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Lumberjanes #18

Lumberjanes #18 By Shannon Watters Carolyn Nowak Brooke A. Allen Kat Leyh Lumberjanes When April meets two mermaids who used to be friends but are now stuck in a crazy rivalry she decides to put her friendship repairing skills to the test

  • Title: Lumberjanes #18
  • Author: Shannon Watters Carolyn Nowak Brooke A. Allen Kat Leyh
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 246
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lumberjanes #18 By Shannon Watters Carolyn Nowak Brooke A. Allen Kat Leyh When April meets two mermaids who used to be friends but are now stuck in a crazy rivalry, she decides to put her friendship repairing skills to the test
    Lumberjanes #18 By Shannon Watters Carolyn Nowak Brooke A. Allen Kat Leyh

    • Unlimited Lumberjanes #18 - by Shannon Watters Carolyn Nowak Brooke A. Allen Kat Leyh
      246 Shannon Watters Carolyn Nowak Brooke A. Allen Kat Leyh
    Lumberjanes #18

    One thought on “Lumberjanes #18

    1. Carlos De Eguiluz on said:

      Estuve a nada de darle una estrella a este tomo C mo diablos se pasa de uno como el anterior, a uno como este Es il gico y la mala calidad, qu diablos Pens que ya lo hab an resuelto Adem s, por si lo anterior no fuera poco, carece por completo de historia Estoy muy enojado.

    2. Venus Maneater on said:

      I want to love it, but I can t, because I feel like such a big part of what makes Lumberjanes Lumberjanes goes missing with this different artist.

    3. MerryMeerkat on said:

      4 Stars, Buy itSelf Purchase, ComixologyDon t like this new artist as much The characters don t look the same I don t like that they all look like they have pig noses now.I hate it when they switch artists or writers Booo Anyway, the girls go fishing and catch a mermaid Of course they get pulled into the mermaid drama Despite there being a new artist, the writing is still pretty awesome This was fun and it will definitely be interesting to see what happens next The mermaids are definitely a bunc [...]

    4. Ana Luisa on said:

      New story arc, and mermaids or should I say merfolk are involved Unfortunately the artist for the series changed, and I don t quite like this drawing styles as much as the old one, but I m just gonna have to get used to that This issue was particularly funny, and there were quite a few laugh out loud moments for me so I can t wait to find out what happens next.

    5. Cailey on said:

      Not really feeling the art this issue We re starting a new arc here and it just doesn t seem as strong as the previous arcs I am interested to see where they take it And I do appreciate the punk mermaids.

    6. Mona Loise on said:

      And here we go again with a different style of illustration Seriously, Lumberjanes I love you But you ve got to stick with one style.

    7. Vicki Leanne on said:

      3.5 stars New story line and mermaids, I repeat MERMAIDS This issue was a sweet little one about friendship, but unfortunately the art style is different and I don t like it as much as before.

    8. Marta L on said:

      Chapter eighteen Dressin for successin Plaid is a good way to go, always AGREE JAJAJAJA Qu bien me lo paso con estos c mics, son super divertidos, a las Lumberjanes les pasa absolutamente de todo xD

    9. Amanda on said:

      I m not really thrilled with this new team There seems to be a gap in story between issue 17 and this one I m also having a hard time adjusting to the new artist.

    10. Kyana (ABookishTrance) on said:

      I justI miss the other art I like tall lanky Jen this new art no

    11. Satrina T on said:

      Hmm I really thought the original style was back for good It s not a bad style but it just feels foreign and strange.The story was ok although a little slow.Really torn between 3 and 4 stars.

    12. Marisa Carpico on said:

      Fun start to a new arc Sort of incredible how consistently excellent this book is.

    13. Rachel C on said:

      Esse uma opini o sobre a s rie inteira e n o apenas sobre o volume 18 ok A Hist ria um tanto bobinha, mas talvez eu n o seja o p blico alvo.A HQ conta a hist ria de 5 1 amigas em um acampamento de ver o O twist que elas sempre esbarram em entidades sobrenaturais e precisam usar trabalho em equipe for a esperteza inteligencia para sobreviverem.O ponto alto a forma que a Noelle Stevenson fala sobre amizade feminina e girl power D tudo muito parecido com as amizades que eu tive, com mais companheir [...]

    14. Brittany on said:

      I want to love this than I did, but this series has GOT to get a consistent art style I decided to start reading some of the individuals instead of waiting for the volumes to come out because I got impatient, but Volume 4 was just infinitely better than this both story and art wise, I feel But I will admit that it s harder for me to get quite as hooked on the story when it revolves around external side characters like the mermaids in this one.I m still completely hooked on this series and these [...]

    15. Demelza on said:

      Mermaids Fricking mermaids I ve loved all the weird creatures so far in the Lumberjanes but nothing quite beats Mermaids I really enjoy that the problem at hand in the story is not life in peril again, and is instead getting friends back together again I ve said it before and I ll say it again, this stuff should be in classrooms It teaches such lovely lessons and its great fun too I m not a huge fan of the artist on this one but its still beautifully colourful I m loving the Lumberjanes

    16. Eli on said:

      Only 4 stars What s the world coming to Honestly, it s about me adjusting to the new art style and trying to engage with a new story arc than anything inherent to the work The last arc ended on such a tremendously high note, it s going to take me a while to switch gears and rev back up I m sure I ll come to love this arc eventually I mean, MERFOLK What s not to love

    17. Ithlilian on said:

      I feel a bit of Jem and the Holograms seeping into this I loved the first volume of that, but I think I only have room in my heart for one band based comic Interesting start, I can see this being a decent volume.

    18. Sara (A Gingerly Review) on said:

      Really makes me wonder how people come up with these creative story lines

    19. Katelyn Attanasio on said:

      Getting used to a new artist is difficultdigging the mermaid storyline a lot though.

    20. Jill Guccini on said:

      This would ve been 5 stars all the way because HELLOOO PUNK ROCK MERWOMYN but the different art just throws me off

    21. Catalina Sennett on said:

      they changed the art again ugh but merpeople I can get into.

    22. Remmy on said:

      I could read these all day.I ve just finished ALL of the Lumberjanes and I still want lolThey re so good, I could spend hours just reading them.

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