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Time of Wonder

Time of Wonder By Robert McCloskey Time of Wonder Out on the islands that poke their rocky shores above the waters of Penobscot Bay you can watch the time of the world go by from minute to minute hour to hour from day to day So begins McCloskey s

  • Title: Time of Wonder
  • Author: Robert McCloskey
  • ISBN: 9780140502015
  • Page: 309
  • Format: Paperback
  • Time of Wonder By Robert McCloskey Out on the islands that poke their rocky shores above the waters of Penobscot Bay, you can watch the time of the world go by, from minute to minute, hour to hour, from day to day So begins McCloskey s classic story of one summer on a Maine island The spell of rain, the gulls and a foggy morning, the excitement of sailing, the quiet of the night, the sudden terror of Out on the islands that poke their rocky shores above the waters of Penobscot Bay, you can watch the time of the world go by, from minute to minute, hour to hour, from day to day So begins McCloskey s classic story of one summer on a Maine island The spell of rain, the gulls and a foggy morning, the excitement of sailing, the quiet of the night, the sudden terror of a hurrican, and, in the end, the peace of the island as the family packs up to leave are shown in poetic language and vibrant, evocative pictures.
    Time of Wonder By Robert McCloskey

    Time of Wonder Picture Puffin Books The first ever two time Caldecott Medal winner, for Make Way for Ducklings and Time of Wonder, McCloskey was also awarded Caldecott Honors for Blueberries for Sal, One Morning in Maine, and Journey Cake, Ho by Ruth Sawyer He was declared a Living Legend by the Library of Time of Wonder Time of Wonder Time of Wonder Academy TOW is dedicated to providing a high quality preschool program that effectively meets the needs of children weeks to five years old It is a place where social skills are developed and positive attitudes toward learning are fostered. Time of Wonder by Robert McCloskey Time of Wonder is about the life at a bay, starting with a massive storm that rushes over the island The season changes and so does the atmosphere of the people Everyone comes out in the sun and the beaches are full of people At nightfall, the sky is full of stars and a big moon The children run and play in the woods. A Time of Wonder by Robert McCloskey Beautiful Feet Books He won a second Caldecott Medal in for Time of Wonder He also received Caldecott Honors for Blueberries for Sal in , One Morning in Maine in , and Journey Cake, Ho in McCloskey was also the author and illustrator of the Homer Price stories, featuring a boy in a small Midwestern city whose curiosity and ingenuity cause him Time of Wonder McCloskey, Robert Books For kids this is a great story about having and adventurous summer on an island in Maine For adults seeing the summer pass for these two little girls also evokes the feeling a larger sense of time passing and how fleeting our time on earth really is The book won the Caldecott Medal Time of Wonder Homeschoolshare Time of Wonder was awarded the distinguished Caldecott Award in The Caldecott Medal was named in honor of nineteenth century English illustrator Randolph Caldecott The Caldecott Medal was named in honor of nineteenth century English illustrator Randolph Caldecott. Time of Wonder Child Care Day Care Eisenhower reviews of Time of Wonder Time of Wonder has been fantastic for my son He started almost a year ago in the infant room with Ms Gina and Ms Magda He was on a fantastic schedule with meals and naps and loved the teachers so much he would practically jump out of my arms into Ms Gina s arms A Time of Wonder YouTube Oct , Provided to YouTube by TuneCore A Time of Wonder Alexis Ffrench The Piano Whisperer AFM Released on Auto generated by YouTube.

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    One thought on “Time of Wonder

    1. Ronyell on said:

      When I first read this book as a child, I did not really care for this book since I thought that this book was too boring to sit through However, when I read this book later on as an adult, I realized that this book was a truly moving book Time of Wonder is a Caldecott Medal award winning book from the great mind of Robert McCloskey and it is about how a family spends their time on the islands enjoying the beauties of the island Time of Wonder may seem a bit too boring for smaller children, but [...]

    2. Kathryn on said:

      Absolutely beautiful This sparkling story transports you to Penobscot Bay, Maine where you experience the joys and wonders of the changing seasons, from the gentle unfurling of the ferns as spring draws to a close to the fun of swimming in the height of summer to the awesome power of a hurricane as autumn draws neigh I love that the story feels timeless in one sense, with all the connections to nature, night and day, the changing tides, the passing seasons Yet it s also a wonderful glimpse into [...]

