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My Name is Aram

My Name is Aram By William Saroyan Don Freeman My Name is Aram William Saroyan s most celebrated work of short fiction a boy s view of the American Dream Aram Garoghlanian was a Californian born in Fresno on the other side of the Southern Pacific tracks But he w

  • Title: My Name is Aram
  • Author: William Saroyan Don Freeman
  • ISBN: 9780440362050
  • Page: 226
  • Format: Paperback
  • My Name is Aram By William Saroyan Don Freeman William Saroyan s most celebrated work of short fiction a boy s view of the American Dream Aram Garoghlanian was a Californian, born in Fresno on the other side of the Southern Pacific tracks But he was also part of a large, sprawling family of immigrant Armenians a whole tribe of eccentric uncles, brawling cousins, and gentle women Through these unforgettable, oftenWilliam Saroyan s most celebrated work of short fiction a boy s view of the American Dream Aram Garoghlanian was a Californian, born in Fresno on the other side of the Southern Pacific tracks But he was also part of a large, sprawling family of immigrant Armenians a whole tribe of eccentric uncles, brawling cousins, and gentle women Through these unforgettable, often hilarious characters Aram comes to understand life, courage, and the power of dreams Whether it is fierce Uncle Khosrove who yells Pay no attention to it in any situation, Uncle Melik, who tries to grow pomegranate trees in the desert, or angelic looking Cousin Arak who gets Arma into classroom scrapes, Aram s visions are shaped and colored by this tum of the century clan Like Sherwood Anderson s Winesburg, Ohio, William Saroyan s brilliant short stories in My Name Is Aram work together to create a picture of a time, a place, and a boy s world a truly classic account of an impoverished family newly arrived in America rich in matters of the heart.
    My Name is Aram By William Saroyan Don Freeman

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    • My Name is Aram Best Read || [William Saroyan Don Freeman]
      226 William Saroyan Don Freeman

    One thought on “My Name is Aram

    1. Kaya on said:

      We didn t say anything because there was such an awful lot to say, and no language to say it in Cute book with witty dialogues, believable sense of sentimentality and a protagonist with bubbly personality I adore books with serious topics told from child s viewpoint It s not as powerful as it could ve been, but it s light and fun read that tries to take a positive aspect on life and growing up I loved every page of it.Actually, this is a collection of short stories rather than a novel Each chap [...]

    2. Debbie Zapata on said:

      This little book, originally published in 1940, has 14 short stories based on the author s youth in 1920 s California The narrator of the tales, a young Armenian American named Aram, is a boy of nine when we first meet him in The Summer Of The Beautiful White Horse Aram s cousin Mourad wakes him up at 4am one morning, urging Aram to come out and ride the white horse Mourad is sitting on I liked the description of Mourad, who .enjoyed being alive than anybody else who had ever fallen into the wo [...]

    3. Rhys on said:

      A collection of linked short stories published in 1940 Having heard many negative things about Saroyan and his writing ability, I avoided him for years but when I began reading the first story in this book I realised that I was destined to become a fan.His work is realistic and tells of poor Armenian immigrants in California but his style is upbeat and colourful, never depressing and although his treatment of even the most sombre themes is unashamedly sentimental, it isn t maudlin Saroyan s lang [...]

    4. Aram on said:

      How often can one say they read a book with their name in the title especially when their name is Aram I have read this book many times and love it There is a simple joy and kindness in Saroyan s words and it comes through on each page I have to admit that, growing up, I was much like the Aram in the book and it is fun to remember those times.

    5. Hoda Marmar on said:

      Bookoholics 2016 Books from around the world Armenia theme.My Name Is Aram is a collection of stories about Aram s childhood as a first generation American boy born to Armenian parents The setting is the early 20th century I did not expect this frankly I read it nonetheless and enjoyed some parts of it Overall I do not understand why this book is praised so highly My favorite story was about the poor burning Arab I felt it had the most depth and substance of all I would love to read for other Ar [...]

    6. Kevin Reilly on said:

      William Saroyan has a very unique writing style I m not really sure how to describe it, but I like it Earlier this year I read his book The Human Comedy and it was probably the best book I have read this year I enjoyed My Name is Aram almost as much as I enjoyed The Human Comedy.As I said, Saroyan has a very unique way of writing his novels This book is structured in a way so that it seems like a series of short stories Each chapter tells of an adventure that Aram and one of his friends of fami [...]

    7. Sofi Hakobyan on said:

      So simple, so infantile, so ironic, so fluent, but so profoundly wise Can a work be all these things together It can if it is written by William Saroyan The offspring of the Old World who has lived, loved and absorbed with all his pores the New World, blends in a beautiful and colorful mosaic all the pieces of his Old and New essences If you want the oriental wisdom, read My name is Aram, if you want to remember your foolish and crazy childhood read it equally, if you want to discover a part of [...]

    8. Tim on said:

      I reached for this book because I was thinking about stories that I had loved in my junior high years, and I remembered some of Saroyan s stories about a boy growing up in a rural area during World War II I don t think the author s reputation has really grown much in recent years up until the 1970s or 80s he was part of the cohort of great American 20th century writers, and I am not sure he is in that category any but he is a very interesting writer His stories are a little odd, yet deeply Amer [...]

    9. Zack on said:

      My copy of this book was published in 1940 It s illustrated, has an ornamental sticker inside with the former owners family crest, and most interesting of all, is inscribed faintly all throughout with cryptic annotations in pencil anyway I can t figure them out A series of numbers into the hundreds, and sometimes lines drawn through words like wo man which almost makes sense,like the reader is breaking the word down syllabically or something , or between two words like Then and he for no apparen [...]

