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So Much More

So Much More By Kim Holden So Much More Love is strange It comes out of nowhere There s no logic to it It s not methodical It s not scientific It s pure emotion and passion And emotion and passion can be dangerous because they fuel love and

  • Title: So Much More
  • Author: Kim Holden
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 150
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • So Much More By Kim Holden Love is strange It comes out of nowhere There s no logic to it It s not methodical It s not scientific It s pure emotion and passion And emotion and passion can be dangerous because they fuel love and hate.I m now a reluctant connoisseur of both an expert through immersion I know them intimately.When I fell in love with Miranda, it was swift and blind She was the pLove is strange It comes out of nowhere There s no logic to it It s not methodical It s not scientific It s pure emotion and passion And emotion and passion can be dangerous because they fuel love and hate.I m now a reluctant connoisseur of both an expert through immersion I know them intimately.When I fell in love with Miranda, it was swift and blind She was the person I d elevated to mythical status in my head, in my dreams.Here s the thing about dreams, they re smoke.They re spun as thoughts until they become something we think we want Something we think we need.That was Miranda She was smoke.I thought I wanted her I thought I needed her.Over time reality crept in and slowly dissected and disemboweled my dreams like a predator, leaving behind a rotting carcass.Reality can be a fierce bitch.So can Miranda.And I can be a foolwho believes in dreams.And people.And love.Note from the author Due to strong language and sexual content, this book is recommended for mature audiences only.
    So Much More By Kim Holden

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    • ☆ So Much More ☆ Kim Holden
      150 Kim Holden

    One thought on “So Much More

    1. Colleen Hoover on said:

      I love Kim Holden I loved this book I might even have the Welcome doormat at my bookstore If no one has stolen it I suck at reviews Roses are redViolets are blueRead this bookYou re welcome.

    2. Aestas Book Blog on said:

      FULL REVIEW NOW POSTED Love is strange It comes out of nowhere There s no logic to it It s not methodical It s not scientific It s pure emotion and passion And emotion and passion can be dangerous because they fuel love and hate.WOW This book was absolutely beautiful I ve been meaning to read one of this author s books for ages so when she announced this one, I couldn t resist and HOLY FEELS I mean woah I went from swooning in love to literally shaking with anger to shedding tears and back to sw [...]

    3. Jennifer Kyle on said:

      5 WE StarsKim Holden delivers one creative, completely addicting read It s told in three POVS of three very entertaining characters Each character is so realistically written with the addition of three wonderful kids Reality can be a fierce bitch So can Miranda And I can be a foolwho believes in dreams And people and love In this story there s a fantastic villain Miranda McIntyre is brilliant in her evil plotting and so enraging while I ate her POV up at every turn Miranda explains her relations [...]

    4. Christy on said:

      5 stars Life blooms in second chances Kim Holden is one of those authors I can always count on to bring the feels If you ve read a book from her before, you know this is true So Much More is unlike any of her other books It hit me in the feels in a totally different way than her others, but wow The impact was still just as strong I love reading books that have this much of an affect on me I read so many books and a lot of them are great reads, but not all of them are memorable and touch me on th [...]

    5. Bibi on said:

      spoiler alert 4.5 stars Holden has written an exceptional and emotive book and once you begin this book, you or less are asked to throw in your lot with whom your moral compass aligns Miranda the witch or Seamus the saint At a visceral level, my lot should have been with Seamus I mean, come on, the guy is a candidate for sainthood The great dad and breathtakingly handsome loving husband What s not to like On the other hand Miranda Terrible wife,unworthy mother, and a depiction of avarice and se [...]

    6. Brandi on said:

      You know all that bitching and moaning about mediocre reads I ve been spewingwell this book has set me straight Faith has been restored Thank you, Kim Holden Were you sent straight from hell to destroy my life, Miranda So Much More was a refreshingly, unique story one I found myself unable to putdown I don t want to give anything away but let me say The characters were fantastic, even the villain This author took a character who seemed utterly irredeemable and made me like her WTF, right It was [...]

    7. Pavlina Read more sleep less blog❤❤ on said:

      MORE THAN 5 STARS 3 3 3 Life blooms in second chances What an emotional ride I loved every part of this story,it s beautiful and unique So Much More is one of the best stories I have ever read I was so into this story that I felt every emotion This story is So Much More I can t stop talking about how amazing it is Please guys do yourself a favor and read this book,seriously you ll not regret it Seamus is one of the best male characters I have ever read He is so real and I loved him than anythin [...]

