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Knight's Castle

Knight's Castle By Edward Eager N.M. Bodecker Knight s Castle When the ancient toy soldier comes alive the Old One grants Roger s wish to adventure in yeomanly Sherwood Forest Will Roger earn his second wish to save his father Need for an operation brings Roge

  • Title: Knight's Castle
  • Author: Edward Eager N.M. Bodecker
  • ISBN: 9780152020736
  • Page: 467
  • Format: Paperback
  • Knight's Castle By Edward Eager N.M. Bodecker When the ancient toy soldier comes alive, the Old One grants Roger s wish to adventure in yeomanly Sherwood Forest Will Roger earn his second wish, to save his father Need for an operation brings Roger 11 and younger Ann to stay with bossy cousin Eliza and Jack Can the children convince Ivanhoe to marry Rebecca over Rowena, and conquer the castle in pjs
    Knight's Castle By Edward Eager N.M. Bodecker

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    • [PDF] Read ☆ Knight's Castle : by Edward Eager N.M. Bodecker
      467 Edward Eager N.M. Bodecker

    One thought on “Knight's Castle

    1. Kressel Housman on said:

      Great fun, just like the first in the series And if you re a fan of knights, castles, and medieval type adventures, you might like it even better Like Half Magic, this is a magical adventure story featuring four kids Like Half Magic, the kids aren t quite in control of the magic, so it takes some funny twists and turns And also like Half Magic, there s character growth at the end, which adds depth to all the fun.One thing about Edward Eager he likes literary references The nature of this magic i [...]

    2. Jane on said:

      Roger, a boy with a magical talking toy soldier that has been passed through his family, and his sister, Ann learn that their father is sick As a result, they have to go to stay with their cousins, Jack and Eliza in Balti, Maryland Every night they have adventures with magical toy knights The Knight s Castle is a wonderful story full of adventure and fantasy In the world of the toy soldiers, anything can happen if you wish it hard enough The Knight s Castle belongs in a series With Half Magic, M [...]

    3. Lisa on said:

      A mid 20th century children s classic I read this because it was there At the time I was making my way through The English Patient oh wait I am still making my way through The English Patient Anyhow, any book that fell in my path that was not The English Patient had a good chance of being read This one my son had left in my room So I read it because it wasn t The English Patient Really a delightful and whimsical story I appreciated the nod to the greatest of children s fantasy writers, E Nesbit [...]

    4. Chris on said:

      This one jumps ahead 30 years from the previous book it s good, but definitely not my favorite of the series.

    5. Jessica on said:

      This book was really, really fun for us Early on in the story, the children went to see Ivanhoe at the movie theater By the copyright date, it was probably the version with Elizabeth Taylor Being unfamiliar with the tale of Ivanhoe, we paused our reading and looked up both the book and the movie I read the original story on the side, and we all watched a newer Ivanhoe movie from 1982 The kids adored it and watched it twice This gave us footing to read the rest of Knight s Castle which makes use [...]

    6. Kailey (BooksforMKs) on said:

      Roger and Ann s father is ill, and Roger wishes on an ancient lead soldier toy for his father to be healed But the magical lead soldier tells Roger that wishes must be earned, and Roger, his sister, and their cousins are swept into an adventure of derring do in the Merry England of Robin Hood, Ivanhoe, and King Richard the Lionheart.The moment Roger arrives in this magical land, everything seems to go wrong despite his good intentions Roger begins to doubt that he can ever do enough good deeds t [...]

    7. Ruth on said:

      This is my second Eager book This author is really a kick He even puts a tongue in cheek reference to a Keats poem La belle dame sans merci in one of his descriptions of a knight in the book And then there s the kooky and completely delightful hodge podge story itself, which includes a re telling of the Ivanhoe story in a way that has to delight fans of Sir Walter Scott even the purists Where else would you find Ivanhoe dumping the annoying Rowena and meeting up again with the sympathetic Rebecc [...]

    8. Caleb Lee on said:

      One of the best books I ve ever read, with some of my favorite characters Hilarious and heartfelt at the same time I can t recomend it enough A word of warning much of the story revolves around the story of Ivanhoe, so if you ve read Ivanhoe or watched one of the film versions, you d enjoy this book Personally, I read this before I even knew what Ivanhoe was, and still loved it.

    9. Brad on said:

      This has been the best of Eager s books so far I think it appealed even to me because it focuses so much on knights, castles, and even Robin Hood confession Robin Hood is probably my favorite Disney movie ever Eager has also put in several funny things for adults to catch, too Another one that I m eager yuk yuk to share with my kids.Rating G.

