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The Republic

The Republic By Plato Desmond Lee The Republic Presented in the form of a dialogue between Socrates and three different interlocutors this classic text is an enquiry into the notion of a perfect community and the ideal individual within it During

  • Title: The Republic
  • Author: Plato Desmond Lee
  • ISBN: 9780140449143
  • Page: 425
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Republic By Plato Desmond Lee Presented in the form of a dialogue between Socrates and three different interlocutors, this classic text is an enquiry into the notion of a perfect community and the ideal individual within it During the conversation, other questions are raised what is goodness what is reality and what is knowledge The Republic also addresses the purpose of education and the role oPresented in the form of a dialogue between Socrates and three different interlocutors, this classic text is an enquiry into the notion of a perfect community and the ideal individual within it During the conversation, other questions are raised what is goodness what is reality and what is knowledge The Republic also addresses the purpose of education and the role of both women and men as guardians of the people With remarkable lucidity and deft use of allegory, Plato arrives at a depiction of a state bound by harmony and ruled by philosopher kings.
    The Republic By Plato Desmond Lee

    The Republic Nobody covers Columbus, Indiana like The Nobody covers Columbus, Indiana and the surrounding areas like The Republic N National Road, Suite A, Columbus, IN Main Switchboard Toll Free Republic Plato The Internet Classics Archive The Republic by Plato The Republic By Plato Written B.C.E Translated by Benjamin Jowett The Republic has been divided into the following sections The Introduction k Book I k Book II k Book III k Book IV k Book V k Book VI k Book VII k Book VIII k Book IX k Plato The Republic Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy Plato the Republic Book Research Papers StudyMode

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      425 Plato Desmond Lee

    One thought on “The Republic

    1. Brendan on said:

      Let me explain why I d recommend this book to everyone Plato is stupid Seriously.And it s important that you all understand that Western society is based on the fallacy ridden ramblings of an idiot Read this, understand that he is not joking, and understand that Plato is well and truly fucked in the head.Every single one of his works goes like this SOCRATES Hello, I will now prove this theory STRAWMAN Surely you are wrong SOCRATES Nonsense Listen, Strawman can we agree to the following wildly pr [...]

    2. Everyman on said:

      All the criticisms of Plato are valid He raises straw arguments He manipulates discussions unfairly He doesn t offer realistic solutions And so on.But he is still, and for very good reason, the most influential philosopher in Western civilization He makes people think Most authors we read today are trying to persuade us to agree with their point of view Plato, not so He wants you to disagree with him He wants you to argue with him He wants you to identify the fallacies in his arguments and some [...]

    3. Henry Avila on said:

      Plato s The Republic , is a great but flawed masterpiece of western literature, yes it makes sense, mostly, some of it I am the wisest man in the world because I know one thing, that I know nothing , said the smart man Socrates Plato is writing for Socrates, his friend and teacher Late teacher, since being forced to commit suicide by the uncomfortable citizens of Athens the famous poisoned cup of hemlock , for corrupting the minds of youth Socrates didn t believe books were as effective as lectu [...]

    4. Riku Sayuj on said:

      Is the attempt to determine the way of man s life so small a matter in your eyes to determine how life may be passed by each one of us to the greatest advantage 1.344d I propose therefore that we inquire into the nature of justice and injustice, first as they appear in the State, and secondly in the individual, proceeding from the greater to the lesser and comparing them 2.368e 369a The Republic An Apology The safest general characterization of the European philosophical tradition is that it con [...]

    5. Emily May on said:

      My re reading of this for my university course has led me to the same conclusions I found when I first read it a couple of years back, except this time I am fortunate enough to have understood it better than last time My conclusions being that Plato, and through him Socrates, was very intelligent, believed he was intelligent than everyone else no matter how many times he declared himself unwise and very much loved to talk Socrates, in particular, must have been very fond of the sound of his own [...]

