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Where the River Ends

Where the River Ends By Charles Martin Where the River Ends A powerfully emotional and beautifully written story of heartbreaking loss and undying love He was a fishing guide and struggling artist from a south George trailer park She was the beautiful only chi

  • Title: Where the River Ends
  • Author: Charles Martin
  • ISBN: 9780767926980
  • Page: 282
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Where the River Ends By Charles Martin A powerfully emotional and beautifully written story of heartbreaking loss and undying love He was a fishing guide and struggling artist from a south George trailer park She was the beautiful only child of South Carolina s most powerful senator Yet once Doss Michaels and Abigail Grace Coleman met by accident, they each felt they d found their true soul mate Ten yearsA powerfully emotional and beautifully written story of heartbreaking loss and undying love He was a fishing guide and struggling artist from a south George trailer park She was the beautiful only child of South Carolina s most powerful senator Yet once Doss Michaels and Abigail Grace Coleman met by accident, they each felt they d found their true soul mate Ten years into their marriage, when Abbie faces a life threatening illness, Doss battles it with her every step of the way And when she makes a list of ten things she hopes to accomplish before she loses the fight for good, Doss is there, too, supporting her and making everything possible Together they steal away in the middle of the night to embark upon a 130 mile trip down the St Mary s River a voyage Doss promised Abbie in the early days of their courtship.Where the River Ends chronicles their love filled, tragedy tinged journey and a bond that transcends all.
    Where the River Ends By Charles Martin

    Where the River Ends A Novel Martin, Charles Where a River Ends is a heartbreaking love story that takes place in a canoe on a river that borders Georgia and Florida The main characters are a river guide artist and an intelligent well bread Charleston woman. Collective Soul Where the River Flows YouTube Feb , The song featured in this video is Where the River Flows by Collective Soul All rights belong to Collective Soul, and their respective business partners I River Where the Rivers Flow North Mar , Directed by Jay Craven With Rip Torn, Tantoo Cardinal, Bill Raymond, Mark Margolis In , in Kingdom County, Vermont, a large dam is to be built, however, Noel Lord, a logger and cedar oil harvester, won t give up his lifetime lease on land that will be flooded The dam company increases its offer of cash, but Noel refuses He asks for a trade a stand of pines for his lease. Where the River Ends Charles Martin The result is my new novel, Where the River Ends, and yes, parts of this story are painful, but I ve found the beauty outweighs the pain Readers often ask me whey I write the stories I do Why these themes As I get older I m and life dings me , I wake up to find that hard places, sort of like fish scales, have calloused my Where The River Goes Critical Role What Is The Source Of The River Nile WorldAtlas Ezekiel Wherever the river flows, there will be Wherever the river flows, there will be swarms of living creatures and a great number of fish, because it flows there and makes the waters fresh so wherever the river flows, everything will flourish New American Standard Bible It will come about that every living creature which swarms in every place where the river goes, will live. Where Does The Missouri River Start And End WorldAtlas Nov , The river is located within the United States and flows through seven states Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Iowa, Kansas, and Missouri Navigation along the river is hindered by the presence of natural and artificial Nile The Nile Arabic , romanized an N l, Arabic pronunciation , Bohairic Coptic Pronounced , Nobiin man Daw is a major north flowing river in northeastern Africa, and is the longest river in Africa and the disputed longest river in the world, as the Brazilian government says that the River is longer than the Nile. Rhine River Location, Length, Map, Facts Britannica Rhine River, river and waterway of western Europe, culturally and historically one of the great rivers of the continent and among the most important arteries of industrial transport in the world It flows from two small headways in the Alps of east central Switzerland north and west to the North Sea, into which it drains through the Netherlands.

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      282 Charles Martin

    One thought on “Where the River Ends

    1. Kimberly on said:

      I have read a number of touching and beautiful love stories, but Where The River Ends is in a class all of its own A friend of mine had recommended I try one of Charles Martin s books after finding out how much I love Nicholas Sparks His style was similar but also distinct I found myself marking page after page of quotes I didn t want to forget but in reality, I d quote the entire book here because the whole thing was so deeply moving I found myself wiping tears away long after I turned the last [...]

