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Evening in Byzantium

Evening in Byzantium By Irwin Shaw Evening in Byzantium Honest men and thieves pimps panderers and men of virtue they were all gamblers in a game with no rules placing their bets debonairly or in the sweat of fear The place is Cannes the setting a fi

  • Title: Evening in Byzantium
  • Author: Irwin Shaw
  • ISBN: 9781857994476
  • Page: 212
  • Format: Paperback
  • Evening in Byzantium By Irwin Shaw Honest men and thieves, pimps, panderers and men of virtue they were all gamblers in a game with no rules, placing their bets debonairly, or in the sweat of fear The place is Cannes, the setting, a film festival, and the hero is Jesse Craig, whose survival is at stake.
    Evening in Byzantium By Irwin Shaw

    Evening in Byzantium TV Mini Series Aug , The plot premise of Evening in Byzantium really impressed me at the time as being a semi plausible way that terrorists might be able to attack the US, and even before I would Evening in Byzantium Shaw, Irwin I read Evening in Byzantium when it first came out, and just re read the Kindle version Despite some typos and strange formatting, I really enjoyed it it was like revisiting an old friend Shaw has written a Hollywood novel that is not set in Hollywood, but mostly in France where he was an ex patriot resident. Evening in Byzantium by Irwin Shaw Quotes from Evening in Byzantium Cannes was to blame, he told himself defensively It was a city made for the indulgence of the senses, all ease and sunshine and provocative flesh. Evening in Byzantium A Novel by Irwin Shaw NOOK Book Feb , Evening in Byzantium is a masterwork that brilliantly documents a man s precipitous slide along with that of his industry from independence toward cynical mediocrity It is a timeless story of a determined character grappling with the nature of success and power. Evening in Byzantium A Novel Kindle edition by Shaw Feb , Evening in Byzantium A Novel Kindle edition by Shaw, Irwin Literature Fiction Kindle eBooks . Evening in Byzantium TV Mini Series Full Cast Evening in Byzantium TV Mini Series cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and .

    • [PDF] Unlimited ☆ Evening in Byzantium : by Irwin Shaw
      212 Irwin Shaw

    One thought on “Evening in Byzantium

    1. L. (Slay the meaty ones!) on said:

      Horribly depressing characters have tedious conversations about how horribly depressed they are I want to give everyone in this book a prescription for Zoloft In between drinking gallons of booze, they all moan and groan about how their lives are in the toilet, yet none of them do anything to pull themselves up When one decent character shows up for just a few paragraphs I wanted to shout at him, Run Run away from these people They re highly contagious The novel has left me with two lingering qu [...]

    2. Tom McDade on said:

      From The Main Point James Scott LinvilleSaturday, April 2, 2011James Salter on Irwin ShawDavid L Ulin, musing about the happy change in the weather, was reminded of Irwin Shaw s much anthologized Girls in Their Summer Dresses Shaw is largely forgotten now, his literary achievements oddly overshadowed by the enormous commercial success of his late novels, and yet his short stories not only hold up but are superb Ulin s post prompted a F book friend to mention James Salter s remembrance of Shaw in [...]

    3. Monika on said:

      The very last page of the book reminded me of Charles Bukowski Not because of his way of writing, bu his way of living I read a similar story about him in his biography that shocked me, and I felt giggly when I finished the book It was easy to read, light and intriguing The first thing I read by Irwin Shaw was his short story In the french style They both consist the character of the strong male, the traveler with no constant home who is not sure what he wants from life nor love Paris is describ [...]

    4. Mark Stone on said:

      To say that Jesse Crain is one of Irwin Shaw s most unforgettable protagonists is saying a lot.Which makes the statement no less true.Admittedly this isn t on par with Rich Man, Poor Man nothing is or Beggarman, Thief few books reach that level of excellence , but Byzantium is a VERY GOOD read Give it a go if you appreciate writing brilliance and engrossing characters and settings.

    5. Kerry on said:

      Poorly structured plot and unrealistic relationships between characters Heavy handed treatment of themes Strange diversion into somewhat incestuous thoughts and indirect behavior by the main character Melodrama and clinched actions throughout A silly book with little to offer a serious reader.

    6. Jennifer on said:

      This book started off a little slow for me, but once I got into it I adored the story In a way it reminds me of some of the themes of The Great Gatsby Wonderful storytelling and dialogue The protagonist is so well illustrated, I felt like I knew himd I just wanted to shake him and then slap some life into him

    7. Dave Schumacher on said:

      Great storyteller everything I ve read of his I ve enjoyed

    8. Robert Grant on said:

      A pretty good yarn I seem to remember that there was also a mini series of this novel done Not as good as the book however A strong book for it s time.

    9. Ruth Vanderhart on said:

      3.5 would be accurate Shaw is an excellent storyteller.

    10. Bpatoosk on said:

      Good read by an absolutely great author wish there where like him I d add stars if the protagonist weren t so frustratingly passive.but that s personal opinion The writing is great.

    11. Ani Alexander on said:

      The end was unexpected but at the same time the author discribed the character and his life sa well that the reader can understand why this happened.It was quite deep and emotional read.

    12. Noel Hynd on said:

      One of my favorites again Thie film business in Cannes in the 1970 s, elegantly crafted by a muc h undserrated writer.

    13. Steve on said:

      Shaw takes the film industry to task in this novel which could be out of the 1920 s.

    14. Jennifer Armstrong on said:

      totally awesome story one of the most entertaining stories everke pippi longstockings for adults

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