    8. warhawke on said:

      Genre Contemporary RomanceType StandalonePOV First Person MultipleRating Seamus and Miranda McIntyre were married but couldn t be opposite from each other He was loving and understanding She was cold and calculating Together, they had three beautiful children that got caught in the middle, especially when their quirky neighbor Faith entered the picture In order to move on, all of them had to learn to be so much There are stories about romance and there are stories about love This book is defin [...]

    9. Tough Critic Book Reviews on said:

      3.5 StarsKim Holden blazed her way into the literary world with a debut novel so good, it hurt After Bright Side, I have literally been holding my breath in anticipation, almost fearful of what was coming I couldn t handle another Bright Side, at least not without medication, a gallon of tequila, a fluffy pillow and Enya So Much More affected my emotions with the same magnitude as Bright Side but in a much different way It was a little hard for me to follow in the beginning, a lot was being told [...]

    10. Beverly on said:

      Kim Holden, always delivers the feels and this book had me feeling until the very end I swear my heart is still hurting I will do a full review when I have had a minute to process my crazy emotions

    11. TheCrazyWorldOfABookLover on said:

      DNF at 40%I haven t read this author before, and with the glowing reviews she s received for her other books I was excited to start this But as I read all I could think was maybe I m missing the sensitive gene or something because I have seen reviews stating how emotional this got everyone But I just couldn t connect to any of this.It started off really good, and Miranda s feisty bitch attitude reminded me of Leah from the Love Me With Lies series so I was sure this was going to be really entert [...]

    12. Karla on said:

      5 so much stars I literally just finished this book and my thoughts are all over the place I m going for a quick review here maybe later I can do a well deserved one This was an emotional read, heartbreaking but at the same time full of hope, love and forgiveness As usually with the beautiful Kim Holden s writing, my gosh her words just have a way of pulling you into a roller coaster of emotions Seamus, you are an incredible man, such a good father and have most forgiven heart and I admire you [...]

    13. Linda ❤️ SassyClassyNasty on said:

      Another Kim Holden book Yay D4.5 Second Chance StarsKim Holden definitely drew some emotions out of me that I didn t expect going into this book She made me fall in love that s almost a given with Kim Holden , she made me hate, and most unexpectedly, and she made me merciful albeit reluctantly at first.I found this story to be so realistic The emotions were so raw and the callousness so remorseless The tale is told through three different POV s, alternating from past to present Each POV held it [...]

    14. Arianna✦❋SteamyReadsBlog❋✦ on said:

      5 Stars This one was SO MUCH MORE than I had expected It was my first read by this author and I m happy to say that I really enjoyed her writing style and her storytelling This book simply blew me away I honestly couldn t put it down It was sooo different from what I had expected This story will hit you right in the feels, it will make you reflect, it will touch your heart A very unique, refreshing read, So Much More was a story about love, family, friendship, second chances and so much Seamus [...]

    15. Katy Loves Romance ❤️ on said:

      5 Beautiful StarsI want that someday, bone jarring beautiful I met this author at the weekend, her name is Kim she s one of the most beautiful, caring and loving human beings I ve ever met I mean her soul is just so so GIVING How do I know this I ve read her books and yes I ve now read three and so she will always always be a go to author for me, this girl can write She has a way to grab you, pull you in and take ahold of your heart So instead of reviewing this the normal way per se I m going to [...]

    16. Donna ~ The Romance Cover on said:

      So Much More by Kim Holden5 stars Hope your day is as awesome as you are Love, Dad Kim Holden never fails to batter my heart with her emotional writing, whether it be All of It, Brightside or Gus the tears have fallen in various quantities and now we can add So Much More to the list too However, the biggest emotion evoked from me in So Much More was anger yes, quiet, timid, Kim Holden has created a character I hated with a passion, I never knew she had it in her.While So Much More was emotional [...]

    17. Dee Montoya on said:

      4.5 STARS What can I say, it s a Kim Holden book Poignant and beautiful No review can make justice to the depth and the beauty of this story.

    18. Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞ on said:

      3.5 4 s You know when you choose a Kim Holden book to read that you re going to get some intense, emotional subject matter She always brings such depth to her characters that her writing makes them come alive The problem is that you may not always agree with what the characters do and that s certainly the case with Miranda She is one of the witchiest characters I ve ever read I hated her Even to the extent that I wanted no redemption for her AT ALL On the other hand, you can t help but love Seam [...]