    2. Jennifer Fromke on said:

      When I finished the last page of this book, I closed my eyes and felt complete It s not that he tied every tiny item up too perfectly, it s just that my experience of the story was everything I needed as a reader There is a wholeness at the end of the story When you read about all the brokenness throughout, you feel it, and you re filled with the longing and hope and struggles of the characters So when Mr Martin ends the story, he somehow managed to achieve wholeness in the midst of the broken [...]

    3. Autumn on said:

      I just Couldn t Do it I tried to read this book, but I couldn t From the very cover, with its silly Warning This book will break your heart I doubted this book The prose was overly conversational, with phrases like, See that That s what I love about her I don t like this kind of writing I don t want someone ACTUALLY telling me a story, I want someone storytelling The difference, for me, is simple In one, I am consciously aware of the teller, and in the other the words disappear and it s like I m [...]

    4. Manuela Santos on said:

      Os tratamentos s o o pior Eles retalham nos at ao nosso mago, despojam nos de tudo e deixam nos com mem rias fugazes Abbie tentara durante muito tempo agarrar se vida mas, tal como a gua, ela escapara se por entre os dedos Uma linda hist ria de amor comovente, emotiva, dram tica, delicada e tr gica que nos toca o cora o e ningu m consegue ficar indiferente a esta narrativa.O autor possuidor de uma escrita directa, clara, simples, pr tica, realista, pontuada e envolvente.A leitura perturbadora, t [...]

    5. Andre on said:

      Where the River Ends by Charles MartinThis review contains some minor spoilers that all become evident early in the novel There are some short passages and details presented, but I do not recommend reading the novel If you plan to read it, this review is not for you.Where the River Ends by Charles Martin is annoyingly frustrating The novel has so much potential First, it is an actual novel with a beginning, middle, and end It has a story to tell and a point to convey while telling it There are c [...]

    6. Judy Collins on said:

      Great author and storyteller I have read all his books and one of my favorite authors Charles makes the characters come alive Awesome

    7. Lari Heldenlama on said:

      Dieses Buch sprach mich sowohl vom Cover als auch vom Klappentext sehr an, irgendwie hat man leichte gedankliche Parallelen zu Cecilia Ahern Ps Ich liebe dich Abbies und Chris Welten k nnten verschiedener nicht sein Sie ist die Tochter eines Senators, wuchs in der Welt des Glamours auf, Chris ist ein Tagtr umer und freischaffender K nstler er lebt von der Hand in den Mund Trotz dieser Unterschiede lernen die beiden sich kennen und heiraten sogar gegen den Willen von Abbies Eltern, die mit allen [...]

    8. Ana Dumitrache on said:

      E foarte greu s i aduni cuvintele i s vorbe ti despre La cap tul r ului Mie cartea aceasta mi a l sat un mare gol n suflet, mi a f cut piele de g in i mi a stors lacrimi, dar i z mbete pe alocuri O carte at t de simpl i de frumos scris , plin de profunzime, care transmite at t de mult Charles Martin este cu siguran un scriitor deosebit i sper ca anul ce vine s trec pe list toate romanele sale Povestea lui Doss i a lui Abbie este pe c t de special , pe at t de trist Abbie a fost o femeie minunat [...]

    9. Michael on said:

      Charles Martin writes stories about broken men, searching for redemption and healing and the people who love them In his sixth novel, Where the River Ends, we meet Doss Michael, an artist who outpunted his coverage when he met, courted and married the daughter of a powerful South Carolina senator, Abby Coleman The story is told in alternating chapters, examing their courtship, marriage and life together and their final journey together down the St Mary s River Ten years into the marriage, Abby f [...]

    10. Darlene on said:

      This beautiful story, written by Charles Martin is about love, commitment, sacrifice and what it really means to be totally responsible for another human being Doss Michaels a painter who gives new meaning to the term starving artist meets Abigail Grace Coleman, the daughter of a senator from South Carolina when he literally saves her life when she is attacked and nearly raped Their love story is just about perfect until the day Abbie is diagnosed with an aggressive form of breast cancer This is [...]

