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Hana-Kimi, Vol. 3

Hana-Kimi, Vol. 3 By Hisaya Nakajo David Ury Hana Kimi Vol MEN AT WORKIzumi his friend Nakatsu and our crossdressing heroine Mizuki are hired to work at a beach chalet run by the family of weird school nurse Dr Umeda But when Kagurazaka Izumi s high jump riv

  • Title: Hana-Kimi, Vol. 3
  • Author: Hisaya Nakajo David Ury
  • ISBN: 9781591163992
  • Page: 198
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hana-Kimi, Vol. 3 By Hisaya Nakajo David Ury MEN AT WORKIzumi, his friend Nakatsu and our crossdressing heroine Mizuki are hired to work at a beach chalet run by the family of weird school nurse Dr Umeda But when Kagurazaka Izumi s high jump rival shows up with his two younger sisters in tow, the job gets personal Kagurazaka s attractive sister Tamami has a crush on Izumi too, and she sees Izumi s classmate MizuMEN AT WORKIzumi, his friend Nakatsu and our crossdressing heroine Mizuki are hired to work at a beach chalet run by the family of weird school nurse Dr Umeda But when Kagurazaka Izumi s high jump rival shows up with his two younger sisters in tow, the job gets personal Kagurazaka s attractive sister Tamami has a crush on Izumi too, and she sees Izumi s classmate Mizuki as a way to find out about the object of her affections And then someone realizes that Mizuki s actually a girl
    Hana-Kimi, Vol. 3 By Hisaya Nakajo David Ury

    VIZ The Official Website for Hana Kimi In Japan, a Hana Kimi art book and several drama CDs have been released Her other manga series include Missing Piece two volumes and Yumemiru Happa The Dreaming Leaf, one volume. Hana Kimi in Edition , Vol Includes vols , Hana Kimi in Edition , Vol Includes vols , by Hisaya Nakajo Paperback . Hana Kimi, Volumes , Hana Kimi in Edition by Hisaya Nakajo Paperback . Customers who viewed this item also viewed Page of Start over Page of Hana Kimi For You in Full Blossom, Vol Nakajo, hisaya Hana Kimi is about a girl Mizuki who in order to meet her idol the famous high jumper Sano Hizumi she cuts her hair dress as a boy and enrols her self into a boy s high school and amazingly the person she gets to share a dorm with is the famous high jumper himself. Hana Kimi For You in Full Blossom, Vol by Hisaya Nakajo Apr , Comments from Third Read I ve actually read Hana Kimi twice before, so this was both nostalgic and somewhat eye opening Early on in my manga obsession, which began in the summer of , I read Hana Kimi It was one of the first I picked up and I was IN LOVE with it completely.

    • Hana-Kimi, Vol. 3 Best Download || [Hisaya Nakajo David Ury]
      198 Hisaya Nakajo David Ury

    One thought on “Hana-Kimi, Vol. 3

    1. Zaz on said:

      This is a difficult volume to rate or review, because it s also one difficult for me to read I really dislike how one girl is totally stalking Sano, using arguments like her body, and there are also abusive scenes which are dreadful to read On another side, Nakatsu is all in drama mode, adding some thoughtlessness, while Sano is very very cute It s probably the volume I like the least in the series, but it s also one helping all the characters realize their feelings And there s the cute scene at [...]

    2. Mary on said:

      FINALLY a book that doesn t blame the girl when a guy tries to rape her Sano saves Asahi from an assault and tells her never to blame herself for what happened That it was the guy s fault for being unable to control himself and that it was in no way her fault at all Halle fricken lujah The attempted assault was disturbing to read but she gets out of it before it escalates too far I didn t like how he got off so easily but you could tell how disgusted everyone was regarding his reactions The auth [...]

    3. Laura on said:

      Cross posted on my blog I can t stop adoring this series It s a little weird, but it s so funny and cute Mizuki is so precious I will say that I m hoping the pretense between her and Izumi will end soon It s clear that they care about each other Sadly, seeing that there are like twenty three volumes, I doubt they ll confess their feelings anytime soon Nakatsu is such great comic relief It s so silly, but I like it I ve gotten to the point that I recognize manga humor and find it funny myself His [...]

    4. Cassandra on said:

      I am fond of this volume the art has steadied, she is confident in her characters, and it cuts to what is the real heart of the story for me view spoiler Ashiya has a relationship with Sano that is oddly gender bound and also liminal She is a girl, disguised as a boy he knows she is a girl, but has not told her that he knows Thus they interact as male friends, with all the permissions of intimacy without sexuality that allows, but they both know it cannot last, so now Ashiya begins to wonder wha [...]

