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The Betrayer

The Betrayer By Daniel Judson The Betrayer Daniel Judson is a master at building tension and suspense Not only did The Betrayer keep me guessing I was totally blown away by its electrifying ending I never saw it coming Watch out Michael Conne

  • Title: The Betrayer
  • Author: Daniel Judson
  • ISBN: 9781611091786
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The Betrayer By Daniel Judson Daniel Judson is a master at building tension and suspense Not only did The Betrayer keep me guessing, I was totally blown away by its electrifying ending I never saw it coming Watch out Michael Connelly, there s a new sheriff in town Andrew Peterson, author of Forced to KillShortly after the abduction and brutal murder of legendary FBI agent John Coyle by a Russia Daniel Judson is a master at building tension and suspense Not only did The Betrayer keep me guessing, I was totally blown away by its electrifying ending I never saw it coming Watch out Michael Connelly, there s a new sheriff in town Andrew Peterson, author of Forced to KillShortly after the abduction and brutal murder of legendary FBI agent John Coyle by a Russian hit squad, information surfaced that he was corrupt and his reputation was destroyed But anyone who knew John Coyle knows that he had been framed, and by all accounts the only man who could have set him up was Big Dickey McVicker, a New York City underworld boss with ties to the Russian Mafia For decades McVicker had been John Coyle s chief informant but he was also Coyle s oldest and closest friend Two years later, when Coyle s youngest and most troubled child, Jeremy, tries to find the truth about the father he barely knew, he unknowingly sets into motion a series of events that will unleash a cunning and twisted killer for hire with a score to settle, and put his entire family in jeopardy It isn t long before the streets of New York are turned into a battleground And when all is said and done when heroes and villains alike have fallen it will take an unlikely alliance to bring down an unstoppable killer bent on vengeance.
    The Betrayer By Daniel Judson

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      373 Daniel Judson

    One thought on “The Betrayer

    1. Kristina on said:

      This was a classic nail biting page turner It had all the right ingredients for just that kind of a book or serial death, resurrection, redemption, drugs, the mob two kinds , guns, men fighting men, men fighting women, women fighting women, corrupt cops, corrupt view spoiler state s attorneys hide spoiler , estranged siblings, siblings coming together, ruthless killers, manipulative bastards, double agents, spies, guys undercover and some under covers , twists, turns, gasps, shock, and awe Since [...]

    2. Benjamin on said:

      Great action adventureReally enjoyed this book I m officially a Daniel Judson fan Story really kept me interested and the characters were well developed Recommended.

    3. Anthony on said:

      February 3, 2015A review by Anthony T Riggio of the book The Betrayer by Daniel JudsonThis is the first book I have read written by Daniel Judson and I found it both interesting and well written It has numerous characters and could be confusing but the author lays them out a very logical sequence and I never got confused as to who was who It is basically about the Coyle family in New York City The father, John Coyle is deceased and disgraced FBI who migrated to the dark side with a very close fr [...]

    4. Robin Soldano on said:

      Keeps you on the edge of your seat This us my fourth book by Daniel Judson, have lived everyone He pulls you in right away, then you re in the edge of your seat the whole way through

    5. Thomas Bruso on said:

      The Betrayer by Daniel Judson moves at a breakneck pace, mystery shrouded on every page, propelling the reader toward a riveting to be continued cliffhanger.Johnny Coyle, a former solider from Vietnam, and his girlfriend, Haley, are fugitives, running from their shady past by threatening men But Johnny has secrets he wishes he could have left behind And as those deep family secrets surface, his life becomes smaller, living in a proverbial fishbowl, running from a madman.When Johnny s brother, Je [...]

    6. BeverleeCouillard on said:

      I am A FAN The author WRITES beautifully of violence, SECRETS, vengeance, justice, passion, family love, loyalty, betrayal, murder, crime bosses, FBI, cops, corruptione stuff of great fictional life, and writes it in a way that keeps you up nights reading into the wee hours I wrote of his Gin Palace Trilogy, with the first book of the trilogy, that I didn t usually read books with heavy violence, and true that However, I will read anything Mr Judson writes, because, to be redundant, THE WRITING [...]

    7. HermanMorgan III on said:

      Writing with surgical microscopic attention to detail, And, that results in both characters, and plot lines, that are multidimensional, yet read as smooth as silk This is the Second book I ve read by Daniel Judson, and both were excellent in dissimilar ways I hope there are other novels with this set of characters

    8. Sandlapper44 on said:

      The BetrayerAn interesting book that held my attention well While not identifying with any of the characters, my attention to the action of the story continued to build to the point where I hated to put the book down This was my 4th Daniel Judson book and I am excited that there are to read.

    9. Diane on said:

      The Coyle family need to know exactly what happened to their father, FBI agent, John Coyle Framed and killed by a Russian team of murderers and his reputation scarred, Coyle was a legend whose crown had slipped Seeking answers, his two sons and one daughter risked their lives to clear his name, and, in the process, uncovered an unbelievable story Well told.

    10. Louise on said:

      Judson has created a world of intrigue in this novel Johnny s dad was killed and publicly humiliated His little brother, the bipolar addict of the family, decides to reverse he humiliation Lots of trouble ensues And the mob plus the Russian mob play roles in this page turner.

    11. Gloria Perry on said:

      Where were the editors I kept finding editing errors in this kindle edition At one point the characters were even mixed up It is so distracting when words are missing, misspelled or otherwise screwy.

    12. Meme on said:

      I would say he has learned his craft.Murder and mayhem not my thing butthis one held interest Too many fourletter words but if this setting werereal that situation probably would be.Katherine

    13. Su on said:

      Good bookThis book held my attention.It did not give everything away You actually were able to contemplate what might happen.I enjoyed reading it

    14. Adam Saltman on said:

      Page turner Stayed up late every night to read Good pace, interesting dimensional characters, plot twists Highly recommended for action and thriller lovers.

    15. Doreen on said:

      I did enjoy the story line, however, it was long I felt that some of the details and situations could have been left out with no effect on the overall story.

    16. Mike milburn on said:

      ExcellentCouldn t put the book down Best reading for a long time Well written and intriguing plots.Suspension in every chapter.

    17. Donald D Murray on said:

      Who is the Betrayer Great book, Lot of twists and turns Keeps you wondering what is going to happen next Great read for anyone who likes this type novels.

    18. Barnabas Piper on said:

      As far as thrillers suspense crime dramas go this was a decent one It was a bit obvious from the get go where it would end up, but getting there was fun And fun is what book s like this are about.

    19. Lauren on said:

      It s ok The typos drove me nuts Average writing and the editor did a horrible job of editing It could have been much better than it came out.

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