    11. S on said:

      Do I wonder why God is silent Can I explain the existence of suffering and evil Do I sometimes despair at this world You damn right Nevertheless, I believe Normally, a book that takes me quite this long to finish can surely expect a low rating This book is an exception to my rule, my norm The breathers I took while reading this book, in retrospect, were necessary Had I rushed to see the ending, I doubt I d be able to appreciate it as much as I appreciate it now My zero knowledge about rivers is [...]

    12. Katie on said:

      Spoilers Where the River Ends This book was in the recommended section at the library I wanted to put this book down several times, because I felt like it was moving so slowly and simply By reading the description, it s easy for a reader to understand where the book is going that is not the book s appeal, though Charles Martin, the author, tells a story about Doss and Abbie Abbie is dying of cancer and has 10 or so wishes before her death, many of them as simple as swimming with dolphins The mos [...]

    13. Ruth Ann on said:

      This story develops between unlikely lovers a starving artist and the daughter of a US Senator Married 15 years and she s dying of cancer and has a bucket list, which the two try to complete before her demise It would have been helpful to have a map of the river trip I m a visual learner In some respects, their river journey seemed so unlikely possessions burned by raiders in a bond fire, meeting a defrocked Priest along the way, her ability to rally just as they were meeting impossible obstacle [...]

    14. Carol Arnold on said:

      Another great Charles Martin book A young artist Dpss marries a designer model in Charleston, SC Her dad just happens to be ex governor and current senator He in no way approves of the marriage and refuses to accept this no name, no family, non Charlestonian outcast for his daughter Amid the conflict, Doss wife, Abbie gets cancer At her request, he takes his dying wife on a trip down the river at the beginning of hurricane season His description of the river trip left me a little confused I just [...]

    15. Omaira on said:

      Una historia de amor que empezamos conociendo justo cuando se acerca su final, pero que no dejar indiferente y te romper el coraz n Si no fuera por las excesivas descripciones de lugares que realiza el autor, considero que hubiera sido perfecta Rese a completa entrelalecturayelcine

    16. Paula Reis on said:

      Sou bastante sens vel a este tema.Um livro que me fez parar v rias vezes a leitura para refletir e para pensar e se fosse eu Amor, dor, magia e muita resili ncia, ningu m vai ficar indiferente

    17. Heidi on said:

      I am a fan of Charles Martin Great writing But I read this after I read The Mountain Between Us and there were just TOO many similarities Damsel in distress Hurting Man saves the day Pulling her along I almost didn t finish it I did, but just kind of meh.

    18. Alexandra on said:

      MAGN FICO L ANLO AHORA.En serio, genial Este libro me ha encantado absolutamente Te atrapa desde la primera p gina, debes saber c mo es la historia pasada y como contin a la presente Excelente forma de juntarlas, por cierto No es un romance barato, por favor es mucho m s que eso Creo que puedo decir que es una historia acerca de la belleza la belleza del amor, del arte, de la naturaleza y del alma Lo he le do con pausa, as para disfrutar cada detalle, y ha valido la pena.Los personajes me han fa [...]

    19. Amy on said:

      My mom handed this book and said Read this it s good Meh I thought Then I looked at the frount cover Warning this book will break your heart Then I thought nope I am not reading this Well because the other book I am reading currently is not a pull you in type a book I though ok I will give it a shot I enjoyed it and read it quickly.The writing was not the most poetic or thought provoking Yet in a simple way it was This story was told from a man s point of view which was interesting ususally love [...]

    20. Jerry on said:

      Where the River Ends cover warns you, This book will break your heart It did, in a waybut not the way Charles Martin or his editors publishers intended I ve read Mr Martin s writings before, and, in my opinion, they were well written, emotionally charged dramas about people overcoming tragic circumstances However, all those were published by Thomas Nelson, a Christian publisher Where the River Ends was not, and its content makes me wonder whether Mr Martin is truly a Christian, or just writing i [...]

    21. Tina Hunt on said:

      I love this story I was sucked in when I read the prologue But the I read the madder I got with Mr Martin At one point I even put the Nook down and declared to the empty house around me that I was done, that I was not going to read any Why Because I was tired of the back and forth from the back story to the journey down the river Then I did something I rarely do I quit reading the back story I just skipped right over it and jumped back into the next section of story dealing with the river jour [...]

