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With Silent Screams

With Silent Screams By Steve McHugh With Silent Screams His name is Nathan Garrett but he s also known as Hellequin And murdering one of his friends and trying to blow him up is a good way to get this centuries old sorcerer s full attention An old friend

  • Title: With Silent Screams
  • Author: Steve McHugh
  • ISBN: 9781612184586
  • Page: 474
  • Format: Paperback
  • With Silent Screams By Steve McHugh His name is Nathan Garrett, but he s also known as Hellequin And murdering one of his friends and trying to blow him up is a good way to get this centuries old sorcerer s full attention An old friend s dead body, a cryptic note, and an explosion that almost costs him his own life propel Nate headfirst into a mystery involving a new threat from an old foe Now he must piecHis name is Nathan Garrett, but he s also known as Hellequin And murdering one of his friends and trying to blow him up is a good way to get this centuries old sorcerer s full attention An old friend s dead body, a cryptic note, and an explosion that almost costs him his own life propel Nate headfirst into a mystery involving a new threat from an old foe Now he must piece together the connections between a grisly series of tattooed murder victims, an imprisoned madman, a mysterious alchemist, and a deranged plot to usurp the throne of the hidden realm of Shadow Falls, rival to the power of Avalon.Can Nate avert the coming slaughter, or will he become the latest to fall in this clandestine war With the story careening between modern day New York and Ontario and 1977 Maine, With Silent Screams continues the gritty and action packed mix of urban fantasy and ancient mythology that mark Steve McHugh s popular Hellequin Chronicles.
    With Silent Screams By Steve McHugh

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    • [PDF] With Silent Screams | by ☆ Steve McHugh
      474 Steve McHugh
    With Silent Screams

    One thought on “With Silent Screams

    1. Mike (the Paladin) on said:

      First of all the generic rating review It s a good book if you like Urban Fantasy and or action I think you ll like it.Okay now for those who d like a little detail as to why I like it, read on.First I will be assuming that if you are planning to read this book you have already read the first 2 If you haven t stop messing around here, go and get the first 2 books and read them If you re an Urban Fantasy fan you ll like them Really go ahead and read themwe ll wait.Okay finished Good now any spoi [...]

    2. Carly on said:

      Someone is trying to send Nate Garrett a message, and since it s Nate, they re sending it with blood When Nate receives a call from an old friend and arrives to find the friend rather messily murdered, he knows something is up When the mysterious killers follow up with a well placed bomb, it begins to get a little personal Nate soon realises that the people after him have some connection with a case he closed over thirty years ago, a case that happened to involve both the magical powers behind A [...]

    3. Gary on said:

      not as good as the first two but we ll worth the read looking forward to the next one

    4. Jake Menne on said:

      So much potential, but For some reason finding a good male lead urban fantasy is quite a feat The two series, that I believe, lead the pack in this genre are The Dresden Files and the Iron Druid Chronicles After reading the first two Hellequin books I thought we may have a new contender The main character wasn t a distraught underdog something I hate and many series seem to be adopting , there was plenty of action, and I enjoyed the split timeline two stories in one thing The only thing I had a [...]

    5. Kitvaria Sarene on said:

      Another great adventure Devoured it in two days and already started on the fourthAmazing series, interesting characters, unpredictable plot and lots of magic had me perfectly entertained once throughout the book Heartily recommended for fans of HArry Dresden or Iron Druid Chronicles

    6. Marielle Ooms-Voges on said:

      Another great read I m getting the feeling there is something worse than the monster maniac man from this book Something worse is coming let s hope Nate will be up to facing this big evil in the following book s This keeps being an awesome series where plot twists keep surprising me A little darker than the previous two, which I really like, and we keep getting to know Nate better and better On to the next

    7. Liz Barnsley on said:

      With thanks to the author and publisher for the review copy.His name is Nathan Garrett, but he s also known as Hellequin And murdering one of his friends and trying to blow him up is a good way to get this centuries old sorcerer s full attention A long time ago It feels like now I impulsively purchased Crimes Against Magic the first in the Hellequin series from Steve McHugh featuring sorcerer Nate Garrett and immediately and irrevocably fell in love.I had only just started my foray into Urban Fa [...]

    8. Ami on said:

      Nate Garrett returned I loved this series was happy when I stumbled into it by chance It was fast paced and entertaining This book brought up the gory factor The villains were vicious The horror that they brought upon the victims were insane Although I couldn t help to get pretty excited over it I sound insane myself, don t I because it gave reason for Nate to go rampage over the villain As always, this book has historical flashbacks although this one was set in contemporary time, it was Maine [...]

    9. Danielle The Book Huntress (Back to the Books) on said:

      This is by far the darkest book in the series so far, which is saying something I think it might also be my favorite I loved the magic and the supernatural entities in the book, and Nate when he s peeved is something to watch out for This would make a great action movie, although I d cringe on some parts Nate is the man Reviewed for Bitten by Books bittenbybooks.