    3. Book Concierge on said:

      On an island off the coast of Maine, in Penobscott Bay, two girls and their parents find much to enjoy about the sea, the shore, and the forests Even a hurricane force gale is a source of awe and wonder But when summer is over, it s time to pack up and move back to the city McCloskey is probably best known for Make Way for Ducklings, but I think I like this book even Here the reader explores an island with two girls We watch a summer shower approach, and get wet when it begins to sprinkle on a [...]

    4. Melody on said:

      This is the very first book I remember, and when I read it, the voice in my head is my father s It s also the very first book that I read all by myself I don t remember learning to read, but this book is wrapped up in the magic of reading for me And its magnificence is perhaps one of the reasons I m the reader I am today McCloskey s words and watercolors combine to make magic His turns of phrase are memorable and delightful The feelings of a childhood s summer are herein captured with both playf [...]

    5. Dolly on said:

      This is a wonderful story about a summer on an island in Penobscot Bay, off the coast of Maine The illustrations are terrific and the story, while a bit long, is enchanting.I would recommend reading this in a few installments with children so as to keep their interest Our girls got quite a bit bored with it despite the exciting hurricane and exploring its aftermath , but I hope they will give it another chance someday This book was selected as one of the books for the January 2015 Quarterly Cald [...]

    6. Moses Operandi on said:

      Beautiful, evocative watercolors and a sweet, atmospheric story.

    7. Chaitra on said:

      My son and I absolutely loved this book It s not much than an account of magical summers spent in an island off the New England coast There s everything from foggy mornings that obscures everything to lazy summer afternoons spent diving off the rock at the end of the island to evenings spent wandering around in the boat There s even an end of the summer storm after which it s time to head back home and to school It truly sounds like a time of wonder, well loved and wonderfully described and ill [...]

    8. Kiera Burnett on said:

      Summary and Critique Upon finishing Time of Wonder, one feels as though they have lived through an entire summer at Penobscot Bay The author s use of the word you allows readers to picture themselves as part of the story, picturing the tides coming in going, feeling the salty breeze, building castles in the sand, and searching for tiny creatures along the shore The poetic words in this story lend to this feeling as one is not reading a story as much as they are reading a feeling or an experience [...]

    9. Abraham on said:

      I read this book today because I m sad because I broke up with my girlfriend Sunday because I m unemployed and don t feel good enough So I m home alone, pacing around the apartment, reading this book aloud, and I m getting soaked into it Then the phone rings, and it s the most personable telemarketer you could ever imagine My dad handles the gas bill, I told her eventually When will he be home Well, usually around 2 ish Alright, she said, we ll call back around 3 so he has a chance to sit down a [...]

    10. Deania on said:

      A really nice time in the summer and where as a family better to spend it on an Deer island Getting ready for a hurricane and then the cleanup Unfortunately the summer is coming to an end so they have to go back to their regular home It is always great to take a scenic tour before you leave.

    11. Alex Baugh on said:

      It seems appropriate to end Summer Reading 2016 with an old favorite in my house Written in 1957, this classic story is about one family s summer vacation on one of the many islands around Penobscot Bay, Maine.It isn t really a story as much as it is a chronicle of observations about different aspects of island life and the activities of two sisters on the island, all narrated in the third person from the point of view of one of the girls It begins with dark clouds moving across all the islands [...]

    12. Stephanie on said:

      My daughter and I have read Blueberries for Sal, by Robert McCloskey, as well as his book One Morning in Maine, which features a slightly older Sal and her baby sister Jane In Time of Wonder, Mr McCloskey does not name the two sisters who are summering on a Maine island, but his watercolor pictures look a great deal like Sal and Jane as I would imagine them as older girls I loved this book growing up and I love it now I, too, wanted to see rocks that had been scarred by glaciers not realizing th [...]

    13. Mike Smith on said:

      I couldn t help comparing this to The Ox Cart Man Each tells the story of a year in the life of a family, but McCloskey includes wonder with the routine The hurricane adds drama, but even in the mundane the language gives life to the story rather than recording the events like an accountant for a strict miser that takes away food for each word used and adds a lash for any imagination McCloskey s poetic language flows in spirit with the marine world he portrays The rhythmic progression animates h [...]