    19. Christine (Shh Moms Reading) on said:

      OMG guys I am on a reading HIGH right now This book tortured my heart made me cry made me mad THE FEELS WERE KILLING ME But in the end, I was so happy in lovewith these characterswith this authorother TOP FAVE of 2016 full review to come I am not even sure what to pick up next because its just too soon to move on

    20. Jen on said:

      Damn the FEELS in this book This was one of those unforgettable reads that everyone should experience This was my first book by Kim Holden and I can say that it will not be my last I m very excited to read by her There are three main characters here and the story is told from each of their POVs woven together Each character made me feel so much whether it was anger, love, hate, happiness, or sympathy In this story Seamus is blindsided when his wife of twelve years serves him with divorce papers [...]

    21. Angela (Reading Frenzy Book Blog) on said:

      I started reading So Much More yesterday evening and before I knew it the sun was rising I simply had to finish it so I got zero sleep And you know what It s worth the yawns, puffy eyes, and dark circles I m suffering today because once again Kim Holden has slain me with a fascinating story that has all the feels and then some I didn t know people could hug your soul with their soul I don t want to talk about the plot or even the relationship between the characters because I feel the book is bes [...]

    22. Jennifer on said:

      So Much More is a standalone novel The narrators are Seamus, Miranda and Faith The book goes back and forth between the present and the past.I am not familiar with the name Seamus But apparently it is pronounced Shay mus Oops I was pronouncing it See mus.I have read Bright Side and Gus, but did not read the book blurb for So Much More prior to reading the book The story actually really took me by surprise I guess I was expecting a sweet sappy love story But instead I was put into the mind of the [...]

    23. Black Claire Beauchamp on said:

      Aching and sweet, a love story, a life story, that s uniquely Holden in which I m left with hopefulness that fills me People are what make life worth living Sacrifice Love Compassion It s pretty goddamn beautiful Who knew Kim Holden never fails to turn my cynical heart to marshmallow She never fails to inspire me, and she never fails to make me fall in love with her uniquely endearing characters But, she did something new this time around she did She made me love a character that I despised I g [...]

    24. Karen on said:

      Where do I start How about how I think I need Monkey Bread What the hell even is it How about I tell you how I love Hope Every day folks like her, live next door to you and I We don t bother them, they don t bother us We think ignorance is bliss, when we should exchange a smile, a nod, a touch How about I tell you how I love Benito He s the secondary character like the lovely Mrs Randolph from Gus His part may be fleeting but it is pivotal Right man Right place Right on dude How about I tell you [...]

    25. Lacy Words we love by on said:

      10 million stars Magic Pure emotional ride The best roller coaster ride SO CHRE God how do I even begin to review this book I feel helpless So many words in the English language and none of them would cover how much I loved this book This is one of those book that you carry with you all of your life Like the little prince and bright side I mean I knew it was Kim Holden and you can never go wrong with her but she outdid herself with this one It s a lesson of life And life my friends life blooms i [...]

    26. Jamie ♡♡ submits to books ♡♡ on said:

      5 Millon Second Chance Stars Love is strange when you think about it It comes out of nowhere There s no logic to it It s not methodical It s not scientific It s pure emotion and passion And emotion and passion can be beautiful, because they fuel love Seamus is a single daddy of 3 kids and is suffering from a horrible broken heart and MS Life is not how he expected it to be He loved his wife Miranda with every ounce of his soul But it was never enough for Miranda Miranda is a horrible, selfish, c [...]

    27. Irene on said:

      Let me warn you from the start, you will hate Miranda She s a manipulating, self centred bitch with an agenda Seamus is her ideal project that she uses to gain her perfectly planned life Husband, children, high powered job, all means to an end and nothing will stop her gaining the upper hand.Faith is a beautiful soul that enters Seamus life when he most needs her She had her own troubled past, victim to the foster care system She lives in the apartment block next to a reclusive woman called Hope [...]

    28. Yvette (Booksandbandanas) on said:

      My soul feels So Much More right now Whenever I read a Kim Holden book it s of a journey for the soul Her books make me want to cleanse my soul and become a better person each and every time, they are just beautifully written Miranda, I hated her like a lot, she was a very Unlikable character When I finally got to the part where I felt I should have compassion for her, I didn t I just couldn t Not after everything Seamus puts every man to shame He has qualities I want someday in a man for my ki [...]

    29. Alexis on said:

      This book was absolutely stunning and I know that I will be in for quite the book hangover.

    30. J. McCoy on said:

      4.5 stars, full review to come But holy shit this book Kim Holden knows how to make you feel all the feels.

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