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The Scattering

The Scattering By Kimberly McCreight The Scattering New York Times bestselling author Kimberly McCreight raises the stakes in the second book of the heart pounding Outliers trilogy a uniquely speculative story about secrets betrayal and a world wher

  • Title: The Scattering
  • Author: Kimberly McCreight
  • ISBN: 9780062359148
  • Page: 130
  • Format: ebook
  • The Scattering By Kimberly McCreight New York Times bestselling author Kimberly McCreight raises the stakes in the second book of the heart pounding Outliers trilogy, a uniquely speculative story about secrets, betrayal, and a world where one small group of people are blessed or cursed with an incredible power.Wylie may have escaped the camp in Maine, but she is far from safe The best way for her to protectNew York Times bestselling author Kimberly McCreight raises the stakes in the second book of the heart pounding Outliers trilogy, a uniquely speculative story about secrets, betrayal, and a world where one small group of people are blessed or cursed with an incredible power.Wylie may have escaped the camp in Maine, but she is far from safe The best way for her to protect herself is to understand her ability, fast But after spending a lifetime trying to ignore her own feelings, giving in to her ability to read other peoples emotions is as difficult as it is dangerous.And Wylie isn t the only one at risk Ever since they returned home, Jasper has been spiraling, wracked with guilt over what happened to Cassie After all they ve been through together, Wylie and Jasper would do anything for each other, but she doesn t know if their bond is strong enough to overcome demons from the past.It is amid this uncertainty and fear that Wylie finds herself confronted with a choice She was willing to do whatever it took to help Cassie, but is she prepared to go to the same extremes to help complete strangers even if they are just like her
    The Scattering By Kimberly McCreight

    The Scattering The Outliers, by Kimberly McCreight The Scattering, Kimberly McCreight The second book of The Outliers trilogy follows the events after the incident at the camp in Maine Ever since they returned home, Wylie and Jasper are dealing with their guilt over what happened to Cassie. The Scattering Imagining a Church that Connects Faith and The Scattering is, in short, the book we should read in order create the congregations we and the world God loves need Dr David Lose, President, The Lutheran Theological Seminary at Philadelphia Wipf and Stock Publishers Scattering Dune Wiki Frank Herbert, David Lynch, Sandworms Home The Scattering When we become as good at the scattering of the church as we are at its gathering, both pastors and members will find new joy, new purpose, and new vitality as we give ourselves away for the sake of the gospel Welcome to the website for The Scattering. The Scattering Imagining a Church that Connects Faith and The Scattering Imagining a Church that Connects Faith and Life by Dwight Dubois Imagine being able to connect everything you do in life with God s dream of shalom Imagine all God s people seeing their family responsibilities, work, and community involvement as ministry. The Scattering album Scattering physics Britannica Scattering, in physics, a change in the direction of motion of a particle because of a collision with another particle As defined in physics, a collision can occur between particles that repel one another, such as two positive or negative ions, and need not involve direct physical contact of the particles. Scattering Scattering Definition of Scattering by Merriam Webster Scattering definition is an act or process in which something scatters or is scattered How to use scattering in a sentence.

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    One thought on “The Scattering

    1. Sarah on said:

      I received an advance copy of this book for free Thanks to HarperCollins UK, Children s and NetGalley We are all Outliers Every last one of us And I might have suspected as much before, but now I am sure This was an interesting sequel, and I liked it than the first book in the series.Wylie was a strong character in this book and she didn t give up, even when things looked really bad I also liked the way she tried to help people other than herself, and stood firm in her beliefs too.The storyline [...]

    2. Dannii Elle on said:

      I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review Thank you to the author, Kimberly McCreight, and the publisher, Harper Collins, for this opportunity.This is the sequel to the much loved The Outliers The story is told through the eyes of teenage Wylie who suffers from a sever case of anxiety and if afflicted with acute levels of emotional intelligence that allows her to ascertain the thoughts and feelings of all those she meets But Wylie has discovered that she is not alone Her ad [...]

    3. Kim Kaso on said:

      A very fast read, plot keeps moving along I really like Wylie and Jasper, care about what happens to them I like how the author makes feeling and sensitivity a gift, rather than a flaw I am amused how she tried to plug a hole in her plot in the first book in the initial pages of the second, but it was done in a very facile, throw away manner and I did not buy it and am still annoyed If Neil Gaiman can re write his genius novels, and get closer to his vision, other authors should at least take ca [...]

    4. Chandra Claypool (wherethereadergrows) on said:

      Wylie and Jasper are back Dealing with Cassie s death, they start to pull apart Wylie learning about her ability and Jasper trying to handle his guilt Worried about Jasper, Wylie goes looking for him, just to end wind up waking up in a hospital, cuffed to a bed She finds herself in a hospital with other Outlier subjects, the ruse of keeping them there being a potential weird strain stemming from strep throat, called PANDAS cough Wylie manages to escape and as she tries to find a way to save the [...]