    6. William1 on said:

      Halfway through now and the ability to see the book as a metaphor for civic and personal moral development becomes difficult The book is only useful if you are tracking the history of ideas, which I am not The state Plato describes here is one that is highly prohibitive in almost every aspect Arts and culture are severely controlled for propaganda purposes There is a complete inability to view open, transparent government as an option The guardians must be lied to and deceived constantly if they [...]

    7. Ahmad Sharabiani on said:

      The Republic, Plato 1976 1335 1348 648 1368 1379 1383 1384 1392 1353 10 549 10 .

    8. Roy Lotz on said:

      I ve gotten into the habit of dividing up the books I ve read by whether I read them before or after Plato s Republic Before The Republic, reading was a disorganized activity much the same as wading through a sea of jumbled thoughts and opinions I had no basis from which to select books, except by how much they appealed to my na ve tastes But after reading The Republic, it was as if the entire intellectual landscape was put into perspective Reading became a focused activity, meant to engage with [...]

    9. Mackey St on said:

      It s been far too long ago since I read this to write a critical review, however, it should be required reading for all students in America at the very least Oh how far we have strayed.

    10. Bettie☯ on said:

      Strange days indeed, when we are sent back to re visit the very roots of philosophy within the ancient world Audio book 4 49 25

    11. Tristan on said:

      A man, tired from a long day of drudgery at work, walks towards his favourite haunt, an old fashioned British working class pub in Essex called The Griffon Drenched from a heavy fall of rain, he enters the building and is greeted by its familiar smells and sounds Man Evening, all The patrons demurely acknowledge his presence, and return to their drinks The face of Roger, a much older man, lights up as he joyously steps towards the newcomer Roger Nate, ye bastard Where have ye been all this time [...]

    12. Ale Rivero on said:

      Qu mente la de Plat n Esta edici n es un resumen de la famosa Rep blica del fil sofo griego.Con sus diez libros, La Rep blica nos sumerge en el an lisis del hombre, y su comportamiento justos e injustos del bien y del mal de las ciudades y las formas de gobierno de la importancia de la educaci n y de seguir la ley Plat n logra hablar de todo esto a partir de di logos con variados personajes, especialmente Glauc n, y tambi n a trav s de la hip tesis de creaci n de una ciudad perfecta, con todo lo [...]

    13. Jason Pettus on said:

      Reprinted from the Chicago Center for Literature and Photography cclapcenter I am the original author of this essay, as well as the owner of CCLaP it is not being reprinted here illegally The CCLaP 100 In which I read a hundred so called classic books for the first time, then write reports on whether or not I think they deserve the labelEssay 11 The Republic, by Plato 360 BC The story in a nutshell For those who don t know, the last 2,500 years of Western civilization can be roughly broken down [...]

    14. David Sarkies on said:

      Theorising the Perfect State21 October 2013 Sometimes I wonder if people give this book five stars because it is either a written by Plato, or b if you don t give it five stars then you are afraid that people will think that you are some semi literate mindless cretin whose reading capacity tends to extend little beyond the Harry Potter and Twilight Series Yes, I realise that I have given it five stars, but I have given it five stars because I actually enjoyed the argument that this book outlines [...]

    15. Justin Evans on said:

      Just to be clear, my rating is for the edition of the Republic I read the Oxford World s Classics text translated by Robin Waterfield Giving stars to the Republic is so flagrantly stupid that I can t even come up with a suitably stupid analogy Giving stars to the Mona Lisa Not even close Giving stars to Dante Not the same, because that deserves five stars The Republic simultaneously deserves five stars, for kick starting Western philosophy, social science, aesthetics, theology, and political tho [...]

    16. Gary Inbinder on said:

      This is my first GR review without a star rating Here s the reason why I don t like Plato s Republic, but I think it ought to be read than once I didn t like it when I first read it almost 50 years ago, and my opinion hasn t changed over the years Nevertheless, I think it s an important book that should be read, analyzed and debated In that regard, it s much like Hitler s Mein Kampf Both books are, in my opinion, prescriptions for tyranny, the two sides of the same counterfeit coin However, I w [...]

