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The Tenth Witness

The Tenth Witness By Leonard Rosen The Tenth Witness Although published later this is actually a prequel to All Cry Chaos On the night of October the frigate HMS Lutine breaks apart on the shoals of the Frisian Islands off the dutch coast When

  • Title: The Tenth Witness
  • Author: Leonard Rosen
  • ISBN: 9781579623197
  • Page: 239
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Tenth Witness By Leonard Rosen Although published later, this is actually a prequel to All Cry Chaos On the night of October 9, 1799, the frigate HMS Lutine breaks apart on the shoals of the Frisian Islands off the dutch coast When the insurer Lloyds of London pays on the wreck, it takes ownership and plans expeditions to recoup the lost millions in gold and silver Nearly two hundred years later, Although published later, this is actually a prequel to All Cry Chaos On the night of October 9, 1799, the frigate HMS Lutine breaks apart on the shoals of the Frisian Islands off the dutch coast When the insurer Lloyds of London pays on the wreck, it takes ownership and plans expeditions to recoup the lost millions in gold and silver Nearly two hundred years later, after a series of largely failed salvage operations, Lloyds tries again this time on the strength of new technologies and a strategy devised by the gifted young engineer Henri Poincare It is late spring, 1978 Poincare has worked to near exhaustion preparing for the Luntine dive Before the salvage season begins, he takes a rare holiday a hike at low tide across the vast, muddy flats of the Wadden Sea His guide is Liesel Kraus smart, able appealingd troubled She and her brother Anselm, directors of Kraus Steel, are haunted by a violent history that generates both rage and an enormous, corrputing wealth The closer Poincare draws to Liesel and Anselm, the warped life becomes until love and a death threat compel him to investigate what no one else aside from Interpol will Pain as well as treasure, he discovers, can be dredged up from the past to reshape the present.The Tenth Witness, a prequel to the award winning , is the tale of a man upended a twenty eight year old who rejects a brilliant career in engineering for an uncertain, darker one internati
    The Tenth Witness By Leonard Rosen

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    • [PDF] The Tenth Witness | by ✓ Leonard Rosen
      239 Leonard Rosen
    The Tenth Witness

    One thought on “The Tenth Witness

    1. Donna on said:

      3.5 stars.This was mystery, historical fiction, modern treasure hunters, family history WWII I like all of those things This was creatively written The author tied everything together so neatly into this story It also had some great twists that kept me engaged I liked the MC and some of the older characters But I had a hard time with the main female character She wasn t as well drawn as the others Even the characters with minor roles, were better fleshed out And the romance didn t work for me It [...]

    2. Midwest Geek on said:

      As indicated by the description, although written later than All Cry Chaos, it actually takes place earlier This fills in some gaps in the character of Henri Poincare, great grandson of his famous namesake, and is an even better story than the other My rating is like 3.5 Although there is much to be appreciated about the plot, the story sort of falls apart at the end view spoiler Nobody could behave as naively as does our hero who nearly gets himself killed again Also, his German girl friend do [...]

    3. Monty on said:

      Good solid plot driven novel which is both a strength and weakness as Henri Poincare in this second offering of the franchise is flat I think too that I am a little read out and filmed out with WW2 Holocaust material I know it s probably politically incorrect, But I get it We should never forget either that iteration or it s contemporary manifestation s in various global theatres However the dearth of material focus upon this era runs the danger of indifference or worse still a belief that it is [...]

    4. Maine Colonial on said:

      I ve lost count of how many novels I ve read about the fingers of the ugly World War II past reaching into the present It s a challenge to make a fresh story on this theme, but Leonard Rosen s The Tenth Witness shows he is than up to the task.The Tenth Witness is a prequel to Rosen s impressive and original first Henri Poincar novel, All Cry Chaos Most of the action in The Tenth Witness takes place in the late 1970s, before Henri has become an Interpol agent Henri is an engineer, and he and his [...]

    5. Sheila on said:

      Hiking the flats of the Wadden Sea can be hard work and dangerous, but author Leonard Rosen provides a wise guide in Liesel Kraus for his character, Henri Poincare There s a haunting appeal to heading out over land often covered by water, to see what s really there, to take on a challenge and get away from the business of everyday life But Poincare, having tested his physical limits on the walk, soon finds his intellect and emotions tested too, as his life and Liesel s become intertwined.A beau [...]

    6. Ron on said:

      I thought I had already put this one on , so forgive me if I have This is a prequel to his novel All Cry Chaos, which I have previously read I had the opportunity to read a preview copy of The Tenth Witness and it is great It tells the story of how Henri Poincare became the great detective he is Very good plotting, very good character development and I highly recommend both of these books Here is what says On the night of October 9, 1799, the frigate HMS Lutine breaks apart on the shoals of the [...]