    22. Mafi on said:

      Adorei, um romance lindoo N o conti as l grimas, um livro muito rom ntico cheio de emo es fortes Ent o a hist ria centra se no casal Doss e Abbie, ele um pintor, ela uma modelo que est o profundamente apaixonados um pelo outro, s que infelizmente ambos travam uma luta contra o cancro de Abbie Ela uma mulher muito corajosa e que pretende viver at aos ltimos dias da sua vida e elabora uma lista de 10 coisas que gostaria de realizar antes de morrer Isto a premissa do livro, depois o resto a realiza [...]

    23. Marla on said:

      This is a beautifully written love story It took me a little bit to get into it since it s very narrative and light on dialogue I listened to the audio book and I absolutely loved the way Mark Deakins read the story about Doss and Abbie I do have to say, as a breast cancer survivor, it was a little bit of a shock by the time I was on Disc 7 of 10 to find out what kind of cancer Abbie was dying from Her treatment flashbacks were a little hard for me to hear as they brought back memories But this [...]

    24. Elizabeth Sulzby on said:

      This book moved me to tears and smiles The author creates a believable soul mates kind of love between two people from very different backgrounds Mr Martin is one of the rare male authors who are convincing in depiction of women The tragic end of the story, the wife s death from stage 4 cancer, is clearly foreseen but the way the husband and wife deal with it is constantly surprising The book is very well written and I could have speeded through it, but I found myself lingering over the events, [...]

    25. Angie on said:

      Earlier today I finished reading Where the River Ends Wow, Abbie and Doss uniquely lived out her bucket list Thanks, Jesse, for recommending another terrific piece of southern literature Charles Martin is definitely on my list for future reads I m not sure I could ever be so valiant as Doss protecting Abbie or as Abbie making the most of her remaining days while also providing support for Doss in his future All of the characters and river descriptions will stay with me I d love to kayak that riv [...]

    26. Jenny on said:

      Two things 1 The ending of this book is clear from the start Wife will die but her and her husband will go on one last journey together.I thought what the heck, might be a good story despite the ending Nope Not at all The dialogue was tough to follow, the descriptions of the river were overwrought, and Abbie was made out to be a perfect angel 2 In some editions, is the main character called Doss In the book I read, the guy s name was Chris Maybe that s because I had the UK version Anyway, didn t [...]

    27. Kim on said:

      I ll take the bad because that means I will have lived to know the good p149 Perception is not reality The hurt reminded me of what was, and is, beautiful Of what I d known, and lost Of love given And taken away The it hurt, the deeper the ache, the sweeter the memory So while I mind the hurt, I live with it I enjoyed this book I was touched by the story line and the power of love But must admit I skipped the last few chapters to get to the end and do not feel like I m lacking a completeness of [...]

    28. Emanuela on said:

      Dupa ce am citit 3 carti de Charles Martin am ajuns la concluzia ca il pasioneaza sa scrie despre boala cancer, boala psihica si despre moarte in egala masura cu scrierea despre dragostea care biruie totul si rupe orice bariera, dragostea care elibereaza Si aceasta carte se inscrie in categoriile mai sus mentionate, fiind vorba despre un cuplu casatorit, ea din lumea buna, el sarac dar pictor, care ajunge impreuna impotriva sortii, dar nu asta este planul principal povestea lor de dragoste este [...]

    29. Linda on said:

      I think people are either totally into a romance like powerfully emotional and beautifully written story of heartbreaking loss and undying love book or they re not really fond of them The cover of this paperback says, Warning This book will break your heart and Don t pick it up unless you are looking for a good cry So pick your field of interest and proceed accordingly.The part that interested me the most the young man finding himself as an artist.

    30. Donna on said:

      Three stars is probably a wee bit generous for this book It pains me to say that because Charles Martin is a must read author for everyone I am a huge fan I like how he writes He can pack such a punch with words I am usually completely drawn into his stories Unfortunately, I didn t feel that at all in this book This was just a bit too flowery for me and predictable.I will say that it is a sweet story and it has a neat little red bow at the end.

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