    14. Bonnie on said:

      I am so glad I revisited this book, particularly as the season noticeably turns from Indian Summer to winter s eve with reports of snow in the valley within a couple of days.What child and adult doesn t delight in the vacationing, the exploring, the discovering of a place other than one s own year round home Although I haven t been to Maine, my visit to Nag s Head, North Carolina, gave me some of the feel of a beachy living Somehow I couldn t compare this East Coast beach experience that I did e [...]

    15. Caroline Daniel on said:

      o Summary This is a very in depth picture book that is beautifully written It talks about the islands around Maine It is a book about the summer spent at Maine and all of the adventures at the ocean, beach, and surrounding areas It also talks about a huge storm that occurs and all the clean up and adventures of the aftermath o Grade level 5tho Appropriate classroom use This is a good book to read after a summer break where kids may have went to the beach They could relate to it that way Also cou [...]

    16. Guadalupe Sanchez on said:

      Time of wonder by McCloskey Robert Genre fiction, picture book Reading level P up grades Format goodTime of wonder by Robert McCloskey is a book that really makes the reader feel like they are experiencing what the book is illustrating For example when the book says now take a deep breath this makes the reader actually take a deep breath because the reader doesn t know what is about to happen once the page is flipped This book can make many children relate to the story because many times trips d [...]

    17. Robert on said:

      Caledcott Medal 1958 Robert McClosky paints a portrait of a languid summer spent on a Maine island, surrounded by the natural beauty of nature and wildlife, lobster boats and sailing schooners These are the halcyon days, and McClosky s art beautifully captures this bygone time in bright and tranquil art and rhythmic prose Summers end is marked by the onset of a hurricane, which transforms the landscape of the little island and unearths relics from the past As summer ends and the family prepares [...]

    18. Laura on said:

      This was a fairly interesting story, I liked the poetic elements and how the author incorporated so many sights and sounds that you almost felt like you were there, almost The illustrations were nice as well A pretty good book, but probably not one I d recommend Taken from my book reviews blog reviewsatmse 2008

    19. Karen on said:

      My five year old son picked this book out from the library this week What a beautiful book The text was too long for my active little boy to sit through right now, but we ll revisit this book in another year or so.

    20. Luann on said:

      This isn t quite up there with Make Way for Ducklings or Blueberries for Sal as far as the story goes, but I loved the illustrations Made me want to visit Maine for the summer My favorite picture was the group of kids jumping off a giant rock.

    21. Lorna on said:

      Caldecott Medal 1958 Beautiful book that celebrates a child s wide eyed time in nature I know it s set in Maine, but it reminds me of Washington s San Juan islands Softly colored illustrations set the gentle tone.

    22. Satia on said:

      A fun book to read about a summer in Maine The illustrations are what really make this book and tell as much of the story as the words For and for further exploration suggestions satia 2010 12 cal

    23. Karen on said:

      I love this book but my kids just are not interested We have read it many times And yes.we will read it many

    24. ABC on said:

      This is a beautiful book except is too dull and long for a little kid I practically went hoarse reading it and then almost fell asleep reading it It just goes on and on and on.

    25. momma.hailey on said:

      Children s stories and illustrations do not get any better that this We revisited this as part of our Beautiful Feet Teaching Character through Literature curriculum.

    26. J on said:

      Beautiful book Read it years ago Brings you back to a different time.

    27. Katie Buckley on said:

      I Time of wonder by Robert McCloskey is a Caldecott winning story that takes place on the coast of Maine Throughout it you experience different sensory details about living in this region It follows a family during a summer and details their fun, beautiful experiences like boating and swimming as well as their bad ones like when a hurricane comes It s a story full of a general sense of happiness and closeness of a family.II The theme of this story is one of natural beauty Each page details somet [...]

    28. Evan Hays on said:

      I don t normal put children s books on my because if I did, I would have to put a whole heck of a lot of toddler s books on there these days but this one is a bit longer and is by one of my all time favorite children s authors, but is a book I have never read until now I grew up loving Homer Price a whole lot, and while this one is not as long and is evocative of McCloskey s time living in Maine than the small town America of Homer Price, this book nonetheless captures the awe and wonder of bei [...]

    29. Emily on said:

      This book focuses on a trip to an island right off the coast of Maine with two girls and their parents The illustrations are colorful and look almost like paintings made by watercolors in addition to light sketches Each page takes you along their journey and their adventure The illustrations played close attention to each detail displayed within the pages As the reader, I felt as though there was an intimacy through the text that allowed me to feel as though I was there in the story with the cha [...]

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