    17. Jessaka on said:

      Let me tell you about this book Well, I don t recall it much I only recall the angst it caused me for in my first year of college there were only two classes left that looked somewhat interesting First time last served I took Philosophy 101 and Child Psychology I walked into my philosophy class and thought it was really going to be interesting The teacher, Mr Flores, spoke in broken English No one told me that I could drop out of a class, so I sat there I couldn t take notes because I didn t kno [...]

    18. Tô on said:

      Ralph Waldo Emerson vi t v Plato nh sau Plato ch nh l tri t h c, tri t h c ch nh l Plato , khoan, b c cho con n i m t c u n y nh ng c l b n d ch ti ng Vi t c a cu n C ng h a kh ng ph i l tri t h c l n Plato Th th n l g , l g N l t ng h a t t c nh ng u t c c a m nh trong h n m t th ng, l d u t ch c n s t c a 1000 n m B c thu c, thu ng cha ta b t bu c ph i n m v ng ti ng H n n u mu n c s ch th nh hi n c xong cu n s ch n y, i u b n c n c kh ng ph i l v n ki n th c tri t h c, ch nh tr hay n ng l c c [...]

    19. Mark on said:

      I finished reading The Republic on my birthday and now am both older and wiser The Republic is in essence one long argument why a person should lead a just life verses choosing a life of pleasure, riches, ambition, or power It is deeply concerned with the nature of the human soul and how to prepare one s soul for eternity Socrates Plato uses a plethora of logical examples for this argument, although it is the logic of 400 B.C Greek culture, which seems somewhat fractured to us today The Republic [...]

    20. Michael Finocchiaro on said:

      I almost categorised this as a dystopian novel because while Plato finds his Republic to be ideal, it sounded too much like what Trump intends for Amerikkka It is an essential read in terms of western philosophy particularly because of the cave analogy and its opposition to the Aristotelian manner of thinking that created the major division in Greek philosophy and continues to underpin politics ever since In his taking the ideal to be critical than the real world, Plato creates a model and expe [...]

    21. snow on said:

      Just say Notttt Yet L t qua The Republic c a Penguin Random House, th y d ch gi d ng I v You v v n phong kh b nh d th m k aaaaa t i sao b n d ch ti ng Vi t l i phang to n nh ng i t nh n x ng ch a t ng c nghe bao gi ki u b n nh n, ti u i t, qu h u, ng b i, hi n di t, b phu khi n k h n hoang mang t t c ng, c ng trong l c n o i v ng mua nh m s ch ti ng T u khuy n kh ch c gi ng n o, d ch gi nh n i t ng k m nh ng c u v n t i ngh a m t c ch k di u, ki u nh Ph i ch ng y l tr ng h p v l do t n t i m c c [...]

    22. Trish on said:

      There is in every one of us, even those who seem to be most moderate, a type of desire that is terrible, wild, and lawless.So, it should be noted that I did not find this book at a bookstore and voluntarily buy it for my leisurely reading It was on the syllabus for my political theory class That being said, I enjoyed it far than I thought I would Would I recommend it for a vacation Absolutely not Unless you like pondering about justice and censorship and the creations of rulers and cities it s [...]

    23. Covert.adrian on said:

      No book has influenced my life than Plato s Republic It admittedly can be a difficult read it is almost entirely a back and forth conversation between two people, Socrates and Glaucon, discussing the nature of man, the soul, justice, and what the most just society, or Republic, would look like In this highly utopian account, Socrates expresses little hope in the common man, and instead suggests authoritarian rule, by philosophers, would lead to the most just state His contempt for democracy can [...]

    24. the gift on said:

      this is the second translation i have read i read jowett 1871 years ago decades , this is allen 2008 i think what riku sayuj says above is the best in depth review i mostly agree with i read it yes as a way of arguing around to what is justice just man , by portraying an entire city as if it can then be seen allegorically as one person rather as nietzsche proceeds outward from self to society, plato goes inward from society to self his concern is not specifically political but these are the book [...]

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