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Freaks By Caroline Smailes Nik Perring Darren Craske Freaks This is a bizarre collection of short stories each featuring a character with an unusual superpower Meet The Photocopier a woman who can reproduce herself at will and who attempts to teach her daugh

  • Title: Freaks
  • Author: Caroline Smailes Nik Perring Darren Craske
  • ISBN: 9780007442898
  • Page: 471
  • Format: Paperback
  • Freaks By Caroline Smailes Nik Perring Darren Craske This is a bizarre collection of short stories, each featuring a character with an unusual superpower Meet The Photocopier, a woman who can reproduce herself at will and who attempts to teach her daughter to do the same Or the zombie hairdresser who is able to reanimate every time she dies.
    Freaks By Caroline Smailes Nik Perring Darren Craske

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    • [PDF] Freaks | by ß Caroline Smailes Nik Perring Darren Craske
      471 Caroline Smailes Nik Perring Darren Craske

    One thought on “Freaks

    1. Lauren on said:

      4.5 starsWhat a delightful gem of a book I took my time reading this because with a flash fiction collection, it is incredibly easy to get carried away and read them all in one go Freaks comprises of 50 illustrated flash fictions concerned with human beings who possess some extraordinary super powers including the ability to freeze time, the ability to amplify memories, the ability to enter another s dreams which I would LOVE to do and the ability to mask one s true form These stories are able t [...]

    2. Shirley Golden on said:

      This is a collection of flash fiction pieces, presented with black and white illustrations in a comic book style Each story begins with the introduction of a super power, and the subsequent tale explores the joys or pains of possessing such abilities Often the super power works as a salient analogy, reflecting real life concerns I have to confess, this idea, which I thought highly original, is right up my street I was bound to love it, and I did There were one or two stories which I wasn t sure [...]

    3. Emma on said:

      An intriguing cast of misfits with unusual super powers feature in this collection of short stories that are sometimes baffling, sometimes funny, sometimes heart achingly poignant A very entertaining read.

    4. Dawn Betts-Green (Dinosaur in the Library) on said:

      This was definitely a bit different than I thought it would be, but so very awesome nonetheless The short short fiction in this is amazing, and I loved it.

    5. Ankur Sharma on said:

      One of the finest fiction I have ever read Only one gripe wish it had illustrations

    6. Jamieson on said:

      Everyone dreams of having a superpower Me I d love to be able to fly so I could avoid rush hour traffice or be able to remember each book I ve ever read in its entirety Everyone has also felt like a freak at one point or another in their lives not fitting in, not being accepted, not part of the norm.There are people, however, that we would classify as real freaks, not able to intermingle with society, keeping to themselves You ve seen these people they fade into the shadows, they keep to the sid [...]

    7. Ashley on said:

      Originally posted on ashleyroberts5693.wordpressI received this book as part of a giveaway that Caroline Smailes carried out on her Instagram during May The prizes were great a couple of books and a few other bits and pieces However, at the time that the books arrived I wasn t reading too much I decided to pick up Freaks to try and pull me out of my reading slump it didn t exactly work, but I did manage to read this book in just one night.The book was only short, but it did manage to keep me int [...]

    8. Kieran Kimberley on said:

      A random little choice of purchase I felt the set up of this book owed a lot to Andrew Kaufman s All My Friends are Superheroes as most of the characters who featured had no real super powers but everyday abilities that became the focus of a mishap or rejection Also I felt I was a little old for this book The slightly effeminate superhero geek who was plagued with angst and hated the world, that was my 16 year old self, would have lapped this book up It was filled with the tales of social outsid [...]

    9. Natalie Bowers on said:

      There are some stories in the collection that I just didn t understand, but they were few and far between The rest cleverly and subtly illustrate the idea that we are all freaks to some extent, and that we all have a superpower We might not be able to fly, but if you squint, you ll see there is something super about the most ordinary of us it s all about perception That might sound a bit fluffy, but that s not the way this collection is written It s gritty than fluffy It doesn t shy away from u [...]

    10. Samantha on said:

      Another snappy, thought provoking and almost comic book style read Love the idea of the superpowers but some of these short stories reveal so much All so different Never been disappointed by this author yet

    11. David on said:

      Meh Seemed no better than something two 13 year olds might put together for a bit of a laugh.

    12. Andy Theyers on said:

      Like all collections of flash fiction this is hit and miss, but the hits are frequent enough and moving touching thought provoking enough to make this well worth seeking out.

    13. Samantha Tonge on said:

      An adult collection of gripping short stories, each with a freakishly different protaganist A great little book to dip into.

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