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X By Sue Grafton X HTML The thrilling new Kinsey Millhone novel from the New York Times bestselling author

  • Title: X
  • Author: Sue Grafton
  • ISBN: 1447260155
  • Page: 483
  • Format: broch
  • X By Sue Grafton HTML The thrilling new Kinsey Millhone novel from the New York Times bestselling author.
    X By Sue Grafton

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      483 Sue Grafton

    One thought on “X

    1. Flolec59 on said:

      I am a great fan of sue Grafton but her latest novel is not up to the previous ones A bit on the dull side.

    2. Muriel Landry on said:

      J envie ceux qui n ont pas encore commenc le livre L alphabet ne pourrait il pas tre beaucoup plus long Vivement Y

    3. Sabrina on said:

      J ai lu tout les livres de sue Grafton, elle est vraiment dou e pour maintenir un super suivi dans ses personnages et chaque livre une histoire toujours aussi prenante.

    4. takingadayoff on said:

      Private Investigator Kinsey Millhone keeps a set of blank index cards handy to make notes about people and places pertinent to the case Readers of X may want to do something similar because there is a cast of thousands.As a longtime Sue Grafton reader, I enjoyed X very much I think I read my first Kinsey Millhone book around 1989 X is long at over 400 pages her earliest mysteries were about 250 pages in hardcover , and shows evidence of padding, such as step by step descriptions of Kinsey making [...]

    5. G. Schill on said:

      After reading several negative reviews about how the book had too many subplots, I was a bit wary Having just finished X, however, I would say that it is true to the mind of Kinsey Millhone, from whose point of view it is written The attention to detail, whether relevant or not, just exemplifies the way my favorite PI talks to herself We readers don t need to know what color the chair on the front porch of the suspect s house is, but Kinsey notices everything as she should in her profession The [...]

    6. Seattle Girl on said:

      I have just finished the book X and I am mystified at a couple poor reviews I actually think this was one of her better books Ms Grafton takes you through three seemingly random yarns that she weaves together to bring you into a couple weeks in the life of Kinsey Millhone, hard boiled PI with a somewhat soft center for her landlord, cats, babies in tiny increments , handsome men and her penchant for doing the right thing I can see the way Ms Grafton has evolved in her writing She does than just [...]

    7. Serena on said:

      I have also read all of the Kinsey books I am sorry to say that I don t think this one is nearly as good as the others I found myself checking the dustjacketseveral times to make sure that it wasn t some Chinese knockoff The writing doesn t sound like Sue Grafton s and Kinsey doesn t sound like Kinsey.Sue Grafton has always been a little overly descriptive when it comes to driving I don t think I ve ever enjoyed reading about the streets she takes to get wherever she s going Until this book, how [...]

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