a great biography The Jane Austen of popular imagination is quite proper and dainty Some of that is likely speculation and wishful thinking The author of this biography, in my opinion, honored her subject incredibly by fleshing her out in all of her complexities and eccentricities within the context of her society and time, just as well as the subject so fully drew her characters It was a beautiful piece of investigative journalism cutting fact from fiction surrounding the subject s life If [...]

    21. Mary on said:

      This really wasn t a biography It was an examination of the work of Jane Austen and how the few things that are actually known about her life might relate to that work It was however, a very enlightening look at the work of a great novelist and the time in which she lived Shields, an excellent novelist herself, also discusses, at some length, the creative process of the writer Ultimately there is speculation here than solid information, but the speculation seems grounded in research and this is [...]

    22. Brianne on said:

      This was my first Austen biography and I really enjoyed it I really liked that Shields presented a realistic picture of Austen it wasn t all gushing positive points only even if I want to believe that Austen was just perfect I liked Shields writing style so much that I ve got another book of hers to read I d definitely recommend it

    23. Teresa on said:

      A clear eyed, though affectionate, look at the life of Jane Austen from one of my favorite writers Shields words reminded me of how much Shields herself is missed her theorizing that Austen died from breast cancer is poignant.

    24. Darcey on said:

      Really enjoyed this Though the prose was occasionally a bit heavy handed, overall I found Shields take on Jane Austen s life and works highly readable and wonderfully insightful.

    25. Pamela on said:

      Easy to read, it intertwines an analysis of the novels and of what is known about Jane Austen s life It certainly makes you want to re read the novels.

    26. Jenni Joru on said:

      Miellytt v sti kirjoitettu pieni el m kerta Jane Austenista Austenistahan ei j nyt juuri dokumentteja ja Cassandra sisko sensuroi kirjeenvaihdon pit kseen siskon ja suvun mainetta yll.

    27. Isabelle on said:

      This is the year which I will be reading all of Jane Austen in chronological order so it s fitting that before undertaking that task I found out about Austen who created these stories which have touched thousands through the ages.The story of Jane Austen herself is actually quite a sad one she lived in a time when women had no freedom to sustain themselves outside of a good marriage a theme she systematically addresses in her novels When you read about Austen you can understand how she is const [...]

    28. Scott Wilder on said:

      If she were alive today, she might question our own attitudes toward using the body as a kind of software of literature For all the body s powers and vulnerability, her novels demonstrate that for her, the real dance of life lies in language and in understanding Carol Shields on Jane Austen s legacyWith wit, erudition, and a self acknowledged inability to escape the planet sized pull of Jane Austen s inimitable writing style, Ms Shields accomplishes the most important task of a literary biograph [...]

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