    7. Robert Pater on said:

      I ve just finished The Tenth Witness and am left with that too rare bittersweet aftertaste common to many bookaholics thoroughly enjoyed this tasty and wonderful read, but disappointed that I ll have to wait to devour another book in the Henri Poincare series Akin to concluding a heartfelt visit to great friends Please write and faster, Leonard Rosen This is a meticulously plotted mystery that is simultaneously character driven It s a prequel to the wonderful All Cry Chaos read this , illuminat [...]

    8. Bebe (Sarah) Brechner on said:

      Stunning novel that is a prequel to Rosen s All Cry Chaos This fascinating story takes us back to the 1970s and the continuing aftermath of the Holocaust its survivors and its perpetuators, decades later Rosen s protagonist French engineer Henri Poincare is just starting his career and encounters the moral complexity of doing business with Germans who may have had a hand in the making of the Nazi war machine Rosen is a superb writer who deftly provides a taut and surprising plot that provides de [...]

    9. Stacey on said:

      4.5 stars A compelling mystery with a likable protagonist, intriguing plot line, and a sense that things aren t going to end well for our star crossed lovers This book dives into the chilling history of Nazi Germany and the repercussions that are still evident Henri Poincar is investigating his family friend s past during the Holocaust, and discovers the man was once interred at a steel mill concentration camp, living in horrific conditions The problem The mill was run by his current girlfriend [...]

    10. Lesley on said:

      note this was an ARC Given that this is a prequel, I wasn t quite sure what to expect, but this was a fabulous book Digging deeply into questions of guilt by association, the aftermath of war and its corresponding guilt for all who are left behind, and how we handle serious ethical dilemmas, especially when they impact our livelihood and our relationships, and combining those themes with a solid storyline, Rosen has produced a great follow up to All Cry Chaos, which I loved Poincar s character b [...]

    11. Lynn Demsky on said:

      This was a thoroughly remarkable, incredible read written on an staggering event that should never be forgotten and in many cases has yet to be explained The book was well researched with a lot of historical realities which need to always be remembered and forgiven as everyone takes accountability for what transpired and hopefully will never happen again And yet, as the author points out, we re all guilty in one way or another of evil occurrences every day in our own lives The story was well wri [...]

    12. David Williams on said:

      A very good little mystery Nazis and gold and adventure and questions of reconciling one s family s past The characters are well wrought, the pacing is excellent, and the emotion is genuine The world is a wonky place and The Tenth Witness, though fictional, is culled from research into the actual goings on of people, corporations, and governments both throughout and after the rise of the Reich in an attempt to reiterate that wonkinessC received fro free from the Author via a ShelfAwareness givea [...]

    13. Dave Hoff on said:

      4.5, An Engineer, in 1978,using the steel from a German plant falls in love with the steel magnate s daughter, only to find her father used the slave labor of Jew other war victims to produce steel for the Nazis A fiction biography of this steel man was written to hide what he did for the Nazis and the Engineer uncovered it as fake Justice won over Love, no statue of limitations on war crimes.

    14. Christopher White on said:

      Interesting enough to keep me engaged investigative book that is heavy on Continental nuance, and shows how a web of lies can be very difficult to cut through, and how destroying that web can bring collateral damage that no one expects

    15. Amy on said:

      A totally different look at WWII and the nature of evil Advertised as a mystery thriller, but there s enough morality and grey areas that a Bookclub might enjoy a discussion.

    16. Judy on said:

      It s too bad that Leonard Rosen hasn t written books I ve read his two published books and think they are terrific This book was written in 2013, and has all the makings of a great series But I m afraid illness or something beyond his control has kept him from writing Rosen crafts an interesting if not unusual plot that has Henri Poincare searching old Nazi records, and visiting surviving Jews where he hopes to find out about a favorite uncle who recently died Complications arise when he beco [...]

    17. Steve on said:

      One of the worst books I have read in years 1 clunky dialogue and scene descriptions It is kind of hard to believe that Rosen teaches writing Examples are almost too numerous to mention That night Liesel nearly consumed me in bedWe thrashed Liesel is the woman that our hero, Henri Poincare, falls in love lust with basically over one weekend, and that sets the arc of the rest of this unrealistic story into motion Another from a scene in which Henri is talking to a seasoned war crimes investigatio [...]

    18. David Kinchen on said:

      What does a writer do when his debut mystery novel is praised to the skies, nominated for almost all the awards and loved by the critics In the case of Leonard Rosen, whose 2011 mystery All Cry Chaos, featuring engineer turned Interpol agent Henri Poincar , did all that, you turn around and write a prequel, The Tenth Witness Permanent Press, 288 pages, 29.00, also Kindle edition showing how it all began It s the late spring of 1978 Poincar is a brilliant mechanical engineer, only 28 years old, w [...]

