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Fire Arrow

Fire Arrow By Edith Pattou Fire Arrow Breo Saight the young archer from Hero s Song has abandoned her lifelong mission to avenge her father s murder But just as she stops pursuing the murderers they turn up again leading Brie to her b

  • Title: Fire Arrow
  • Author: Edith Pattou
  • ISBN: 9780152055301
  • Page: 491
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fire Arrow By Edith Pattou Breo Saight, the young archer from Hero s Song, has abandoned her lifelong mission to avenge her father s murder But just as she stops pursuing the murderers, they turn up again, leading Brie to her birthright a fire arrow.The magical arrow leads Brie to a strange country, where she finds the family and happiness she s never known But she also finds evil at work the doBreo Saight, the young archer from Hero s Song, has abandoned her lifelong mission to avenge her father s murder But just as she stops pursuing the murderers, they turn up again, leading Brie to her birthright a fire arrow.The magical arrow leads Brie to a strange country, where she finds the family and happiness she s never known But she also finds evil at work the doings of a sinister, one eyed sorcerer named Balor Though Brie has given up on vengeance, she knows she must follow her mission through to its bitter end if she is to save the people she s grown to love.
    Fire Arrow By Edith Pattou

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    • î Fire Arrow ☆ Edith Pattou
      491 Edith Pattou

    One thought on “Fire Arrow

    1. Summer on said:

      Though many would disagree, I thought that this book was way better than Hero s Song, though I like east perhaps the best.In this story we go into the life of Breo Saight, the secretive archer who is thirsty for revenge Her blood lust is real, she trully wants to get her father s murderers and cause them the same pain that they caused her and her father I thought her character was much deep than Collun s was in the first book She abandons her guise as a boy while still being quite tough I liked [...]

    2. Rebekah Quick on said:

      Had some problems getting into it, mostly enjoyed it though Would have liked to see breo and collun s relationship would have gone after the battle.

    3. Ryan Thalman on said:

      A good follow up to Hero s Song, though the story goes very tangentially.

    4. Aelvana on said:

      Brie is settling in with Collun in his father s old dun by the sea But amid the peaceful labor planting the land, she s still bothered by her promise to herself to avenge her father s murder Then she gets an unexpected nudge that leads her to a fire arrow that is her birthright, and a country that holds as many questions as answers Power stirs in the arrow, and somehow in Brie when she holds it, power that may have a different sort of destiny set out for her .I like this less than the first book [...]

    5. Eskana on said:

      Well, I remembered right I read this book 7 8 years ago, and all I could remember was that is was good I just recently finished the first book in the series, Hero s Song, and was disappointed, so I didn t know what to expect when I picked this up for a re read.And am I glad I did Fire Arrow is everything Hero s Song was not, to put it briefly, interesting and original The book follows Breo Saight, aka Brie, one of the main characters from the last book After witnessing her father s murder at a y [...]

    6. Nicole Pramik on said:

      Edith Pattou s East is one my favorite multiple POV novels yet as engaging as that book was, the shorter works of the Songs of Eirren series didn t quite pull me in It s not that they re poorly written or even a bear to read they re just average YA fantasy Basically, if you ve read a bunch of fantasy, nothing here will be new to you In the case of Fire Arrow, I really enjoyed the quasi Celtic world Pattou constructs but it s a magic light fantasy story Brie, the main character who was introduced [...]

    7. Eslin on said:

      I just finished this book last night I bought it at book fair I had no idea it was a second book Wished I had read Hero s Song The First Book of Eirren first I was a little confused in the beginning chapters figuring out what all the fantasy words represented I thought the author could have been a little clear about the story in Hero s Song so the transition would have been smoother I liked the plot, but found Brie a little boring The author didn t know much about archery so I couldn t apprecia [...]

    8. Amanda on said:

      So I got this book off the dollar rack and didn t realize that it was the second in a series However, the thing that got me most about this book was the writing style, so I don t know if it would have made a difference I really felt like the book told me instead of showed me if that makes any sense The book was made up of very very short scenes Also, the magic in this world makes zero sense One last complaint main female character has both male counterparts falls for her No thank you.Now, on the [...]

    9. Ashley on said:

      Breo Saight the young archer readers met in Hero s Song along with Collun as we jump back into the fantasy world of Edith Pattou Breo Saight in search of her father s murderers but in turn finds a magical arrow bequeathed to her at birth This arrow causes strange visions and an even stranger sensation that she must hurry to Dungal Breo Saight leaves death in her quake as traitors and assassins follow her trail and bring trouble wherever she goes Readers will who loved the action and adventure in [...]

    10. Jo Oehrlein on said:

      Pretty good summary at the beginning, so I think you could start this book without the prior one There are a few things that I think would be confusing, though.Brie has to come to terms with the revenge she desires for her father s death as well as her growing feelings for Collum Bricriu is back as a bad guy, but there s someone new who is planning evil and there are strange creatures to fight There are witches mages in this book than in the first, I think Magic plays a much stronger role.

