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Telepath By JanetEdwards Telepath Amber is one of over a million eighteen year olds in one of the great hive cities of twenty sixth century Earth She s about to enter the Lottery of which will assess her abilities and decide her

  • Title: Telepath
  • Author: JanetEdwards
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 238
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Telepath By JanetEdwards Amber is one of over a million eighteen year olds in one of the great hive cities of twenty sixth century Earth She s about to enter the Lottery of 2532, which will assess her abilities and decide her hive level, her profession, her whole future life Amber s dream is to be level 10 or above, her nightmare is to be a level 99 Sewage Technician When Lottery discovers AmbeAmber is one of over a million eighteen year olds in one of the great hive cities of twenty sixth century Earth She s about to enter the Lottery of 2532, which will assess her abilities and decide her hive level, her profession, her whole future life Amber s dream is to be level 10 or above, her nightmare is to be a level 99 Sewage Technician When Lottery discovers Amber is a rare and precious telepath, she must adapt to a new life protecting the people of the crowded hive city Her job is hunting down criminals before they commit their crimes, but she doesn t know she s being hunted herself.
    Telepath By JanetEdwards

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      238 JanetEdwards

    One thought on “Telepath

    1. Dylan Tomorrow on said:

      I am biased I love the Earth Girl verse maybe than any other book series I know So take this with a grain of salt.I absolutely loved reading this and hate that it s over now For info on the world and setup, read below First, I gush D.I read this in less than 24 hours Most of it was so tense and or fascinating and or moving, that I had to force myself to take breaks or sleep.Amber is weirdly relatable, even though we readers don t share her powers, she still struggles with and succeeds in all t [...]

    2. Glory on said:

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    3. Beth on said:

      Not too shabby Interesting take on where our future may go The steps taken to modify the actions of the mob could lead to fun ethical discussions.The lead is the typical YA heroine but not too Mary Sue Would be interested in a sequel or something based in the same world.

    4. quesalganlosdragones on said:

      so, don t take note of that cover Just ignore it I was very happily surprised to see a new Janet Edwards book pop up in my feed Her Earth Star trilogy is a firm favourite of mine albeit with some reservations and this follow up series doesn t look like it will disappoint Like the earth girl series, we have a future earth which isn t completely dystopian but is far from perfect The world building is great, as I ve come to expect and the progression of the romantic story line is interesting but un [...]

    5. Rezeda on said:

      Another amazing book from Janet Edwards.I liked Jarra so much, so was very wary starting this one, ready to be disappointed because of my high expectations.I am glad to report that it turned out to be even better than I expected I absolutely adore author s sense of humour calling that thing Lottery is just brilliant, imho.It s completely different world, with different technologies, prejudices, drawbacks, etc but it s as impeccably logical, as the portal future of Earth Girl.

    6. ~Laurin The Brave ~ on said:

      I was reluctant to start this book after reading and re reading Earth Girl series Loved Earth Girl and was really surprised that not many people know about how great this author is I was sad and disappointed to say goodbye to it still hoping for a short story, novella to see what happened next on Fortuna Insanely hoping for another bookI pushed the book on the side and leave it for later Much, much later.I enjoyed this book so much that I stayed up till 4a.m not willing to part with it Loved the [...]

    7. Dichotomy Girl on said:

      Original Review I don t know why I waited so long to read this book I think I was worried that I wouldn t enjoy it as much as the Earth Girl Series But I was wrong I breezed through this is one evening And find myself really wishing that book 2 was already published I found the world of this book really interesting, and I liked how it had vague dystopian tones to me, but in reality was just a world that like any had it strengths and weaknesses.Definitely look forward to the next book in this ser [...]

    8. Aura on said:

      Very good, full of details of the society and the Hive The characters are not too Mary Sue and by the time the book was at the end, I was greedily checking whether book two was available Alas, looks like I have to wait so I am reading the book again which is something I very rarely do It is not an absolute masterpiece as I would have to digest those before reading them again but it was very good indeed.

    9. Mindi Briar on said:

      I am a HUGE fan of Janet Edwards worldbuilding in Earth Girl, but I was afraid going into a new series and world that I would not like it as much I needn t have worried I intended to casually read this ebook on my phone on my breaks at work, but ended up staying up til 2 am glued to my phone screen dying to know what happens next And now I have a ferocious need for the second book A well earned five stars.

    10. Jason on said:

      Girl is at the top of the hive very interesting This is a very interesting story in which people live in hives and a very technological advanced society.Each hive is its own worldeach person is assigned to a job that benefits the hive but also benefits themselves.The society is divided into a level class system, but allows some individuality.Overall a very interesting story and I look forward to the sequel.

    11. Charles J Radgowski on said:

      Fascinating predictions of a future world solid architecture and few contradictions Decent character development I thought the end was out of character for the main character can t really discuss it with out revealing to much I would read a sequel.

    12. Sìleas on said:

      I ve now really enjoyed both of Edwards futuristic Earth scenarios Telepath and Earth Girl Her heroines are very competent too much so sometimes but they do make mistakes and learn I particularly like the fact that Edwards didn t do the love triangle thing, where the woman thinks she s ugly but all the men think she s amazing and she can t decide who to pick That s a YA trope that I really, really hate I have no patience with endless vacillations and woe is me for being so irresistable and causi [...]

    13. David Wooddell on said:

      inventive and originalI found the story line to be inventive and original, with themes reminiscent of Divergent, Hunger Games and Maze Runner.

    14. Sarah on said:

      Don t mind me I m just sitting here and staring in awe out of the windowThat was so freaking good No Earth Girl for me, tho, but still really awesome I bet if I ve read this before Earth Girl I would have liked it better How can Janet Edwards komm off with such amazing storylines So my thoughts in detailThe characters Amber the protagonist She is a young woman 18 , we meet her worrying about her future on which she has little to no infuence And we follow her story towho she became at the end of [...]

    15. Timothy Sawe on said:

      I m just on page 6 but I can already see what great a book this one is turning out to be

    16. William on said:

      Short version if you want a fun adventure, an interesting setting and food for thought This is a good book Long Version Ignore the awful, misleading cover, this is not a cheesy Dystopian Love Triangle This is a solid SF adventure story in the grand tradition of making you think while telling a fun adventure with likable characters This book is written to be approachable for Young Adults, without assuming that such readers are dumb This author is a good writer.There is no clich love triangle, tho [...]

    17. Mary B. Grove on said:

      far better than mostSo many books now blend into all the other books they resemble too closely This one stands out because it s not just different, it s really good, too Edwards walks a nice balance between character and plot, has excellent world building, real people characters and she s come up with an unusual situation to engage the reader s attention and emotions The main character, Amber, is sympathetic without being anything like perfect, and over the course of the story, she grows a great [...]

    18. Books In Brogan on said:

      This was definitely a five star book by a five star author Brilliant character development and a plot with a different kind of twist make this a great book for all ages Janet Edwards Earth Girl series is one of my all time favorites so I was hopeful I would like this one but since it is a totally new series and new world I was hesitant about reading it, because have we all loved a series but found some of the same authors book not a good I had nothing to fear as I read this one because it is jus [...]

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