    19. Ashley on said:

      I do love a good thriller so, why not try a historical thriller THE TENTH WITNESS by Leonard Rosen offers up a gripping tale of lies and deceit come read why you ll be swept away by a thriller that has ties to Nazi Germany, a 1700 gold packed sunken freighter, racial hatred and the lies that intertwine all three together.Release Date September 2013Publisher The Permanent PressDisclaimer Novel received for review purposesGoodReads Synopsis On the night of October 9, 1799, the frigate HMS Lutine b [...]

    20. msleighm on said:

      This book was a giveaway by the author I would like to thank Len Rosen very much for sharing his book with me, taking the trouble to sign it, and include a personal note I try to keep my good books in perfect condition this book, has been well read and well loved The note included is still tucked in it s pages.Let me start by saying, I read this book in two long sittings unfortunately they were not all that close together It wasn t that I didn t want to get back to the book like some others , li [...]

    21. Zohar - on said:

      The Tenth Wit ness by Leonard Rosen is a novel fea tur ing Henri Poin car My under stand ing is that this is the sec ond in the series, how ever this is a stand alone book and is a pre quel to the first in the series.Engi neer Henri Poin car works hard to try and bring up the frigate HMS Lutine which went down almost 200 years before with mil lions worth of gold in its belly As a reward for his hard work, Henri takes a break and hikes at low tide across the Wad den Sea Henri gets to know his gui [...]

    22. Brenda on said:

      This book is not my normal read I was a little slow getting into it but as soon as I got interested in the characters who were very well written and the rhythm of the book, I finished it in two days I usually read chic lit, historical romance, fiction, that type of thing This book was such a surprise to me that I wanted to continueing reading it and finish to find out what happened at the end The book got five awards for a first book by an author I can see why I believe anyone who was interested [...]

    23. Kathie on said:

      Were you expecting something like All Cry Chaos This is quite a different offering from Leonard Rosen At least I thought so The book is set in the 70 s before Detective Poincare was a detective He had studied mechanical engineering and was in a start up partnership with Alec Chin PC Engineering designing and building a platform to salvage gold from a sunken vessel for Lloyd s of London just off the coast of the Netherlands He meets and falls in love with a young woman, Liesel Kraus, whose family [...]

    24. Kendra on said:

      This was an advanced reader s copy The protagonist in this book is Henri Poincare, a young engineer who designed the platform by which an attempt will be made to salvage an old sunken frigate off the Dutch coast Before the salvaging operation begins, Henri takes a break goes on a guided hike across the muddy flats of the Wadden Sea at low tide, during which he meets Liesel Kraus Liesel and her brother, Anselm, own Kraus Steel which was started by their now deceased father, who they idolize As He [...]

    25. Sierra on said:

      Reviewed by A Simple Taste for Reading simpletasteforreading.wordpresWhat an interesting, thought provoking book It s the story of a young French engineer, Henri Poincare, who in the 1970 s has designed a dive platform for searching for a sunken ship off the coast of Germany While there he meets and falls in love with a German woman named Liesel Kraus who comes from a wealthy industrialist family Her family got it s wealth got it s start during WWII making steel from Hitler and the Nazis Henri i [...]

    26. Kelly on said:

      See this review on 1776books1776books 2013 10For some reason that I am still trying to figure out, I found that I could not read than a chapter at a time of Leonard Rosen s The Tenth Witness On vacation, I was planning to read the last half but was just too relaxed on the beach to conquer the challenging read Rosen throws our way I think what made it so difficult for me was the combination of scientific and engineering principles coupled with trying to keep numerous characters straight.The Tent [...]

    27. Don on said:

      A genre bender We seem to have a need to categorize fiction by genre, maybe to find comfort in the familiar Nominally a mystery, the Tenth Witness is also a story of family loyalty where family has gone bad and undersea treasure hunts It is also a polemic against business at the expense of the health and lives of third world workers But than anything else I think it is, as Rosen discussed it in a recent book club reading, a searing exploration of the dilemmas of the children of the perpetrators [...]

    28. Victoria on said:

      What an interesting, thought provoking book It s the story of a young French engineer, Henri Poincare, who the 1970 s has designed a dive platform for searching for a sunken ship off the coast of Germany While there he meets and falls in love with a German woman, Liesel Kraus from a wealthy industrialist family which got its start during WWII making steel for Hitler and the Nazis Henri is hired by Liesel s brother, Anselm, to develop a way to extricate gold from old computers, but is troubled by [...]

    29. Richard Theobald on said:

      Leonard Rosen s The Tenth Witness is a deftly written narrative focusing on the clashing cultures and hidden pasts of key figures from the World War II era, as well as their descendents whose continued prosperity and influence hinges on maintaining the veil of secrecy that has characterized the past 2 3 decades The ruthless behavior and zeal that characterizes the aging members of the Krauss Steel family empire juxtaposed against the analytical, detail oriented and love blinded conduct of the st [...]

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