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When I Found You

When I Found You By KateJames When I Found You Is she part of the solution or the problem It could be a terrorist threat Or is it some other sinister plot An unprecedented rash of security breaches at San Diego s international airport is putting p

  • Title: When I Found You
  • Author: KateJames
  • ISBN: 9780373051441
  • Page: 261
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • When I Found You By KateJames Is she part of the solution or the problem It could be a terrorist threat Or is it some other sinister plot An unprecedented rash of security breaches at San Diego s international airport is putting passengers at risk and bringing the competence of the airport s chief of security, Ariana Atkins, into question With explosives the weapon of choice, police K 9 unit captaiIs she part of the solution or the problem It could be a terrorist threat Or is it some other sinister plot An unprecedented rash of security breaches at San Diego s international airport is putting passengers at risk and bringing the competence of the airport s chief of security, Ariana Atkins, into question With explosives the weapon of choice, police K 9 unit captain Logan O Connor and his bomb detection dog, Boomer, might be Ariana s best, if not only, line of defense Logan is certain his belief in Ariana, and his growing love for her, aren t misplaced but it wouldn t be the first time he s misjudged someone s intentions.
    When I Found You By KateJames

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      261 KateJames

    One thought on “When I Found You

    1. Melanie on said:

      Ariana is the Chief of Security at the San Diego International Airport She meets Logan, a police K 9 unit captain, during an incident involving two drunk women who make a bomb threat There is an instant physical attraction between them but neither of them are ready to act on that Breaches in the airport s security keep Logan coming back and the two of them need to work together to figure out what s going on Their attraction grows but there are obstacles in the way of them pursuing a relationship [...]

    2. Katie W on said:

      This series doesn t necessarily need to be read in order Ariana is the head of security at the San Diego airport and Logan is a K 9 handler, who specializes in explosives A bunch of security threats throw the two of them together and they are racing against time to solve this mystery Ariana is a very strong, tough woman, but she has a very sensitive, soft side, which makes her easy to like She finds herself in the line of fire a few times, yet she s very competent and efficient She s like an oni [...]

    3. Amanda on said:

      When I Found You by Kate James is a super emotional story that will leave you satisfied until the end Ms James creates a cast of deeply flawed characters who are tested and tried throughout the book The main focus of this story, in my perspective, is trust I was moved by the inner turmoil of the H h and I rooted for them along their bumpy journey towards their fulfilling forever after Book 3 in the K 9 Trilogy When I Found You tells the story of Logan O Connor who appeared in the previous K 9 bo [...]

    4. Aimee (Getting Your Read On) on said:

      I am really loving this K 9 series by Kate James I ve read every one so far and this book is a fantastic addition I loved how each book has a different setting even though all the books are about K 9 handlers in the same police unit This book is mostly in an airport setting and I really loved it I don t think I ve ever read a book quite like this and it was fun.The suspense had me constantly pushing forward to read this book The pacing was awesome It had those full of suspense moments but a few [...]

    5. Cynthia on said:

      You better get the tissues out for this very touching read by Ms James This is one author that knows how to get right to the heart with a very tear jerker at the end If you have been following along with the K 9 Trilogy you would have met Logan Jagger and Boomer before He is a tough, strong, with a little of a tempter and a very loyal cop We get to take a look at the other side a little softer side of him This is a very intriguing story leaving the characters and us the reader guessing if this i [...]

    6. Evelyn Nathalia on said:

      When I Found You is a wonderful story with the airport as the main setting I have been in love with airports across the world since I was small, so this story is totally a must read And I have to say that it doesn t disappoint The story was wonderfully written with the right amount of suspense and action This book is much better than the previous one and Ariana Atkins become my personal favorite heroine.Ariana would never thought that the incident of two drunk girls would forever change her life [...]

    7. Carrie Schmidt (Reading is My SuperPower) on said:

      When I Found You is my favorite of the three books so far in this series and I ve loved them all Logan is tough but tender and Ariana brings out his protective side as well as feelings he wasn t prepared for Ariana is sharp and independent, but Logan and Boomer soften areas of her heart that she d closed off for years Both Logan and Ariana are highly skilled at their jobs but this person who s terrorizing the airport is giving them a run for their money.Kate James does a fantastic job writing te [...]