    10. Michael Leffel on said:

      Wow I have never been disappointed with this series, every novel kicks it up a notch And if you read this series you all ready know that If you haven t well start with book 1 you will love them all

    11. Jeff on said:

      There are not enough superlatives to describe this series In a review of an earlier book I compared Nate, the hero, to an urban James Bond perhaps Jason Bourne might be a better analogy but either works Well this time, he s up against a cross between Charles Manson, Hannibal Lector and any number of James Bond Villains Nate is still a brutal killing machine hence the Bourne analogy but he s the good guy s killing machine.While this series lacks the humour that makes the adventures of Harry Dresd [...]

    12. Annie on said:

      While I ve really enjoyed this series so far, I do wish the author had fleshed out the characters a bit They are all typically entirely centered around one or two character traits, and those traits seem to be consistent across all the characters that help Nate out I wish there was variety But that won t stop me from continuing to read the series

    13. Anne Monteith on said:

      I ve always enjoyed reading about medieval history, especially the Tudor era Years ago we had our family history done an discovered that we are related to one of the many Eleanor s in the Plantagenet line and I was excited to read this novel based on Joan, Countess of Kent and niece of King Edward III I found this book very well written and I read it in a few hours I can defiantly say that I am glad that I was not a woman, noble or not during that era and many afterwards.Joan was forced by her u [...]

    14. Anoop Menon on said:

      Though lacked the kind of depth that it had in its previous two books felt like something was missing i enjoyed this book equal to the previous two books in the series great setup and good way the characters are setup from history mythologye take on it must read

    15. Scott Voyles on said:

      The Hellenic is backI thought this book was better as there were insights into the main character I the magic is stronger and the plot thicker.

    16. Mike on said:

      Great entry in a excellent series.Review derailmentsofthought 2017

    17. Jules (Never enough time to read) on said:

      I really enjoyed this one.It is turning into a favourite series of mine, I m so glad I stuck with Nate after not liking him all that much in book one It was a fun, action packed and fast read.

    18. Teresa B. on said:

      I really love this series Not normally into urban fantasy with a male as the lead charactor but Im addicted to this series bad part is I have to wait for the author to write his next book

    19. Victoria on said:

      A good read Really getting into this series Looking forward to the next book.

    20. Douglas Debner on said:

      On the whole this is still a well above average book There is a lot of bad guys taunting the main character Nate , which makes no sense since he is supposedly the world s most accomplished assassin It is portrayed as just those characters type of crazy, but the bad guys are also part of a thirty year fairly well thought out plot so it is a little hard to see why they don t just try to outright kill Nate Additionally, at one point in time Nate partner are surrounded by one of the head bad guys an [...]

    21. Gareth on said:

      A fun read, like the first two books in the series, but also marred by the same issues.Again, my one major issue is with the frequent cringeworthiness of the lead character, Nate s and sometimes others , behaviour and dialogue At this point it s clear that mine and the author s taste just differs in this regard, and that s fine.I ll likely work my way through the rest of the series over the next few months, because I otherwise really enjoyed the plot and the unique take on well known myths and l [...]

    22. Shannon on said:

      Visiting old characters like Sky , meeting new characters that could be useful in the future, and having Nate learn about his necromancy while he no longer has blood magic It s a great book I m really enjoying this series and like the jumping between past and present, which ties the whole story together In this book we go to Shadow Falls, see multiple battles with werelions and trolls, and get proof that while Nate will do anything to get the job done he is and always has been one of the good [...]

    23. Ismael on said:

      Still a lot of action but the fights could ve been better, its a nice middle book, Nathan still learning what he can do and what s happening but feel like there s some room for improvement that being said, the book has its good moments and it expands on the magical realm stuff, feels like good things are coming.

    24. Gail Newbold on said:

      I think there was a lot going on in this book, so I lost the plot a little bit However, I just love Nate as a character, that I couldn t care less what he was doing as long as he was on scene, kicking ass.Obviously I m going to keep reading the series I appreciate a guy who says exactly what he means, and follows throughexactly.

    25. Cheryl Necessary on said:

      I do like this series The hero is not all good or all bad which is so realistic The magic, mythical beasts, and historical figures make it interesting The stories are very engaging I look forward to .

    26. Fred Fenimore on said:

      Holy cow What a misfire The ending of book 2 hinted at some interesting new directions for the main character Unfortunately, it was to be some kind of warmed over Monster Hunter, Inc imitation That is a truly terrible book series I ll try 4 and see if this we a one off next.

    27. Silanna on said:

      Brilliant action packedHighly recommended to all Just as great as all the others in this series Can t wait to read the next one These books are addictive.

    28. iainascot on said:

      Good bookWell written, good storyline, shows spellchecker doesn t always work,but it doesn t make it less enjoyable a good follow up book

    29. Cassandra Campbell on said:

      Another enjoyable read Looking forward to the next one.

    30. Sue Beaton on said:

      SimonAnother awesome read I would love to know how your mind works, to have created a beast like Simon it must be something special.

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