    5. Dr.Mandi on said:

      Omg That ending I kind of had a feeling only because I was like what s the craziest thing that could happen That s all I am going to say I cannot wait for the third book This book was even better than the first, action and I loved watching the relationship between Wylie and Jasper develop.

    6. Jano on said:

      Rese a completa en elcaosliterario.eEl libro parte despu s de un pr logo desde la misma escena que finaliz Extra os para continuar con la aventura de Wylie y Jasper Ambos personajes son los protagonistas de esta segunda parte de la trilog a Respecto al resto de personajes, hay alguno nuevo pero a rasgos generales est centrado en los mismos del primer libro He encontrado grandes diferencias en este segundo libro respecto al primero Una de ellas es el ritmo, mucho m s pausado y con una trama mucho [...]

    7. Stephanie on said:

      Me while reading this book What a colossal mess Me after finishing But that cliffhanger Still not sure it s enough to bring me back for book 3, though.

    8. Laura Rash on said:

      This one was better than the first Still a lil choppy but a much better storyline for Wylie Jasper

    9. Pages And Beyond on said:

      And I wonder if I really can make it all the way to that small light on the dock in the distance It seems so impossibly far away, the water so frighteningly still like it s just waiting for someone fool enough to try The Scattering,Kimberly McCreightThe second book of The Outliers trilogy follows the events after the incident at the camp in Maine Ever since they returned home, Wylie and Jasper are dealing with their guilt over what happened to Cassie In addition, Wylie is also trying to understa [...]

    10. Christinabybarra on said:

      I just can t put my finger on this series I enjoy the storyline, but the details seems to lack I find myself pushing through to finish it, but I did enjoy the last 50 pages than the rest of the book.I m really hoping book 3 makes it all worth it.

    11. Bárbara on said:

      A pesar de que sent que fue un poco m s lento que el anterior, pasan cosas demasiado extra as que me dejaron sin saber qu pensar Y el final Dios santo Necesito el tercer libro

    12. Georgi on said:

      I neeeeed the next book in my life But now I have to wait till next year

    13. Kristy on said:

      Note that this review may will have spoilers if you haven t read the first book in McCreight s Outliers series.Now that we pick up with the second book, Wylie and Jasper have escaped the camp in Maine But they are both deeply affected by what happened there, especially Cassie s death each feels guilty in their own way Further, Wylie is still coming to terms with her ability as an Outlier to read people s thoughts and emotions and what it means for real life She s getting better with her skill, b [...]

    14. Caroline on said:

      Not as great as the first book, which had me OBSESSED, but there was no way I wasn t going to read the sequel Also, no way in hell I won t be reading the final book Sadly, this suffered from second book syndrome, but I still have high hopes for the third and final book And, SPOILERThe kiss between Wiley love that name and Jasper could have gone into SO much detail I mean so much It literally just said d then he was kissing me Come on That tension was building through the whole book I need

    15. Laura Lineberger on said:

      The Scattering had too much of what I didn t like about The Outliers and not enough of what I did.So, to recap my review of The Outliers book 1 , what I really liked was how fast paced and thrilling it was and the relationship between Wylie and Jasper especially the character of Jasper What I didn t like was how implausible much of it was and the bad decisions by the main characters.I was really looking forward to book 2, despite not really liking how weird the last 1 3 of the first book was A m [...]

    16. Ashley Earley on said:

      DNF 63% I just could not finish this Writing was quick Not nearly as well written as the first in the series though Disappointing The thrill was lacking as well I saw no other reason to finish it If it wasn t such quick writing, I probably wouldn t have but it s an easy read Like a James Patterson novel.So yeah, writing was quick but lacking in keeping me entertained with the story Wasn t gripped at all Don t care what happens to any of the characters any Also a lack of emotional depth.I see no [...]

    17. Sharon on said:

      So many twists, turns, questions, answers that lead to questions, and then a final cliffhanger scene that rocks the foundation under your feet Yes, Kimberly McCreight, you ve stunned me once again The sequel to The Outliers picks up after Wylie Lang receives the cryptic text from Jasper Salt telling her to run.The two friends remain in contact in the weeks following the horrific events at the campsite As new details emerge about her mom s car accident and her father s research into the Outliers [...]

    18. Mycoton32 on said:

      leslecturesdemylene 2017 20 Un second tome qui nous r serve quelques grosses surprises et qui est explosif

    19. Ginny Kavanagh on said:

      The trouble with reading a Young Adult series, if you are not a young adult, is you forget what happened in the preceding book At least I did Our heroine is an anxiety ridden, hyper sensitive mess Her problems are exacerbated by the fact that she is an Outlier She can read emotions not exactly my idea of a super power But It s only a matter of time before she will be able to read minds as well And there are bad people who either want to kill all of the outliers all girls or use their talents for [...]