    10. Lucine Van Stappen Gevorgyan on said:

      If I had to describe this book in three words, I think I d choose the wordkindness ,funnyandtruthful How can you talk if you you don t day anything I said You talk without words We are always talking without words Well what good are words, then Not very good, most of the time Most of the time they re only good to keep back what you really want to say, or something you don t want known Well, dotheytalk I said I think they do, my mother said They understand one another and don t need to open their [...]

    11. Nari on said:

      My Name is Aram is an account of William Saroyan s life from 1915 to 1925 in Fresno, California, told in fourteen short chapters, each discussing a different event or experience Aram Garoghlanian is a curious young boy, and his curiosity often leads him straight to trouble We are introduced to his Armenian family, his friends and those that live in the same small town cityenovelworld 2009 11 02 m

    12. Berk on said:

      Sirk hikayesi g zeldi, son hikaye nedense kan ma girdi htiyar aldatt m ve eski halime d nece imi zannetmi tim ama ok ge meden hakikaten ma rifete nail oldu umun fark na vard m Otob s Salt Lake City den ayr ld ktan sonra hen z on dakika ge memi ti ki sa a sola ve her eye inanma a ba lam t m.O g n bug nd r her eye ama her eye inan r m William Saroyan benim i in yak n zaman n en g zel ke iflerinden biri

    13. Jung on said:

      It was fascinating and refreshing to read Saroyan s perspective as an early 20th century Armenian American and stories about America and Americans that perhaps don t get much representation from that time period other immigrants, Native Americans His style is very colloquial and unpretentious very charming in its old fashionedness.

    14. Ms. D on said:

      This is a little jewel of a book The stories don t have much in the way of plot or action, and it s as easy to put the book down as it is to pick it up again But, the story telling itself is lovely funny, innocent, sometimes melancholy, often poetic.

    15. Leslie on said:

      The first story The Beautiful White Horse is on my top five story list of all times A suspicous man would believe his eyes instead of his heart Loved it

    16. Barbara Radisavljevic on said:

      This is a book I was tempted to give up on by page 25, but I decided to keep going until page 50 By then I had decided it was worth finishing, because I d begun to get into the funnier stories This is sort of an Armenian version of Tom Sawyer, but the cultural sense of humor is a bit different, and the setting is in Fresno, California from 1915 to 1925 Aram has plenty of family, and most of them don t have a lot of regard for formal education Aram is one of them He hangs out with his cousins a l [...]

    17. Celil on said:

      Gelelim en g zel Saroyan kitab na 2017 biterken Saroyan kitaplar n eritiyordum Biri hari hepsi bitti gibi Aras Yay nc l k harika bask lar karm Her bir yeni bask da kitaplar geli tirerek, daha da g zelle tirmi ler zellikle Us l Gere i a klamalar n ok sevdim Ke ke di er yay nc lar da benzer hareketleri t m kitaplar nda deneseler Aras n kitap tasar mlar na dair belki tek itiraz m, sayfa yap s nda margin in ok fazla tutulmu olmas d r Ben bunu gereksiz buluyorum ve neredeyse hi olmamas taraftar y m M [...]

    18. Núria on said:

      Me llamo Aram es el segundo libro de William Saroyan que leo Cuando me lo recomendaron por primera vez, me dijeron que si me gustaba John Fante como efectivamente me gusta Saroyan tambi n me gustar a Y ha resultado cierto No es tanto que los dos escritores escriban sobre lo mismo sino que escriben de una forma parecida, con un estilo directo y eficaz, tienen un sentido del humor parecido, tierno pero a la vez ir nico, y los dos hacen muestra de una pasi n por la vida que se contagia al lector Me [...]

    19. Helene Pilibosian on said:

      William Saroyan wrote this book about the enthusiasm of his youth and his time in or around Fresno, California The book catapulted him to fame with stories that had been published in such places as the Atlantic monthly and were popular probably because they were about the simple life that appealed to people in a simpler age the 1920s He wrote them largely through conversations between Aram and his friends or the adults that surrounded them, usually his relatives Story by story he mentions this u [...]

    20. Christian Schwoerke on said:

      I grew up in Fresno in the early 60s, and I recall my Armenian friends, their families by that time well established in the city s fabric These stories of young Aram and his large family and all his relatives in Fresno and surrounding areas of the San Joaquin valley in the 1920s were a treat to read, both for their straight forward, fun loving exuberance, but also for the glimpses into the city and region s history These stories have the aspect of folk tales exaggerated, with tricksters and wise [...]

    21. Iva on said:

      Perfectly charming stories and wonderfully illustrated by children s book artist Don Freeman This collection of little vignettes capture an extended family living in simpler times, but not necessarily easier for adults or children The school stories were particularly engaging and had a timeless quality Each story had a message and Saroyan s style is unique.

    22. Nick on said:

      An excellent book, an absolute must for kids 8 12 and not only A candid, sometimes romantic, mostly funny look at America between the two World Wars I was most impressed by Saroyan s ability to write equally well for adults and kids I had seen The time of your life, a play he had written in 1939 and for which he won a Pulitzer the same year he wrote My name is Aram, 1940.

    23. Jane on said:

      I first read this many years ago Its gentle humor in these short stories about the boy and his immigrant Armenian family makes me smile.

    24. Maysoon Alshaheen on said:

      Aram,the American Armenian boy is narrating stories from his lifeunfourtantely I didn t find his stories neither interesting nor book was neither enjoyable nor purposeful

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