    11. Deanna Drai Turner on said:

      Ha Part two of Pattou s story First the Hero s Songory of the first charactor Now Fire Arrow Story of the second character, female this time FUN again What does bum me out though is that Pattou has decided not to write the third book, the story of the 3rd character.which I long for She explains that the third character, Taliesin to be Merlin is too much a free spirit, too evasion to nail downI would have to agree, but still hate that she did not figure that out before she began and left us rathe [...]

    12. Ariel on said:

      Excellent, I couldn t put it down Although I haven t read the first book, Fire Arrow was great Much of what happened in the first book was summarized A young lady of Eirren, called Brie, is determined to take revenge on her father s killers Brie meets morg, goat men, Scathians, an evil sorcerer, a weather worker, a wyll, and many others And when when Dungal and Eirren are in danger, Brie feels it is up to her to help.

    13. Tori Hook on said:

      While I liked Fire Arrow better than Hero s Song, I still found the similarities to other fantasy novels somewhat annoying It was less so in this book, though, than the first one I also enjoyed Brie s inner struggle with revenge This was a good series, one I will be keeping on my shelf, but I have read better.

    14. Elena on said:

      Um I felt like this book was sort of lost and meandering around and they just so happened to do the things they needed to do I loved East so I thought this one would be similar There came a point around page 130 that I felt sure Pattou had forgotten to write several pages So it was okay and there were parts I liked but I won t read it again.

    15. King Haddock on said:

      Book definitely got off to a slow start It was also a lot segmented than the first one, making it less cohesive However, overall, I must say that the culture and characterization of the book made it better than the first installment in the series Still would not go around recommending this book to everyone, though.

    16. Greymalkin on said:

      Sequel to Hero s Song A very interesting character study that I think was pulled off pretty well I liked the way that the relationships were examined and explored The main character could love several people but not necessarily end up with any of them or have one be the love of her life so obviously.

    17. J.T. Williams on said:

      It was an exciting sequel told from the POV of a side character from the first book I recently looked for the Ebook version so I could read it again but sadly it could not be found A bit different from the first with the main character being an experienced archer as opposed to a simple farmer, but it was nice to learn of the backstory.

    18. Hack on said:

      this was a continuation of _Hero s Song_ and, true to sequel form, fell far flat of the first book the first book was an enjoyable romp, this book was a simple statement of fact the powers of the fire arrow were never fully explored, and the surprise heritage worked well in the first book in the series, but in the second it is just unbelievable the first one was better.

    19. Océanne on said:

      I really loved this mystical, medieval story Brie, witness her fathers murder when young, and now, she is a young women She finds a magic arrow that has a mind of it s own.Suddenly, Brie is leading an army to battle a brave, mighty, powerful magician afraid of only one thing, the fire arrow.

    20. Alina Tolbert on said:

      Even though I read the first book of this 2 part series I felt there were many gaps about plot line There was no objective for a lot of the book so it seemed pointless, undirected, wandering It was clean and there were some dramatic parts Good for a young teen.

    21. Whitney on said:

      Fire Arrow continues the story started in Hero s Song and tells Breo s tale I found this one to be duller than the first, with too many characters to keep track of.

    22. Afton Nelson on said:

      Didn t know this was the 2nd in a series when I read it I would have loved to have started off with the first I m becoming a big fan of Edith Pattou Her writing is wonderful and the story telling is classic.

    23. Brooke on said:

      I actually liked the first one better which is kind of weird because I liked Brie s character better than Collun s I just felt like this one was slow in the middle, and I wanted of a love story with the two of them.

    24. Aisha on said:

      This was the first book I ever checked out on my own at a real public library I d never had access to a public library before so it was pretty exciting I was in 4th grade when I read this It still withstands the test of time.

    25. Sarah on said:

      3.5 stars Think this one is ok for K and R trying to remember There s definitely some scary violent things in this series this is the second book , but nothing too graphic that I can remember You might want to read it first.

    26. Charity on said:

      I read this one before I found out it was the second in a series A straightforward adventure There seems to be that could be developed and I imagine the story continues easily with the series It can be read as a stand alone without any difficulties though.

    27. Denae Christine on said:

      It wasn t as good as the first one I think Brie s character is less interesting than Collun s, for one, and her whole revenge mindset was not interesting almost tedious She just gets too consumed by anger.

    28. L. on said:

      I read this along with Hero s Song The story is light and fun At the end I was left wishing there was a third book to wrap up the story just a tad , but it is alright where the two books leave it.

    29. Becca Kirkman on said:

      I loved this book I liked it much better than the first one I think because the main character was a girl, and I loved her story She was a tough character She has a broken leg in one part of the book, and manages to scale down mountains Amazing It is a story I really enjoyed.

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