    20. Jen on said:

      Second in a trilogy, The Scattering continues to keep you on the edge of your seat with every page Kimberly McCeight is honestly a master of suspense in this YA thriller This book picks up right where The Outliers left off There is no calm before the second storm This time there are others Do they know they are Outliers At what length will Wylie go to save them all Again trying to escape from this never ending nightmare, she is continuously having to question the motives of those around her, whi [...]

    21. Eliza and her books on said:

      Trigger warnings Anxiety,Depression and talk of suicide oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god oh my god i was going to give this a 4 5 stars but that ending was so good i had to had to give it a full 5 5 stars i can t stop thinking about it that was one of the best ending to a book I ve ever read ever

    22. LuCioLe on said:

      Je tiens tout d abord remercier Collection R et NetGalley pour l envoi de ce roman J avais d couvert cette trilogie gr ce Collection R lors de la sortie du premier roman critique ici et j avais beaucoup accroch sur l histoire qui tait assez originale Ici a se passe un peu plus tard, les choses restent difficiles encaisser pour Wylie et Jasper et la vie est dure reprendre surtout avec ce qu ils ont v cu et tout ce qu ils ont appris Pourtant, les ennuis ne sont pas loin et Wylie est encore inqui t [...]

    23. Nedyah on said:

      Aislados es la segunda parte de la trilog a de Kimberly McCreight y sale a la venta el pr ximo 21 de septiembre Esta historia comenz con Extra os rese a aqu , un thriller juvenil y trepidante que, con sus m s y sus menos, me mantuvo intrigada y con mil teor as en la cabeza hasta el final, donde todo queja en el aire y te anima a seguir descubriendo todo el universo de los denominados Extra os, el por qu son perseguidos y qu prop sito tienen las entidades y asociaciones secretas que tratan de hac [...]

    24. Sara Strand on said:

      I had to go back and read my review of the first book so that I could feel like I was going into this one with a solid background It didn t even matter because there is so much information in this around who the Outliers are, why everyone wants them, what their potential is, and nobody is who they seem Honestly It s overwhelming and a few times I wanted to just set the book aside and say, I m done, but I can t do that because you know that once I start a series I have to follow it through to the [...]

    25. Baelfiretalks on said:

      Apr s un d but de saga contrast , j ai d cid de laisser une second chance Outliers car oui, j avais autant ador que d test certains l ments du tome 1 Et je suis bien contente de l avoir fait tout ce qui me manquait dans le tome 1 est r uni dans le tome 2.Pour commencer, on d couvre plus amplement ce qu implique le fait d tre une anomalie et l tendue de leur pouvoir L absence d explication dans le tome 1 avait vraiment mis un frein ma lecture car si j avais t int ress e par cette saga, c tait pou [...]

    26. Barbara on said:

      1.5 2 The Scattering is the second book in The Outliers series Having discovered that she is an Outlier i.e can read the emotions of those around her and that her father s secret research has been the subject of Outliers, Wylie returns home in the first book to two federal agents at her door Beginning immediately where the last book began, this book starts with Wylie s reaction to Jasper s text message in the final book From there, things get similarly outrageous as they did in the previous book [...]

    27. S.J. Higbee on said:

      This second slice of the adventure has the same tension surrounding the first book, but I did prefer the fact that this time around, McCreight put in the groundwork to establish what outliers are There are flashbacks to key moments that have influenced Wylie s life to date, which I really appreciated as the major quibble I had with the first book was the speed we were plunged into the adventure, leaving me at times a little unconvinced about the issue of Wylie being so special While reading The [...]

    28. Chica Sombra on said:

      Con Extra os, el libro que dio comienzo a esta saga, tuve sentimientos encontrados, ya que me result bastante entretenido a pesar de que los personajes no lograron llegarme Con Aislados, han empezado a caerme un poquito mejor aunque tampoco somos amigos Tras el final de infarto que tuvo la primera parte, comienza la trama desde el mismo punto donde se qued Wylie est siendo interrogada por la Polic a sobre el incendio en el campamento y la muerte de Cassie, a la vez que trata de manejar y entende [...]

    29. Sharon on said:

      The Scattering is the second book of The Outliers series, which takes place directly after the events in the debut Wylie and Jaspar are home, but their lives have definitely not gone back to normal When Wylie ends up in a heap of trouble, surrounded by girls who are just like her, will she choose the safe route or the dangerous one When she thinks that things cannot possibly get any worse, will Wylie be able to hold herself together long enough to get answers The Scattering has a cliffhanger end [...]

    30. Lynndell on said:

      Thanks to NetGalley and HarperCollins for the opportunity to read and review The Scattering by Kimberly McCreight This sequel begins where The Outliers left off then jumps ahead to six months later Jasper and Wylie both feel guilty about Cassie Wylie tries to save Jasper from jumping off a bridge after Jasper s mom says she s worried about him Wylie gets to the bridge and while she s looking for Jasper, police show up and arrest her, assuming she s going to jump Wylie finds herself in a hospital [...]

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