    8. Sydney on said:

      Filled with suspense, mystery, and of course romance, the third book in Kate James K 9 Trilogy, When I Found You, is a hit among readers It has just the right combination of mystery and romance for me and I love it From page one, this fast paced, airport themed novel, will capture the attention of readers with the many twists and turns involving the security breaches at the San Diego International Airport and the sweet romance between Logan and Ariana I would recommend this novel to readers of K [...]

    9. Catherine Lanigan on said:

      Ariana Atkins is the heroine of choice for me She s brilliant, dedicated, gutsy, and there is little that escapes her Logan O Connor is the perfect match for her, but he s got massive reservations about any romantic relationship in his lifeever This bullet train of a fast paced, well written thriller is the best of the K 9 series and my favorite of Kate James s novels The only reason it took me two nights to read it was because I had to work myself It grabbed me by the throat from the first page [...]

    10. Bonnie on said:

      When I Found You a K 9 Trilogy 3 by Kate James Any book with a dog in it is cute Chief Of Security, at San Diego s International Airport, Ariana Atkins, life is in danger She has only been on this job for two years Two small bombs have gone off at the airport Police K 9 unit Captain Logan O Connor is called in with his dog, Boomer, to sniff out the area Ariana s office door was rigged to blow up But Boomer detected something was there Now to find out who is involved and why A great read.

    11. C. on said:

      Ok, I really detest just shoot me now ANGST filled romance books I read to halfway through chapter 16 of 21,when I was just too fed up to go any further The heroine goes through so many incidents, that it was just totally unrealistic and unbelievable I also grew weary of her fear of dogs, which was ridiculously irrational according to the explanation given I just got so I was no longer interested in reading a book that was just aggravating.

    12. Dale Rogers on said:

      When chief of security Ariana Atkins learns that a Boeing 767 is on its way back to the San Diego International Airport shortly after takeoff, there s no way she could predict all that would transpire in the next few days And neither would the two young women who caused the plane headed for Barbados to turn around The first question in everyone s minds is, How did those girls get onto the plane in the first place Having worked at the airport for about a year, Ariana had tightened security, so it [...]

    13. Laurie on said:

      4.5 stars When I Found You is suspense and intrigue from start to nail biting finish.When a succession of security breaches at the San Diego airport calls chief of security, Ariana Atkins, reputation as a capable, proficient, and adept security expert into question, K 9 unit captain Logan O Connor and his explosives detection dog, Boomer, are on the scene to help with the investigations There s an instant chemistry between Logan and Ariana, one that cannot be ignored Romance desperately tries to [...]

    14. Megan on said:

      When I Found You was the first book I ve read by this author, and even though it s the third book in the series it definitely stands on its own I could tell that certain people were the main characters in the previous books, but that just made me want to read their stories and I think if you ve read those books you ll love seeing them in this book.The romance was sweet and I loved watching the relationship between Ariana and Logan develop There were some very funny scenes that happened because o [...]

    15. Tiffany on said:

      I received a copy of this book from the Orange County Chapter of RWA s Book Buyer s Best Contest, for which I was a first round judge.When I Found You by Kate James is packed with action, but unfortunately that wasn t enough to hold my attention The romance itself felt underdeveloped, so once love happens, it didn t seem authentic to me.San Diego International Airport has had several security breaches recently Chief of security Ariana Atkins is determined to keep her travelers safe Ariana joins [...]

    16. Lynn Brooks on said:

      In Book 3 in The K 9 Trilogy, Kate James brings Logan O Connor s story to life We met him as the K 9 Unit Captain in both Cal and Rick s stories previously, but now we get to see a softer side of him We delve into his family history, his connection with Boomer, and get to watch the mighty Jagger fall hard for a special lady I really enjoyed Logan Ariana Ariana Atkins has only been Chief of Security at the San Diego International Airport for a short time now, and all of a sudden there is a rash o [...]

    17. Janice Sisemore on said:

      When I found youThis is a 3rd in a series but is a separate story I have not read the first two but definitely want to because love the writing of Kate James This is the first I have read by her and will not be the last This book has some romance but a lot a suspense Ariana is head of security at the San Diego airport Logan is a policeman with the K 9 unit I love the way the chapters end, they are not a point to take a break from reading, cause you want to keep reading to find out what will happ [...]