    10. Sarah Sammis on said:

      After reading most of the Tales of Magic series now, I have to admit that I prefer the older generation s dynamic to the younger one The cousins squabble so much that it gets in the way of the adventures pussreboots blog 2017 comm

    11. Rick Stuckwisch on said:

      Such fun reading these classic children s fantasy adventures Brings back lots of fond memories of when I first heard them read to me, and of when I first read them for myself, and of when I read them to my older children years ago A lovely slice of nostalgia, excellent and thoroughly enjoyable.

    12. Drew on said:

      A fun follow up to Half Magic featuring the children of two of the siblings from that previous book Knight s Castle is a sort of mash up of E Nesbit s The Magic City and the 1952 film version of Ivanhoe Familiarity with the former isn t necessary, but familiarity with the latter will definitely increase enjoyment of the story But being familiar with neither, the kids and I still enjoyed this one quite a bit The four children featured in this book are drawn in to the world of Ivanhoe through inte [...]

    13. Dave on said:

      Not quite as timeless as Half Magic, but an enjoyable story for the kids and a phone one to read aloud as a parent.

    14. Sonia Gensler on said:

      I loved revisiting this old friend Made me want to do a complete Edward Eager re read.

    15. Amy Gouker on said:

      Another adorable book in the series continuing the story of Martha and Katherine s children experiences with magic.

    16. Joel Andrews on said:

      Is there any magic in the world Edward Eager answers this question in Knight s Castle Edward Eager makes all the characters seem real with their great personalities Jack is a great demonstration of this with his love of photos and sport Edward also makes something a mystery in some way Like during the part where the old one gives them a riddle to help them, but they don t figure out in till the end He also almost always end a part a way you wouldn t suspect it to end A great example of this is w [...]

    17. Rachel on said:

      I read this with Kylie as part of Build Your Library s 2nd grade curriculum I enjoyed it, though not nearly as much as Half Magic, the first book in the series, which was not part of the curriculum, but we chose to read first anyway I m glad we did I wonder, if we had read or watched Ivanhoe first, if we would have enjoyed it , since I believe it was meant to be a spoof of Ivanhoe But I am interested in other books in the series still.

    18. Johnny Bennett on said:

      Knight s Castle follows in the Edward Eager tradition established in book one of the Tales of Magic The connection here to the first of the series is so minimal that there is no need specifically seek out and read it except for the enjoyment.Knight s Castle involves characters that are less likable and suffers mildly for it The adventures are entertaining but the time between drags on Fitting as the children tended to complain of the same thing in the novel.

    19. Amanda on said:

      Too much Ivanhoe and old fashioned language for my crew, but they still liked the story and we re on to the next.

    20. Maximilian Lee on said:

      I liked this book because I thought that it was very cool how there was the old one and everything I didn t like the part when Roger almost got trapped.

    21. J.S. Puller on said:

      This was decidedly my favorite book in Eager s series As a Robin Hood fan and a collector of action figures, it felt like childhood dreams coming true.

    22. Justin on said:

      I didn t this quite had the magic of Half Magic Perhaps it was because it relies so much on knowledge of the Ivanhoe film of 1952, but I couldn t get into this story My kid liked it, nevertheless, and we re continuing with the series.

    23. Ashley on said:

      According to , Knight s Castle is the second book of this series I don t believe it makes any difference in which order you read these first few books However, I enjoyed reading Half Magic first and would have preferred to read Magic by the Lake afterwards just because the characters are the same If you don t mind a change of characters back and forth than I would just read them in the order has listed The only detail you miss if you skip this book is that Martha and Katherine are the mothers of [...]

    24. Dolly on said:

      This is the second book in the Tales of Magic series by Edward Eager We actually read this book out of order, reading it after we d read Magic by the Lake It features different characters from the first book and it didn t matter too much that we d read the books in the wrong order It s a wonderful tale of imagination and magic that really emphasizes the morality of a wish and that magic comes in threes It shows how wonderful it can be for cousins to get along and work together creatively, but it [...]

    25. Jill on said:

      Another Edward Eager success This is a tale of magic, knights, rescues, quarrels, resolutions, imaginary play come to life, consequences, and opportunities to be a hero.Roger and Ann are brother and sister staying at their aunts house while their father receives treatment for an unknown medical issue at a nearby hospital Roger is worried about his father and requests two wishes from an old toy soldier who tells him wishes must be earned and to be careful what you wish for.When they arrive at the [...]

    26. Zenichi M. on said:

      Hey, like magic Pick up a copy of Knight s Castle by Edward Eager But, even if you don t like magic, I recommend picking up a copy You ll still love this terrific book The magic begins when Roger and Ann must go to Balti to stay with their cousins when their father gets sick and, on the train, Roger s toy soldier who he calls The Old One suddenly speaks to him There is a present of a toy castle and knights waiting for him there, which he realizes are also magic when he is teleported back to medi [...]

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