    5. Dexter on said:

      Just as much fun as the first two volumes And, as always, it leaves me wanting the next volume right NOW.Second time reading Yet again I m wanting Volume 4 NOW It s not like a cliffhanger or anything I just really want .I really liked this volume because the characters continue with their growth Sano s and Mizuki s relationship keeps pushing and then a few random characters pop up and make it interesting I actually really liked Kagurazaka in this volume, whereas before I was super sick of him A [...]

    6. Ashley on said:

      I binge read all of Hana Kimi It s easy to see why that is so easy once you get into the second chapter of the series Hana Kimi is filled with complex character moments, tension, and fun All the characters come to life and its hard to put the story down I ve read my fair share of manga over the years and will continue to I have the feeling that Hana Kimi will remain one of my favorites I can t wait to get in a reread.

    7. Sara on said:

      Oh my god 1 I loooove this seriesss It s my favorite shoujo series and my second favorite manga series of ALL TIME I just love everything about it I would totally do what Mizuki did though I don t think I could get away with it especially not in a Japanese school _ WELL That s just not fair Anyway, It s sooooo funny AH It s all so great I can t contain the fan girl in me O I even loved the TV series Especially the Taiwanese one Ella and Jiro were hilarious

    8. Jim on said:

      i d really give this only two stars becuse i find an American girl going to school in Japan and dressing up as boy to get close to a sexy high jumper a crazy story give me a book abouta teen biten by a radioactive spider, That makes sense.were i a fourteen yearold girl i think i d love this series.

    9. Kirsti on said:

      Why oh why did I not purchase the next three volumes at least in this series I was left with an empty feeling as I turned the last page, searching for I guess it leaves me something to look forward to, and this seems like a long series as well I guess it is obvious now that I enjoy this series and recommend it, what is there really to say, except read it so you can love it too

    10. Daniella Murillo on said:

      Actually, the manga is going slower than the drama Or I don t know, the time lapse they both manage is different I a d o r e Sano when he get s all protective to Mizuki 3 And mannnnn I wish there was Nakatsu all the time.I ll read Vol 4 tomorrow, right after I watch the new episode of the korean drama version of this manga

    11. Rachel on said:

      I ve read the first two volumes, and this manga is really cute and enjoyable But the volumes are too expensive for how quickly I go through them I can t justify spending any money on something that s basically just fluff.

    12. Nidah (SleepDreamWrite) on said:

      While Sano, Nakatsu and Mizuki help out Nakao s mom, Io, at the hotel, Sano doesn t like the way one of the co workers is hanging around with Mizuki Well this one got kind of serious The moments between Nakatsu and Kaguzaka s baby sister was adorable.

    13. Starbubbles on said:

      um, most tests are not opennote book that always made me mad when reading that plus, round watermelons, seedless watermelons, and yellow watermelons are also grown in the u.s you see the longer, seeded watermelons often though well, that s it for my nitpicking.

    14. Ashira (Savannah) on said:

      I ve been reading this series from the library, and since number three wasn t there while pretty much everything else was, I have yet to read it but I have many un answered questions so I intend to whenever I find it or feel the need to read it.

    15. Amanda on said:

      Summer vacation that means one of the central characters has to face an ordeal which includes a threatened rape, right It infuriates me that the attempted rapist s actions are considered acceptable because he thought Mizuki is a girl Arghhh rape culture alive well in Japan, eh

    16. Caroline on said:

      Hana Kimi is about a girl who fakes being a boy so she can go to high school with her track and field idol who lives in Japan, and he becomes her eventual love interest This is funny and bright and though not high quality, it s good.

    17. Nikki Kelly on said:

      An awesome series with a bit of a cliche plot line girl dresses as boy and falls in love at all boy school The characters are very likeable however, and a good love triangle is setup Nice art as well I never finished it because it s a lonnng series and I could not afford them all.

    18. Christiana on said:

      Seriously, how long can Sano continue to not talk about how Mizuki is a girl IT BOGGLES THE MIND.

    19. Bianca on said:

      Loving it Can t wait to get my hand on the next volume I must know how it all unravels Does he jump well again Please tell me he beats Kugrih

    20. Kashii on said:

      of course I mean its hana kimi whispers i really like shoujo manga

    21. Julie on said:

      Borrowed from a friend Never really caught my interest, although maybe someday I ll read the rest of the series now that it s ended.

    22. Saya on said:

      I DO NOT RATE MANGA DON T ASK ME WHY, I JUST DON T Nakatsu, The Lolita killer I die.

    23. Amy Gideon on said:

      I like the relationship between the two main characters and I like the idea of the series, but I don t like most of the situations driving the plot.

    24. Morgan on said:

      It s so so, still a little young for me The problem she s having don t seem to be dynamic enough for me to be really interested But I ve also read this before a long time ago so Hm.

    25. Rachel Ramirez on said:

      I m so glad I found this book It was my first introduction to the cross dressing story line It s a funny and happy love story with tons of keeping secrets in order to be near the one you love.

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