    18. Jara Beaubien on said:

      Was given this book to read with a promise of a honest reviewWhat do airports and dogs have in common, probably a lot then we all think, throw in his handler Logan O Conner and Airport security and you have a explosive reading there.More twist and plots that had me wondering if I was sane, will their attraction survive the dangers that await her Arian Atkins, will Logan overcome what he fears and admit that his heart is right I loved the book, the characters and how to story developed, would lo [...]

    19. Nancy on said:

      I do see why this was 4 star by other reviewers interesting details, but I believe the reason this was not a good read for me was because it was so work oriented.Stress and pressure I have enough at my own work.Nice ending but not too much joy in this read Bomb dog Boomer, a Malinois Also I felt the hero kept a key piece of info from Ariana which Might have helped her nail George, her trusted mentor This is the last book of a trilogy not too inclined 2 read the others New author 4 me.

    20. Mary on said:

      A delightful and, as advertised, heartwarming read about another in the K 9 unit in San Diego A pleasant beach read with exciting moments, especially towards the end.

    21. Kim Reads (Read Your Writes Book Reviews) on said:

      When I Found You by Kate James is my first ever clean romantic suspense It has a life awareness feel to it, meaning the characters often reflect on their actions, learn, and grow from them.Ariana Atkins has been the Chief of Security for San Diego International Airport for about a year She s desperate to prove herself deserving of this job, since she was turned down for joining the SDPD In her short tenure, she has made numerous improvements to security, even with a limited budget But things are [...]

    22. Wendy on said:

      Originally posted on blog as part of a TLC Tour Review copy provided by publisher for an honest review literaryfeline 2016 08When I Found You by Kate JamesHarlequin Heartwarming, 2016Romance 365 pgsAdmittedly, my favorite romances tend to either have a paranormal or mystery element, and this one has a definite mystery thread running through it Ariana Atkins is than capable at her job as chief of security at San Diego International Airport She has worked hard to gain the trust of those under her [...]

    23. Becky on said:

      When I Found You was my first book from this author It s the third in her K 9 trilogy of books, but it worked okay as a standalone If you have read the others, though, you ll no doubt appreciate seeing the heroes and heroines from the first two books when they show up in this one.I really enjoyed the insight that When I Found You gave into both the behind the scenes action in airport security and the work that K 9 bomb sniffing dogs do Fascinating The mystery was solid, and though I had a pretty [...]

    24. Books and Spoons on said:

      An intriguing look at the behind the closed doors airport security and K 9 teams part in it, the bond the partners have, between the handler and the dog, was adorable and sweet The story s main focus is on the security problems at the airport, the workings of the team, the hierarchy, and the personnel problems of the workforce at the airport, as they are trying to fix the recent problems, solve the mysteries of the bombs, and find out who is behind the attacks The tension from the suspense is hi [...]

    25. Summer on said:

      First, since it s always a question of mine whenever I see that a book is a part of a series, I just wanted to note that this can be read as a stand alone.Bomb scares and other suspicious activity brings together Arianna, chief of security at the San Diego airport, and Logan, SDPD K 9 unit captain, as they try to catch the guilty party and find themselves falling in love along the way.The suspense held up well, I went back and forth as to who might be to blame I also thought the level of researc [...]

    26. Just Commonly on said:

      When I Found You by Kate James is sweet, heartwarming, action filled and have you turning the page faster than you thought capable Logan is a hero, with a sensitive side How could he not since he s the dog man in the book His connection with Boomer makes me want a dog I m like Arianna, even though I do like dogs Anyhow, lets get back to Logan and Arianna Both are stubborn in their own right, and very good at their jobs A great match in appearance and in personality, not to mention their undenia [...]

    27. Wall-to-wall books - wendy on said:

      What a great little mystery suspense this was With all the books I have read I have never read one about Airport security I found it very interesting I have flown many many times and having to go through all the security each time, it was fun to read about the behind the scenes It is something that is totally necessary but we all hate going through it.There was great character development I loved Ariana She was smart, nice, but totally in control and obviously good at her job as the head of airp [...]

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